Interest in Darren Sharper picking up

D.Sharper.jpgSaints safety Darren Sharper, despite advancing age, was expected to be one of the top targets in free agency.  Arthroscopic knee surgery conducted two days before the shopping spree began has kept him on the shelf.

Now that the draft has passed, look for interest in Sharper to pick up.

Per a league source, at least two teams are interested in Sharper.  The Saints also have an offer on the table for the man who made the most of his only season in New Orleans.

Sharper spent the first eight years of his career with the Packers, and the next four in Minnesota. 

Though the Jets may be interested in Sharper (after all, they’re interested in pretty much anyone with name recognition), they can’t sign Sharper until another unrestricted free agent signs with a new team, under the terms of the “Final Eight Plan.”  These rules apply to Sharper because he became a free agent via the expiration of his contract; the Jets freely may sign players who are available because their contracts were terminated, like linebacker Adalius Thomas.

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  1. thank you Jets for blowing your load on every player with “name recognition”. You look more like Dan Snyder than well…Dan Snyder. I’m sure I speak for many Skins fans when I say…it’s nice to have our team back.

  2. “after all, they’re interested in pretty much anyone with name recognition”
    Yep, Tomlinson and Taylor sound good, but I think their production will be low at this point.

  3. Would love to see him in burgundy and gold. Just for one year until we can pull someone out of the draft next year.

  4. Sharper is getting old, but he’s still a guy the quarterback has to consider when he’s looking for a receiver. He won’t go unnoticed on the opposing OC’s game plan unless he can’t get dressed.

  5. Yes relying on big names in free agency to START is a problem but Jason Taylor and LT are backups, they are supplementing the players that are already there. Check your facts haters.
    Second, who have they signed? LT, Taylor are the only signings. They traded for Holmes, for a 5th round pick. I’m sure none of you guys would have made that move right? They traded for Chromartie who isn’t a big name. That’s what they’ve done. So that’s signing everybody?
    Maybe some of you should try and get an opinion of your own and actually pay attention and check your facts before shooting off your mouth about things you know nothing about. Feel free to get into a fight with me about how the Jets roster is all free agents, and I can show you how there core is all draft picks. But please feel free.

  6. i really wish miami would sign him.although i have faith in bell,clemons & culver sharper would be a great addition.go get him fins!

  7. Dawg: You can’t be serious about the Raiders doing anything…serious in the ’10-’11 season. Very doubtful.
    “Sharper spent the first eight years of his career with the Packers”
    And glorious years they were. Had we not signed Burnett, (who WILL start over Bigby) I’d say we should bag him again. Because of our wonderful signing, I will agree with SkinsFan, and say I’d like to see him in Burgundy. Their secondary is hurting with Horton in the backfield.

  8. there was a video shot in saints lockerroom after SB with Sharper talking about repeat. cant repeat if he signs with another team…he aint goin anywhere

  9. so how exactly are the jets interested in everyone they signed like two free agents LT & JT and traded for two players Cromartie & Holmes…excluding the argument over LT vs Thomas Jones I think everything represents an improvement over the previous year…isnt that the idea with the offseason to upgrade where ever you can…btw I am a Ravens fan

  10. Good god their secondary would be the best in the leauge if they signed Sharper. Hope he goes somewhere other than the Jets. Hell go to minny and reunite with Favre.

  11. The Jets are adding big names but at extremely minimal costs unlike Snyder and Al.
    Sharper will be a Jet July 23rd, a day after the Final 4 rules come to an end.

  12. I think Sharper should re-join Minnesota. He wants to play for a contender right? The Vikings are one of only four teams I see possibly winning the NFC along with the Saints, Cowboys, and Packers. Dallas would be a possibility too but I don’t see that happening.

  13. He wants play for a contender, so that rules the Jets out.
    He is miffed at the Saints upper brass for not getting a deal done earlier, so that somewhat rules them out.
    Where will Sharper-palooza drop? Look to the NFC East, and NOT in the nations capital.

  14. Jet fans are halarious. You and your fat ass coach can stuff it. You havn’t won anything since the 1960’s, and you didnt even win the division last year!
    You lost your most productive player (Thomas) and your best playmaker (Washington).
    You Jet fans need to shut the hell up until you actually have somthing to brag about!

  15. It’s a shame so many of you are so incredibly uninformed regarding the Jets. You read the headlines and not the story and think you know something.
    LT is not our starter and neither is Taylor. They’ve been added for depth and that’s all. Taylor allowed Gholston to move to DE. Whether it works or not is to be seen but either way it allowed us to keep him, change his contract, and if he doesn’t produce we can cut ties with him next season without taking a cap hit due to the new contract he has. Just because they have the name recognition doesn’t mean they’re the go to guys but all of you just read headlines and assume garbage. By the way, LT is in fact younger than Thomas Jones. Production aside, some of you make it seem like we’ve signed a bunch of ancient players.
    Holmes was had for a fifth round pick. Cromartie for a fourth. They’re both making under 2.5mil COMBINED this season. Edwards, was four a handful of reserve players and a third round pick. They’re all under 27 years old.
    And for those who are saying Sharper would never sign with the Jets – he has already said he wants to play for Rex Ryan.

  16. Jets are pushing a decade since their last AFC East title…much less any other title of substance. You’d think they won something last year besides the “biggest tits on a coach” contest.

  17. he CAN’T tackle! he can’t run with the receivers.
    he was the reason the saints pass defense was torn to ass in the playoffs

  18. Well the Bengals need a Safety. Hopefully they’re looking at this guy. We could use him! Come on Mikey Boy Brown. Check this guy out.

