Pete Carroll talks Clausen, Tebow, Decker

alg_coach_pete_carroll.jpgNow that I’m back in front of the radiation-blasting double-monitor PFT hookup, I’m scanning back through recent e-mails in search of stuff about which you may be interested. 

And, somehow, I found one that hasn’t already been covered by Rosenthal and/or MDS.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll recently spoke with Chris Russo of Sirius Mad Dog Radio.  The noteworthy portions of the discussion focused more on players not on Carroll’s new team than those whom he acquired over the recently-completed draft weekend.

Asked whether the Seahawks may have taken quarterback Jimmy Clausen if he’d still been on the board when Seattle used the 60th overall pick, Carroll said, “Sure, that’s real possible.  Yeah, we liked him that much.  We thought he was a good player and that he was going to be solid as a rock and it wasn’t going to be a big transition for him and all that kind of stuff.”

Carroll also gushed about a first-round quarterback on whom the Seahawks passed, not once but twice.  “I think anybody that got Tim Tebow had a good draft because I think he’s going to surprise everybody,” Carroll said.  “And I think he’s going to be a fantastic addition to a team.  There’s another guy that we would have really liked to have been able to add for the future because of what he brings.  He will not let these issues about throwing motions and things be in the way.  He will will his way through that if he’s anything at all like I know.”

The Seahawks coach likewise heaped praise on former Minnesota Golden Gophers receiver Eric Decker.  “Very, very good receiver,” Carroll said, “and we have a guy [previously] on that [Minnesota] staff, Jedd Fisch, who coached him and we knew all about him and really were hoping to get a chance to get him, too.”

Carroll possibly is using Jon Gruden’s patent-pending positivity approach, aimed at giving no one a reason to be upset with Seattle’s first-year coach.  It’s also possible that Carroll genuinely covets each guy he mentioned, and that he wants each of them to know that, at some point in the future, Seattle could be an option.

Regardless of Carroll’s motivation, the possibility of planting a seed in a player’s mind regarding future possibilities requires Carroll to quit talking about players who are the property of other franchises.  Though it’s not a blatant example of tampering, it’s the kind of talk that could (and perhaps should) anger the Panthers and/or Broncos.

If, for example, Clausen doesn’t play as a rookie and Matt Moore cements his hold on the starting job in Carolina, Carroll’s comments could make Clausen even less content in Charlotte, possibly prompting him to push for a trade to Seattle.  Ditto for Decker, who now knows that Fisch and Carroll think highly of him in the event that the Broncos don’t give him the kind of reps and receptions that Decker thinks he deserves.

Our guess is that Carroll won’t receive a public knuckle-rapping for his comments, but we suspect that someone from the league office will be reminding him in clear terms that he needs to stop talking about how much he would have liked to have on his team players who are now legally bound to other NFL franchises.

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  1. “Regardless of Carroll’s motivation, the possibility of planting a seed in a player’s mind regarding future possibilities requires Carroll to quit talking about players who are the property of other franchises. Though it’s not a blatant example of tampering, it’s the kind of talk that could (and perhaps should) anger the Panthers and/or Broncos.”
    Seriously? So now when anyone in football is asked about someone on another team they should just say “no comment.”
    Way to reach on this one Florio

  2. Haha, Carroll leaves USC a muddled mess, and he’s starting up in the NFL already!
    That’s tampering, isn’t it Florio?

  3. Florio, you’re so dramatic!
    To insinuate that Pete Carroll is walking the line of tampering by complimenting other teams picks is proposterous!

  4. The guy is just being complimentary….jeez Mike…when he coached in New England he was the same way…a real rah rah guy…

  5. where the hell does it state in the NFL rule book that a coach cannot give praise to a player on another team?

  6. Yes I’m sure that’s exactly what’s going to happen. He is going to receive a letter telling him to not say anything about anyone who isn’t a Seahawk. Maybe there was a reason Gregg and MDS didn’t bother writing up such garbage.

  7. That’s a silly theory, talking up players on other teams is something every coach does before every game and no one is dumb enough to call it tampering.

  8. So you can’t compliment players on other teams now? Get real Florio, your obsession with tampering (or lack of it) needs to stop.

  9. Can he be busted for tampering by talking about players that aren’t under contract yet? They aren’t free agents, but they aren’t technically on the roster yet either.

