Jags' decision not to trade down could have been tied to Tebow

The past few days largely have been a blur, and I just realized that I’ve yet to share in this space one of my latest crackpot hypotheses.  Then again, maybe I have. 

Either way, I’m on the Acela Express heading back to Baltimore and it’s either write this or sleep.

The Jaguars’ decision to select defensive end Tyson Alualu with the tenth overall pick in the draft caused the same sort of head scratching that occurred eight years ago, when the Bengals picked tackle Levi Jones in the same slot.  In both cases, the teams could have traded down and still gotten their men.

The Bengals didn’t because, well, they’re the Bengals.  The Jaguars possibly were hoping to avoid taking Alualu in a spot closer to the position at which quarterback Tim Tebow exited the pool.  Indeed, G.M. Gene Smith recently said that the Jaguars thought highly of Tebow, but not sufficiently highly to make the 2007 Heisman winner the tenth overall pick.  If they’d been able to slide down, say, 10 spots to get Alualu, the decision to pass on Tebow would have been harder to defend.

Meanwhile, the fact that the guy who signs the checks didn’t instruct his football people to get themselves in position to draft Tebow makes us wonder whether the franchise truly hopes to remain in its current location, or whether the long-term plan is to eventually declare defeat in Jacksonville and sell the franchise for more than a billion dollars to interests in L.A. or London.  After all, Wayne Weaver expressly said that his franchise wouldn’t “force a pick,” and the prevailing sentiment regarding the selection of Alualu at No. 10 is that it was as big of a reach as taking Tebow would have been. 

So why not draft the guy who would singlehandedly guarantee the sale of enough seats to sell out the home stadium on a consistent basis?

Then again, maybe I just should have slept on the train.

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  1. shoot, if they HAD dealth down, they could have gotten extra picks, and then gotten MORE extra picks from a desperate Broncos group. Then again, dealing down and assuming someone will want your slot aren’t givens.
    Who cares about selling out, Florio? Jacksonville is a lame sports city anyhow, and it’s small. So getting Gator fans to watch Tebow sit on the bench isn’t going to save the franchise, so quit suggesting such idiocy.

  2. Florio asks:
    “So why not draft the guy who would singlehandedly guarantee the sale of enough seats to sell out the home stadium on a consistent basis?”
    The fact that you truly believe does not reflect well on your journalistic abilities. I’m trying to be nice here, but man what a not-very-smart thing to say.
    That’s OK, I get it. There are 32 teams, that’s a lot to keep up with. Jacksonville is kind of under the radar so it’s even harder to keep up with them. Just remember, “better to remain silent and be though possibly a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”…

  3. I was a tad bit upset when I had to scratch my head and say Alualu who? But Tebow was not the answer. He was never the answer. The only thing that is answer for the Jaguars is consistent playoff contention and a Super Bowl. If Gene believed as it was demonstrated that Alualu was a link in getting the Jaguars to the Super Bowl then he is the man in charge. Although Tebow, would have been a welcome addition, how would he offer a competitive advantage on the field- immediatley? The truth is he can’t. Tebow will do just fine in Denver and the Jaguars will do just fine in Jacksonville.

  4. Or maybe Gene Smith just loved Alualu and had him ranked higher than the TV and internet “experts”.
    The Jags got word that the Dolphins were going to take Alualu at 12. I believe that Miami was talking him as well. After Alualu went, what did the Dolphins do? They traded back because their man was gone only to take the next DT who was close to Alualu in Odrick. Parcells wanted Alualu.
    Gene Smith is building from the ground up. He has the nod of Wayne Weaver to build the team the right way even if they don’t contend for a few years. Last year O-Line. This year D-line. Next year skill positions and QB. Most GMs wish they had this kind of trust from their owner. Gene Smith is building a winning team the right way. He doesn’t need a freakin gimmick.

  5. “Meanwhile, the fact that the guy who signs the checks didn’t instruct his football people to get themselves in position to draft Tebow makes us wonder whether the franchise truly hopes to remain in its current location…”
    The failure to draft Tebow indicates this to Florio, and it appears that many teams thought the guy was a second round talent at best. And Florio gets paid to writes things like this- Sweet!

  6. Arrgghh, enough already. I live in Jacksonville and your typical gator fan wants to sit on their couch at home and watch it on their standard definition projection screen TV that was made in 1990 and drink Natural Lite beer.. There is no way to guarantee that Timmy TeNO sells that many tickets. Its up to the fans of Professional Football to sell out the stadium. Not the college wanna be’s.

