Jeff Garcia not returning to Philly

As we guessed on Saturday, the drafting of Mike Kafka leaves no room for Jeff Garcia in Philadelphia.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the team has no plans to bring Garcia back “at this juncture.”

We imagine that would only chance if there is an injury to one of the Eagles quarterbacks.  (The ship has seemingly sailed on a Michael Vick trade.)

Garcia joined the Eagles for two weeks last season when Donovan McNabb was hurt.

23 responses to “Jeff Garcia not returning to Philly

  1. I am unsure why no team wants Jeff Garcia. Jeff Garcia is good, and he would lead a team with no problem. Really I guess his only option now would be the Bills, who should pick him up for sure, because they need a QB. Well I dont think the Bills want a QB, it seems that they love the RB, since they have 5 RB’s now!! Come on Bills get it together and pick up Jeff Garcia.

  2. “We imagine that would only chance if there is an injury to one of the Eagles quarterbacks.”
    Rosenthal, step away from the keyboard and take several deep breaths. Then, just keep doing that until whatever drug you need kicks in.

  3. I hope the Saints get him.
    He’s a better option than Mark Brunell and has apparently accepted the role of backup/mentor.

  4. Good , Garcia should have been content in Oakland and he would have played alot 2009 .Maybe he can go play QB for George Michaels

  5. yet David Carr still has a job.,…
    the fat guy who loves large men jumping on him…..
    dude doesnt even play and has more sacks there anyone…….

  6. garcia had the starting job he wanted right at his fingertips in oakland….but when raiders wanted to give russell every opportunity he pouted and sat on the sidelines instead of manning up doing his job and then he asked to be released….sorry jeff…your done!!!

  7. Vick could still get traded – and Buffalo needs something (anything really) to sell tickets.
    Vick, Spiller and Jackson could be a nice triple option package (a la D.V.D. from Atlanta)
    I wouldn’t close the door on Garcia yet. The offseason is still young.

  8. whats the difference between publicly retiring and having no one want you and not even being in the league?
    he’s gay and his wife is hot & easy, talkin E _ Z

  9. If he doesn’t get signed to a contract with another team, Garcia will spend time on the Eagles roster this year. It will happen.

  10. @bigbear123
    “nobody wants a has been felon”
    coming from a bears fan…. hahahahahahahaha!!!

  11. I like that Kafka kid. I thought he would make a good NFL qb someday. Not for a few years, but someday.
    I’m still not sold on Kolb, though. I don’t think he is going to make it day in and day out.

  12. Something is wrong with Garcia. I believe that he undermines the starting QB, that is why he has not been able to stick anywhere.

  13. SR146thEOD says: “I hope the Saints get him.
    He’s a better option than Mark Brunell and has apparently accepted the role of backup/mentor.”
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Like Drew Brees really needs a mentor. WTF?

  14. Should teach all athletes with talent a lesson (you listening Sicko), don’t quit on someone who gives you a chance, because the door will eventually close. So all I have to say to him is Carma b*tch, you didn’t want the Raiders, now no one wants you!!!

  15. TF is that the Saints are going to have some young QB’s that need mentoring while Drew is on the field or in the hot tub you dumbass.

  16. FrankfordYellowJackets says:
    “Doesn’t anyone want Vick? Anyone? Hello?”
    The answer to that question is clearly no. Only the Eagles “wanted” him last year and, to date, no legitimate trade rumors have surfaced, so apparently Vick is worth nothing….

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