Report: Raiders will cut Russell, possibly this week

Even after the Oakland Raiders traded for Jason Campbell, coach Tom Cable said it was possible for JaMarcus Russell to earn the starting job. But a new report says the Raiders are going to cut Russell, possibly as soon as this week.

John Clayton of ESPN reports that the Raiders cutting Russell is a matter of “when,” not “if,” and that the team could release Russell before Oakland’s upcoming minicamp, which opens Friday.

The Raiders will save $6.45 million if they cut Russell this year. It should probably go without saying that there’s no trade market for him.

If Russell goes, the Raiders would have four quarterbacks left on their roster: Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski, Charlie Frye and Kyle Boller.

163 responses to “Report: Raiders will cut Russell, possibly this week

  1. It took them long enough………
    Why could Cable say that Campbell shouldn’t expect to be the starter a few days ago….and now…the starter is getting cut…
    Gradkowski is constantly injured…Frye and Boller aren’t better than Campbell
    Cable needs to slap Jamarcus on his way out….then himself for keeping him around for so long

  2. I hope he gets cut and then dies of starvation while homeless. That’ll teach him to steal money and buy bling.

  3. Another reason to make sure you never draft in the top 10 – even if it means you don’t get a good deal to move down.
    Hopefully the owners play hard ball and institute a cap on rookie players’ wages. On second thought, leave it like it is because teams with idiotic owners like Al Davis might get better and might put more pressure on teams with great front offices like Minnesota and Green Bay.

  4. Phil Savage wanted to trade our entire draft away the year Russell came out to move up to 1 and get him. That should give you an idea what we’ve had to put up with in Cleveland before Mangini, Holmgren, and Heckert came in to save us!

  5. MC Hammer, move over. You’re about to have company in the bankrupcy department.
    Somehow I just can’t see Russell saving his money frugally or working in the UFL.

  6. I’m not sure if this is a good move for the Raiders. JaMarcus once had 20 sacks in one game.

  7. That’s going to be a tough sell for his agent when he gets released: How would you like an overpaid, overweight, and lazy quarterback to fill out your roster??

  8. Route36West says:
    April 27, 2010 1:01 AM
    “With the Raiders, anything is possible. But the smart money is on Campbell starting, Russell getting cut, and Gradkowski, Frye and Boller competing for the other two quarterback jobs.”
    Ill take that bet. Russell will not be cut this year.
    Here are the stakes if Im right you stop writing on PFT for a year… If your right Ill stop coming to PFT for a year or Ill come to PFT ten times a day
    for a year. Which either one is your preference is fine by me.
    Well, let’s see if Route36West is an honest man or another worthless bag of wind. This is his post from the other article about Campbell.
    Now that it is clear that Russell will be cut- and in truth it always was, there was no way they were paying him the money he was owed- let’s see how quickly 36 backtracks from his big words.
    My guess is that he will just ignore it or make some lame ass justification. Because there is no way he actually does what he promised- GO AWAY.

  9. Typical Raiders…can’t believe they’re going to let a talent like Jamarcus Russell walk out the door. He’s only a few years away from being a prototype practice squad quarterback.

  10. At 300 pounds they could just convert him to a left tackle. Think of the athleticism he would have.

  11. I am sorry but finally that big tard of lad is going to be put out of his misery. Upon hearing of the trade of Campbell Jabustess hit up every buffet in the greater bay area hence his recent weight gain since they said he had lost some weight earlier on. Useless kid

  12. does this MFer have any chance of being picked up by another team if he is released?

  13. Hopefully he saved some of that insane money he made and didn’t blow all of it on necklaces, watches and In-n-Out.

  14. Doesn’t it seem likely that Russell will have a very difficult time finding a new team? Does he even care to look? Or is he content to sit on that pile of cash the Raiders gave him? How often does a #1 pick end up completely out of the league after only three seasons without even a second look? And he hasn’t even been set back by a major injury. Even Tim Couch and Ki-Jana Carter were able to hang around for a while.

  15. Well Raider Fans the time has come and for this dude to go back to Mobile and slop hogs. The Raider news get better everyday!

