Jags, Cowboys emerge as potential suitors for Darren Sharper

Last night, we reported that two teams are interested in free-agent safety Darren Sharper, beyond the team with which he played in 2009.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the two teams are the Jaguars and the Cowboys.

Per Schefter, Sharper will visit the Jaguars today.  If he doesn’t do a deal with Jacksonville, Dallas could be the next destination.

Neither team added a safety via the draft.  With the Cowboys hoping to overcome the Saints and play in the Super Bowl that will be hosted in their home stadium next February, Sharper would bring both ability and an intimate knowledge of the New Orleans offense and defense.

Though the Cowboys fall within the scope of the “Final Eight Plan,” they don’t face the same restrictions as the teams that qualified for conference title games.

47 responses to “Jags, Cowboys emerge as potential suitors for Darren Sharper

  1. As I said in last night’s Sharper posting– this guy should be a Cowboy, period. (

  2. Why does he think Dallas wants to “weaken the Saints” ? Dallas embarassed them last year on national TV.

  3. Jags ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, if he wants a chance to play in another SB he ought to go to the Cowboys

  4. Jacksonville would be a good landing spot. They are weak at safety and could use the veteran leadership.

  5. As a cowboys fan, I was hoping wed bring in an impact safety the entire draft and had dez not slipped to us in the first, we probably would have addressed a “need” rather than a “want.” Regardless, I dont think Sharper is the guy. He was let go by Minnesota because he is too much of a big play guy in the sense that he gives it up too often. Yes he makes great plays, but thats only because his defense schemes around his ability to jump a route and read a play. Its as if the defense draws a play for 10 people with sharper running around. In the right system(N.O.), hes great, but the cowboys will not gameplan around a safety, ever. He would be a solid addition(by default because the gaping hole we have at S), but nowhere near solving the problem.

  6. I am sure that the Cowboys will have great seats watching the Super Bowl in their stadium.
    It won’t be on the sidelines.

  7. fags or boys…come on..no brainer. we shore that safety position out and make a run a gather from ravens and we might lose a game all the way to the SB baby…LMFAO.,

  8. I really hope sharper doesn’t go to the Cowgirls. The man is like Eli’s kryptonite.

  9. I hate the Cowboys and I dont need Darren Sharper killing Eli anymore then he does already, especially for the Cowboys!

  10. Hap: embarassment would be the @$$ kicking Dallas received in ’06 in Dallas a al New Orleans, beating the Saints by a TD, and serving them their 1st loss of the season in week 15 is just disappointing….nothing more.

  11. in the Cowboys defense, the free safety needs to have the ability to come down and cover the 3rd receiver in man coverage. Sharper doesnt have that aspect to his game anymore. The Boys don’t employ many sets where a center fielder type can just freelance. Sensabaugh could pontentially cover the WR, but it wouldn’t be ideal. I’m comfortable letting Michael Hamlin and this new Akasi guy battle it out. And as far as Sharpers knowledge of New Orleans sets who cares, we beat them on that Saturday night game with him playing for them.

  12. better yet, love sharper but big liability against the run in open space, and a step slower than most receivers……if you don’t overpay for him, that’s a big if (otherwise he’d of re-signed w/ NO), he’s a good pick-up b/c of his FB knowledge and the ability to understand how offenses attack in the passing game. Also his stats are also skewed b/c he faced several rookies and first time starters last season and benefited from their poor decisions. Double check me, but no picks against Vets. I watched every Saints game last season, some more than once, Sharps a good player, but not worth breaking the bank over…..aside from his picks he was average at best.

  13. Look at whom Sharper picked off to fluff his 2009 stats…..Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Kevin Kolb & Chad Henne as those 5 young QBs accounted for 7 of the 9 INTs. (other 2 from Tom Brady & Matt Ryan.)
    Cut & dry, Sharper’s successful 2009 season was based on Saints D-Coordinator Gregg Williams aggressive style by the front 7 over his secondary skills.
    If Sharper’s skills at age 34 were so stellar, don’t you think Mickey Loomis & Sean Payton would have him under contract by now?