  7. I read somewhere that the Acela Express is pretty fast and comfortable. What do you make of that Florio ?

  8. ughh… Tebow sucks. Jaguars did what the should have done. Not drafting Tebow is no big deal… I live in Jacksonville and the buzz around Jags tickets is still growing.

  9. It was an absolutely boneheaded move. Indefensible. About 3 or 4 teams right after them all managed to trade down. If they wanted to avoid Tebow they could have traded deep into the second round. It was pretty obvious Tim wasn’t going to fall further than the middle of the second round. They probably would still have had a shot at Alualu at that point along with extra second and third round picks and maybe a first next year. It almost seems like they had a personal grudge against Tebow with no discernable motivation. Like a lot of people.

  10. Mike,
    Your speculation is: “If they’d been able to slide down, say, 10 spots to get Alualu, the decision to pass on Tebow would have been harder to defend.” and then: “guy who signs the checks didn’t instruct his football people to get themselves in position to draft Tebow makes us wonder whether the franchise truly hopes to remain in its current location”.
    Could it just be that they didn’t think highly enough of Tebow ?? There were lots of draftniks, GMs and other football people who felt the same way about Tebow. Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland are starving for anything that even thinks they might be a QB and yet they passed on Tebow ?? Many of the talking heads have said that Denver was really stretching things by taking Tebow at 17 ?? The thing is, if the Jags take Tebow at 10 or even moving down to mid-first round and he flops they are in worse shape than passing on him. Nothing takes butts out of the seats like poor QB play, unfortunately, being a Dolphin fan, I can understand that better than you can perhaps.

  11. Tebow wouldnt of wanted to play for the jags…He wants to play for a real competing team, like he is now.

  12. The Jags were 100% they were going to get Rolando McCalin at #10… CJ Spiller was their fall back pick but I heard they wanted McCalin. The Jags had the Raiders taking Bruce Campbell #8 overall in their mock drafts, so when the Raiders took McCalin jaws hit the floor in the Jags war room. Then of course the Buffalo Bills take CJ Spiller and the Jags war room was a mess, they took Alualu because they had a 1st round grade on him and they didn’t have a 2nd. They didn’t even make a call to trade down because they though Seattle liked Alualu at 14.
    Epic Fail.

  13. C’mon now. Tebow would not “singlehandedly guarantee the sale of enough seats to sell out the home stadium on a consistent basis,” and you know that. If anything, he would have further divided the fan base between actual Jaguars fans and Tim Tebow fans who would have spent the next season or two complaining about the fact Tebow wasn’t on the field.
    Every time you post something like this, you increase the likelihood of the Jaguars moving from Jacksonville, by depriving the team of their chance to turn casual fans into committed fans. Stories like this are what keep those casual fans from being willing to invest their time or money thanks to the media-hyped fear that the Jaguars are leaving Jacksonville.
    Who will be exploiting that fear the most? Tebow fans who are bitter that the Jaguars didn’t select their savior. Be careful who you believe when you hear stories like this, the person looking for your attention may have an agenda.

  14. I guess teams around the league were just champing at the bit to trade into the top ten.

  15. It’s absolutely scandalous that the Jaguars didn’t draft Tebow in the 1st round. How dare Gene Smith and Wayne Weaver dash the hopes of the whole city in order to reach for Alualu. Tim Tebow was the Faberge egg that was dropped in the lap of the franchise and they threw it away. You have people like Tony Bosselli and Team Teal working there butt’s off to keep this franchise viable in Jacksonville and it seems as is if Gene Smith has paid no attention to the importance of Tebow to Jacksonville’s franchise. What’s worse is that Messer’s Weaver and Smith have reacted poorly to the outrage from the fans. I would a liken it to Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to Princess Dianna’s death. She did not care about the grief that her nation was feeling over Dianna’s death, she chose to hole herself away at Balmorral Castle as if no problem existed. Likewise the Jags front office has so far shown that they do not care about the grief in Jacksonville over the failure to draft Tim Tebow. There has been no statement of worth and no outreach to a very upset Jag-Nation. The front office has some serious bridges to build with the fans and these bridges need to be built ASAP.

  16. How do these teams pass on proven ballers like Dez Bryant, Jhavid Best, and Legarret Blount for stupid, minor, “chracter” issues..
    yet take an undersized, 3rd round graded DT or college system QB like Tebow.
    Tebow is a neanderthal and when given interviews shows no ability to speak fluently or command a conversation, or even elaborate on why he’ll succeed. He simply says: “I’ll work hard” and “do whatever’s asked”..
    System QBs don’t work in the NFL i don’t care how many weights you lift or changing your mechanics (see Andre Ware, David Klingler, Alex Smith, Chris Leak, etc..)
    The Broncos took a massive step back in terms of talent. McDaniels will be gone in two years.

