Dungy's relationship with Blount helped him get Titans job

Thumbnail image for L. Blount.jpgOregon running back LeGarrette Blount made news this week when he joined the Titans after initially agreeing to a deal with the 49ers.

One of the reasons Tennessee felt so confident about giving Blount a chance was his relationship with Tony Dungy. 

“We talked to the kid, we talked to Tony Dungy, who
counseled the young man some, I think we spent a lot of time talking to
the coaches there. I think we felt that it was probably the right thing
to give him an opportunity,” G.M. Mike Reinfeldt said on WGFX.

Dungy spent time with Blount after his suspension from Oregon, and advocated for Blount to be reinstated to the team.  Jeff Fisher and Dungy have a close relationship — they occasionally even share clothing — so it’s no surprise a reference from Dungy went a long way.

47 responses to “Dungy's relationship with Blount helped him get Titans job

  1. Who appointed Tony Dungy the Holy one of the NFL? As sad as it is, his son took his own life. What makes this guy so pious?

  2. Why didn’t he advocate on behalf on the Colts? They can use a short-yardage back…lack of one helped contribute to the SB loss.

  3. Why is it that Dungy has a relationship with every lowlife in football? He’s signing Pacman Jones next.

  4. Yeah, Dungy is truly the Godfather around the NFL. One word from him and at least two teams go out on a limb for a guy who rushed for 1,000 yards in college and is offered a free agent contract. I mean, look what they’re risking, maybe 20- 30k, all that food and they have to give the guy a bunk to sleep in as well for the next few months. Tony’s rep hangs on this one. What if the kid only sweats his ass off for the next 4 months, tries to block a few 300 pound All Pro ends in practice, helps the trainers carry the equipment, serves as the tackling dummy while the defensive co-ordinator tweaks his harebrained schemes in practice. It could take the organization years to recover from the mistake.

  5. If Blount was white would Dungy give a shit about him? That’s such an obvious answer it’s not even classified as rhetorical. NO, HE WOULDN’T! Dungy is as much a racist as all those teabaggers out there.

  6. Dungy sure loves helping those who have made mistakes, its a noble thing to do but i wonder why he feels the need to counsel?
    I bet there is an under the table agreement that he gets a cut of their salary….(evil thought i know, but….you never know)

  7. Better get to work on J Russell Dungy. Afterall, his race prevented him from getting the starting job in Oakland this year and now he is getting cut. Perhaps Jesse Jackson needs something to do. Better get him on the horn.

  8. Although I don’t want to bring race into the matter, I’m convinced that Dungy would not have helped Blount if he was white.

  9. I am sure the Dungy haters will really jump on this one with some inane smart remarks. So come on go for it . Get it all out . You will all feel better.

  10. You bone heads must have never had your peers respect you and your work enough that they value your opinion, thats what Dungy is about, this has nothing to do with his family. Maybe if you put a little effort into your work you would get the same respect Dungy does….

  11. woah woah woah, its great to criticize a guy for football related stuff but don’t bring his son’s death into it…..
    Thats just wrong people

  12. White or black, be happy someone cares about this kid. He could be doing worse..

  13. Don’t you mean “Dungy’s recent collusion with Jeff Fisher helped Blount get the Titans job”?
    Don’t people miss the era of one-upmanship and trash talk? And we have Jeff Fisher, who is on the Lack of Competition Committee, to thank.
    Fisher is allowed to imply that his team is losers, but you aren’t allowed to look at a player as your celebrate or gesture.
    These days, I see Steelers fans in an uproar when
    Anquan Boldin says he is looking for a little revenge. Shouldn’t that be construed as a sign of respect? Besides, maybe he is still friends with safety Aaron Francisco. I’m all about being respectful, if you choose to be, but Dungy and Fisher are hypocrites.

  14. @ Lando
    Dungy deserves no respect. Everything he does is to keep himself in the news and he only helps kids of one ethnicity. He should be thrown out of the NFL for being a racist.

