NFL calls Ireland question "insensitive and inappropriate"

It is the night for statements regarding Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland’s unfortunate interview question to Dez Bryant.

Dolphins owner Steve Ross had his say earlier, and the NFL commented on the matter for the first time in a statement to PFT released by spokesman Greg Aiello.

“Steve Ross’s statement makes clear that the Miami Dolphins intend to address this matter promptly in an effective and thoughtful way. To his credit, Jeff Ireland recognizes that he exercised poor judgment in asking an insensitive and inappropriate question of Dez Bryant.  He took the proper step of calling Dez Bryant to apologize and then making that apology public.” 

We’re a little surprised this story has taken off like it has.  It still has some legs left with Ross promising to look into the matter personally.

60 responses to “NFL calls Ireland question "insensitive and inappropriate"

  1. Jeff Ireland should be fired.
    Next step, another Jeff Ireland job interview, except this time he has to answer the questions from some dumbass management trainee…

  2. I’m guessing that some of those celebrity owners who didn’t come from great circumstances are saying something.

  3. You are surprised that this story has taken off? If during an interview someone had asked me this question, I would have leaped across the table and proceeded to leave a very lasting impression with the this person. Ireland should have been beaten until unconscious. I am surprised that Bryant didn’t hit him with a chair. It would have been justifiable.

  4. We’re a little surprised this story has taken off like it has.
    You’ve been beating it like a drum for days, how can you possibly be surprised?

  5. that’s alright if you are getting interviewed by the 49ers, they need to ask you if you like to suck on a hot dog.

  6. Who wants a guy like Ireland as your GM. Fire the guy……he is making the Dolphin look like asses.

  7. To his credit…Ha ha…That’s too funny.The NFL public relations machine working overdrive. So, the GM of a professional football team, asks a prospective employee if his mom was/is a crack head/prostitute, as if this has any bearing on anything football related what so ever. But give him credit, he apoligized, give me a break. I fully understand back ground checks for prospective employees, and sure this kid seems a diva in the making, but please, the NFL is full or criminals, half wits, and downright thugs, and i’m sure many have relatives who aren’t model citizens. This is an absolute joke. The NFL will now spin doctor this, and have some sort of executive sensitivity training seminars.

  8. Let’s fire the guy for asking a question. NFL and their fans have become a bunch of sensitive sallys. Wow he got asked a question oh no!

  9. Bryant isn’t the one pushing this tired horse. It is his ubiquitous “advisor”, self styled “successful bail bondsman” David Wells.
    Wells was fired from the Dallas police force for theft and misuse of public funds and property, permantly barred from any association with the Boy Scouts for similar infractions, in the midst of various paternity suits while living in a Texas mansion and sporting all the bling, under investigation for his business practice which is a drug money laundering front, etc etc.
    He was at the meeting in Miami with his latest Diva Doze Bryant. As he was last year with Michael Crabtree. Sugar Daddy picks his plums, all the way back to Michael Irvin. All respect to Michael’s mother, it’s The Entourage that is making life uncomfortable for one and all. They found a Silver Shill and here we are.

  10. There should be no surprise that this story has taken off the way it has.
    He needs to be disciplined just like everyone else, or else its creating a deep double-standard.

  11. Hitting someone with a chair is justifiable WCRaider?
    Thats probably why your coach is Tom Cable and the Raiders have a history of being nothing short of thugs.
    Of course you would condone this, or “The Nation” would frown upon thee
    Hey Jeff, thanks for the #12 pick you were probably gonna use on Bryant
    go Bolts!

  12. We’re a little surprised this story has taken off like it has. It still has some legs left with Ross promising to look into the matter personally.
    You’re surprised? It’s ‘got legs’ because idiots like you keep harping on it, let me guess… you emailed Aiello and now you’ve quoted his reply as if it’s some new “Statement”.
    You’re just as much a worthless POS as Florio.

  13. Id have mark Anthony fire him live on tv. Why you ask? Cause Ireland wouldn’t understand him and we would get to see it three or four times.

  14. Ireland should be fired ASAP. The South Florida media is gutless and will let him slide. They are scared of Parcells Steven Ross will reprimand Ireland publicly and hope the story will go away.

  15. Everybody is forgetting the Dez Bryant is a total turd. That’s why he dropped in the draft. Maybe Ireland was correct in his question. Maybe this turds mom is a crack smoking hooker. But Ireland is a scumbag for asking. Maybe he was trying to get a hook up.

  16. He asked the question because she served time selling crack.Not exacly your mother next door.The media blows all of this crap out of porportion because they have nothing else to talk about
    Who gives a crap anyway this guy is about to become a millionaire boo hoo.