  17. Florio once again making nuclear war where there isn’t even an inkling of smoke. The Jags were worried about possible backlash from fans yet drafted a player a lot of people had never of whom heard? Really.?
    It’s far more likely that Jags management couldn’t have possibly cared less about moving down and passing on Tebow, but did care about moving down and missing out on a player that seems to have quietly been near the top of a few teams draft board.
    There was no fear of public backlash (if there is they wouldn’t have drafted Tyson).

  18. Larry says: April 27, 2010 11:28 AM
    “Could it just be that they didn’t think highly enough of Tebow??”
    Larry… did you read any of Florio’s speculation (or at least have someone read it to you)? At the end of the day, the Jags didn’t want Tebow, and they didn’t want to be put in a situation where they’d have to draft someone else instead of him. If they were picking at 24, for example, and didn’t grab Tebow- who would be taken at 25, the ‘necks in Jacksonville would trash their mobile homes.
    I know it’s hard, but try to keep up.

  19. Whatever the Jags decided to do would’ve been wrong! Florio, why do you continue to pound the Jaguars with negativity? The Jaguars will be in the playoffs this year and you’ll be all over our nuts!

  20. Mr. Weaver stated that they wouldn’t adjust their draft board to reach for a guy. Alualu was not a reach. After McClain & Spiller came off the board, Alualu was the highest rated player on their board. My jaw hit the floor & I hated the pick, but now that I’ve cooled down & studied the player, I love the pick. Gene Smith is building this team the right way & the fans will see this & come back. Mr. Weaver is committed to J-ville, as he has said many, many times.

  21. Jacksonville should’ve never had an NFL team to begin with. Season ticket sales have been declining and the HOPE is to retain 87% of current holders.
    Let me tell you something… HOPE in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up faster.
    The Alualu pick was made so that Weaver can go to the next owners meeting and argue for a move to L.A. based on “the market isn’t viable for an NFL franchise,” instead of “please guys, let me move so I can make more cash.”
    The Jaguars have NEVER had more than eight thousand NEW season ticket purchases and this year will be no different. In fact, it is likely that they have their biggest cancellation rate ever. You don’t think so? Are you going to shell out the cash to watch Alualu?
    If the franchise was going to reach they should’ve reached for a player who would’ve added to the season ticket sales, because of the current finacial concerns, then for one who all NFL fans, collectively, said WTF?!
    I’m aware that the stadium in Jacksonville is very large, hence all the tarps, but someone better put in another order to cover another two-thousand seats.
    @DJRYAN: Let me give you a hint, place your money on the MOVE side of the bet. The Jags aren’t going to be their long, bro.

  22. HEY FALCON3 Genious, Jacksonville is the 2nd largest city landwise in the United States. We have different weather in different parts of the city. Just say the population is small or is that too big a word for you.
    Know what your talking about before talking chit and bashing the persons site you come visit.

  23. It amazes me how the fans of Jacksonville who have never watched a game tape of Alualu or even know where Berkley is automatically assume they know more than a guy who has made his living evaluating talent. Instead of clamoring for a Saturday Afternoon Hero, try buying a ticket to the team that has transformed the city of Jacksonville from a smelly, pulp paper, toll bridge, no alcohol on Sunday’s cow town into a thriving, well respected city. A large percentage of the sports fans in our fair city lack the knowledge, forethought, & overall intelligence to know a good thing when they see it. Maybe when the Gators lose a game or two now that the Messiah is no longer in Gainesville these fans may finally learn the difference in the college game and the pro game.

  24. What a joke. Does anybody really believe that Gene Smith has busted his butt and spent his adult life working his way up the scouting ladder and becoming GM of an NFL franchise just to throw it all away as part of some conspiracy to ruin said franchise so it can move to LA? I wonder if people think before they right something. Is it possible that Gene Smith spent more time watching Alualu on tape then every NFL writer combined? Anybody notice the most respected NFL draft analyst on TV, Mike Mayock, said Alualu was “one of his favorite players in the draft”? Wait, is he in on the conspiracy too?