  16. WOW, can you say wake up call?????
    I dont know if this even makes sense, but some team could sign him for cheap?????
    or would they have to honor his contract? or would they resign a new contract? If some team could get into his head and have him train,workout,and study, this could be an unreal situation for he and some team willing to take a chance! I think the Raiders organization is probably the worst team out there for a situation like him….Imgaine he being drafted by the Patriots or Indy…..His career and Worth would be a whole different situation……
    Good luck you lazy azz


  18. Not a Raider fan whatsoever. Having said that this guy should have to pay back a huge chunk of that money he never earned while wasting 3 years of the players lives who actually gave a sh*t about winning. Good luck when you are broke in a year Russell. I would get as far away from Oakland as possible cuz I am sure they will have no love for you in that town.

  19. >$35 million down the hole. What a great argument for limiting rookie pay. If I had the #1 pick, I would trade it for a song, especially in years where there is no obvious pick.

  20. The big question…Where on the list of all-time draft busts will JaMarcus Russell end up?

  21. As an LSU alum who was ashamed to see Jamarcus wearing a “Bama Boy” necklace featuring the Crimson Tide logo at the 2007 BCS National Championship game, and who has been embarrassed for the school due to Jamarcus’ antics with the Raiders, I can say…what a waste, and what a shame.
    I sincerely hope Jamarcus doesn’t waste his money like he is wasting his talent. Somebody needs to advise this guy better. He might end up like Antoine Walker if he’s not careful.

  22. Gives a whole new meaning to “trimming the fat”, no????? Good riddance, loser!!!

  23. Russell is the new Ryan Leaf. Gradkowski sealed his fate with that late season win in Pittsburgh.

  24. JaMarcus Russell is one guy that I will actually root for him to hit bankruptcy after his “career” ends. I hope that idiot finds himself broke in 3 years after leaving the NFL. What a loser.

  25. this calls for a party in Raider Nation … they should get $6.45 million to party with

  26. About time! The Raiders needed a fresh start without Russell. I think they could surprise some people this year, and maybe even when 8 or 9 games. I’m not even a Raiders fan. I think the future looks a lot better without Russell though.

  27. this has “massive paycut to join the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions” written all over it.

  28. If JaMarcus Russell isn’t the single greatest bust in NFL history, I don’t know who is… especially if he never plays another down on another team.
    And hopefully he’ll stop referring to himself in the 3rd person soon.

  29. I’ve said it for a long time, move the guy to offensive tackle. If not, he could be a long snapper.

  30. The ‘Raider-Haters have been put on notice; their Mox-Nix B-Rated Rhetoric is “Officially” MUTED.
    The only thing that we’re tryin’ to hear is the following;
    ‘Rolando McClain Interview outside of his home immediately upon being Drafted’ (CLASSIC For The Ages!)
    ‘Oakland Raiders 2010 Draft Compilation’ (“And you know this…………MANNNNN!!!!)
    ‘See you guys when we host the playoffs.

  31. My goodness what a mess. Just a complete bust. Not Ryan Leaf level bust, but he’s up there.

  32. I hope he goes to Denver/KC in whoops the Raiders twice a year… Ok, not going to happen.
    What’s the over/under on Russell ever opening an NFL season as the starter again?

  33. Can’t help but feel like the system created this mess. If he had had to really earn his money, he would have tried so much harder. Serious mouvement from the Raiders away from Al Davis’ childish opinions.

  34. If this is true, then Oakland has a chance to have a decent season. Russell will never play another down in the NFL.

  35. NO SHIT! Thanks for quoting BSPN on something all of us already know.
    Slow day?

  36. Report: Davis will tell Cable he’s fired today
    Posted by Michael David Smith on January 11, 2010 11:10 AM ET
    Fool me once…

  37. T-minus 10 years until he is flat broke and on E60 telling his story of how he blew it all.

  38. This will not be a wake up call for him. He will blame everyone around him for his poor performance and will take zero responsibility for his demise.

  39. MDS, any feeling on how good his other pro football options are from here on out?
    Arena league?
    Dancing with the Stars?

