Jags continue to talk up ticket sales, sans Tebow

Nearly a week after not taking quarterback Tim Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars continue to try to sell enough tickets to justify local television broadcasts of their games.

Team CFO Bill Prescott is optimistic that Thursday’s update regarding ticket sales will produce good news.  “We have a long way to go but in 2003 we sold about 8,800 new season
tickets in the general bowl,” Prescott said, per the team’s official web site.  “That’s the most we ever sold since the
first sale when we got the team.  As of last Thursday, we were at 8,100
new season tickets in the general bowl and I think this Thursday we will
surpass that 8,800 level.”

Prescott also thinks that the decision to pass on Tebow won’t affect the ultimate numbers.

“It’s not going to cost us anything. I think our fans, just like we
believe in the process [G.M.] Gene [Smith] is going through, are confident in the
decisions we’re making,” Prescott said.  “You can’t make a decision on a football player you think is
going to sell tickets.  You have to do what is right for the team long
term.  They’re making the best decisions for the good of the franchise.”

We don’t agree with that final point.  Sometimes, business decisions overcome football decisions.  That’s precisely what happened in 2008 when the Falcons opted for quarterback Matt Ryan over defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey with the third pick in the draft.  Owner Arthur Blank, as legend has it, made it subtly known that he wanted Ryan — and Blank got Ryan.  And the short-term and long-term interests of the team have been been secured.

For the Jags, the short-term business interests (and possibly the long-term football and business interests) would have been buoyed by the selection of Tebow.  Though they may be OK without him, it’s disingenuous to suggest that landing the guy who was arguably the greatest college football player of all time wouldn’t have resulted in a rush of season-ticket purchases from folks who live in the Gainesville zip code(s).

Look at it this way.  If the Jags had picked Tebow, would they have made him the centerpiece of the sales effort?  If you answered that question in the affirmative then, yes, you believe he would have made a positive difference on sales.

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  1. Keep ignoring the facts, Florio. They did a study. Tebow would’ve brought in a few (think 3,000) thousand. A few thousand probably would have been upset at drafting based on potential ticket sales, instead of drafting the best player. Let’s see what Alualu does in the pros before you schedule the his or the Jags’ funeral.
    I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again:
    You do NOT know what you’re talking about.

  2. “Though they may be OK without him, it’s disingenuous to suggest that landing the guy who was arguably the greatest college football player of all time wouldn’t have resulted in a rush of season-ticket purchases from folks who live in the Gainesville zip code(s).”
    Complete lie. Two studies were done that showed less than 4k season tickets were likely to sold if Tebow was picked .I think half of Gainesville is on food stamps anyway.

  3. Face it Florio. You thought the city would collapse after not picking Tebow, and they actually ended up doing the complete opposite. Rallying behind OUR team!
    Come week one when people see Tebow riding the pine for the Broncos, reality will soon begin to sit in that you don’t draft a guy in the 1st round who won’t be on the field come September 12th.

  4. How do you compare this to the Matt Ryan pick? Matty Ice was worthy of being the 3rd overall selection. He wasn’t a reach. Therefore, they picked him. They had no starting QB at the time. The pick was a no-brainer. Tebow was not regarded as a 10th pick by anybody (though Honolulu Alualu probably wasn’t either, time will tell). The amount of value lost by taking Tebow at 10 would be terrible. They’ve made it clear they were trying to trade out of the #10 spot and nobody would make them a realistic offer.
    The Jags will be fine Florio. Go back to your goats you WV hillbilly

  5. Again: Two seperate PR firms where hired in Jacksonville to gauge how many SEASON tickets Tebow would sell.
    The result was 2,000 to 2,500.
    Fans in Jacksonville have always trumpted “I’ll buy tickets if…” to no avail.
    No one’s buying season tickets to watch Tim Tebow hold a clipboard on the bench.

  6. I have to say I think you are right, Florio. There will be no ‘future’ for the Jags if people don’t pay to see them. They should have snagged Tebow like everyone wanted them to.

  7. Wrong Florio! You really have no clue! Your piss poor example is the Falcons, NOT the Jaguars……quit throwing the same sh*t against the wall thinking it is going to eventually stick. Move on, douche!

  8. Nice spin Florio. I can’t wait to read your humble pie story when the Jags are sold out. You’ll find a way to spin that one too I’m sure.

  9. Wow Florio…I guess this is the best we can ask for as far as positive press goes. The bottom line with all the Tebow and LA talk is that the Jags will break the previous mark of 8800 new season ticket holders in the offseason before May 1st. Wait and see the blackout count when the season rolls around. The fans are stepping up and last time I check another Florida franchise owned by the Glazers are already telling their fans to expect blackouts. All I want is some positive publicity regarding the fans stepping up and I guess this is the best I can get for now.