  25. Jay Glazer reported Friday on FOX NFL Radio that Jacksonville never had any interest in drafting Tim Tebow. No interest in trading down for him and no interest in trading back up for him.
    Also, two seperate PR marking firms were hired to guage the interest in Tebow and what kind of ticket sales he’d sell. Both came back with an estimated 2,000-2,500 new season tickets.
    Fun fact though: Over the weeked the Jaguars sold well over 400 new season tickets, the biggest spike in history (sans the inagural year, of course).
    Sorry, but the notion that people are going to spend hundreds of dollars to watch a player be either inactive or holding a clipboard for an entire season is absurb.

  26. @DenverBeast – A real competing team like Denver????
    It has been over three years since the Donkeys have been over .500, and over four years since they won more than nine games. That is your definition of a “real competing team?”
    Take your foot out of your mouth!

  27. “If they’d been able to slide down, say, 10 spots to get Alualu, the decision to pass on Tebow would have been harder to defend.”
    Harder? Try impossible. They literally would have been compelled – under threat of torture and execution at the hands of all four season ticket holders – to take Tim Tebow.

  28. In my opinion, this article is baseless at best and irresponsible at worst.
    While I’m a huge Jags’ fan, I’m also a realist: I understand that there’s a threat that the team will move within the next couple years if the ticket situation doesn’t improve.
    But to suggest that the team’s owner, Wayne Weaver, or any decision-maker within the organization is hoping or posturing for a move is baseless. You needn’t go further than Jaguars.com — not a tough site to get to — to see the incredible efforts the team is going to to sell tickets and keep the team in Jacksonville.
    I’d feel fairly comfortable guessint that the Jags have come up with more payment plans and incentives than any other team in the NFL. They started a community outreach program called Team Teal and started re-tapping into the city’s corporate sector.
    To ignore all of this — to fail to do any research whatsoever — is ignorant, Mike Florio. It’s a fan’s job to speculate without accountability; it’s your job to be right, or at least honest.

  29. Honestly, because Kiper & McShay say Alualu wasn’t going to go in the 10-20 range, you believe it? My sources tell me Alualu would’ve been gone no later than 12-20. Kiper misses on prospects every year. If you go back through the history, Kiper generally says about 95% of the first round picks are great and about 5% of the later round picks. In reality, a lot less than 95% of first round picks are solid. Let’s ask the 31 other GMs where they valued Alualu before we start taking what these “draft celebrities” take as gold.
    You DO NOT know what you are talking about.

  30. Why is so much importance placed on the grades given by media personalities like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay? I don’t think Jags fans have forgotten that Kiper roasted Gene Smith last year for selecting Terrance Knighton and then trading up to select Derek Cox. Cox wasn’t invited to the combine nor was he projected by Kiper to be drafted at all.
    The “reach” for Cox only led to a player who led the Jaguars in interceptions last season.
    At some point, fans need to trust their teams and realize that Kiper and McShay are not the be-all and and-all of draft expertise.
    I just wonder that, had Parcells gone with Alualu at 12, would he receive the same backlash that Gene is receiving? Doubt it.

  31. some more vintage Florio:
    Throw it against the wall, see if it sticks.
    Mike Florio, Peter Vescey. Peter Vescey, Mike Florio. I assume you’ve met as your MO is the same.
    Since when did they start allowing crack to be smoked on the Acela Express?

  32. Chiefs2010, why don;t you just worry about your pathetic team and let those who actually know football and the Denver Broncos worry about Tebow.
    Actually you should worry about Tebow since he will be handing the Chiefs their asses in a year or two.

  33. falcon,
    jacksonvile may be a lame sports city but it’s not small.
    “Jacksonville is the largest city in the U.S. state of Florida, and is the county seat of Duval County.[4] Since 1968, as a result of the consolidation of the city and county government, and a corresponding expansion of the city limits to include almost the entire county, Jacksonville is the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States. Consequently the majority of Jacksonville’s metropolitan population resides within the city limits, making it the most populous city proper in Florida and the twelfth most populous in the United States.[5] Jacksonville is the principal city in the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area, a region with a population of more than 1,313,228”

  34. If Bill Belichick were running the show in the Jags warroom, they would have traded down, picked up a slew of extra picks, used those extra picks to trade UP, get both Alualu AND Tebow, and then find some sucker to give up a high pick next year for one of the leaftover extra picks from the trade-down.
    Each slot has VALUE and to take players far above their slotted worth is just wasting your assets.

