Titans likely won't be seeing much of Chris Johnson

NFL_johnson6.jpgThe news that Titans running back Chris Johnson didn’t show up for the start of Organized Team Activities should come as no surprise.  The surprise would come only if Johnson shows up at any point in the offseason.

Since Johnson received a small signing bonus as a rookie in 2008, he faces only a small repayment obligation if he boycotts any mandatory offseason activities.  Also, the fine for skipping out on a mandatory minicamp is in the range of $10,000 for the entire session; the stakes increase dramatically when a player begins to skip out on training camp.

Johnson wants a new contract, and the team’s obvious first line of defense will come from the application of the 30 percent rule, which makes it difficult to renegotiate an existing deal in an uncapped year.  That probably won’t be good enough for Johnson, who has made it clear that he believes he should be getting paid like the top offensive players in the game.

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  1. No way CJ comes even close to 2,000 without VY. Whatever money CJ gets, he needs to chip off half and send it to Vince
    Or…. he could send me half, and I’ll make sure Vince gets it.

  2. He’s proven he can be an elite player in this league. He does deserve it. However, the money shouldn’t come from the NFL – it should come from JaMeatloaf Russell.

  3. it seems to me that the teams hands are tied because of the 30 percent rule and he (johnson) should understand that.so unless there is some sort of loophole we don’t know about or a cap gets established i don’t know what he it trying to prove or gain from this. unless he’s just trying to let everyone know how self centered he is.

  4. what they should do is max out his contract under the 30% rule for the YEARS HE IS ALREADY UNDER CONTRACT. that is the most they can do and the least they should do.
    however, they could get creative under bonus money in the contract termed “not likely to be earned” because the stats needed to unlock them are pretty out of this world. I believe this money wouldn’t be counted towards the cap or his salary but rather raises the max value of the contract. that being said, CJ has a pretty damn good chance of unlocking stats usually considered out of this world. stats like 80% of offensive plays, 2000 rushing yards, 20 all purpose TDs, stuff like that.

  5. —t’s already starting…one good year and he is already stirring up sh*t.—
    one good year? he has been good since he came in and hes a running back who has short life in the NFL get paid well you can CHRIS!

  6. 30 % rule…Yada Yada….Completion bonus, easy fix. pay the man ya’ll ride him more than any QB. Plus he’s allowed to be touched. If not highest payed offensive at least highest paid HB.

  7. They need to find a decent dog-fighting business he can invest in to make up the difference….or underaged drinking establishment where he can at least have a little fun.
    Or he should call Tony Dungy…..

  8. Wow, people are ignorant. VY?? Give me a break. How much did he help Chris Johnson 2 years ago when he had ONLY 251 carries, yet still 1228 yards? ZERO…
    That’s still 4.9 yard per carry… Not to mention in 609 carries he has 3234 yards, which is 5.3 yards per carry average… AND ONLY 4 FUMBLES….
    so in 2 years he has fumbled 4 times.. 1 with Kerry Collins and 3 with Vince Young… but the qb is irrelevant in this situation… 4 FUMBLES..
    VY my ass….
    BTW, how did VY’s playoff run go? Oh, they missed it that’s right…. They haven’t been to the playoffs since the last season he was benched… Oh, yeah, that would be CJ’s other season…

  9. vbedford you are an idoit. He has produced every year since his rookie year.
    Italianarmyguy, you are an idoit also. he was putting up numbers when the Titans was getting their asses handed to them and they had to pass.

  10. I’m torn. Part of me thinks that he’s outplayed his contract and will likely continue to do so, but the other part of me thinks that he’d lose against a bran muffin in a battle of wits. As long as he shows up to training camp in shape, regardless of the outcome of the dispute, who cares?

  11. @ItalianArmyGuy
    Thanks for the laugh. Vince Young? Give me a break. The only way Vince helped him was that they were going to run every play so they don’t have to throw with that side-armed panzy. He certainly didn’t keep defenses honest. I don’t know what you are drinking at all….Likely a fool from Texas.

  12. Very misleading title. That being said, good work on the title Florio. Chris Johnson has just burst onto the scene. I need to see one more excellent year out of him b4 I hand over millions.

  13. yeah that chris johnson is a real high character guy. its all good if he sits out they just got Blount who has shown to be another quality team player

  14. The man is an absolute monster. I don’t even live in Tenn. and I know he is better than AP. Bottom line he deserves top dollar and he should hold out – I hear the jets are looking for another running back anyways. lol

  15. They need to make him the richest running back ever. He has so much upside. They dont want to lose him like they lost Haynesworth.

  16. Yet another reason why trading Lendale White was a mistake. Well, let’s be honest. The ONLY reason why trading Lendale White was a mistake. Still, does anybody know Chris Brown’s number?