  10. Though they may be OK without him, it’s disingenuous to suggest that landing the guy who was arguably the greatest college football player of all time wouldn’t have resulted in a rush of season-ticket purchases from folks who live in the Gainesville zip code(s).

    Now I’m convinced you’re about 13 years old, Florio. Even the Gator-homer-Tebow-fan-boys down here wouldn’t have made that “greatest” comment.
    As I said yesterday, I challenge you to spend a few weeks down here and see just what kind of support this team gets from the so-called Gator nation. A lot of people seem to forget that we’ve had a number of players from Florida on this team. That includes a certain running back named Fred Taylor, who deserved to be picked where he did in 1998. Yet there was no big Gator fan rush to the ticket office after they signed Fred, nor was there any kind of demands that the team move up to get him (which they actually did).
    This notion that there would have been a rush of ticket sales because of this kid, who couldn’t beat Luke McCown head-to-head for a roster spot, is simply preposterous. Even if there was a jump in single-ticket sales, that would have ended the moment the Gator nation realized their boy was standing on the sidelines for the next year.
    Now there’s all this talk about the opening weekend game against Denver being sold out. If that happens, it won’t be because of those people.

  11. C’mon Florio. The Falcons needed a QB in a bad way, as their starter was going to jail. To compare that to anything going on in Jacksonville is idiotic.
    If Matt Ryan was available at #10 last Thursday night, I am pretty confident that he would be a Jaguar! There is a difference between the #3 pick and the #10 pick. Also, the talent level between Matt Ryan and Tim Tebow, as it translates into pro football, is night and day.
    Way to take a positive story about more ticket sales, and spin it into a negative jab at the organization.
    Gator fans would have bitched and moaned when Tebow didn’t trot out as the starter. They would have screamed “Tebow” every play. They would have boycotted tickets until Tebow was named the starter. In short, they would have caused a huge mess, long term. When Tebow would have sucked, the Gator fans would have blamed the coaches, or the plays. I know this because I know MANY Gator fans. Long term, it would have hurt Tebow’s development as well. It was a no win situation for the jaguars as well as Tebow. How can you not see tha?
    Look at the bigger picture, Florio! Winning sustains a customer base. Fixing the defense will produce many more wins than Tim Tebow would.
    I seriously think you have a man crush on Tebow, and you hate Jacksonville because every time you go down there to watch the Mountaineers in the Gator Bowl, they get worked over!
    Get over it Florio!

  12. Let’s please stop beating a dead horse, already. Tebow’s in Denver, Alualu is in Jax…End of story. BTW, is Sharper signing in Jax or not? Now that’s a story.

  13. “HogPaws says:
    April 28, 2010 3:01 PM
    I have to say I think you are right, Florio. There will be no ‘future’ for the Jags if people don’t pay to see them. ”
    I guess you missed the part where the Jaguars are going to sell more new season tickets since their inaugural season. And most of them come with a three year committment. Sorry guys. Hate to break the news to you.

  14. And people say Buffalo is a sad franchise. At least we still sell out the ralph, and don’t have to ride on tebows coattails.

  15. Did you ever say “Your Honor, as legend has it, the defendent let it be subtly known…”
    Way to add validity to your argument.

  16. I find it astonishing that they STILL can’t sell out. It’s one thing for a team to struggle to sell tickets when they’ve been down for a few seasons, but to consistently undersell is another story. If they can’t find the 60-70,000 people to sell out a stadium for at least half of your EIGHT home games, then does Jacksonville even deserve an NFL franchise? This isn’t a Tebow issue, it’s a “what city wants an NFL team?” issue.

  17. The Matt Ryan decision has been judged as successful because Matt Ryan played well. Matt Ryan played well because he is a much better QB than Teblow.
    Do you really think that 20,000 people were going to buy Jags tickets if they drafted Tebow?

  18. The LA Jags should be able to sell plenty of Tyson Alualu jerseys to Cal fans and tickets at the Rose Bowl – I don’t see what the problem is??
    What? You thought they wanted to stay in J’ville?
    Child, please!

  19. @SportsDevil
    Get your facts straight. They have not consistently undersold. That is the just the impression that you get from reading Florio continuously beating the subject to death.
    Last year was an anomaly. The year before (2008), they had ZERO blackouts!

