Report: Ryan Clady avoided full patellar tendon tear

Well, there’s some good news for the Broncos and, more specifically, left tackle Ryan Clady.  Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Clady suffered only a partial tear of the patellar tendon in his knee.

Per Klis, the tendon was only 50 percent torn.  As a result, Clady is expected to miss three months, and to be able to suit up and play in four. 

The team reportedly is “hopeful” that Clady will be available for the September 12 opener in Jacksonville.

The rehab process already has commenced.  Klis reports that Clady had surgery on Tuesday.  The injury occurred over the weekend.

12 responses to “Report: Ryan Clady avoided full patellar tendon tear

  1. next article Posted by Mike Florio on April 28, 2010 6:25 PM ET
    “PFT breaks down Ryan Clady injury”
    Posted by Mike Florio on April 28, 2010 6:47PM ET
    “ takes an in depth look at Ryan Clady injury”
    got dammit thats enough!

  2. Warren,
    Some of us like frequent updates with the latest info. Much better than waiting a few days until all the details come out.
    This is a huge injury to an All-Pro player and merits a lot of attention. If you don’t like the articles, it’s incredibly easy to skip over them.

  3. Well a partial tear is a lot better than the alternative and the fact that he is expected to be back in time for the season is a relief for Broncos fans. Hopefully his rehab will include enough pool work and other low impact workouts so he can be in good shape when he is ready to return.

  4. how can florio even be taken seriously. the greasy little douche is always jumping the gun on stories without checking facts, then literally will do a complete 180 once his initial “report” is shown to be way off base. guy is a jabroni.

  5. @ WarrenMoonGOAT:
    Agreed. Especially for Denver fans (like me). I mean, we have so little to praise–let’s keep the news *positive* around here.

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