  35. Just because there are so many people who don’t know a thing about football, let me break it down.
    If you play against Manning and Schaub four times a year, you better have a stout D-line. Make no doubts about it, the Jaguar D-line will be very stout. Teams can’t double Knighton in the middle anymore (remember him, the guy who Kiper had never heard of), and Alualu plays every position. Add to that Kampman from GB, and the two rookies, as well as a returning healthy Hayward, and your D-line just got 1000x better. Nobody will run up the middle!
    On top of that, the addition of Kirk Morrison (who they got for next to NOTHING) as the starting middle linebacker moves Darryl Smith (by far their best LB) back to his natural position of Sam backer. It also takes Justin Durant, and moves him from Sam backer to his natural position of Will backer.
    So nobody will run up the middle, and now your outside linebackers are free to run to the ball and make plays on runs to the outside (like what Chris Johnson of the Titans has done to kill the Jags). This is something that has been missing the last few years!
    So their D-line became significantly improved, and their Linebackers became significantly improved by moving players back to their natural positions.
    On special teams, they have the best two special teamers in the AFC BY FAR in Montel Owens (AFC Probowl runner up as special teams ace) and Karim Osgood (AFC special teams starting Probowler). Add to that a bona fide 4.3 kick returner, and a bona fide 4.3 punt returner, and you have SIGNIFICANTLY improved your special teams with speed.
    This draft has greatly improved the weaknesses of the Jaguars. GREATLY IMPROVED.
    Tebow would have been a HUGE mistake. Gator fans would have found another excuse not to buy tickets when Tebow would be sitting on the bench. The Jags did exactly what they needed to do. Get better on D and special teams. PERIOD!

  36. Hey Florio, Weaver instructed Gene Smith to select players to field the best possible team.
    You’re a complete moron.

  37. Levi Jones was a very good NFL LT prior to his injury in 2006. In other words, the Bengals were right, everybody else was wrong, but fascinating how that pick still gets spun into the Bengals messing up somehow. And the whole ‘could have traded back and still got the same guy’ argument doesn’t fly since there’s no way you can possibly guarantee there wasn’t just one other team prepared to pick the guy early too. I guess some teams can’t avoid criticism even when they do well. I’m now the world’s biggest Alualu fan. I want to see him make multiple Pro Bowls so everybody who thinks they’re so smart can just shut up.

  38. gojev93, where are you getting your information??
    It was common knowlege for weeks before the draft that Miami was hoping to trade down if they could recoup the 2nd round pick they lost in the Marshall trade. Not only did they get it back, but actually moved up (from 43 to 40). There is no way they turn that down, no matter who was on the board.

  39. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, I know you were shocked as everyone when Tebow went in first round.
    Imagine a bunch of teams Bills, Jags had him pegged with their first pick in the second.
    Grats to Denver for getting who they wanted.

  40. Jags are out of town soon if they keep Del Rio. New leadership is needed! The guy cant win, Garrard is a band aid at most. Why not get Claussen, or Mccoy later. Somone’s gotta give Garrard some competition. Garrard is the cream puff who has a man crush on Manning saying he wants to learn how to maximize his offseason like Manning…C’mon! Jags are leaving. I live here, it’s gonna happen.

  41. DCJeff has it right (see above). How many times have you mentioned in your articles that Coaches and Team Reps in the NFL routinely lie? Also, no NFL team admits they lost out on a specific player. If they got the player, fine, they gladly tell you he was their target at that slot. If the player is taken ahead of their slot, that player was NOT the one they were targeting. It’s just a fact of the NFL. You know it, we know it. So to suggest that a team COULD have traded down and STILL gotten the same player is to assume you know who each successive team in the drafting order is targeting and I submit neither you nor anyone else has that knowledge. Witness the Mel Kiper and Mayock lists of Best Available Player Remaining at any point in the draft and watch as teams routinely pick OTHER players. What is their problem? Are they not WATCHING the NFL Network or ESPN? Finally, remember back to the interview of the Colt ownership after taking the wrong guy (at least the wrong guy according to Mel Kiper). Quote: Who the Hell is Mel Kiper?

  42. Mean D says:
    April 27, 2010 12:22 PM
    Smith is an idiot and Jacksonville is the worse football city in the NFL.
    Umm, do you mean worst football city in the NFL? If you’re going to call someone an idiot, please make sure you are above reproach.
    You know, not many people liked Smith’s draft last year either, and we ended up with 4 to 5 starters in the draft and had contributions from all draftees and several undrafted free agents.
    I think I’ll take the word of a guy getting paid a nice salary by an NFL organization to get the team competitive and back into annual contention for a Super Bowl over some Jerry Springer watching, Ramen noodle eating, zit popper or some quasi media hack who hit on one or 2 scoops and has ridden that horse into a site on NBCsports.com.
    I mean Florio himself stated that he was on the train debating whether to sleep or write this, so it says to me, I have no sources only a keen hypothesis that if I formulate it, people will bite and believe it.
    Mike, if I were you, I’d have chosen sleep. Too bad it wasn’t on the tracks.

