Bears claim accounts of friction are overblown

In the wake of the news that long-time Chicago Bears director of college scouting Greg Gabriel has been relived of his duties, an account has emerged of “heated exchanges” between senior director of football administration Cliff Stein and scout Jeff Shiver regarding the pursuit of undrafted free agents following the completion of the 2010 draft.  Per Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears have downplayed the alleged incident, brushing it off as a “heat-of-the-moment” exchange arising from long working hours.  (Maybe one of them also asked the other whether his mother was a prostitute.)

Still, Hayes cites a source who claims that “everybody is looking out for themselves” at Halas Hall, given a grossly underachieving 2009 season and a strong sense that everyone will be getting fired if the team fails to qualify for the postseason a fourth straight time.  It’s hardly a surprise; director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul abruptly was fired earlier this year, and it has been widely believed and expected that former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell will be arriving soon.  Gabriel’s departure also was expected — something that likely made the past couple of months even more tense and uncertain for Gabriel.  With other scouts also having their contracts set to expire, more guys likely will soon be looking for other work.

Not surprisingly, we’re told that the Bears privately are blaming the reports of discontent and discord on Gabriel.  The fact, however, that he’s now motivated to share information regarding the dysfunction within the organization doesn’t make his perception inaccurate.  That said, it’s possible that Gabriel’s perception has been influenced by his personal feelings on the subject.

And it’s also possible that Gabriel’s perception — if he is indeed the source — is right on the money.

18 responses to “Bears claim accounts of friction are overblown

  1. Bet you wish you’d “relived” that entire first sentence, Mike. Perhaps it would have been grammatically correct in its next life.

  2. The one guy that is underrated in that building is Jeff Shiver. He is one of the most genuine guys you’ll find. Plus, he’s good at what he does. I can see him moving into Gabriel’s position.

  3. The Bears entire front office and coaching staff have done a horrible job replacing the talent on defense and along the offensive line, as well as in it’s coaching ranks.
    The failed ability to attract a quality OC and DC, have doomed this team. There will be a new sheriff in town. Maybe they will get lucky and the Giants job won’t be available for Cowher. Or maybe they’ll get lucky and guys will stay healthy this year and they will make the playoffs. Long shot, but stranger things have happened.

  4. Shiver and Stein???!!! Two comfirmed pacifists. Neither could break a grape……Hard to imagine either rake making much of a physical impact.

  5. Low level analysts in Lake Forest, IL arguing over undrafted free agents who will never make an NFL roster.

  6. “Bears claim accounts of friction are overblown.”
    Sure they are, and Urlacher didn’t call Cuntler a pussy either…

  7. Mr. Florio,
    I just want to say that I love NFL football.
    I love your website!! the best!!
    I love the way you write. Don’t change a thing.
    I think your writing style is awesome.
    You have to be from the midwest.
    Keep up the good work because the NFL just keeps getting more exciting.

  8. It all starts at the top. The dysfunction won’t end with a new coaching and management regime. Oh wait, Mike Martz, the coach well-known for working with others, will solve all the problems.

  9. Florio, why do you hate the Bears so much? I heard somewhere you were a Vikings fan, but you look way too greasy to have ever lived in the midwest. What gives?

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