  40. Bill Belichick will sign him, he’ll start in 2015 and will lead the Patriots to an AFC Championship win over Oakland with help from Oakland #1 pick in 2011, in the snow, with a tuck rule.

  41. Will anyone sign him? And how long will it take?
    This is why you dont give a 22 year old kid $35 million. I have to admit, if my company gave me $35 million to maybe an executive someday. Id be happy with just punching the clock until they fired me.

  42. I think they should just switch him from QB to lineman. He’s fat enough to plug up some holes, and he’s lazy enough he isn’t gonna let anyone push him out of his spot…

  43. Damn it!! I was really hoping this was going to happen. Now that ESPN has reported on it, it’s not going to happen! These guys couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. Here’s hoping they get one story right about the Raiders this year.

  44. So, the sun will come out tomorrow?
    Thank goodness for this move. Although I agreed with the Davis’ assessment of Lane Kiffin, it only brings to light that there was even a bigger imposter within the organization during these tumultuous times. Jamarcus Russell, NFL’s All Time Draft Bust. Hey Jamarcus, why don’t you create a gold, diamond studded plaque/charm of that to hang around your neck layers.
    Good Riddance, Raiders are officially taking steps forward!!

  45. He should also be arrested for stealing money millions of dollars from the Raiders without any return on investment. What a joke.

  46. This really doesn’t sound like Al Davis though. When is the deadline for saving on that 6.45mil.? Davis would usually cut him on the last day possible, just in case someone does pick him up. We’ll see though.

  47. This guy will be 500lbs and broke before he’s 30. I hope he wakes up and makes a man out of himself before it’s to late.

  48. Al Davis
    “I do realize that you did not want to draft JaMarcus Russell. He is a great player. Get over it “

  49. Al just swallowed a box of Ex lax and is now waiting by the bowl to drop 300lb duece……
    It will hurt a little at first AL but boy is it gonna feel great when it’s passed!

  50. “If Russell goes, the Raiders would have four quarterbacks left on their roster”
    Same number if he stays.

  51. See ya, JaFatass Russell…..BOOM!!!!
    I told the world this guy was an over rated piece of crap, no one listened, the media even tried to bail him out all last season, but he stinks.
    Everyone in Vegas know Culpeppers sucks and was all Moss but the media tries to spin it, even the CulStinky had a record 23 fumbles and 23 int’s in one season.
    These JaFattassTe CulRussell types STINK!! woooooooooo!!! how could anyone think this guy was ever going to be good, he is stupid, and only cares about the money,
    Listen up world, throwing the ball 70 yards ain’t mean crap, just look at Pennington, best completion % of all time, and he has always been a winner, look at Brees, always a winner……..stupid dumbo’s like russell will never cut it!
    this is a great day, it will be even better when he gets cut. wooooooooooooooooooo!

  52. How can Russell not be the Poster Child for rookie pay scale. And while he’s on that scale, he may want to take a good look at how friggin over weight he is…

  53. Browns….Lions…..St Louis…….TAMPA????? He is gonna get picked up, as heavy as he is, somebody will pick up the load.

  54. It took us 7 years, but I think we finally stopped the bleeding. I don’t know what the future holds, but so far, we had an off season to remember. This story would be the icing on the cake.

  55. # superius says: April 27, 2010 5:35 PM
    Looks like Lane Kiffin was right…surprise, surprise.
    Lane Kiffin wanted to draft Brady Quinn…….you be the judge.

  56. The Russell / Leaf controversy of who sucks the most. Hmmmmm…
    We’ll have to wait and see where Russell lands in terms of prison, cross state line robbery and drugs/alcohol abuse.
    As it stands, Leaf had those crazy outta control anger management interviews as a player and Russell looked good in the fur and diamond ear rings. So at least Russell looked good and didn’t come off as stupid as Leaf.
    If you look at the money factor paid for poor play, sure Russell wins.
    But let’s see where Russell lands after he’s cut and where he goes after a few years away from the NFL.
    It’s a close tie for Biggest NFL Loser, not bust, LOSER!
    Finally some good news. Love it!