  10. Or maybe he thinks they suck, but didn’t want to give them motivational material for the first time they play the Seahawks.

  11. So Carroll was saying – as the kids say – “It’s all good!”
    What an absolutely fascinating interview. Sure glad this one didn’t get buried without us seeing it.

  12. Have Tebow, Clausen, and Decker signed contracts already, Florio? If not, then Carroll can talk about them.

  13. Wow, heaven forbid we praise a player from another team. Lets just get rid of sportsmanship all together.
    I usually dont trash you guys from PFT, dont really see the point in it…but this is reeeeally a stretch.

  14. I thought tampering was only when the player is under contract with another team. Those guys haven’t signed contracts yet, so it’s not tampering, or am I mistaken?

  15. Jesus Florio,
    Get off the tampering crap. You hang on to that stuff like on old greasy teddy bear that you’ve had since you were mowing lawns. It’s ok to talk about other players without it being tampering. For Chrissakes, when you run ESPN into the ground, you’re not slandering. Get off it already.

  16. So it goes with the media. One enterprising reporterr attempts to squeeze an NFLer for opinions. Once the opinions arec e given and reported, another reporter comes along to make a story of the inappropriateness of giving the opinions. Is it any wonder that most NFL sources either stonewall or demand anonymity?

  17. RT: Seriously? So now when anyone in football is asked about someone on another team they should just say “no comment.”
    Way to reach on this one Florio
    Actually for the most part yes … but with a fine line between those just being drafted and players that are Under Contract.
    @red13 … I believe you are correct …

  18. its not tampering until they sign the contract with the team,so enough with all the tampering crap nonsense

  19. I don’t see it as tampering. If he REALLY wanted them, he would have made the moves to get them. That simple. This is just him blowing smoke up some players a** to cover his a** in case they do become stars. Carroll certainly had the draft picks to get one or more of them. He didn’t. That tells you all you need to know about what he really thinks of them.

  20. great work Decker, fantastic to see a Spartan make it big.
    btw, im talking about his high school team, I know he was a gopher, just good to see someone you went to school with get a shot at the big time.

  21. Well.
    The point would have been rationale had USC’s impending doom been brought up re: Carroll’s recruiting violations.
    Feel free to add the following to the article so it makes sense
    “Given Carroll’s potential NCAA violations, it wouldn’t be suprising if an NFL official took this as a potential tampering problem and alerted Carroll behind closed doors.”
    Just make sure you cite the source.
    Your welcome.

  22. Maybe Carroll had no ulterior motive. A window into Florio’s mind is that he always sees Machiavellian schemes lurking in other people’s behavior. Maybe Carroll is just a football fanatic and was talking about great football players.
    And the tampering thing — stop it. Just please stop it. Just stop the frigging nonsense.

  23. Not news since GM John Schiender said the same thing on the Kevin Calabro show yesterday on radio

  24. Using your logic, I guess Taylor Mays should be fined or suspended for his post-draft statement regarding Pete Carroll (basically inferring that Carroll is a liar). Since Mays is now a part of a different NFL organization (49ers), he certainly shouldn’t be allowed to talk negatively about another organization (Seahawks), or head coach (Carroll), even though he played for the head coach at USC. Right? Am I missing something?

  25. Mike, it’s really time to drop this fixation with “tampering.” I understand that you don’t like to see rules out there that aren’t enforced and have the potential to be applied unfairly, but yeesh….

  26. Florio and his conspiracy theories, Carroll is just talking about their potential, it’s not like he’s talking about signing them to a long term deal or anything. He’s happy with his picks and he’s a fine GM so far, he had a great draft weekend, A+ for his weekend. As for USC, it’s Lane Kiffin’s team now, how will he do is the question.

  27. This is retarded Florio . What’s he supposed to do , say ” I’m sorry , those players are on other teams rosters now and I shouldn’t comment for fear of being accused of tampering ” ?!
    Coaches and other players in the league comment on different players all the time . If Carroll had slammed all 3 of those players and said , ” Naw , they’re no good because we didn’t draft them ” everyone in the league would be coming down on him , and rightfully so .
    … anything to slam the Seahawks , as usual . Terrific bit of journalism there , Florio .

  28. A football coach can’t talk about players he was specifically asked about right after the draft?
    What kind of world is this? Stupid rule, and this has nothing to do with tampering IMO

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