  15. @Chapnasty
    Alright I’ll get Dungy on the phone so that he can help Roethlisberger, there you feel better… oh yeah I’ll tell him to call Matt Jones…. why is race always an issue….

  16. The way I see it. Mentoring is one of the most valuable gifts we can share in our culture. Connection and relationship help people achieve greater goals. Dungy is helping in this vein. We would all do well to serve like this. Perk up folks lend a hand and see who you can help.

  17. @Chap
    Yeh, Because Dungy tells bloggers and begs reporters to write about him, right?
    He is a racist for helping others? Not Bringing down another race, but building character in those with lack there of? Pick up a dictionary. Maybe you need to give Dungy a call.

  18. @Chapnasty2
    You sir, are a douchebag.
    Dungy’s son goes to Oregon, also where Blount went. Get your mind right little guy.

  19. Why does Tony have anything to say? He couldn’t even
    mentor his kid. I mean honestly. Blount mite be a wastebut to try and change what team he is on is tammpering. Tony needs to just shut upand worry about his other family members and try to stop them from killing themselves

  20. Chapnasty: your a LOSER bring your hate speech over to a fox news message board, they encourage hate mongering over there. What has Dungy done wrong other than advocate for players who he feels deserve a 2nd chance? Oh they arn’t white thats right poor chapnasty you must really be a miserable person.

  21. And by the way, who the heck is Tony Dungy anyway? He won ONE super bowl with a loaded team that has an all time great throwing the football against a completely inferior Chicago Bears team. Because this guy goes to church on Sundays he’s a saint? Or he’s the next Bill Walsh of detecting hidden talent? Give me a break.

  22. If Dungy and Reid actually helped their sons rather than all these “kids needing mentoring” their kids would probably be better off.
    Paint your own fence before you start on your neighbors.

  23. Tony Dungy is not the moral conscience of the league, and his opinion on who deserves a second chance or not should have absolutely no weight. He may be a nice guy and all, but theres no way I would buy into any of his BS. He clearly only helps these kids because they are black. I dont understand why some people dont see that.
    Its a nice thing that he is there for them, dont get me wrong but i think the vast majority of people are sick of his holier than thou approach and his obvious racial favoritism. Like Brett Favre, I look forward to the day they move on to something else in life

  24. @chapnasty:
    question for you: are any of your friends or family members black?
    No? Didnt think so.
    Maybe if you, I dont know, befriended someone who wasnt white, you wouldnt feel so threatened all the time. Really. Believe it or not, most black folks are just trying to make a living. Just like you are. Everything is okay. Just relax.

  25. CornerDenizen
    my screen name says it all. Does the truth hurt you that bad The truth is Dungy is a headline grabbing racist just as Al Sharpton is.
    Smoke a blunt or two and mellow out

  26. Who even listens to the Rev Jesse Dungy anymore??
    Yes he IS racist, I cant stand looking at that alien on my HDTV…..I didnt even know he was still alive after his “Colts winning by double digits” prediction
    If you stick with Peyton Manning long enough, you will eventually win a SB
    Ever heard his remarks of why he like the Saints coaching staff???? Its because he like the growth of the league and it proves b/c the Saints have alot of black assistant coaches.

  27. I amazed at the level of poison being spewed against a man who has shown nothing but concern for his fellow man black or white. Maybe everyone would feel different if he would get Big Ben to turn his life around . He probably wont be asked to though. He has only been envolved in situations where he was asked . Has anyone noticed this. He was asked to help these men. I guess it was not his fault that most of them happen to be black. Maybe it is the problem of the wayward white men that they feel uncomfortable asking a black man for counsel.