  43. I think I’m going to call this site a good place to see what has recently happened in the NFL.
    It used to be good for rumors.
    It now works too hard to speculate about things.
    And now too often painfully fails….
    Might be time to go visit Greg at Rotoworld before PFT now.

  44. jaypeso says:
    April 27, 2010 11:57 AM
    Sam bradford was a system qb chiefs2010
    And if you believe he’ll do well with the Rams and will fare any better than Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart I have some swampland in Florida to sell you..
    BroncFanOr says:
    Chiefs2010, why don;t you just worry about your pathetic team and let those who actually know football and the Denver Broncos worry about Tebow.
    1) I’m no GM and can’t control my team’s destiny, but the Chiefs will be better than Denver in 2010, you can take that to the bank..; and
    2) Josh McDaniel’s evicerated Denver’s talent by trading Marshall and Scheffler.. he’ll be gone in 2 years friendo..

  45. maybe the NFL GM who did such a good job last year simply knows more about the player and the competition for him than our beloved gossip mongering refugee from lawyering

  46. If Alualu can have the same impact as Levi Jones had with the Bengals, then everyone will be eating their words 10 years from now.

  47. Hold on…did somebody from Atlanta (falcon3) call Jacksonville a lame sports city??? Pot meet Kettle.

  48. Los Angeles or London?
    Blame it all on Tagliabue and Jack Kent Crook’s Laurel Stadium ruse, to block NFL expansion to Baltimore and give a team to totally unqualified Jacksonville.
    Why would the Jaguars waste a pick on Tebow when headed to a new home soon?

  49. tommyguns, you are an idiot.
    Why do you call Garrard a “cream puff”?
    He’s started every game for the past 2 or 3 seasons even though over the past 2 years he has been the most hit/sacked QB in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. Garrard is a tough player. He won a playoff game for us on the road in ’07. We need to start looking to the future at that position because he’s about to turn 32, but we can win with him. We’ve done it before and now we’ve got more talent around him.

  50. “Imagine a bunch of teams Bills, Jags had him pegged with their first pick in the second.
    Grats to Denver for getting who they wanted.”
    The Jaguars didnt have a second round pick.

  51. @denverbeast – “Tebow wants to play for a real team like he is now” … Really, the denver broncos are your idea of a real team? Remember a couple years ago when they had a pro bowl QB in jay cutler, a great coach in mike shanahan who was so good at producing running backs he almost could have got maurice clarette 1000 yards, And that pro bowl receiver you had in brandon marshall? That was a real team. I remember last year the broncos started off 6-0, and everyone was on their bandwagon screaming and hollaring how great josh mcdaniels was. But heres the thing, I said it from game 1 when stokley got a lucky tipped pass against my bengals to steal the game, that team just kept getting lucky. Their defense is terrible, their coach is a huge moron, they have NO offensive players worthy of a pro bowl appearance and yet tebow is somehow going to come in and light it up? No QB has a chance in denver, its a pit, and the sooner your team dumps Josh McFAILals the sooner you can begin rebuilding what that idiot belicheck disciple has done to the denver team

  52. Levi Jones has been in the NFL for 9 years and got hisself a $30 million contract in 2006.
    Not a bad pick, not bad at all.
    Are you sure you want to compare him to Alualu? Is the kid that good?

  53. This entry has to one of the most illogical, stupid, nonsensical articles you have ever posted here. You know absolutely zero about what this team does and why it does it.
    Do you *really* think for a minute that the Jaguars ever had ANY intention of drafting that guy?
    I suppose you must, because you pass yourself off as a journalist who’s an expert on the NFL. Then you express the belief that drafting one guy is going to fill the stadium.
    Florio, please do everyone a favor. Come down here and spend a few weeks around town during training camp and the regular season. You’ll find that there are very few, if any, Tebow fans who show up in that stadium on Sunday, and drafting him won’t have changed that.
    Try researching your subject a bit more in the future, before you insert your foot in your mouth again.
    God, Almighty…

  54. DenverBeast says: April 27, 2010 11:31 AM
    Tebow wouldnt of wanted to play for the jags…He wants to play for a real competing team, like he is now.
    Competing for what? The mile high club without using a planes toilet?

