Ken Hamlin to visit Bengals

The Bengals love nothing more than a Dallas Cowboy that has recently been released.

Safety Ken Hamlin said on his Twitter account he is visiting Cincinnati Tuesday night and Wednesday.  If he signed, he would join Roy Williams in Cincinnati as an ex-Cowboy safety that was once vastly overpaid by Jerry Jones.

Williams’ issue is that he can’t cover well.  Hamlin struggles with tackling, but can play a “centerfield” role, so a possible signing makes some sense for what the Bengals need.

The Bengals surprisingly didn’t draft a safety over the weekend.

26 responses to “Ken Hamlin to visit Bengals

  1. Roy Williams looked fine in coverage when playing for the bengals But I see Hamlin taking Nelsons spot at FS.

  2. DUH because william’s speed on madden most recently was like 82..that duuuuudes slooooowwwwwwww

  3. Hey, Cinni do you guys also want Bobby Carpenter too because he’s on his way out in Big D too. If you really wanted to do Dallas a favor you take Roy E. Williams off their hands just like you took Tank, and Roy L. Williams

  4. Surprisingly they didn’t draft a safety? Not at all.
    When Mike “I wanna be just like Daddy” Brown is in charge, nothing is surprising.
    This year, Mike wanted to draft a stadium beer vendor from Iowa State in the second round, but Marv had to talk him down.

  5. We filled alot of holes this draft however, as the article says we did not pick up a safety. I hope they know what they are doing because R Williams and Crocker are very hard hitting safeties, but they are getting old and fragile. Hamlin or another veteran pick up may be OK for this season but ultimately we will need to address that area in next years draft. I just hope we stay healthy at safety this season

  6. Oh gosh the bengals having a terrible centerfield spells disaster. I hope that they can put up a ton of points to beat up on the Ravens and squeelers.

  7. —-UH because william’s speed on madden most recently was like 82..that duuuuudes slooooowwwwwwww====
    who needs speed when you got a 99 hit

  8. —They want all Dallas’ trash—
    Ya because with a good couch like zimmer that trash looks like gold,where Dallas just kills talent not named Ware.

  9. Both Roy Williams (pre-injury) and Tank Johnson have actually produced for us, and on the cheap. Good to watch Cincy get production after Dallas overpays and sheds…..

  10. wildstile says:
    April 27, 2010 7:58 PM
    They want all Dallas’ trash
    No… not really… Dallas can keep their fans!

  11. the nfl is more of a chess game than most think. we have a chess master on the defensive side of the ball in mike zimmer. i say give me anyone who has ever played in his defense and we have more than a chance to win. tank was a great signing. he wasn’t made for a 3-4 and played well when healthy last year ….. now if we could only get rid of that novice on the offensive side of the ball, we might be able to make a run in the playoffs.

  12. alright morons, these guys are back up safeties on Cincinnati, even if he signs.
    Keep on showing how many dumb football fans post here.
    If Zimmer thinks he’s a fit, I believe the man that has brought the Bengals a top 5 defense over any of you middle school kids.
    If Crocker and Ndukwe were so bad last year, why weren’t they ever exposed?
    Give me a break people.
    as for the moron who thanks us for taking Tank Johnson.. hahaha. no…. thank YOU!! All he did was SHOULD have made the Pro Bowl. The dude was a stud last year.
    The problem in Dallas is clear. They don’t get the best out of people. Zimmer does. Plain and simple.

  13. “Ya because with a good couch like zimmer that trash looks like gold,where Dallas just kills talent not named Ware.”
    Gold. Sure. The Bungles are 14-17 since he’s been there. I guess that’s “gold” to a Bungles fan.

  14. “The problem in Dallas is clear. They don’t get the best out of people. Zimmer does.”
    And that’s equalled a 14-17 record. Below average.
    Last time the Cowboys had a losing record, Zimmer was the DC.
    Plain and simple.

  15. To say that coach zim is responsible for a 14-17 record is just stupid. You tards do realize that Palmer was hurt in 2008, right? Of course you didn’t, but even with that knowledge I’m sure you would still like to blame the 12 losses that year on zimzim.
    Get over yourselves Dallas. The ’90s are come and gone.

  16. 4th ranked defense in the league last year, Vox. The Bengals….4th ranked D…..think about that for a second…..that is all Zimmer’s work, my man. The guy is a genius.

  17. Why are people ragging on who the Bengals are signing to play BACKUP free safety? Yes, they are scooping up Dallas’ trash to be a BACKUP. Say it with me now, B-A-C-K-U-P.

  18. Zimmer has taken the defense from 26th when he got there to 6th last year. The reason we had a bad year in 08 was because Palmer was out most of the season. The defense that year still ranked 12th overall compared to 26th the year before under Bresnahan. Williams and Johnson do great in a 4-3 which is what we run. If Zimmer wants to bring in another player that he used to coach in Dallas, then we are only going to get better. It makes sense now that we didn’t draft a safety. He had his eye on somebody else. And to whoever posted that Hamlin could replace Nelson, well Nelson was never a starter. Nelson was a backup when everyone else was hurt.

  19. Oh you foolish cow boy fans…the Bengals were 6-0 in their divison last year baltimore has been owned by cincinnati for years…
    Too bad the only football fans who know anything about football are from cincinnati.
    Sad really !

  20. The funny thing is all these LOUD MOUTHED Dallas fans talk shit and MOST dont know what the hell they are talking about! Now tell me again who had the better defense in 2009???? Focus on getting Roy to get in out and of his breaks faster and making plays…..START NOW getting Bryant a babysitter, Speech Pathologist and PRE CRIME Mentor in an effort to ward off any issues……LOL
    Basically get educated before you run your mouth about teams without the details……..

  21. @ Vox
    What a tool you are…really! What did your CowBOYS do last year. Nothing!! nuff said! It’s amazing what idiots some of these Dallas fans are! Cincy swepth their division and went to the playoffs with Williams hurt most of the season. You guys can’t get anything out of your players because ALL of your coaches SUCK! They couldn’t coach up a good high school team much less an NFL team. I think you guys are just pissed becuase these players obviously didn’t want to play for your team and when they went to a REAL team the shined! And you call yourselves America’s team……LMFAO!!!

  22. Isn’t Ken Hamlin that gay sounding dude who was whining for Seattle back in SB XL ” YOU all seein this?” with the gayest sounding lisp? Same dude who claimed he wanted to ride his WRs hard?

  23. Vox, honestly dude, I don’t even know how to respond to you. Partly because so many have already brushed you off their shoulders with reasonable responses, but partly because all I see you post is troll like garbage.
    I like the potential signing, I’d imagine he’d play in pass packages and provide much needed depth to the position, and really, more than likely, give the team a lot more than a fourth round safety would have this year at least. Still an area that is begging to be addressed in a more long term manner though.
    MrsH, pretty funny, thank you. And for the record, no, I don’t stereotype fanbases, even though I find that creed hard to live by when it comes to a certain eastern citie’s “blue collar” fans.

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