  19. Jets fans think an afccg loss means something considering their rival to the east went to 5 out of 7. Such a fraud team. Btw cromartie cost a 3rd and
    if he
    plays alot it will be a second.

  20. I would say the Jets are more of an contender than the Vikings. Assuming Favre comes back, he is still a year older, where as Sanchez is a year older (see what I did there).

  21. This article doesn’t provide any new information or any evidence whatsoever that interest is picking up in Sharper. It is pure speculation and nothing more.

  22. pauldotcom says:
    April 27, 2010 10:11 PM
    Jet fans are halarious. You and your fat ass coach can stuff it. You havn’t won anything since the 1960’s, and you didnt even win the division last year!
    You lost your most productive player (Thomas) and your best playmaker (Washington).
    You Jet fans need to shut the hell up until you actually have somthing to brag about!
    Hey dummy, Leon was out the whole year. He wasn’t there for the playoffs. In the playoffs we learned TJ was gassed. Our main playmakers are Sanchez to Keller/Edwards/Holmes, the CBs, the RBs, David Harris etc.
    We don’t have just individual playmakers. we got multiple playmakers at near every position now. Stop being jealous.
    …a quality back up QB would be nice.

  23. Oh, yeah, so, bringing in Sharper in a limited role to teach the youngsters on the Jets or Giants would be great. His swagger fits in really well.

  24. Profanity – he can’t tackle? Who were you watching??
    Man that dude was laying some wood in the playoffs! Or was I seeing someone else wearing his jersey. He was laying people out right and left.

  25. # BRUTUS9448 says: April 27, 2010 8:59 PM
    the jets should be called the 30 something club if they sign him
    I’m no Jets fan, but aren’t they one of the youngest teams in the league up there with the Packers? Adding Taylor, LT, and potentially Sharper could only add more veteran leadership. Especially after losing Thomas Jones…LT still has enough to add the mix and Taylor can still help with the pass rush because Gholston’s a slob.

  26. Seriously, so many haters out there. Pull yourselves together and worry about your own teams. After Hard Knocks, all defensive free agents are going to line up to play for Big Rex and Gang Green in 2011. There’s a new sheriff in town people, so get used to it.

  27. Hey filth mc D-dag ,what load did the Jets blow on players,we haven’t spent anything on any of these new players, so your snyder comparisons are way offbase here he likes to overpay someone to win them over to sign there reguardless of if its a team need , everyone the Jets have signed is to fill a need or to replace someone who has left , so shut the F up and worry about your Shitty Skins…

  28. I understand all the hating…. as a Mets fan as well, I always had a resentment towards the Yanks for getting literally every good player on the market… but as a Jets fan now, I know how it feels and it’s freakin awesome!!!
    I’m sure signing two future HOF’s in their early to mid 30’s to be a situational pass rusher and a back up running back is Daniel Snyder-esque…
    Sanchez will throw for TD’s and bang ya girl… sup wit it

  29. haha the jet haters are such arrogant bast*rds its unreal.
    its like they dont even watch football.
    and all they can crack on is an overweight coach, who they WISH was their coach. keep carrying on haters
    and yes the jets are one of the youngest teams in the league…with many YOUNG probowlers already.

  30. “…and all they can crack on is an overweight coach, who they WISH was their coach. keep carrying on haters.”
    It’s easy to crack on the Jets.
    Lets see. They won exactly seven regular season games against starters last year.
    They won against the Indy and Cincy backups to back (get it??) into the playoffs.
    Then they got blown out by the Colts in a real game.
    Then the funniest of all is they act like they won the superbowl.
    For the Jets seven wins against real players is real good. But this year they will probably only win six against starters. And they won’t have two games against backups at the end of the season.

  31. I’m pretty sure the people on here hating on the Jets are that annoying 12 year old kid goin no way your team sucks! My team is the best no matter what their record is! Just let them run their mouths cuz they have no idea what they’re talking about.
    If you dislike the Jets it’s one thing, but if you’re gonna talk, at least have SOME idea of what you’re talking about. They haven’t spent anything on these guys, got them for nothing. The core of the team is very young and only getting better so if you hate them now..just wait for a couple years from now.
    Sanchez literally can’t play any worse than he did last year (in the reg. season) so they’ll def be better at QB for those of you uninformed morons talking about a “sophomore slump.”

  32. I’m not 12 and what I know is that the argument that
    “Sanchez literally can’t play any worse than he did last year (in the reg. season) so they’ll def be better”
    has got to be the funniest argument ever. The jets won seven regular season games last year against starters, have picked up rejects from other teams, got rid of their best running back and lineman, and think they will be better this year because their quarterback was so bad last year.
    Only a jet fan can make this argument.

  33. Maybe I should clarify for you check:
    I said that they’ll def be better AT QB. Funny how you chose to cut off your quote right before that. He had 12 TDs and 20 INTs as a rookie, no shame in a rookie turning the ball over. Through the playoffs he matured tremendously and although he didn’t put up big time numbers, he made all the right decisions. They won 7.5 games last year against starters (would have beaten the Bengals regardless as proven by the playoff win on the road) IN SPITE of Sanchez. They brought in some older veterans to supplement their core. They aren’t relying on any of them to carry the team as none of them aside from Cromartie will be starters.
    Oh and FYI, their best lineman was and is Nick Mangold.

  34. checktheblock you know nothing.
    the #1 defense is even more improved now and the offense did nothing but get better as well and a rookie QB with playoff experience and a year under his belt will do nothing but go up.
    sorry he couldnt beat the best quarterback ever in a shootout in his rookie year. bet your ass they will be back this year for revenge with a MUCH better passing defense, which is actually going to be improved from #1 lastyear. use your head you are arrogant

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