  20. All of you haters are completely missing the boat here. PR firms and press releases and surveys are all fodder for slanting public perception. Tim Tebow played high school football about 20 minutes south of Jacksonville. He played college ball 2 hours away from Jacksonville. And as Florio pointed out, he may be the best college player ever. Anyone saying Jags ticket sales will be better without T.T. is having serious delusions. It is now transparently clear that you are rooting for the Los Angeles Jaguars. There is no other logical explanation when the owner says were gonna draft him, then they don’t. He has obviously changed his mind about keeping the Jags in Jacksonville. BTW, how was Garrard last year? It’s not like T.T. would have a mountain to climb to see some playing time this year.
    Meanwhile, enjoy the ELEVEN defensive linemen drafted by the Jags since 2006.

  21. @TheWien
    WRONG…I went to a game in Buffalo which was blacked out on local TV just a few years ago. How quickly you forget 2006, when the majority of the Buffalo games were blacked out. This is for an organization with a lot more history than the Jags.
    Yet we didn’t beat that death like we do Jacksonville.
    And…Jacksonville doesn’t export a game to Canada.
    Don’t throw rocks when your house is cracked glass!

  22. Tebows Jersey top selling rookie jersey.
    Nice Jags.
    Just make the announcement to Los Angeles.
    We all can see it.

  23. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.
    Check out the quote: “We have a long way to go but in 2003 we sold about 8,800 new season tickets in the general bowl,” Prescott said, per the team’s official web site. “That’s the most we ever sold since the first sale when we got the team. As of last Thursday, we were at 8,100 new season tickets in the general bowl and I think this Thursday we will surpass that 8,800 level.”
    The team lost 15,000 seasons last year.
    The fact that they’ve replaced only a little more than half the season tickets the lost last year isn’t a whole lot to cheer about, particularly when there are probably another 10,000 to 20,000 season tickets to sell above the 15,000 lost last year.

  24. Yet the Jags still had a better average attendance then the Lions & Raiders. Where is the doom and gloom for them?
    Or how about the Pats stadium before they actually started winning? Talk about a ghost town and bandwagon fans…

  25. Mike Glorihole,
    If you were a football guy, you would understand 2011 is the year to draft a QB, the 2010 QB crop was woefully weak.
    But from your articles, it’s obvious you’re really clueless about the NFL and true team building.
    Gene had the best draft on any GM in 2009 if you call anyone in the NFL that is in the know ( not yourself obviously) . So buckle down and at least attempt to appear like you know what you’re writing about…
    You’ve really gotten sloppy of late, and I’m not just talking about with your boyfriend.

  26. I put my money where my mouth is with regard to Tebow. If they drafted him I would not have purchased seats in the upper deck.
    Since they didn’t and had another solid Gene Smith draft I not only purchased them but doubled up and paid twice the price for the good seats down low.
    I was also the guy interviewed at the Stadium on TV saying that “he would make a great T.E. for Denver.”
    Go back to dreaming about that nasty lil bitch of a mascot you have jumping around your WV sidelines. Take her mucket away before she hurts herself or others.

  27. Let’s face it. This franchise is positioning itself to bolt to Los Angeles in 2011-2012. I predict 2010 is the last year Jacksonville will see the Jaguars. In 2011 they will be the LA Jaguars; resplendit in new uniforms, with a new owner, a new coach, a new QB and a new lease on life. They will shift to the AFC West with KC moving to the AFC South. And they will be instantly competitive in the largest US market. Because all of the other team pieces are in place for them to win and compete for the playoffs right away.

  28. There’s a reason that the Tebow jersey is selling like hot cakes. The Gators are a notoriously cheap bunch. It’s easier to scrape up $80 for some clothing than it is to plunk down $350-$1000 a year for season tickets. That takes commitment and by Gawd, Charleston Southern comes to town in September. Gotta save up to gloat over another 70 point win.
    SportsDevil, our stadium is simply too big for our market. I think a 55K stadium is perfect for our city, but you’re not going to justify that to the locals when the average wage is about $32K a year.
    The primary function of the Jack was the Gator Bowl, Florida/Georgia, monster trucks, and the Billy Graham Crusades. So, for us to keep the above events specifically the FL/GA game, we had to have a 75-90K stadium. Our problem was that Weaver bought up tickets so the notoriously cheap fair-weather fans could watch at home. Once he quit paying the freight, the fans turned. Thus the tarps.
    If you ever listened to a Jax sports talk station or read the times union blogs, the rationale that many posters use for why they do not go to games is hysterical. Interferes with church, $30 for parking is a ripoff, $8 beers too steep, no smoking in the stadium, too hot, we need a dome, not enough Gators or Noles, and the one that is veiled but it’s there, they hated Leftwich and tolerate Garrard. Read into it what you want.
    I mean Weaver is pulling every marketing trick from the book, and being a shoe salesman, he knows em all. What other team in the NFL offers you the chance to pay for 3 years worth of season tickets in 30 months? Gives you a rewards program where you get over $2,000 in savings at local businesses? Has club seats for $2100 a year, locked in for the next 3 years? Some of you guys not from Jacksonville, check out the website and see our pricing. It will make you sick.
    Just wait, winning cures all. No one mentions 2008 when we did not have a blackout. All they remember is that we had 7, which is the same number as a franchise that has been in the league 50 years, the Raiders.
    Would Tebow have helped season tickets? Yes. Enough to hit our sell out target? Not a chance. I know he’s beloved here (Florio, for the millionth time, he is from Jacksonville, played football for a high school in St. Augustine, even though he homeschooled, {which to me explains the crying fit after the SEC Championship} and played college ball in Gainesville.).
    I can tell you this. None of those Gators would have done the 3 year commitment.
    Bottom line with the team, I won’t breathe easy til I see sponsorship on the stadium.

