Browns shuffle defensive backs

It’s probably not a great sign when you are picking out leftovers from Detroit’s secondary.

The Browns were awarded defensive back DeAngelo Smith off waivers from  Detroit Wednesday.  The team also waived defensive back Matterral Richardson.

Smith spent 12 days with the Browns last year, but was waived.

8 responses to “Browns shuffle defensive backs

  1. Great dig dipshit. Smith is not a cornerstone of a secondary that acquired three draft picks and an above average free agent in the offseason, along with an above average corner already on the roster in Wright.

  2. “It’s probably not a great sign when you are picking out leftovers from Detroit’s secondary.”
    Heck, yeah! Think of the sad-sack Patriots picking up that pathetic Detroit castoff Leigh Bodden last year.

  3. Didn’t the Browns just draft a couple of cornerbacks? So why be concerned about this roster move?

  4. i luv how guys who’ve never played footlball…..i.e every author on this site….has crappy commentary about nonsense news…
    he’s a camp body jewenthal….i very rarely come to this site anymore b/c of garbage like this article

  5. It’s probably not a great sign when you are picking out leftovers from Florio’s “nah, that’s too dumb to write a post about” trash heap.
    Now go get your f**cking shine box!

  6. A team needs at least 10 -12 db’s in camp. I don’t see the big deal. Teams start off with 100+ guys (at least it seems) at the biginning of the summer, and I don’t think they are all Pro-Bowlers. This may be good for our young recievers’ confidence, so long as they can beat the 10th string db’s.

  7. Rosenthal YOU are a f***ing RETARD. The Browns picked up Smith to add depth to the secondary going into training camp, and does not project to be a starter if he even makes the team after final roster cut-downs.
    Hey IDIOT Rosenthal: may I remind you that the Patriots recently picked up Browns cast-off Gerard Warren. I guess your too stupid to understand the concept of one team’s trash could be another team’s treasure regardless of how good either team is.
    Didn’t your mama ever tell you that if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all, RETARD. Run along now Rosethal-sonny I think your momma’s calling ya!

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