Jeff Ireland got Cowboys' permission, then called Dez Bryant

It would be hard for any employer to handle a job interview any worse than Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland did when he asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute.

But in issuing an apology to Bryant, Ireland tried to do everything by the book.

That even included strict adherence to the NFL’s tampering rules: According to Calvin Watkins of, Ireland received permission from the Cowboys’ front office to speak with Bryant on Tuesday.

So Ireland may be, as Michael Silver wrote, the “biggest jerk in the history job interviewers” and an “A-List A-hole.” But at least he’s not a violator of the league’s tampering rules.

34 responses to “Jeff Ireland got Cowboys' permission, then called Dez Bryant

  1. Pretty sure Parcells is pushing these buttons.
    Tuna probably had to tell him, not to ask for his mom’s phone #.

  2. It would be hard for any employer to handle a job interview any worse
    Try this one: when I was 35 (can you believe it), I went for an interview as a computer tech and the guy blurted out, “I can’t believe that you’re THAT old.” Needless to say, I didn’t get the job and the amazing part is that I did everything that he asked and he tried his best to screw me up so he had a legitimate excuse. 35 — THAT OLD — COME ON. 🙂

  3. The Parcells regime should be able to field a good football team, which we needed in Miami since Shula. But the arrogance of these guys is starting to get really old. Treatment of veteran players, lack of responsiveness to the media, totally classless treatment of potential draft picks. The question should be asked, “Is it worth it??” These guys better get us deep into the playoffs. The pitchforks and torches are only a 7 and 9 season away…..

  4. i still fail to see what was so wrong about the question,he was asking about his past/present on a guy who he might have invested 20-30 mill on,i think bryant looks worse in this situation for being a whiner

  5. ….and at least he’s not a hack sportswriter stirring up the sewege to see if anything edible surfaces.

  6. Accountability is a two way street and just like the commissioner, team executives and coaches expect it of players, so should they expect it of themselves. I am ashamed of the way this franchise has been brought to the mud by how Zach, JT and Dez have been treated, as it has not only brought us bad press, but it cost us the safety from Pitt and potentially future FA given how Parcels now is trying to cut out agents in negotiations. Will the commissioner suspend Ireland and/or reprimand Ireland and Parcells? If not, will Mr. Ross take action because this is the problem that you have when you give full control to ex coaches who know football, but have no clue about business/PR/employement law and how to treat people. I thought our franchise learned a lesson after allowing Saban to mistreat so many employees during his stay, and now Parcells is taking it to a worse level. Love my Dolphins, but what is going on is wrong and while I am not saying to fire anyone, something serious has to happen and some type of supervision/oversight must be placed over Parcells and Ireland.

  7. What is it with you guys and the “tampering rule”? Are ya’ll the tampering rule police? This is the only place I can think of that constantly rants about the tampering rule.
    Does NBC give everyone a “big salad” everytime you mention the tampering rule? Maybe they should change it to the “tampon rule” cuz ya’ll just keep stuffin it on in there……..

  8. “Hello, Dallas Cowboys office, can I speak with Dez Bryant please?”
    “Dez Bryant, the new guy, the one who’s Mom was a prostitute.”.
    “Oh, him, sure. Just a sec, I’ll go find him for you.”.

  9. Without meaning to be a Jeff Ireland apologist, have you ever thought he might just be trying to find out about Bryant’s medical condition? The irregular heartbeat. Ask the kid a shock question. If he keels over in the chair clutching his heart, with his eyes rolling back in his head, then you know there is a problem. Even a late round pick is wasted on a dead man.

  10. The entire “DorkFin” organization is such bush league. Bunch of scum bags. Worst team in the league. Oh well, the team and management is just a reflection of the city. Pathetic.

  11. Now look at what you guys have done.
    Every perv on the net is going to be Googling ………………….”Dez Bryant/hot Mom/hooker/naked/mature/Ebony/MILF/hidden camera.

  12. For a league that is so PC, ahem ahem Rooney Rule, for a member of management that in most other professions would be paying out a cool six figures easy by way of an EEO violation, is unacceptable. Goodell needs to come down hard on this guy and the Dolphins. A six figure fine and re-writing the rules of what you can and cannot ask is needed immediately.
    I mean you’re dealing with one of the most public unions out there. How DeMaurice Smith has not already come out to defend Dez Bryant is beyond me. There’s got to be a CBA violation by asking a question like that.
    The questions is so over the line it is amazing it was even asked, and even more amazing that Bryant didn’t deck him. Heck, why didn’t Ireland just drop an N bomb and be done with it? Even Michael Oher didn’t get this level of scrutiny last year.