  55. Consistently sell out the stadium? Ha! Those bandwagoners, and by that I mean a large amount of Gator fans, will turn tail at the first sign of losing. Only winning creates a consistent sell out crowd. And I believe that Gene Smith’s draft picks will help my Jags do that. Not wasting a first round pick on a project player who happens to be a Jacksonville native.

  56. @joe.attaboy
    “Florio, please do everyone a favor. Come down here and spend a few weeks around town during training camp and the regular season. You’ll find that there are very few, if any, Tebow fans who show up in that stadium on Sunday, and drafting him won’t have changed that.”
    You mean few people with season tickets?! You answer this for me.. do you think season ticket sales would’ve increased or decreased if the Jags had REACHED for Tebow instead of Alualu??
    If you honestly answer decreased… “God, Almighty..”
    Wake-up! Your team is on the verge of calling in the Mayflower trucks due to lack of support. Anything you can get would help!

  57. @Brohamma
    “Wake-up! Your team is on the verge of calling in the Mayflower trucks due to lack of support.”
    I know you little d*ck gets hard from writing the same comments on ever Jags topic, but let it go. But tell me this little man, where were you up until last year Jags were 19th in attendance out of 32, look it up, http://espn.go.com/nfl/attendance/_/year. So we had a bad attendance year. Am I concerned, you damn right I am. Is there a possibility of the team moving down the road, sure along with 5-6 more teams. But there are some of us who LOVE this team just as much as you might love your team if you have one. So put yourself in the fans shoes that don’t want to lose their team and imagine that you were on the verge to lose your team. Not funny any more right.
    Anyway, the Jags are doing everything to get this attendance back where it use to be if not better. WINNING CURES ALL. This problem will get fixed. I’m sure you were in the N.O. Saint’s topic room 3 years ago writing San Antoinio Saints, Saints are disgraceful, blah, blah.
    Now look at them and I’m sure you’re on their nut sack. You worry about you and we’ll worry about us. See you around tough guy.

  58. @Jag4Life
    Sorry if the truth hurts. The facts are facts fatboy. Are you saying that Alualu wasn’t one gigantic reach? Face it, there was waaay to much talent on the board and taking him 10th was lunacy.
    And if my team was having to worry about moving I’d be concerned too, no doubt. However, your GM and owner clearly aren’t worried about it. If they were they’d have at least drafted sensibly.
    Enjoy another season of David Garrard, but then again I’m sure he really DESERVED that Pro Bowl spot in your opinion huh?
    Here’s a bit of an education for you slappy!

  59. Good for the Jags. They understand that drafting Tebow would be a disaster for them as he is a terrible QB that was LEARNING HOW TO THROW THE DAYS BEFORE THE DRAFT

  60. @Brohamma…don’t talk crap Pats fan. I lived in Boston for 22 years, and prior to the current era, you weren’t selling the old Foxboro stadium out every week. You couldn’t give tickets away!
    Funny how the people who run their mouths the most should run their mouths the least.
    Learn something before you talk crap, idiot!

  61. Oh, and one more thing, Slappy. Your team is on a slow downward spiral.
    You might not want to believe it, but look at the facts, Slappy!

  62. @midwest
    “We have confidence in the decisions they’re making and the fact that 350 people showed up and bought season tickets says a lot about the fans being behind the team and what it’s doing.”
    FYI, I lived in Central Florida for 15yrs. and had the privilage of getting Jags games on Sunday’s. Simply put, Jacksonville should’ve never been given the rights to an NFL team.
    I can’t blame you for supporting your team, if you didn’t I would be shocked. However, the fact remains that your team will be moving unless you can add another zero onto the end of that WHOPPING 350 number, and then double it.
    Tebow would’ve sold tickets, argue against that and I’d have to recommend that you go get checked for an existing head injury. Solution.. probably not but he’d have helped delay the Mayflower fleet long enough to get some further drafts and talent into the team. Would I have picked Tebow 10th… definately not, but if you were going to REACH for someone like Alualu at 10th then why not reach for someone who can help your financials? And let’s not forget, Garrard isn’t exactly the perfect QB either now is he?

  63. That is 350 season tickets in two hours, genius!
    And I will argue against Tebow selling 3,500 tickets. Maybe short term, but in the long term the outcry by Gator fans who don’t know their a-holes from a hole in the ground about their messiah sitting on the bench or holding clipboard would have done more damage than good.
    If you can’t see that, I recommend you get your head checked.

