Comparing the possible fates of the top four quarterbacks

Before the draft, we pointed out that the most overlooked factor regarding the eventual success or failure of a quarterback prospect is the team with which his career commences.

So now that we know where the quartet of men at whom Jon Gruden scowled will be playing, let’s consider how they’ll fare in light of where they’ll play.

It’s the subject of our latest column.

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  1. You didn’t mention rape or jail.
    Aren’t those viable possible fates?
    ..especially for Tebow…

  2. I read the article. In it, you referred to Josh McDaniels as a “proven head coach.” Really? What exactly has he proven? That he can chase away a Prow Bowl QB and WR? That his team can fold down the stretch? Or that he has a new found man-love for his new QB? Wait until he has done something before referring to him as a proven head coach.

  3. One comment is that on one of the discussions after the draft it was stated the Clausen pick was not a Fox pick, ownership had a hand in it. Had Fox had a decision he certainly would have gone for defense not a QB. A lame duck coach would certainly not hinge his future on a rookie QB.

  4. It looks like McCoy is the only one unlikely to see any playing time this year. I think the other three will play, and play a lot as first year pros. Bradford is in the worst position to start his career. The team has to put him out there ready or not. He is also the most fragile, physically and mentally, along with McCoy.

  5. Mr. Florio, you forgot to discuss which QB is likely to receive an on-air apology from Matt Millen over the course of his career. I believe Sam Bradford is the heavy favorite.

  6. Nice essay for SportingNews. I thought McCoy was the safest bet from the start, and Florio is right, McCoy fell into the right situation. McCoy will be a great QB. Clausen won’t beat Moore or Pike. The analogy to Quinn is correct, and note that Clausen was picked much lower than Quinn. The Rams will continue to be dreadful, but that probably doesn’t matter, because Bradford will tear his shoulder or some other mobile part in preseason. (I hope not, it’s just a prediction.) Tebow will be a winner, a gutsy leader, and a better than average NFL QB. Ten years from now everyone will know McCoy and Tebow, who will have battled it out in the playoffs several times. Clausen and Bradford will be historical footnotes, evidence of stupidity on the part of Carolina and St. Louis.
    I like Bradford best of the bunch, in terms of a great guy you can root for, but he hasn’t played for a very long time and the last two times he was sacked he was badly damaged.

  7. Wait a minute, before you annoint McCoy as the next Brett Favre, consider his coach. Sure, Holmgren is great, but he won’t be the one teaching Colt the position, or calling plays… at least not until mid-season. Until then, it will be the Man-genius and his smug attitude. If McCoy had been drafted by almost any other team, I’d agree with your point. The Browns are quietly building a roster full of talent, so maybe it will work. But, the coach still needs to put all the pieces together, and Mangini hasn’t been able to do that. Maybe he’ll show us something fresh this year, but I doubt it. Perhaps McCoy will help the next coach win and have success that way. Not before then…

  8. McCoy has six obstacles to overcome. The rotten weather, the unforgiving fans, the Cleveland offense, the Ravens defense, the Steelers defense and his less than ideal throwing arm.

  9. Florio and PFT really need to look at why this is a good thing for Carolina, first off, what kind of moron wouldn’t want Clausen (if there’s a new coach next year)? Many passers could do well with those studs at running back and a star reciever and a line that protects you, so why is Clausen bad???? I agree McCoy could have the best success (since the Browns fits his skill set), but i think Clausen will be fine and so will Carolina, even if they do NOT want him, i am sure some team will

  10. Florio,
    your writing is lacking in fact:
    1. One year makes Josh a proven NFL coach – um the record states otherwise and he is a coach that is living on the edge after making some very poor game decisions last year
    2. Rams dont have a running game? what are you talking about – 1400 yards by Jackson – he is a TOP RB in this league and having a solid QB will help him (now mention the lack of quality wideout and you have something)
    3. Browns – really. they are depending on Harrison to be a star – hehe too funny. no talent anywhere near the ball and Joe Thomas can only block one guy – get real
    4. Panthers – you nailed this one. this team is ready to turnover from HC to the players.

  11. Proven to drive the best players away. Except in Marshall’s case where he just wanted away from Denver.

  12. Florio people who think that Jimmy Clausen is in a great situation should think about this, if Matt More turns out to be the real deal when the hell is
    Clausen going to get on the field, couple that with a lame duck coach who is certainly not looking to play let alone develop a rookie quarterback when his job is on the line, just my thought what you think I would like to know

  13. Josh McDaniels “a proven head-CASE!”
    Obviously Clausen and McCoy are least risk high rewards kinda guys. I dont see Bradford, or Tebow doing well.

  14. Jersuza you forgot one other thing Colt has to overcome…the staph infection he is going to get.

    Not sure I get your remark about “Rape” or “Jail” being likely outcomes for Tim Tebow.
    Why is that a likely outcome for him?
    You have some inside information on him being the exact opposite of the high character person everyone reports him to be?
    Or are you just TRYING to be funny?

  16. MontyKC,
    I thought the same thing. Depending on the day of the week writers called Josh “proven” or “unproven.”
    He’s entering his second year as a head coach. He hasn’t proven anything.