  57. If this isn’t a compelling argument for a rookie wage scale then I’m not sure of a better one. 36 million. WOW. I think in Iowa here, I can still hear Russell laughing all the way to the bank. That or the rabid deer.

  58. Good move if it happens. And that’s a big IF.
    How many times have PFT and/or anyone at ESPN been right about the Raiders the last year and a half?
    Cable fined, Cable fired, Iupati their first choice, Bruce Campell their first choice, Seymour hates Oakland… and on, and on, and on. I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope I do, but forgive me for being skeptical of a “report” from PFT.

  59. Voice of Football says:
    April 27, 2010 5:16 PM
    If JaMarcus Russell isn’t the single greatest bust in NFL history, I don’t know who is… especially if he never plays another down on another team.
    Ryan Leaf, Cade McNown, Dan McGwire, Akili Smith & Jim Druckenmiller: all 1st round picks at QB with less wins & lower career passer ratings than Russell. Alex Smith has a 69.2 career passer rating, a whopping 4 points higher than Russell with 2 extra years of NFL experience. Or how about Lawrence Phillips, Curtis Enis, Ki-Jana Carter, or Percy Snow? Russell might be the most expensive, but there have been worse high draft picks that are not Raiders, so they don’t get mentioned as much. Just some food for thought.

  60. I feel like some team with a solid QB in place and no promising backup (Patriots, Colts) could take a chance on JaMarcus at the league minimum and make him a 3rd string developmental project. Not sure if JaMarcus will sign though. He may just prefer to hang out with whatever money he has left. Hopefully he hasn’t burned through that cash though. Don’t wish ruin on the guy. He seems like a decent enough kid. Lazy and doesn’t seem to care a bit about football but not a malicious guy in any way.

  61. rpiotr01 says:
    April 27, 2010 5:19 PM
    My goodness what a mess. Just a complete bust. Not Ryan Leaf level bust, but he’s up there.
    I disagree. If anything, I would say he is a bigger bust than Leaf simply because he went #1 and Leaf went #2.

  62. Belichick Is God says:
    April 27, 2010 5:17 PM
    oh no… somebody woke Al up from his 10 year nap..
    No, I think maybe he’s in a coma out there. The Raiders actually making a somewhat sensible draft? Cutting Russell? He has GOT to be in a coma somewhere and someone else is running the organization.

  63. I hope Cable breaks that fat prick’s jaw on his way out da door!
    Hey, JaBling, how much do you think a pawn shop will give you for that jewel-encrusted #2 “jersey” hanging around your neck? Dumbass.

  64. My guess is Russell lands at Philly so they can cut Dog Killer – Lane Kiffen is ROFLMFAO or is it ROFLHFAO?

  65. superius says:
    Looks like Lane Kiffin was right…surprise, surprise
    He also siad Brady Quinn was his pick. I guess he was wrong on that pick, but right on J Bust.

  66. There are a lot of teams that need d-line help.. His career isn’t finished just yet!!!

  67. My eyes just teared up out of JOY!! The Russell era is finally over, i really thought they were gonna give him one more chance and lose another season!! Im excited for this year, and remember Cable didn’t draft him and never wanted him and i hate to say it but Lane WAS right, but Al was right about lane being a scumbag!!

  68. Russell is living proof that a rookie salary cap should be implemented and none to soon. Who the hell is so good to get 30 million dollars without even playing a single down in football? No one can blame Cable for this mess. This all falls back on Al Davis for keeping this tub of lard on the payroll. Maybe some team could use him as the fridge II as the Bears did the original Fridge. I believe he was 350lbs. Lard butt isn’t that far and with a few more Big Mac’s I’m sure it would take long. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass when you leave you blood sucker.

