Gruden's voice was "fine" on Friday night

So why do we continue to harp on this whole “Jon Gruden took the third day of the draft off” thing?  Because our instincts are telling us that there’s far more to the story, and we believe based on what we’ve heard from others that ESPN producer Jay Rothman’s explanation to Richard Deitsch of is simply not credible, and that Rothman could be trying to conceal the truth.

Thus, the possible attempt to conceal the truth is becoming far more intriguing to us than the fact that Gruden was scheduled to appear on ESPN during the Saturday four-round marathon, and for whatever reason didn’t.

Our skepticism is prompting others to reach out with more details.  For example, regarding Rothman’s claim that Gruden’s “voice was gone” at the conclusion of the second day of the draft (Friday), our relatively new friend (we think) Brad Wells (a/k/a BigBlueShoe) of says that he heard Gruden talking normally while they were, um, seeing a man about a horse.

“I probably saw him in the bathroom anywhere from 10:30 [p.m. to] 11:15 [p.m.],” Wells told us via e-mail.  “He was talking.  His voice sounded like, well, Gruden’s voice.  He was talking about some ‘undersized player’ in the restroom.  After [leaving the] restroom, he went upstairs and signed autographs.  Again, even outside signing autographs, his voice seemed fine.”

And therein lies the primary problem with pushing a story that may not reflect the truth.  Rothman’s claim that Gruden’s “voice was gone” easily can be tested, since other people were in a position to hear what Gruden could and couldn’t say by the time the second day of the draft had ended.

In fairness to Rothman, he says that he concluded that Gruden’s “voice was gone” at 12:30 a.m.  So it’s possible that Gruden’s voice went from “fine” to “gone” in 75 minutes or so.  Typically, however, a voice isn’t instantly “gone.”  It begins to fade and the process continues until it is indeed “gone.”

Finally, we’ll admit that we’re continuing to chase this one in large part because Rothman saw fit to accuse us of “irresponsible” reporting, describing our initial story to Deitsch as “garbage” and “ridiculous.”  So we didn’t start this one, and it would be irresponsible only if we simply shrugged our shoulders and accepted Rothman’s self-serving account as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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  1. When are you going to give it a rest?
    If I don’t come to work…is it your business? No.
    Sometimes its funny how your longest reports are the ones that have the least amount of actual information in them.

  2. Who cares. He was probably removed for that live mic snafu. But do we care? No. Does Florio get paid too much and have integrity issues? Yes.

  3. i tis garbage , and its even funnier that you guys try to use the excuse that you did not start it,no you may not have but,you are prolly the only ones that keep harping on it,let it alone,its a non story,why not go investigate if big ben has raped anybody rescently or not

  4. Anyone watching the ESPN Draft coverage would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see the tension between Gruden and Kiper. I expected at any time to see Gruden to go off on Kiper for what Gruden obviously thought were idiotic comments by Kiper.
    Expect to see a parting of the ways between one of these two since they obviously cannot coexist in the same city let alone the same network.

  5. “He was talking about some ‘undersized player’ in the restroom.”
    Come on Gruden give a guy a break. Aren’t most men undersized when in the restroom.

  6. I love how this kind of thing always gets flushed out in the end.
    Gruden being heard in the restroom is a perfect example.

  7. “So we didn’t start this one, and it would be irresponsible only if we simply shrugged our shoulders and accepted Rothman’s self-serving account as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”
    So is this your self serving account? what a bunch of crap, vent in your journal florio, or call a boyfriend, but dont write it here.

  8. C’mon who cares about Gruden’s voice, you had a bunch of cheerleaders at the draft maybe he wanted to get laid-let’s stick to football please.

  9. I couldn’t care any less about anything in the world. Seriously, who woke up this morning thinking “gee I hope PFT has an update on the Gruden situation”?
    Furthermore, I can’t believe I just clicked on this story, and then commented. I hate myself now, thanks PFT.

  10. Um im sorry but who the hell cares, i log in for football not absenteeism reports on commentators. I cant believe i even read this.

  11. He was in his hotel room praising every player taken and saying “this guy is a FOOTBALL PLAYER” over and over and over and over.

  12. I dunno Florio, I went to bed last night, and woke up sick. If I had a job talking all day, I definately wouldn’t be going to work. Geez, I guess there must be some type of conspiracy going on, cuz hardly anyone ever gets sick over night. You better dig a little deeper on this one. Get the facts man, I’m counting on you.

  13. Don’t pay any attention to these nancys- keep it coming, Florio. Who knows what you might uncover.

  14. maybe it wasn’t the reporting that was “garbage” but the content of the reportign that was “garbage”?

  15. Lucky for Florio, there’s enough good info on here to keep everyone coming back. It’s posts like these that turn me off to this site.

  16. Note to Florio: Rothman was right. You’re a garbage tabloid sports writer at best. The fact that highlights your article is simply embarrassing.