  17. Florio…please hire a damn copy editor.
    “Perhaps Tebow relishes the challenge. Perhaps he’ll be paralyzed by the expectations.” -MF
    These are (hypothetical) questions / musings. Not statements. They use this thing – “?”
    It’s called a question mark.
    Perhaps that is beyond your comprehension? Perhaps Florio Jr. can teach you?

  18. The remarks on why Bradford might not succeed with the Rams mirror the situation that faced both Ramsey and Campbell during their Redskins tenure as quarterbacks.
    Read the Rams shortcomings again, and then check off every Rams negative against the Redskins.
    Interesting comparison, isn’t it?

  19. TrueFan says: April 28, 2010 12:50 PM
    “You have some inside information on him being the exact opposite of the high character person everyone reports him to be?”
    Believing in a superstitious sky pilot makes him of high character? Low intelligence sure, but high character?

  20. Drat says:
    probably doesn’t matter, because Bradford will tear his shoulder or some other mobile part in preseason. (I hope not, it’s just a prediction
    Why do all you guys keep coming up with this crap. The so-called geniuses at Miami backed off Drew Brees because of the surgery that he had on his throwing shoulder and instead, signed Daunte Culpepper, who was recovering from knee surgery; just who do you think got the better part of that transaction?
    Surgery helped Brees and he’s taken many hits since that day and what hurt Bradford was that he tried to salvage his senior season without surgery. Now that he’s had the surgery, I don’t see that it’s going to be the problem the so-called experts see it as being. Also, I’ll say it again: the cicumstances of his injury and re-injury as being relayed by a lot of people are incorrect. He took a hit on the shoulder two plays before his first injury AND the injury at Texas came after he had played a full game against Baylor when Bradford threw 49 OFFICIAL passes and had 1 called back because of a penalty, was sacked once, had 2 runs (he recovered his own fumble on one of them) and Baylor was hit was a roughing the passer. Despite everything that people say, he did get injured the last two times that he was hit. I HATE the Sooners and even I know better about Bradford than you so-called experts.

  21. TrueFan
    Tebow is likely to be the victim of rape, and no one will be jailed because he was already a wide receiver. Live slo mon.

  22. @Florio –
    No cheap shots about the Browns? You’re slipping man.
    @superbowl –
    False. Joe Thomas can block as many people as he chooses. Most blocking schemes, however, only require him to block one man at a time.


  24. Mangini is livin’ on borrowed time and he knows it. Mike Holmgren isn’t going to let him anywhere near McCoy. You think “The Walrus” is gonna just sit in his office smellin’ his own farts? Not a chance. He’s going to be more involved than we’ll ever know, which can only be a good thing.

  25. I know it’s been said numerous times already but…..
    Florio said: “On one hand, Tebow will have plenty of time to develop into an NFL quarterback under the tutelage of a proven head coach.”
    Jesus Florio I can’t believe you actually wrote that comment.
    Are you delerious? Did you spend your entire 5-6 days in NYC down in the sewers drinking sewer water and getting bitten by giant rats? Are you out of your mind?
    Josh McDimwit is anything but a proven NFL head coach. What’s your next comment going to be on him, that he made Tom Brady what he is today?
    If anybody wants to read puffery & buffoonery about how wonderful McDaniels is all they have to do is go the Denver Post website to read that garbage.
    We have higher expectations from you.

  26. I still believe that Clausen will have the biggest impact the soonest. He has a team around him. Colt McCoy may be successful once the Browns are successful under Mangenius. The Browns are a work in progress. The same goes for Sam Bradford. Everyone wants him to start because of the big paycheck. Is there an offensive line to protect him? I believe he should be on the field later in the season. Finally Denver and Tebow, let the Football Follies begin. Denver will be hysterical to watch. Another Mangenius from the Bellichick camp.

  27. did everyone forget that the browns were the worst team in football last year before they got really stupid and won there last four games, if it wasnt for that they would have taken Bradford with the first pick

  28. For everyone out here talking about how lousy the Rams are going to be, let me provide a little explanation. I have been a season ticket holder since they moved here in 1995. The Rams have focused this year’s draft on offense and for very good reason. Our defense was much better last year than the stats indicate, but when they are on the field for 40 of the 60 minutes of the game the stats are going to be ugly. Our offense was pathetic. If Bradford, Jackson, Gillyard, and some free agent WR/TE help can string together some first downs and keep our D off the field so much, we will be a better team. I do not expect miracles, especially with the condition Linehan left this team, but I really believe there will be improvement and maybe surprise a few teams along the way. It is called re-building for a reason. I also like that we have 2 bookend OT’s. Our O-Line is already much better. I am very interested to see what becomes of this kid we drafted out of Houston, the Tight End. He is a physical specimine, and if he the hands to go with his size and speed, he can hurt some zone defenses as well as give Bradford a target in the red zone. So, all I ask is just stop with how “pathetic” the Rams are going to be. Hell in 1998 we won 4 -5 games and in 1999, we won 13 and won the superbowl. I do not write anyone off.

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