  64. Oh…and by the way, if you add another zero to that 350 and then double it as you said needs to happen, you will still need to add another 2000 to get the number of new season ticket purchases this year so far.
    And there is still six months to go before the season starts.
    Who says Alualu was a reach? You? Well what the hell do you know? Mel Kiper? That is the same guy who said Peyton Manning was at reach at #2 and Ryan Leaf was not a reach at #1. No way does Kiper know more about Alualu than Gene Smith. The fact of the matter is that Miami would have chosen Alualu at #12 if he was still available.
    Give it a rest, dude. You do realize that both Oakland and Detroit had worse attendance last year than Jacksonville, right? Those two cities have triple the population of Jacksonville, yet you don’t hear anybody bashing them. Why is that? The year before that, there were 13 teams who had worse attendance than Jacksonville. You don’t hear that either, do you?
    Do some research instead of just rehashing what you read in a “rumor mill.”

  65. @Brohamma
    Obviously you must be 18 and weren’t around for the 80’s and 90’s. The Patriots were the laughing stock of the league. I remember seeing an empty stadium season after season. The same with the Colts before Peyton Manning and many other teams. Every one is on their high horse now that their team is winning consistently and selling tickets.
    Look, I’m not going to bash you. You make a good point. Tebow would have been a band-aid for a few seasons until we right the ship. But he would have been force to play by end of season if the Jags are playing horrible and that would have just been destuctive by not putting the best product on the field.
    As far as Garrard you are right as well. He is not as you say a “perfect” QB. But he is a good QB and with proper protection, which should be in place this year he can make all the throws. He has the deep ball, he has the quick slant route zip throw, he has the step drop throws. Could he be better, of course, what QB can’t. But there’s 32 starting QB’s in this league and he’s somewhere in the middle of those. Say what you say about him being a Pro Bowler, but bottom line he was a Pro Bowler. Let me put it like this, how many QB’s didn’t make the Pro Bowl. That says something, don’t you think?
    As far as Alualu being a “reach”. Was he a name that anyone knew when it was announced, no. But the fact that you or me, or Kiper, or McShay has the balls to call out a GM who’s watched 100’s and 1000’s of hours of tape on players is ridiculous. To top it of, Kiper and McShay give drafting grades is even more ridiculous. What are they grading, a name, some stats. How about wait 3-4 years and then go back and grade a draft. Then your word carries some weight. Until then they are just talking heads collecting a paycheck from ESPN.

  66. @Jag4Life
    Obviously you must be 18 and weren’t around for the 80’s and 90’s. The Patriots were the laughing stock of the league.
    Actually, one of my first Pats games in Foxboro was the game in which Dan Marino made his first career start in New England. I was 17 at the time if you must know… you take the math from there. And yes, I do know a fair share of draft blunders, Marcus Allen perhaps?
    Regardless, my simple point is that there was to much talent on the board for that reach. You guys are getting a bit over-protective of the situation you’ve been dealt.
    I don’t think I said that Tebow would’ve sold that many season tickets. I said that the team has to sell that many, regardless of who the pick was, to remain viable. Would he have sold more tickets than Alualu.. I’m pretty sure you can’t say no. Can you?
    Look, the game vs. Denver is going to be your highest attended, regular season, game. Come on! You can try and tell me that “it’s the opener,” all you want but you know as well as I do that there will be alot of orange in that bowl and ALOT less tarp.

  67. @Brohamma
    I know what you’re saying and I agree with you. In my opinion from what I’ve saw and read there did seem to be more talent available, but what do I know. Maybe there was more talent at the 10th spot, maybe there wasn’t. I’ll meet you back here in a few years then we’ll all know the answer to that.

  68. @Jag4Life
    Deal! I’m sure I’ll see you around on the boards here since Florio and the gang keep churning out material that begs to be commented upon.

  69. @Brohamma
    No way will the opener be the highest attended game. Not a chance. The Monday nighter against the Titans will draw more, the game against the eagles will draw more, and most likely the game against the Colts will draw more.
    The team did sell that many season tickets, plus some. That is my point.
    The Tebow fans are a joke. They wouldn’t have bought tickets to watch him sit on the bench. They would have screamed and yelled and boycotted games until he became the starter. At that point, the fans are running the show, and that is the quickest way to SUCK! That is what I mean when I said that Tebow would have caused more harm than good.
    There is a picture floating around the internet of the Cowboys’ big board. They had Alualu as mid first round rank (as in 15). Again, who said Alualu was a reach? Kiper?

  70. Florio,
    What ever happened to the agreement that no team would pick Tebow except for the Jags? I thought you tried to peddle some BS like that a few months ago? This is the same type of shiite.

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