  17. So by his logic if he does really well he should get a big payday that means if he has a crappy year or two he’ll be happy to return money? No way he would do that so he should STFU and abide by his contract. He signed the contract so basically he’s just saying his word means nothing. While he has talent he obviously has no integrity…. I just hope that whatever team that goes to sign him next remembers what type of person he is.

  18. Why even have a contract if it isn’t going to be
    followed by both parties. Can’t remember a single
    story based on fact where a player gave back anything when they have underachieved.

  19. @boysandnoles
    “Italianarmyguy, you are an idoit also. he was putting up numbers when the Titans was getting their asses handed to them and they had to pass.”
    Just look at the stats – prior to VY taking over, CJ had 100 yard games twice last year. After VY took over after game six, CJ had at least 100 every game, and had over 130 yards seven times. Don’t call me dumb if you can’t back it up with some stats, fool

  20. The 30% rule doesn’t allow him of a raise of anymore than…you guessed it…30%. Sorry CJ, like a lot of players in this league, you got a bit screwed over in the uncapped year. Try again in 2011. There’s nothing more for you now.

  21. He’s arrogant and cocky thinking he should be the highest paid player in the NFL. However, he’s one of very few players that can back up his arrogance with his play. RB’s have a short stint in the NFL compared to other positions, often getting tossed aside while they’re still productive. I think CJ deserves to get paid, and get paid really well. IMO, he is by far the MVP of the Titans.

  22. Outplay your contract…get paid
    Under achieve…get cut
    Time for CJ to…GET PAID!!!!

  23. had a “good year”? only two people in history have had as good a year as he did in rushing yardage , and all purpose yards he is #1 in nfl history. Pay Him like it.

  24. Pay him!
    Avg. running back life span in the NFL is 2.5 yrs. This guy proved he’s a elite player and he deserves to be payed as one.
    If you turned the place you worked at into a top business wouldn’t you want a raise?

  25. play out the contract YOU signed…sure he deserves top money but what did his performance do for his team? playoffs? can no one honor their contracts anymore or at least try to be a TEAM player

  26. I kind a feel bad for Jamarcus Russell. I mean he never really had good help at WRs and/or Oline. He kept getting new QB coaches, head coaches and offensive coordinators.. McFadden never helped him as expected so teams would stack the box. His fumbles were due to part of bad Oline pass protection and nobody open in 3sec.(thanks to K.Harris)
    When he doesnt show up for meetings, skips trainings, doesnt study film as he should(if he even does), doesnt do anything to get in shape and goes clubbing hrs after loss, then I say he got what he asked for..
    He got alot of people fired because he never produced to Davis standards and almost got Cable fired too.. Its time to part ways and move on.. If he pans out somewhere else(NE, since they take all of our players we cut)then good for him.. but atleast we will all be relief he’s not stuck with us.. He will never pan out for us because he isnt mentally strong and careless.
    I rather have $50 well spend then have $100 wasted on idk what..

  27. he sucks. he didn’t care about winning games, just his “2k”. screw that guy. Watch, he’ll struggle to get 1k this year.

  28. “The team’s obvious first line of defense will come from the application of the 30 percent rule, which makes it difficult to renegotiate an existing deal in an uncapped year
    I think he may just ask how did the Dolphins manage to give Marshall such a huge new contract then?

  29. It is not mostly Chris it is his agent he feeds him BS that he can get more for being an uncapped year. This way the agent can get a bigger cut.
    Agents are mostly the greedy ones who prey on the players just like Rosenthal

  30. The kids been in the league, what 2 or 3 years? I don’t feel bad if he doesn’t get a raise until next season. He had a great season and I’m not denying that but how many flashes in the pan have we seen? Let him prove he does it on a regular basis and rack up like 1,800+ yards this season, then give him the contract he deserves. It wouldn’t be fair to give him a contract paying him the most of all RB’s and then have him turn around and put out 1,100 yards or something. Sure, that’d be productive, but not the superstar status he had last season. I say next year, give him a 3 or 4 year extension with a nice signing bonus and loaded up with incentives. If the Titans really feel so inclined, they could offer him the 30% increase for now, because I know his rookie contract is probably garbage, and that’s probably the biggest reason he wants SOMETHING new to be done with his pay.

  31. While he may have outplayed his contract, the bottome line is that he signed a contract and should honor it. If he was confident he was going to be this good then he should have made sure there were incentives or escalators build into the contract. He happily signed the contract when he was drafted and should honor it. The most the Titans should even consider doing is the 30% raised that is allowed.