  17. not sure how this is creating a double standard. This guy just asked a question designed to unnerve the guy and get him to snap. If an employer was about to give me 15 million bucks, he can ask any question he wants. I though you people enjoyed watching a rough sport like football, if you are looking for niceties and good manners watch tennis

  18. Here are a few simple rules to help teams out:
    1.) “Yo’ Mama” is off limits.
    2.) References to a players sexuality is not OK.
    3.) Use of any word you wouldn’t use in a press conference is not acceptable.
    4.) Any comment made to a player that could be considered libel if made in a press conference is not acceptable.
    Here is a clue: any question you ask could come back to the press once you don’t draft the guy (or before if he’s gone to Oxford). If you don’t want people to know you asked the question, chances are you shouldn’t have asked the question…

  19. Whats the over/under that a player uses this “Your mom is a hooker” bit on the field, and Dez does something absolutely assinine?
    I bet the odds will be great.

  20. Not the first time for these scumbags. Once again the “Dorks” show they are still the laughingstock of the NFL. Yes Mr. Wandstead, nothing has changed. Its still a Circus in Dorksville…. Where the hell is Al Sharpton when you need him…………………….

  21. Gregg, if yoou weren’t a white boy of privilege you’d understand why the story has legs- it’s Ireland’s racism, for a league dependent on taxpayer handouts of billions of dollars.

  22. Karmathaitich, can I ask if you are a bastard for 20 bucks?
    Do you know what it means?
    Do you know the answer?
    Do you know if it is correct?

  23. Karmathaitich, can I ask if you are a bastard for 20 bucks?
    Do you know what it means?
    Do you know the answer?
    Do you know if it is correct?

  24. The thing that sucks is that Ireland’s douche bag move has taken away a lot of positive momentum the team had going. They signed Dansby, they made the deal for Brandon Marshall and they made what appear to be some good draft choices and instead of basking in the afterglow of all that and getting fired up about the season, the Dolphins now have to deal with this mess.

  25. I am glad that this issue has been raised. This is similar to the cheating focus that occurred back in 2007. This is the only way abuses come to the attention of the public. Otherwise, the NFL brass sweeps these matters under the carpet. Gradually, the ‘ol’ boy network’ and their secret practices will get exposed.

  26. Oddly enough, this boneheaded question may have helped Bryant. A guy that was being looked down on as immature played it cool in an outrageous situation, taking the high road when taking the low road would have gotten him the sympathy of many.
    Now he has an open path to being a star receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Ireland can’t be given any credit for this–he seems to be an idiot–but hopefully it will be a positive stepping stone for Bryant.

  27. It will continue to have legs as long as you call it an “unfortunate interview question”.

  28. # Rasta says: April 28, 2010 8:31 PM
    We can’t blame this incident on Obama so it must be the Tuna’s fault.
    Keith Olberman just blamed it on Bush.

  29. Ireland….Is/was your mom a prostitute?
    Bryant…..Well, no, actually she was the Dolphins VP of college scouting when they selected Ted Ginn with the 9th pick in the first round….
    Bryant……..Anymore dumb as questions?………Dumbass?

  30. Wow, everyone calling for Irelands firing is definitely overreacting. The dudes dad was rumored to be a pimp and his mother had a long wrap sheet. The question was asked to see what kind of control Dez had over his emotions by touching on what was probably a hot button issue for him.
    Judging on a lot of the comments people are leaving on here it’s probably safe to say that Dez has a better grasp on rational thinking than a number of you.

  31. Oh BS jive…….It was a racist based question by a personnel person who can’t draft to save his ass…..Why do they need to push his hot button issues?…….You do realize the league is full of asswipes?….And tell me Mr HR manager, what response to an idiotic question would have been right?….I doubt Ireland even knows the answer…Is their an answer that would justify such an idiotic question?,…..This man in an executive within a billion dollar corporation, he is just another Parcells lackey who move on after he fails at this…….Rational thinkers think rationally before they ask questions

  32. CJV123 says:
    “Gregg, if yoou weren’t a white boy of privilege you’d understand why the story has legs- it’s Ireland’s racism, for a league dependent on taxpayer handouts of billions of dollars.”
    So, if this story is of such high importance, why was the Toby Gerhart story of him being asked in a team interview about the pressures of being a white RB just as relevant? Is the jackoff who asked him that question any less of a douchebag?
    greatwhite says:
    April 28, 2010 7:42 PM
    “He asked the question because she served time selling crack.Not exacly your mother next door.The media blows all of this crap out of porportion because they have nothing else to talk about.”
    No, the media isnt blowing it out of proportion totally. They are missing a key ingredient of the story, which you hit on. SHE WAS A CONVICTED CRACK DEALER. With the FBI-like background checks the NFL and teams do on these guys, they OBVIOUSLY found something to base the question on.