  29. Why would anyone even buy season tickets for this team??
    We all know they are gonna end up in L.A. within 2yrs.

  30. Sorry…….LA Vikings will be more like it.
    “DAFISH” is right…….Gator fans are all talk with skimpy wallets.

  31. mustbechris says:
    April 28, 2010 2:59 PM
    is there an “i don’t care” button available for me to push?
    yea it is called not clicking on the article

  32. Buck Febow says:
    “Sorry…….LA Vikings will be more like it.
    “DAFISH” is right…….Gator fans are all talk with skimpy wallets.”
    No way will the NFL Owners allow that team to move to LA with such a loyal fan base in Minny. And the brand new stadium they play in was totally funde by Minnesota taxpayers recently. The NFL itself would be exposed to a major lawsuit by Minnesota. On the other hand. Jacksonville doesn’t support the franchise at all. And it is a text book example of how a city loses a team. I lived in Indianapolis, when the Colts moved to twon in the dead of night. THis one smells just like that.
    Plus I like the name LA Jaguars so much better than LA Vikings. The latter is a total image disconnect for me. Especially the mascot!

  33. Florio,
    Correct me if I am wrong but did the Falcons have a QB they were paying $8Million, when they picked Ryan? Legend can have it anyway they want but the reality is Glen Dorsey is a scrub and Matt Ryan is a stud. Arthur can take all the credit he wants but the team had a horrible QB situation and needed a new face for the franchise becasue the former face was behind bars. But other than that, great comparison. Snark is in full force.

  34. to: @SportsDevil
    “Get your facts straight. They have not consistently undersold”
    Man, have you actually been to a game in the last 4 years? They never sell out unless the Steelers come to town. And why would anyone pay for season tickets when you can show up on gameday and get a seat for 10 bucks?
    As far as Tebow goes, again i say, he went to high school just down the road from Jacksonville. No one can objectively make the argument that the Jags would sell less tickets with him. I do understand how emotional the fanbase can be. Particularly when the writing is on the wall and you KNOW your team is about to move to a land far, far away. Take it from a lifelong Browns fan, enjoy every game this year in the north florida sun.

  35. Time will tell, and us to the Dorsey and Ryan debate we all know who is doing better in the Pro’s…

  36. Florio is part of NBC and NBC wants a team in LA. That’s why he keeps pushing the same articles over and over. If the Jags took Tebow, he would write “The Jags are stupid for taking a 3rd round QB with the #10 pick. This team needs to sell and move b/c management can’t run a NFL franchise.”
    Now that tickets are selling just fine and there WILL NOT be any blackouts just like there hasn’t EVER been until last season he’s still writing the same article. Once again the Jags were 19th in attendance in 2008 and pretty much since the team joined the league. click the link http://espn.go.com/nfl/attendance/_/year/2008 For those of you who can read that means we had better attendance than Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Atlanta ,Dallas, Minnesota ,Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit Denver ,San Francisco NUMBERS DON’T LIE JUST FLORIO.
    So keep following Florio and NBC’s agenda of panic, doom and gloom. Florio isn’t stupid, he knows Jax has never had blackouts until last season, but he knows the public is simple-minded and follows his word like gospel. The more people talk sh*t about the Jags the worse this team looks in public opinion and the sooner a team will be in LA.

  37. This is a good thing.
    A new record of NEW season ticket buying.
    this is a GOOD thing – somehow delivered in a LAME light.