  32. Pay the man….
    Here is the thing, all these people that complain about these guys not playing out their contracts are also the same who whine about the money that unproven rookies get and that the money should go to a player who has proven himself.
    This is a perfect example of a player who has outperformed his contract signed and has proven himself, thus he deserves to get paid.
    You can’t have it both ways, saying don’t pay rookies and players who outperform their contract should play it out.
    I side with a rookie wage scale and paying vets who deserve it.

  33. Base goes up only 30% but the upfront guaranteed money doesn’t count. If they raise him 30% for 5 year contract thats I believe only about $500k base a year so they would have to pay him about $40 – $50 mil upfront money to make his 5 year avg top rb money and stay within the 30% increase rule.
    Sad but they’ll give that to the #1 draft pick but not a proven player.

  34. @italian army guy, as for stats i STAND corrected. But he opened lanes for VY it wasnt because VY was put in. HE did the same thing last year w/o VY.
    @borisbulldog one hit wonder. 2500 tot yds this year. over 1600 tot yds 10+ tds both years. one helluva one hit wonder.
    @adam please go play with your sister because obviously you arent big enough to come of the porch. “struggle for 1k” and you probably think the Lions are going to super bowl and the Pirates to the world series.
    and for all you who say play out your contract tell that to the team that cuts you the moment you don’t produce. pay attention to the game. if he produce you pay, when he doesnt he gets cut stop with that he is not a team player shit. the team only cares if you can produce so you should get paid accordingly to what you produce

  35. Go ahead and pay him…He will disappear afterwards. He can’t be paid more than the elite quarterbacks who generate 4000 yds a year. Two years in and wants a new contract!? Selfish, just plain selfish!

  36. @Florio: “Since Johnson received a small signing bonus as a rookie in 2008, he faces only a small repayment obligation if he boycotts any mandatory offseason activities.”
    Small signing bonus? He was a first-round pick, and last year was only his second season in the league. I really liked Chris Johnson until this. It’s beyond stupid that players think it’s appropriate to hold out only two years into a lucrative contract. And it’s convenient that people who point out his 2010 and 2011 salary figures forget to point out the bonus money that elevates his contract value to $12 million over its first five years.
    Next thing you know, a guy’s going to start a holdout three games into a contract.
    So which is it: rookie salary cap, or free-for-all on holdouts after two seasons or less?

  37. After 1200 yards his rookie year splitting time, and going for 2,000 PLUS another 500 receiving your gonna stiff him? In the words of the great Deion Sanders………..PAY DA MAN!
    I love the Titans but sometimes the front office makes me scratch my head. Buncha cheap bastards.

  38. jbuzz–how would this be stiffing him? The Titans have in no way hinted that they want to “stiff him,” which in this case would mean not paying him the first-round contract money he’s due.

  39. Can you blame him?
    The NFL pay scale is ridiciulous.
    The rookie scale is a joke.
    This guy should be making top 5 in the league..

  40. Pfff Chris will not even hit 2,000 yards this season, that was a 1 time deal. Just like LT, he only has been in the top 5 rushers 2 times in his career. Now if we want to talk about good RB’s look at Clinton Portis, he has missed the top 5 rusher spot only 3 times in his career. All 3 of those times was because he was hurt.

  41. Doesn’t anyone understand that HE SIGNED A CONTRACT?
    Nobody forced him to sign the contract he currently has! He should play out what he agreed to and be a MAN with some INTEGRITY!
    Tennessee should tell him to take a hike.
    People don’t want these primadonna a$$holes on their team anymore!

  42. They can cut you whenever they want so you should be able to ask for money whenever you want,doesnt mean you have to pay the player,but he can ask for whatever he wants.PLUS FOOTBALL CONTRACTS ARE WORTHLESS,see Alan Faneca,Flo Adams these guys still have good years left there teams cut them it was a business decision

  43. Anyone saying this cat shouldn’t get money must be a GM or a white republican. It would be different if he didn’t ball every week. He was the only hope on that team period. Some dummy on here said he wouldn’t have got these yards without VY. Come on man. Vince young played ten games, maybe twelve. If anything VY balled because they respected the ability of CJ. Pay the man

  44. Chris Johnson is that entire team and is the best RB in the NFL.
    He will continue getting a LOT of carries and thus wants to get paid before he hits that wall
    I get it and so should the Titans. If they don’t pay the man, he will not re-sign with them.
    The Titans know what a special player they have in him

  45. to the idiots saying a contract means nothing if both parties aren’t going to follow through with it i have two words for you: GUARANTEED MONEY.
    thats the only thing that matters in a contract b/c teams routinely don’t follow through on contracts on their parts by cutting players in the middle of their contract so how are you going to say that players shouldnt have some kind of leverage against the obvious power that the teams hold?

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