  33. To his credit, Jeff Ireland recognizes that he exercised poor judgment in asking an insensitive and inappropriate question of Dez Bryant.
    Let me ask if, he (Dez) was video taped on a cell phone phone questioning weather Steve Ross’s mother was a… ___ fill in the damn blank…. (what is worse then a prostitute really)… what do you think would have happened to him?
    He would have been fired with cause.
    “Poor judgment & insensitive and inappropriate” is the best this assclown owner can come up with?
    Somebody needs fired or suspended because the only thing that these overpaid and over privileged
    COACHES understand is taking money out of their wallets.
    Where did you hear this before & and when is the last time a team made excuses for it’s players?
    I guess it’s obvious management is held to a lower standard.

  34. How seriously don’t know how anyone can/could condone such a question to a son. There is no gray area there.. none.
    Lets say that she may have sold herself to cover the bills.. how in the hell does that translate into a reasonable question for them to ask Dez? It was a pointless question to challenge his fiber.. but was clearly over the line of decency.
    Personally, if the NFL wants to sell this image that they are holding players to.. then Ireland should be no different.
    Anything less is opening the door to challenge the conduct policy.
    I expect a fine and some sort of suspension for Ireland… or at the very least some sort of monitoring of next years interview session he conducts.

  35. @franchise
    On the Tobe question: I would say if we are ranking douche bags the guy who called your mom a whore is way worse than the guy who made fun of you for being white.
    This summer when I need to find a new room mate, I am going to ask them some weird questions like this just for fun. At least for the people I know I am not going to live with. Like “so if you walk in on me with your gf what do you do?” or “how do you feel about police? Will you cave under pressure and be a snitch?” or my personal favorite “if you woke up and I was sitting in your room, what would you do?” I wonder what the reactions will be. Hope fully Dez isn’t looking to come live in SF he might get offended.

  36. Those who commented that Ireland should be fired are retards and should be prohibited from posting in the future.

  37. And, per the mother’s arrest & conviction for street crime rarely if ever isolated from other street crime, you ask such questions to protect both team/employer and player/employee as potential targets for extortion.
    Players who touch the ball as often as QBs, RBs, WRs can directly affect game outcomes. Employees with classified clearances are routinely vetted for similar reasons.
    Players/employess in ‘sensitive’ jobs who can be blackmailed for issues they have yet to confront, resolve or accept are exactly why the league, employers and/or teams must ask such questions, especially when the material facts of a player/employee’s background include reasonable cause for concern.

  38. Eskinsux:
    How was it racist? Because Ireland is white and Dez is black its automatically racist? Are you saying you would have less of a problem with the question if a white man asked another white man the same question?
    I’m not saying it was a great question or even a good idea. I am saying that its not an earthshaking issue that deserves all of this fist shaking.
    They need to test his hot button issues because A) he has had multiple issues in the past B) the dolphins were seriously considering spending their first round pick on him before they traded for Brandon Marshall. His job relies on him making the best decision he can and part of that job is being able to predict how Dez was going to react under stress.
    I don’t get your point about the league being full of asswipes. Are you saying that all the other asswipes in the league need to be protected from this particular asswipe?
    To answer your question about what response would have been right, it sounds like exactly the one that Dez gave; he kept his cool. Again, Ireland didn’t care what the answer was just how he would react.

  39. Neither the NFL or the Dolphins care, they are just feeding the people what they want to hear so this will go away. The question had it’s purpose, and it was not to find out if Dez Bryant’s mother was a prostitute, but rather to see how Bryant would react when someone strikes a nerve. It’s all about character. With the way players conduct themselves these days, I don’t blame the teams for asking questions like this and taking the necessary precautions.

  40. It’s all about the money, let him pay a fine and the NFL will look the other way, and if anyone thinks that theses questions are only ask by the fish, call me about a bridge I have for sale. Bill p.s. don’t make it right, however it is what it is, sorry Nick.

  41. Question~~Tell me Dez what did your father do for a living~~~~~Answer~~My father was a pimp~~~~~Question~~What did your mother do for a living~~~~~Answer~~She worked for my father~~~~~Question~~Was your mother a hooker?

