Stewart Bradley: "I'm coming along great"

In 2008 Stewart Bradley started all 16 games for the Eagles, and he looked like one of the league’s most promising young linebackers. But in 2009 he suffered a torn ACL in August and missed the entire season.

Now Bradley says he’s healthy again and will be ready to go for the minicamp that starts Friday.

I’m coming along great, and in fact I was just cleared by the doctors to practice this weekend,” Bradley said today on a conference call with season-ticket holders. “I am really excited to get back on the field. I don’t think I will have any limitations.”

Bradley, who also suffered a torn ACL at Nebraska in 2005, says he’s ready to return to the form he showed off in 2008, when he was chosen to the All-Pro team.

“I’ve missed the game, the competition,” Bradley said. “I can’t wait to get it started.”

24 responses to “Stewart Bradley: "I'm coming along great"

  1. Hell yeaaaah Bradley!!!! If he stays healthy our linebacker core will be just fine. The guy was probably gonna make the pro bowl if he hadnt gotten hurt last year.
    Brian Urlacher, except with hair.
    Ernie Sims and Bradley flying around will be great! Fokou or Gaither will be on the strongside, which is alright.
    Who knows, this year we might be able to keep the same starters every week!

  2. Great news. Along with the arrival of Brandon Graham and Nate Allen, Stew Bradley’s return will solidify the Eagles D. Their biggest weakness is at CB. Hopefully the improved pass rush will allow the corners to be more physical off the line of scrimmage

  3. S…T…U…D
    This kid will have a ripple effect on the whole defense to make it look better. He is a complete MLB and playmaker. He doesn’t rely on great speed to do what he does so this injury doesn’t scare me in the least.
    Now if only we knew who the heck was out there at strongside LB, I’d feel a lot better.
    I felt during the draft and prior to the draft we have only added more and more weakside LBs which I feel after Akeem Jordan and Ernie Sims, has great depth.

  4. studwart bradley back at em…i really hope he comes back fine from it, he really was ready to become a top 5 linebacker. hes the dominating guy in the middle to plug up the run and knock wideouts on their asses over the middle. if ernie sims is as good as andy says, we just need to make sure our other linebacker isnt a liability. and if the rookies step up, this defense is back to business

  5. I don’t know what games Bradley has ever turned around? When he was healthy the Skins swept the birds, so I am happy he will be back. As far as your draft is concerned I wouldn’t be too happy about a DE from michigan. Didn’t they lose to ND? I wouldn’t be too happy about drafting anyone from big blue. Except maybe Desmond Howard….. That was a great pick.

  6. Bradley was able to understand what Jim Johnson was trying to do with him back we’ll see if the D can get back some sting

  7. I wouldnt be too happy if I was a skins fan. Bradley is a F’n beast. Hey DIEHARDSKINSFAN, I guess you didnt watch the 08 playoffs did you? I guess if my team was as irrelevant as yours, I wouldnt want to watch much football either. I think Bradleys best game was against the giants in the 08 playoffs. He was everywhere that game and I love the intesity and passion that he plays with!! I think our defense will be good to go. Phillys D was already good at forcing turnovers and now with a few good additions, I think we will have a top 5 defense in the league this season.

  8. OOOHHHHHH!!!! I am real scared of this walking injusry time bomb….What was that???
    BOOM! He blew out a hammy going to rehab…Another year down the tubes!

  9. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    April 27, 2010 7:54 PM
    I don’t know what games Bradley has ever turned around? When he was healthy the Skins swept the birds, so I am happy he will be back.
    Where should I start….other than you are retarded?!? When he played, the Redskins swept the Eagles….what did you do last year against them? 0-2. Stay relevant, please! Don’t worry….you’ll get your wish this year….two more losses, you axe wound. Look that one up.

  10. GARYCLARK, Bradley has played in 3 NFL seasons and last season was the first season that he missed games due to injury, so how is he a “walking injusry time bomb”??

  11. @TP7
    It is completely relevant when he was actually playing in games right? Well last year he wasn’t and you all swept us. The year before he played in both games as I recall and the Skins beat you at home and on the road. How is that not relevant? You are just another stupid football fan as most philly fans are.
    What is there not to be happy about if you are a Skins fan? We finally and I mean FINALLY have a real GM, a head coach that knows more about football than most other coaches in the league, and are building a roster the right way. What is there not to be happy about? I am not saying we are going to be world beaters, but I think we are headed in the right direction. Still, even when we had head coaches making bad draft picks, and a complete retard as a GM (Cerrato) we still managed to sweep philly a few times. So if I were you I wouldn’t be happy that the Skins may be returning to proper form. Good day to you Sir!

  12. Great news that he got clearance, but why risk testing it at a mini camp? He tore his ACL only 9 months ago. Let him get back into it in training camp which will give him almost a whole year to make sure that knee is 100%.

  13. Diehardskinsfan,
    How are you all of the sudden “building a roster the right way” when you’re doing the same thing you’ve done for the last several years?
    Haynesworth, McNabb, Johnson, Parker. How are they different from Hall, Smith, and all the other overpriced stiffs you brought in over the years, that either can no longer walk, or cash their huge check and do jack for the rest of their careers?
    Over the hill veterans + trading all your draft picks away = same sh!t–different day.
    Just because you have a new genius coach (that did nothing after Elway retired), doesn’t mean the same strategy will work all of the sudden.

  14. DieHardSkinsFan makes stuff up. He was the guy who claimed we called up WIP every day and said McNabb wasn’t smart enough to play QB because he’s black. He claimed all the Eagles fans call McNabb the n-word constantly.
    He makes stuff up. He doesn’t know anything. Why bother with a clown like this? He’s probably 12 years old.
    As for Bradley, just remember he won’t be at full strength until November if he’s consistent with guys recovering from this injury. I’d like some competent situational backups for him, because Trotter and Mayes are not the answer.
    Shanahan stinks, got fired from his last job and is .500 over the last 3 seasons. If he has one of the best QB’s in NFL history, he wins. If he doesn’t, he loses. Last I checked, McNabb is fringe HOF – and that is based totally on his reputation and the pity the media has for him. His numbers are Esiason, his titles are nil.
    Skins fans thought Big Daddy Wilkinson was gonna get them a SB. They’re professionally delusional, and part-time fans who don’t go to the games or pay attention past the first week of November.

  15. Mikey is the man! You can actually have your own opinion without being called an idiot or a dope like Howard “Andy Reid butt kissing” Eskin does when you don’t agree with him.

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