  14. Sharper added to the Jags and I have a real good feeling about the 2010-2011 season.
    Without him or Atowge (spl?) I’m not sure. But maybe Kampman Hayward and Knighton + a lot of draft picks, can actually get a pass rush.
    Jags were 7-9 last year, and had like 4.5 sacks all season. With a pass rush, they’re easily 10-6 and in the playoffs……

  15. I think Dallas should make a move for O.J Atogwe f/ St. Louis. Perhaps trade Marcus Spears and Sam Hurd? Or a mid to late round draft pick? This guy is a great Safety and has youth behind him. Sharper is a liability and no better off than Roy Williams. Don’t make this mistake Jerruh…

  16. If he does not resign with the Saints, he will be one of the most liked players in franchise history even though he was only here for one year. His attitude and the was he was with the fans was awesome. I trust the Saints front office though because obviously he has health concerns and respect they do not want to overpay a 34 year old with a knee problem. They obviously know that they are doing.

  17. Hey Hap,
    Yeah dallas beat us last year, so what we won the SB. And Vikings fans think that the home opener this year is a re-match. Ahh no its not the fricking SB isnt on the line. Who cares about one game in september. and BTW we have made TWO NFC Championship games in 4 years, and beat three HOF QB in the playoff/SB last year. OH and congrats for getting your first playoff win since Jerry Jones’ face wasnt fake and gas was 1.00 per gallon, oh and getting embrassed in the divisions round, yeah yall on the verge on a SB LOL LOL LOL

  18. Florio:
    You state the following:
    “Though the Cowboys fall within the scope of the “Final Eight Plan,” they don’t face the same restrictions as the teams that qualified for conference title games.”
    Please detail the exact restrictions that are in place regarding any contract that can be offered by the Cowboys and whether any offer (rumor or otherwise) made to Sharper by the Saints is in excess of any potential offer that could be made by the Cowboys. I think the facts are such that the Cowboys are not really in the running for Sharper because of the Final Eight restrictions.
    On Sharper and his skills, the Saints are prepared to move on, although I think they have made a fair offer to Sharper and would want him back. He can be replaced.

  19. I think Sharper is more important to the Saints than “a 34 year old with a knee problem”. He is someone that the younger players look up to, and has the attitude that permeates throughout the defense. I also think that Sharper’s performance drop-off had more to do with the injuries to Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer than Sharper himself.
    And, just an added FYI – Sharper would have had a pick 6 on Eli Manning if not for a roughing the passer penalty.
    I hope the Saints re-sign him.

  20. Cowboys beating the Saints 24-17 was hardly an embarrassment, that would be the Saints beating the Cowboys 42-17 in ’06 at Texas Stadium.
    Sharper needs a great secondary to do what he does best. When Porter and Greer went down and we had rookies/guys off the streets playing CB, Sharper disappeared. The great play of those 2 is what allowed Sharper to succeed. Unless the Cowboys are significantly better in the CB position this year, I don’t see Sharper doing them much good.

  21. Like I been sayin D.Sharp bra U a good Safety.A real vet who understands da game n all but lets be real 4 a min.Man we gave you yo only chance last year whn nbdy else wanted ya. But now since we had sum success last yr u tryna break our pockets na. Lets not 4get all u did was sit ova da top of G.Williams blitzing defense.Im pretty sure M.Jenkins can do da same or better back thea @ FS cuz datz his true position.We have 2 solid corners(3 na P.Robinson). All we need is a young ball hawk who gon take da ball away n you cud do wateva u want since u want so much money! Makeup ur mind homie either u wit us r against us n da route u goin we bout 2 b str8 on yo ass!

  22. @boysroll
    yea how about dem cowboys….34-3 or something like that? some “doomsday” defense. they’re a GOOD team, not GREAT.

  23. Sf saints fan,
    teams in the 4 – 8 position cansign 1 UFA with a salary over $5.3 million. There after they can only sign UFA over that amount if they lose one making over 5.3 mil. Since Dallas just resigned their only UFA (for less than $3 mil so he doesn’t count) they can still sign 1 UFA, like Sharper. If teams cut a player those restrictions do not count. Teams in 1-4 cannot sign a UFA unless they lose one.

  24. All losses are embarrassing. It’s borderline retarded to say that any win, other than a SB win, is less painful than another.