  13. Kudos to JRHSD for recognizing the point I wanted to make. What a worthless scumbag Ireland is that he apologized after this leaked out. The Dolphins interviewed Bryant when, about a month ago? And he’s been a Cowboys employee since Thursday night. Ireland is a piece of shit for asking the question a bigger piece of shit for not apologizing until he had no choice.
    When an organization is being run by people with these types of decision making skills, it will fail.
    The sad part is Dolphins fans, we can only lament that Pat White’s mom wasn’t a prostitute……

  14. The Cowboys and the Steelers should swap Qbs that way they can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Dez’s mom can get paid and Ben doesnt have to worry about a woman saying no.

  15. What a dirtball for asking that question.
    And the way you’re subtly covering for him makes me wonder what you’re all about, Michael David Smith?
    You need to reassess what you consider to be acceptable behavior. And realize that it’s OK to call a scumbag a scumbag.

  16. Ireland: Hello Mr. Parcels. I got your message that you wanted to see me?
    Parcels: I am about to go Tom Cable on your ass if you don’t this thing right with Dez. You know momz are off-limits. Get it done, and do it by the book.

  17. @Repo City fawwwwkkk youuuu Loser…@Mr. Big and @robert ethan LMFAO freaking awesome man. Ireland is a turd, but when you’re paying out 30-50 mill i guess anything goes.

  18. A few thoughts here:
    1) With the emotive language by Michael Silver “a-list a-hole” in particular, it sure seems like there was an axe to grind here aside from this incident.
    2) I just saw “Run Ricky Run” 30 for 30 – I find it interesting that Silver had a brief comment (20 secs of screen time?) on this film the same day the story was submitted. This episode happened a couple of months ago – seems plausible this is a bit self serving, maybe I’m out of line!
    3) While certainly a coarse question, I think it completely depends on the context of the interview (were they discussing upbringing, hardships, etc.? If so, asking if rumors of your mother’s indiscretions may be somewhat valid as there is a lot of FUD out there regarding this. For example, check out Dez Bryant’s wikipedia entry – It states she WAS a known prostitute!
    4) I am NOT endorsing as a reliable source, but if something is listed there as “fact”, it may be well worth asking if there’s any merit to it.
    5) In the end, a bad decision by Ireland but seems exceptionally blown out of proportion.

  19. Actually Ireland has a really good rep in the NFL…but it was a crass question and shouldn’t have been asked – for any reason.

  20. “The Cowboys and the Steelers should swap Qbs that way they can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Dez’s mom can get paid and Ben doesnt have to worry about a woman saying no.”
    Or maybe they can both just tag your sister, as always?

  21. Interesting point above on Goodell fining Ireland and the Dolphins for these types of business practices. If players are getting fined for transgressions, why not douchebags like Ireland.

  22. irishsamurai says: i still fail to see what was so wrong about the question,he was asking about his past/present on a guy who he might have invested 20-30 mill on,i think bryant looks worse in this situation for being a whiner
    Is your mom a prostitute or is J. Dahmer your biological father? Because those are the only ways I can comprehend that you see nothing wrong with the question. First of all, you don’t talk about people’s momma’s- especially not face to face. And secondly, unless Dez was her pimp, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be held responsible for her choice of profession.

  23. You want this guy as your General Manager….apparantly he has no smarts. How can an organization let him get away with treating the young man as he did… him Parcells.

  24. tryagain gets it. What difference would it make? If she was, does that make him less likely to catch a football? Run a fast route? Turn Ireland’s wife or daughter to tricking? Ireland looking for some pimp pointers?
    Ireland: “Is your mom a prostitute?”
    Bryant: “Yes.”
    Ireland: “Cool, if we draft you the company parties are going to be a lot more fun. We’ll also expect you to be OK with some of the language that will be in your contract (wink wink).”
    Ireland: “Is your mom a prostitute?”
    Bryant: “No.”
    Ireland: “Oh. Dang. Um…do you think she would be willing to learn? No, um…this is very uncomfortable. Let’s just forget this whole conversation.”

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