  38. If the Mayans are correct, all of your predictions of the Jags to Cali won’t matter. Neither will the prediction of Tebow learning enough to see the football field.
    I’m a huge Jag fan, but have come to realize that there are not enough true fans in this city to support a mediocre to bad football team. Too many seasons like 2009 will mean hello California, London, or god-forbid, Mexico City. I’ve come to peace with that reality.
    Tebow would have meant a short term spike, but not a long term solution. I don’t want those type of fans in my stadium anyway. Those fans are the “college fans” that don’t know anything about the NFL other than where their ex-Gators are playing. Can’t wait to see how many dorks wear Bronco-Tebow jerseys, or just straight up Gator 15 jerseys during the first game in Jacksonville (probaly mostly middle-aged women who smoke too many cigarettes and toothless guys wearing jean shorts). Oh, and I bet all the local talk radio guys already have their Bronco-Tebow jerseys on order.

  39. Tebow will still help us sell tickets. The first home game of the season, against Denver, will be the only sellout of the year, mark my words. Yes, the people here will buy tickets just to see him hold a clipboard. Tragic that we didn’t draft him, just shows the organization’s #1 priority isn’t keeping the team in town.

  40. Alan,
    there is a difference between “ticket sold” and “ass in seat”.
    LA has historically done such a great job holding on to franchises, right?

  41. Haha looks like somone needs to feed you fools more opinions. The Jags are staying in Jacksonville.

  42. No man, all the home games will be sold out.
    Screw the Tebow leg humpers.
    BTW – there is a new kid playing QB for the Orange and Blue.
    Move on.

  43. “NFC:
    Los Angeles Vikings
    Los Angeles Jaguars”
    Yeah. The NFL needs four teams in California with blackouts. Last I checked the Chargers and Raiders still had plenty of good seats available.

  44. Fellow Jags fans:
    I implore you to stop drinking the Gene Smith kool-aid and objectively look at his 2 draft classes. People seem to go on about the ’09 class… why exactly? Newsflash: just because someone starts doesn’t make them a good player. Last year we started 2 rookies on the o-line and had the worst o-line of the Del Rio era. We started 2 rookies on defense and had the worst defense of the Del Rio era. Here’s an idea: let’s wait until some players actually produce before we start anointing them “blue chippers”.
    Derek Cox is the best example of this. According to nfl.com, Cox was the most targeted db in the league last year. Understandable, since he was a rookie playing opposite Mathis. However, he also gave up the 2nd highest completion% in the league. Think about that. This means no other defensive back in the league was picked on more than Cox and only 1 guy had less success preventing completions. So, functionally, Cox was the WORST DB IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE last year. Yet, because of company shills like Vic Ketchman declaring this kid a great player, a segment of Jag fans think he is a can’t miss talent and actually use him as an example of how great last year’s draft was. Wake up people, watch the games.
    The fact is through 2 drafts Gene Smith has drafted a staggering 6 non division 1 football players and 0 players from college football’s 2 best conferences, the SEC and Big 12. NO OTHER NFL TEAM IS BUILDING THEIR ROSTER LIKE THIS. Other teams seem to have no problem winning with big-time, “name” talent, and they don’t have the same dire attendance issues the Jags do. Now, if these D2 guys turn the Jags into a contender Gene will be hailed as a genius, a fact I’m sure he is keenly aware of. Guy clearly thinks he’s Bobby freakin Beathard, but I fear his vanity will cost my hometown its NFL franchise.

  45. Those fans are the “college fans” that don’t know anything about the NFL
    If YOU knew anything about the NFL, you would know that nobody can predict how a quarterback will turn out in the League until he has played in it.
    The history of the draft bears this out.

  46. Florio, it’s almost like you’re Tebow trying to inject subliminal messages Tebow to get a bunch of Tebow cheap internet hits on your site.
    Brilliant. I would beat it to death if it were mine.
    You should post a Patriots spygate paragraph every day considering how the morons suck that up around here.

  47. 10 to 1 the Jags were banking on Tebow in the 2nd round and freaked out when Denver picked him. I mean, who would have thought McDaniels was THAT stupid? Other than Denver fans of course.

  48. Embarrassing
    Jacksonville better not even slightly try to fight when LA wants to bring the team there.
    Their fan base is a joke.
    They have always had a legit team with playoffs most years

  49. GoBrowns19 says:
    April 28, 2010 6:09 PM
    10 to 1 the Jags were banking on Tebow in the 2nd round and freaked out when Denver picked him. I mean, who would have thought McDaniels was THAT stupid? Other than Denver fans of course.
    Of course we did….. considering we did not have a 2nd round pick in the draft coming in.
    You should work for Florio.

  50. Dogsweat,
    LA has historically done such a great job holding on to franchises, right?
    Actualy they did.
    The Rams had a great following up until the 80’s.
    The Raiders did in their early tenure.

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