Henderson visit to Kansas City doesn't happen

Did John Henderson talk about his visit to Kansas City too much?

One day after confirming he was visiting the Chiefs, the visit didn’t happen as planned.  NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora first reported that Henderson wasn’t visiting Wednesday, and the Kansas City Star confirmed the news.

It’s unclear if the Chiefs delayed the visit or just canceled it, but we do know that Atlanta won’t go after the former Jaguar, according to G.M. Thomas Dimitroff. 

Henderson does have a visit scheduled with the Giants

18 responses to “Henderson visit to Kansas City doesn't happen

  1. seriously. why wouldn’t oakland give him the 5 million they aren’t paying Jawalrus? C’mon boys, jump on this guy. Remember our run D?

  2. Wow I thought for a second this article was about DEVERY Henderson, the greatest LSU receiver in the league and best deep threat on the #1 offense in the league…WHO DAT??!!!!

  3. well, at least he showed up for one interview he had said he would do (which was a good interview on the radio) … turns out he apparantly don’t know his own schedule though

  4. Hmmm…….the Falcons won’t go after him now, but someone else will have picked Henderson up already when one or two current Atlanta D-linemen goes down to an injury in the coming months and left with essentially the same squad as last year but with the best one Jonathan Babineaux suspended for ?? games this season after being charged with smoking and selling salvation and still no one proven at defensive end providing a pass rush as John Abraham took a nose dive (5.5 in ’09) in the sack department and is 31 years young like Rosenthal. When a gift horse looks you in the mouth you say “Have a carrot my well hung friend”, you don’t just look at them all stupid and sh!t.

  5. rmac says: April 28, 2010 9:12 PM
    I think Al Davis may have C*ck blocked the Cheifs.
    Are they going to put Henderson at QB?

  6. Carolina has to make a move here. They’re the most desperate team at defensive tackle out there. They’re a DT and a QB away from a playoff team.

  7. As a jacksonville native, a jag season ticket holder, and fan, I was pissed to see big John go. I really liked him a lot. The truth is he does not always play up to his fullest, but he does play hard a lot and can be very solid to a very good player in the right situation. He was made expendable when we took Alualu, but he is definitely going to help any of the teams that he is rumored to going to.

  8. Henderson is one scary dude. I remember seeing him on some show about the Jags training camp. Yikes, who needs to be scared straight. Seeing how crazy that dude is would keep me outta prison, not that I desire to visit.

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