  42. “We’re a little surprised this story has taken off like it has.”
    You guys obviously have a huge blind spot on this one. By any chance is Ireland a contact with whom you’ve become close?
    Does this explain your reluctance to criticize him in the same way you so freely criticize others in the NFL?
    I can think of no other reason for your demonstrated inability to grasp the offensiveness of what Ireland did.

  43. This was a private interview….not sure how it was made public….nevertheless, this was a valid question. Bryant’s history should be open for discussion. The man is interviewing for a multi-million dollar job.

  44. First, the reason this issue has went “KABOOM” is because this is a major EEOC matter. And then to make matters worse, Mr. Ireland goes on record and admits that he did asked the question. And now the EEOC is going to have a field day with said question and this issue in the form of lawsuits. The NFL and Steve Ross now realize that this could turn into a towering inferno and they are going to start throwing buckets of water on said inferno.
    It may be to late…
    Secondly, why was this question asked in the first place?
    This is what I think… Dez was suspended by the NCAA, for lying to the NCAA, for being befriended by and spending time with Deon Sanders. Dez has since admitted that he lied and that he has changed his ways.
    But… the Dolphins brass wanted to see if they could catch Dez in another lie and really see if he has changed his ways. So they proceeded to ask Dez a question (that they already know the answer too) that is uneasy and uncomfortable to answer and admit. Dez either answers in a painfully truthful manner or he lies.
    I think it may have backfired…
    In my experience and training as a manager, the corporate HR department stipulates that… you can NOT ask a question of a one prospective employee unless you ask all the other prospective employees the same question, otherwise it makes for an uneven playing field in the interviewing process.
    Do you think that the Dolphins asked the same question to all other draftees that they interviewed?
    Other than being a friend of the the Big Tuna, how the hell did Ireland become the GM if he does not know proper and legal interviewing practices?
    Buh-Bye Mr. Ireland!
    P.S. Don’t let the door knob hitcha where the good lord splitcha…

  45. Since when did the NFL become about sensitivity and appropriateness? God this country is becoming pussified. It is sickening.

  46. one thing is for sure here, and that is dez bryant was effected by this question or else he wouldn’t have let it get public and just have let it stay behind closed doors. so now he can look for corners all over the league to talk trash about his mama to get under his skin and it just might work

  47. I still don’t see what the problem is. The Matriarch Bryant was a crack dealer. That naturally leads to an additional line of questioning, including but not limited to “Is your aunt or grandmother also a drug dealer?”, “What other illegal activities has your mother been involved with?”, and “Is your mother common street trash?”.
    The practice of asking such seemingly inflammatory questions likely dates back a long, long time, and this is likely not the worst ever asked by far. We’re just dealing with a problem player and a problem agent who aren’t happy with their draft slot and the millions they missed out on because of legitimate concerns about the player’s work ethic and potential effect a rocky family background may have on the player’s football focus.
    Those calling for Ireland’s resignation or firing are idiots. The man was doing his homework on a problem receiver and saw enough to pass on him. If you’re going to rail against NFL figures who’ve done wrong, go after the drunk drivers, accessories to murder, or coach punchers instead. A question like “Is your mother a prostitute?” are only as offensive as you let them be, and in this case, fairly legitimate. Bryant’s got thin skin and a self esteem problem.

  48. Maybe Ireland was just inquiring because he wanted to avail himself of mamma’s services….
    No harm in that.

  49. “gwinn1952 says:
    April 28, 2010 7:23 PM
    Who wants a guy like Ireland as your GM. Fire the guy……he is making the Dolphin look like asses.

    He asked an insensitive question. It’s not like he raped someone, or beat his wife, etc.
    I’d rather have Jeff Ireland as GM, then have Ben Rapistberger, Michael Vick, Donte Stallworth, Plaxico Buress on the team.
    Let’s not blow this out of proportion.

  50. “We’re a little surprised this story has taken off like it has. It still has some legs left with Ross promising to look into the matter personally. ”
    really? when you guys post 3-4 stories about it a day, it cannot help but take off. try NOT posting about it and see what happens.
    i still think if every question asked of every athlete was made public, no one would care what jeff ireland said anymore. biggest blown-out-of-proportion story ever on this site, seriously.
    dez’ mom is a convicted felon that had him as a very young minor. he has attitude problems. the questions are meant to determine how a player handles himself and whether or not he’s honest.
    and still no one even mentions that it’s tremendously difficult to be offended if it’s not true, unless you want to be offended. I don’t do drugs, my last employer asked me if i did. i wasn’t offended, they were doing their due diligence.
    i still don’t see why this is a big deal. poor taste? yes? out of bounds? no.

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