  25. Sharper’s over rated. Cowboys beat the Saints by exposing Sharper, what makes you think they are in run for him

  26. whodatnation504,
    do you seriously think Sharper’s reading your comment? Damn you Saints fans’ are BLEEP!!

  27. He’s not old enough for the Jets. He’s more like a puddle-jumper than a jet. As a Saints fan, I saw him get some cheap picks off of young qb’s and then miss tackles down the road later in the season. He’s about done.

  28. Ahem, I’m pretty sure there is another team they would need to overcome as well here in the NFC. A certain team that drubbed them in the playoffs last year (and even calling it a drubbing is an understatement).
    The Cowboys will win their division, and will win a wild card game, but that’s it. Once again one and done. I’m already sick of commentators trying to crown them.
    And to the saint’s fan talking about the opener, you go ahead and keep discounting the game, it’s just a psychological defense mechanism so you’re not so sad when you lose. No, it’s not the SB, its not the Championship, it’s not even a wild card game, but don’t tell that to the Vikes. They are out for BLOOD, nothing less. That Madden curse is going to strike earlier than usual this year.
    GO VIKES!!!
    134 days until VENGEANCE

  29. I just wanted to point out that this is the FIRST time I have ever seen a Mike Florio post involving Dallas that didn’t involve some kind of jab.
    Feeling under the weather, Florio?

  30. Whodatnation makes it wonderfully clear what Katrina did to New Orleans and the education system. Instead of buying those football tickets this year, how about sending a few bucks down to the Bayou in an effort to help Johnny read (and write). The Whodatnation will thank you for it, just as soon as they learn to spell.

  31. Come on, Jags! Sign him!!! Then our killer defense will be complete. We play Manning and Schaub twice every year, we need someone better than Nelson back there.

  32. Awwww look at all the little Cowgirl and Vikqueen fans so SOUR!!
    Talking about regular season games….LMFAO!
    Take Sharper he can’t cover… He only does good vs rookie’s.

  33. WHODAT says: April 28, 2010 3:14 PM
    “Awwww look at all the little Cowgirl and Vikqueen fans so SOUR!!
    Talking about regular season games….LMFAO!
    So much arrogance after just 1 SB win?

  34. So much arrogance after just 1 SB win?
    Cowboys “fans” (even the bandwagon ones) epitomize arrogance, which is weird since they haven’t done chit since 1996.

  35. Sharper does not fit into any other team but the Saints
    He fits just fine in that quick blitzing Saints D with the help of their CB’s
    On the Cowboys and Jags, he will be expected to cover more ground with questionable CB’s
    I don’t see why the Saints don’t just man-up and sign Sharper

  36. whodat,
    Ur team couldn do sh*t even with Archie Manning.
    you should be thanking Grandpa Farve for choking in NFC title game.
    We came to your house and kicked your rear, go meow to someone else pussy!!

  37. It’s funny how Aints’ fans are trying to act like they have owned the Lambordi every year!! don’t you remember your glory days? hahaha
    No need to get your panties wet over this, we have been and will always be America’s team. I’m sure you dont know y, thats cause you are not old enough to know

  38. “On the Cowboys and Jags, he will be expected to cover more ground with questionable CB’s”
    Check the two starting CBs for NFC in Pro Bowl

  39. Like i said before great job you won a regular season game… LMFAO!!!
    You do know we won the SUPER BOWL that year right???
    Oh and i like how you cowgirl fans mention the glory days… Thats all you chumps have. You WILL NOT win or even go to the SB.
    Americas team was made up by Jerry Scumbag Jones…. Thats why im glad Sean Payton jacked his bottle of wine lol

  40. no, we don pride ourselves on regular season wins, we pride ourselves on championships which we have FOUR more than Aints.
    When I said glory days, I was being sarcastic about the Aints, you would’ve understood if you ever went to college.
    Btw,Cowboys became America’s team in the 70’s, wayyyyy before JJ bought the team.
    I am not surprised at all that you don’t know sh*t about football.

  41. Ever went to college???? I think you mean “Gone to college”… Now who’s the smart guy…. CHUMP!
    Oh yea and you do know this isn’t the 90’s right???? Nobody cares what the cowgirls did in the 90’s LMFAO.

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