  28. Hey HowieHandle:
    Sorry you are “sick of Dungy.” Gee, let’s get back to stories of rape…er consentual sex (Roethlisberger), guns, guys shooting themselves, qbs in jail for killing dogs, guys that have 7 kids with 5 different women (Cromartie), and the list goes on.
    You know, a guy like Dungy makes the most out of things in life that are the most important—helping young men realize their potentil, abilities, to turn their life around. As far as I’m concerned, I want Tony Dungy to continue his great and inspring work. I am assuming you are either a Colt hater, brainless, or just absolutely lost, or all the above. If this helps: Tony Dungy forgives you!
    And jibfest: To bring Tony Dungy’s son into the mix as far as killing himself and “what makes him so pious.” I am only hoping you are just a kid that has no children. I couldn’t begin to fathom the loss of a child, let alone a child tragically killing himself. To even bring it up in the manner in which you did leaves me to believe that you are just a young kid behind a computer. With that being said, Tony I’m sure would forgive you for saying such an incredibly hurtful thing.

  29. The people on this board that are spewing the crap about Dungy are the same people that would say “oh, he was just helping Roethlisberger to make it look good” if Dungy went to big ben’s need. You just can’t please these people. I am white, and I could care less if he helps a black or white guy. The bottom line is he is helping. He has a passion to help someone. Gee, most of calls those MORALS. Why don’t you go see some of Dungy’s ex-players…gee some of them white…and see how he influenced their lives…..indelibly. Ask Lynch, Manning, Polian, Irsay, and countless people that ONE MAN has touched in some positive way. I guess it just makes some of you guys feel better for tearing a guy down when all he is try to do is be a positive influence on other people. Gee, what a TERRIBLE GUY!!!! I’ve never met the man, but I would challenge you to read his book. You will be changed…….. to think of other people more often versus spewing hate. Don’t we have too much of that in the world already?
    The most disgusting part is some of you bringing up his dead son…..part of him died that terrible day. I hope that none of you suffer the incredible pain of losing a child like Tony Dungy and his wife did.
    C’mon people have at least some sort of human decency. No one is asking you to be a saint. Just be a good human being…..

  30. I simply want Tony Dungy to continue to promote “The Tony Dungy Rule” where at least one skinny coach(black or white) will be interviewed for each coaching position before they inevitable hire some fat pig who likes to watch a lot of gametape all day long and call it coaching.
    And Blount will be an exceptional back in the NFL, because he is a idiot who thrives on dealing out pain to ensuing tacklers….and trash talkers.

  31. there are some scumbag classless people that follow this site…….i cant believe people are sayin shit about his son thats just crazy you got to be a scumbag so say something like that……maybe hes so proactive with these jackass kids because of his son….in the words of red foreman “a foot in ur ass will help u think straight….dumbass”
    And this is mostly aimed at the piece of shit that left the first post and i guess even all the other dungy haters can get a little bit too

  32. I’m glad that Blount signed with Tennessee. There is a chance that Blount could make the team, particularly with the Titans having traded away Lendale White. C. Johnson + Ringer + Blount is a nice RB combo for the Titans.

  33. It’s to bad Tony didn’ talk to Al Davis and tell him JaMarcus is a lazy fat ass … don’t sign him.

  34. Tony did call Al Davis, but it was in reference to Weightwatchers needing a new Urban spokesperson…..and someone soon to be out of football that he could turn around to take advantage of “The Tony Dungy Rule”.

  35. If Blount was white he wouldn’t need Tony Dungy to speak up for him he would get an automatic PASS!! The same pass Big Ben is getting right now….if Donovan McNabb was accused of rape TWICE, you would not only be demanding that the Steelers cut him but you would be protesting to Roger Goodell for him to be OUT of the league!! Even if he wasn’t charged!! Remember how you like to say “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, when its someone of a darker hue!
    Back to the subject, Tony Dungy is a man of GOD….your innate evilness will NEVER understand!

  36. Dungy helps only troubled black men…fine, his prerogative.
    One would think that he would have sympathy for all minorities…so why does he feel the need to speak of homosexuality as wrong and gay people as in need of counseling ?
    Oh wait, I know! He’s a hypocrite!
    I loathe him from head to toe.

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