  69. Best point of all time!
    whoever pointed out Russell went 1rst overall and Leaf went 2nd proved the point flat out,
    Russell is a number one overall! That makes him by far a bigger bust! By far…….I say russell out does leaf for bigggest bust ever by the extra amount of belt spaces russell uses on his belt.
    There Russell wins biggest bust ever, by the distance of say, the equator…….
    Rookie Pay Scale? are you there? This piece of trash deserves to have to use the education he got at LSU to get a job! Wait a minute, this dumb piece of trash forgot the education part, Because he is another dumb gangsta wannabe who is very very stupid, and doesn’t deserve a single penny of his contract! This pay scale must be fixed to stop pieces of trash like this from cashing in. good-bye Chunky Brewster….

  70. Dear JaMarcus,
    stop feeling sorry for yourself. Your awful play and inclination to be first in line at the buffet–rather than at QB drills–has somehow made you a millionaire. However, your wise investment system [i.e. jewelry, multiple expensive cars, and other things you need] and your appetite will land you in the poor house, and I’m not paying unemployment taxes to feed your fat, dumb ass. Maybe you’ll find a sugar-mama, after all, women DO love a man that wears more jewelry than them. Anyway, you’ll always have that degree from that paragon of academia, LSU, to fall back on….er, wait…you probably majored in ‘undecided’ or ‘general studies’ or some BS…….you’re a poor example of a man, unless one is talking about an example of a total bust. You suck at everything but sucking.
    fans of football everywhere

  71. 5 bucks says Al Davis forgets he ever even had Russell and signs him during preseason.

  72. Why wouldn’t they if they could save a dime?
    He is worthless and an money that can be saved should be saved.
    Russell will never amount to anything
    Give up now and get an additional roster spot

  73. Jay Cutler
    Seneca Wallace
    Brady Quinn
    Ryan Leaf
    Derek Anderson
    Matt Ryan
    Those are a lot of “Great Hopes” without a playoff win………………
    HA HA HA

  74. # ninjapleazee says: April 27, 2010 5:32 PM
    when are they gonna cut heyward-bey
    are you an idiot? not matter how much of a reach would you really cut a first round pick before year two? come on! maybe denver should cut tebow as well?
    kiffin wanted quinn. what was the better choice?

  75. Leto_II says:
    April 27, 2010 5:33 PM
    He should also be arrested for stealing money millions of dollars from the Raiders without any return on investment. What a joke.
    Along with Matt “CHOKE” Ryan’s 72-million and…………
    – ZERO playoff wins
    – ZERO pro bowls
    – ZERO championship game appearances
    Vick took the Falcons to Green Bay in his 2nd season and made NFL history…………….
    Just another failed “Great Hope”.
    HA HA HA

  76. fordlaw says:
    April 27, 2010 6:15 PM
    My guess is Russell lands at Philly so they can cut Dog Killer – Lane Kiffen is ROFLMFAO or is it ROFLHFAO?
    Actually the dog killer will be starting by week 3………………….
    Philly has their own version of a failed “Great Hope”……………….
    HA HA HA

  77. you know what from all apearances he does not care what anybody says or thinks of him.he got his and that is all that matters to him.why would he go thru all the trouble of signing with somebody else when he would never get the type of money he used to and then would actualy have to earn what he would get.

  78. Another SEC BUST liek Tony Robinson, Heath Schuler, Reggie Cobb, Shane Mathews, Danny Wuerful, Jeese Palmer, Tim Couch, Eric Zier, Tim Worley, Huey Richardson, and Tracy Rocker! Those are the first ones to come to mind!

  79. fordlaw says:
    April 27, 2010 6:15 PM
    My guess is Russell lands at Philly so they can cut Dog Killer – Lane Kiffen is ROFLMFAO or is it ROFLHFAO?
    –Is this what passed for humor these days? Weak.

  80. Tom Cable isn’t the reason “the Pear” is still in Oakland. You can place the blame for THAT squarely on the shoulders of their wonderful owner. Al Davis used to be one of the most progressive and innovative owners in the NFL. But now he’s just a parody of himself and needs to back off and let Cable do his job. That’s the only way the Raiders are going to get good again. And despite the fact I’ve NEVER liked the Raiders, having them competitive is good for the entire league.

