Lions don't rule out Pacman, basically rule out Bulluck

Not every need can be filled in the draft, so the rate of veteran signings figures to pick up in the coming weeks.

One of the possible additions for the Lions, which we’ve written about plenty here, is Pacman Jones.  The Lions haven’t ruled out picking him up.

“You know, we’re still kind of evaluating everything now. I wouldn’t say [Jones is] in play or not,” Mayhew said Sunday.

The Lions continued to add to the secondary over the weekend, but coach Jim Schwartz indicated that the team may not be done making moves yet.

“We’ve added a lot of pieces there, but we need to get that settled,” he
said.  (Apparently the current secondary doesn’t get him going.)

The Lions didn’t add a linebacker in the draft, but Schwartz doesn’t sound likely to pick up former Titan Keith Kullock.

“You’re talking about a guy coming off an ACL [tear] — we have three
guys already coming off of ACL’s, and we know where they are, so it’s
probably not at the point where we would be doing anything right there,”
said Schwartz.

22 responses to “Lions don't rule out Pacman, basically rule out Bulluck

  1. Good move again Schwartz. The Lions are making great moves. Keep it up!
    As for Pacman, he’d be another CB. He may not be elite, as many point out, but he’d be a welcomed addition to the talent pool in Detroit. I’d love to welcome him. With the CB’s already added he’d fit in fine for Nickel or Dime coverage. And right now we can get him for practically nothing.

  2. Maybe Pacman should send Schwartz some of his YouTube highlights to get him aroused enough to pull the trigger and sign him.

  3. Ok someone was drunk when they wrote this. They meant the Lions not the Titans didn’t draft a LB. Also his name is Keith Bullock not Keith Kullock or Bulluck.

  4. You gotta think the Lions are still looking for an OLB though, right? They traded Sims and there is no one on the roster to really fill that void.
    Perhaps Thomas from NE even though he’d be switching schemes to the 4-3?

  5. I like the moves the Lions have been making and think they are pretty close to being competitive in the NFC North (besides their inexplicible neglect of the OL), but I’m really hoping they don’t do this. It’s the perfect way to mess up the chemistry of a young team.

  6. I honestly keep hearing that the Lions haven’t done anything with the O-line this year. Are you forgetting that we traded for Rob Sims and get Stephen Peterman back off an injury?? Our line isn’t as back as people make it out to be so shut ur F’n mouth

  7. Dont worry Lions fans, The hard hitting Zack Follett will fill in for Sims, Our line backing corps will be fine. I give my Lions 7-9 this year but if they keep this up we will be contending for it all in 2yrs, GO LIONS!!!

  8. I know the Lions haven’t won forever, but considering signing Pacman right after you are in a pre draft “rumor,” to have been interested in another loser like Haynesworth is not a good direction even for this bad franchise.

  9. EB458, a bit touchy are we?
    The bottom line is that Backus is not a very good pass blocker. Yet, he is the starting LT on a team that has a very good young QB who they are paying a boatload of cash. It seems like a HUGE mistake to me if they don’t find a way to upgrade that spot. Maybe Gaither? and move Backus to LG or RT?

  10. All you OL conaseurs, Fox may be nice. He is a converted TE but looks like he has packed on enough weight to be a tackle. If he pans out as a swapped 4th rd pick that could be huge.
    Also remember Lions pass protection last year was not that bad. Opening up holes for the running game is another story.
    Agreed Backus sucks. He spends way too much time on his back…us. sorry couldnt resist.

  11. LOL….. nothing wrong with Backus. All the people that say that backus sucks don’t understand football and only look at stats, and the wrong stats at that….. First, the Lions were so far behind last year, they had to throw 50 times a game, and the defense knew this. There isn’t a LT in the league that can hold up to that, not to mention the constant blitzing. Second, he actually allowed the 6th best amount of QB pressures per pass in the entire league, and best in the division…. 1 in 68 passes….. Lastly, we’re not going to get a LT this year when we have a chance at people like Suh. We can easily wait until next year, and guaranteed, Backus will do just fine now that Sims is next to him…… Any LT this year would have been a waste with #2…. We would have had to pay for a guy that we would have had to help anyways, so it was no real upgrade yet….. Backus will be much better this year…
    Now, as for Pacman, go get him….. We can get him for nothing and his contract would have more clauses in it than any in history, so no worries

  12. Lions need talent upgrade across the board on D
    Pacman is a big upgrade so why not? Nobody in Detroit cares about character nor should they as they need ANYTHING to get more wins
    Give him a chance and win some games

  13. zack follet is not a starting LB in the NFL, i listen to 97.1 too. its cute, but not going to happen. the position will be addressed

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