  17. So you’ll write about this ad nauseum, but you wont hammer the Broncos for taking Tebow in round one?

  18. Good grief Florio, I usually defend you but would you please stop your little pissing match? I’m sorry Rothman hurt your feelings.

  19. The bigger scandal is Chris Berman – talk about losing a step. He looks unprepared…Trey Wingo (who is avg) did a much better job!!!!

  20. This is so rich with irony!! So Florio doesn’t think we should accept Rothman’s explanation.
    But of course when Florio obviously made up the story about Tebow & the wonderlic test. You know, that Tebow wanted to pray but another football player told him to STFU.
    Well this turned out to be a lie, but we were expected to believe Florio no matter the contadictory evidence.
    I guess what goes around comes around!!! lol….

  21. I come to PFT for these kinds of stories. If you don’t like a post – don’t read it!
    And if its a waste of your precious time – uh, don’t compound the loss by commenting on how much of your precious time it is wasting!
    Again, as a human being you have the option to not focus your mind on the words.
    You go Florio!

  22. I care, thats who – Keep on it Flo, dont let this doosh disparage you.
    If you care enough to comment, then why say “who cares”?? You didnt have to click on the article – The headline tells you what its about.

  23. Get em Florio! Only we can make fun of your reporting, no one else can!
    Wonder if this is the setup to get Gruden out of ESPN and back into coaching despite his claims from earlier reports that he wants to remain in the booth for a few years….
    Kinda like TO getting himself the boot in philly, only this is more under the radar behind the scenes work by Gruden.

  24. what’s silly is you can’t tell us what the actual rumor is that you heard about ‘why’ he wasn’t there.
    the problem is until we know that this is a boring story.

  25. “Gruden was scheduled to appear on ESPN during the Saturday four-round marathon, and for whatever reason didn’t.”
    Unless “whatever reason” is really juicy or he was doing something illegal or something other than he just didn’t want to do it, I really don’t think anyone cares! It’s ESPN’s concern regarding an employee not participating in draft coverage, not yours!

  26. Go get’em, Mike.
    Don’t let the other pussies on here discourage you.
    There is a story here and networks always try and smother this crap with kitty liter.
    You can’t sit on a panel for a couple of days without taking a day off? Come on.
    Chuckie was looking awfully red there for awhile.

  27. Florio, you did start this one.
    Florio, you know nothing about voices. Someone with a sprained ankle can walk, sometimes even without a limp, but they cannot perform at the highest level.
    I sympathize with Gruden. Anyone who has to sit next to Kiper for three straight days would go stark raving mad.

  28. In all honesty I thought Grudens voice during Fridays nights draft was weak. Furthermore he was using his ‘Chucky’ face alot so I figured he had a sore throat.
    In any case we have to let this subject die.
    An Aside : I miss the Seinfeld clips, they seem to be used less often. I’m pretty sure you could have used the one with Elaines date simply exposing himself as they were in the car after a date. Does anyone come to mind who may have done basically the same thing ?

  29. I love Florio’s detailed analysis about how a voice normally fades, goes through a process, doesn’t become “gone” suddenly. This man sounds like he’s got advanced medical training. Actually, it is obvious Florio is just MAKING THIS UP. Florio would jump on anyone else who was just making stuff up (he does all the time.) But he still cannot constrain himself from just making stuff up.

  30. Florio,
    This article essentially says, “we were called a name so we’re going to throw a little hissie fit even though there is ZERO evidence to support what we’re saying, and we’re not letting it go no matter what because we were called a name! Take that ESPN!”
    Seriously, you’re the only ones talking about this. Why? NO ONE CARES!! Get over it, move on, and stop acting like a 5 year old in the middle of a store who was told he can’t have the toy he wants.

  31. the ESPN draft was awful..
    Young and Gruden clearly hate each other, Kiper, Jr. wasn’t allowed to speak (love him or hate him, he’s entertaining), Berman’s lost it (whatever it is), and Tom Jackson should be sweeping floors somewhere…
    The third day was good though (sans every1 above but Kiper, Jr.)
    Gruden needs to go back to coaching, though I do like him in the booth.

  32. Fantastic website. However, the most annoying thing about you Florio, is your need to find a topic that nobody in the world cares about and harp on it day after day.
    As evidenced by the comments yesterday and today, nobody but you gives a rip about where Gruden was on Friday. Discuss it with your family and friends, but take the advice of your consumers and quit posting about it.
    Yeah, I know I don’t need to read it, but you make such a big deal about it that it’s hard not to tell you to leave it alone.

  33. Gruden was awful. His analysis was awful. His hair was awful. Why they let him speak before Kiper about every pick is beyond me.