  81. This is bad news for Pats fans. He deserves another shot, I think, to turn it around. They should keep him out there until the 2010 season is lost for sure, please. 🙂

  82. In other news… Raiders hire Jenny Craig as their team’s personal fitness consultant.

  83. Did Al Davis just wake up from his cryo state and realize someone has been emptying his bank account by the name of JaMarcus? At a boy Al–get dough-boy out there and see him survive on that $30M you gave him. I hope dough-boy has been saving his money because Hellen Keller saw this coming.

  84. “What this kid’s name?”
    “Ja..Ja..just got cut and not gonna play here anymore.”

  85. Old Manny of the Mountains says:
    Where does one go when they are cut from the Raiders?
    Look around the league, Einstein. If you’re too lazy for that, look across the Bay. The Niners employ a couple of them.

  86. I can’t wait to see that waste of talent get the hell out of Oakland. He has been a drain on this franchise and all of RAIDER NATION will rejoice when the door hits him on his fat ass on the way out the door!

  87. # BlondBlueDevils says: April 27, 2010 6:46 PM
    Jay Cutler
    Seneca Wallace
    Brady Quinn
    Ryan Leaf
    Derek Anderson
    Matt Ryan
    Those are a lot of “Great Hopes” without a playoff win………………
    HA HA HA
    as usual from you, more idiocy. You always prove you no nothing about the NFL, all you know is ignorance & race baiting:
    Seneca is black
    Nice work skidplate.

  88. Although I generally agree with most of the posters here about Russel’s worth, I simply do not understand the level of hatred and vitriol directed at him.
    He is obviously the end result of a poor upbringing. He is also obviously unintelligent and completely unable to understand or handle the money he signed for. He apparently doesn’t possess a work ethic either, but even given all that, I still feel that he is to be pitied rather than hated. Unless he changes, life will bestow upon him his just deserts………….

  89. # BlondBlueDevils says: April 27, 2010 6:46 PM
    Jay Cutler
    Seneca Wallace
    Brady Quinn
    Ryan Leaf
    Derek Anderson
    Matt Ryan
    Those are a lot of “Great Hopes” without a playoff win………………
    HA HA HA
    Gawd are you an idiot
    Seneca Wallace is BLACK

  90. what a shame of a story to go from a national champion yo a national fatass,geaux tigers!!!

  91. In a terrific offseason for the Raiders and their fans, this may be the best move of all… Getting rid of this guy ensures that the Raiders aren’t playing the “future” game anymore and are willing to simply go for it with good players instead of ‘well we’re going to wait another three years to see what we can squeeze out of this’…
    Also this is a great sign for Raiders fans because everyone has been saying all offseason that the Raiders wouldn’t release Russell because Al Davis won’t swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake in drafting JaMarcus Russell… Well this would not only signify that he WILL take that pill and swallow, but also that the Raiders are willing to move forward and do the right things for the future of their franchise, they took the first step in that direction by shoring up the run defense, then added OL to a depleated one, then traded for a REAL starting NFL level QB, then cutting the dead weight is the last step, Javon Walker and Russell gone the locker room should be mostly young guys who want to win and are willing to do the right things.
    Plus moves like this (intelligent ones) will make free agents more willing to go to Oakland and play for the Raiders, and more likely to make those who currently play for the Raiders want to resign (Nnamdi Asomugha, Richard Seymour to name two)… But the Raiders have done a lot of good things this offseason and look primed to make a run at the playoffs in 2010…

  92. “This guy will be a top 5 QB in the NFL in 3 years”
    “He will energize the Raiders, and the fans”
    “The skill level he has is John Elway-like”
    -mel kiper: 2007 just after the Raiders picked Russell
    This proves all you so called analysts, including you florio, especially you florio, are awful and don’t know shit about your jobs.

  93. Upon hear he’s been cut from the team, JaMarcus Russell attempted to throw his helmet down to the ground in frustration, but missed.

  94. In The end it will be Campbell #1, Gradkowski #2, and either Brady Quinn, Brandstater, or another young developmental waiver pickup as #3. Kyle Boller is the next Bust headed out of Oakland.

  95. Eminem’s song lyrics include, “I’d rather turn this club into a bar room brawl. Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.”

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