  34. accusing you of “irresponsible” reporting is kinda like that Ireland guy asking Bryant if his mom was a prostitute….completely wrong and unethical…….
    I just can’t believe someone called you out like that?!? The travesty of it all, the balls that bastard must have, the sheer ignorance he exhibited to question the great Cornflorio.
    Maybe you misunderstood and he was just questioning the the pelt like hat you wear while doing video monologues……

  35. Yeah, Florio, you’re a REEEEAL dummy.
    All you’ve done is build one of the most successful sports blogs ever conceived. From scratch.
    Which, of course, is why you have the long list of envious losers on here constantly telling you what you should and should not post.
    A thousand chumps a day, telling a wildly successful blogger how to blog.
    Losers. Idiots. Go find another blog. Or start your own if you’re so damn sure of yourselves.

  36. Please stop. I have been checking this site religiously since the Big Ben story (yeah, im a fan, went to MU / live in Pittsburgh, u do the math) and through the draft. Continuing to read about Gruden is making me not want to “hit the F5”.
    What is the point of reporting on this anyway? What is the real reason that you claim he wasn’t there?

  37. maybe he got lucky at 12:30 and wanted to finish strong the next day – leaving us all in the lurch
    Hope she was great

  38. Perhaps listening to Berman made him sick. I know I lost my voice screaming at the tv wondering how ESPN could subject us to such garbage. Yet how could he lose his voice? With Steve Young there, no one else could get a word in.
    More importantly, do we know definitively if Gruden washed his hands before leaving the bathroom and signing autographs??????
    Curious minds want to know. Start Scoobey-Doin’ Florio…..chop, chop!

  39. I like the story. Keep digging.
    My bet is that until you hear he was removed because of his comment on a lot of coaches are dumb asses comment. Which appears to be where you are heading.

  40. “Hey guys, where’s Gruden tonight?”.
    “Oh, you know John, probably off shooting the crap with some guys in the washroom or something.”.

  41. I think Gruden was to busy because he had a date with Tim Tebow. I’ve never heard someone gush so much about any player. I think I know why he was in the bathroom to.

  42. did anybody hear him curse on the air on i think it was the first night??? or maybe it was early in day 2? dont quite remember. but it was right after a commercial break and he said ass or something along those lines. and chris mortenson quick got loud and said something like NOW BACK TO THE DRAFT. or something very loud almost cutting gruden off. gruden was clearly talking to somebody else. not on air but they came back to them talking far sooner than gruden realized it seemed. and i find it hard to believe there is no story on gruden cursing on air. it wasnt a gruden f bomb. but it was ass or something like that… and with his cursing issue before being a tv analyst. i cant believe that story wasnt written.

  43. It was completely obvious that everyone at that desk wanted to pimp slap Lefty. What an ass that guy is. Actually thought TJ was going to do it at one point.
    Whoever said that Gruden left because of Kiper saw something i didn’t. It seemed to me that Gruden liked him and kept patting his shoulder and back.
    I do agree that it was the “dumb asses” coment that was the reason for his absence.

  44. My theory: Gruden was ready to blow his stack at Kiper et al. and network feared on air meltdown – chemistry was bad, Gruden was burned out and on tilt, probably told him to take a steam

  45. Gruden: “I really like this Florio guy – this guy’s intangibles are off the charts – he is a real blogger – I just know that if you want someone to write a blog on the NFL, this is the guy –
    Mayock: “Florio has the sweetest feet of any blogger – a natural bender – don’t like him in space”
    Young (interrupting) : “wait, wait, when the chips are down, this guy has a head, you can’t teach winning in a locker room thing”

  46. I think every commentator there wanted to kill Steve Young…I know I did. How can you criticize anyone on the panel other than big mouth Young? No one else got to say a word all night. Young was either droning on & on & on, or interrupting whoever was speaking. It looked to me like almost everyone else on the panel wanted to jump over the desk & choke Young. A shame that Young didn’t lose his voice ! The 1st & 2nd night of the draft would have been so much better without this tool.

  47. doug r says:
    April 28, 2010 12:49 PM
    Gruden: “I really like this Florio guy – this guy’s intangibles are off the charts – he is a real blogger – I just know that if you want someone to write a blog on the NFL, this is the guy –
    Mayock: “Florio has the sweetest feet of any blogger – a natural bender – don’t like him in space”
    Young (interrupting) : “wait, wait, when the chips are down, this guy has a head, you can’t teach winning in a locker room thing”
    The greatest post of all time…THANK YOU Doug!

  48. Florio seems to be reading too much into this. I’ve been at events and such where I had to talk a lot, went home, and everything seemed fine. Woke up the next morning, and my voice was shot, and got worse as the morning progressed.

  49. Snakehandler says:
    April 28, 2010 10:25 AM
    Come on Gruden give a guy a break. Aren’t most men undersized when in the restroom.
    Apparently not George Micheal or Rothlisburger

  50. Whenever it’s some non-story piece of gutter journalism on this site, it’s a fair bet that ‘posted by Mike Florio’ will appear at the top.

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