Tebow's football smarts won over Josh McDaniels

We heard a very funny Jim Rome take the other day where he wondered if Tim Tebow did really have mystical powers since he made such an impression on Josh McDaniels in a 15-minute interview at the NFL Scouting Combine.

The same powers appeared to work on Florio back in March as well.

In reality, though, Tebow had more time to work on McDaniels.  A seven hour get together with Tebow in Gainesville the Monday before the draft may have clinched the pick.

SI’s Peter King has a very interesting piece on McDaniels’ decision to draft Tebow that is well worth a full read.  McDaniels says Tebow’s intelligence went a long way.

“We went over a lot of things,” McDaniels said.  “Now, understand that our offense is pretty
complicated, and the terminology and the scheme is totally different
from what he did at Florida. But about midway through my time there,
we’re going through plays, and he starts using our terminology.

“He’s so
smart about football that he was able to begin to speak my language and
talk apples to apples. He’d already translated what he knew of our
scheme into my words. That’s something that carried a lot of weight with

King believes that McDaniels will find something for Tebow to do on the field this year.  It sounds like McDaniels believes he found his football soul mate.

“I love this game so much,” McDaniels said. “I would die to have 53
guys here who love it as much as I do. I’m looking to find the right
group of guys to accept our one singular goal — to win. I think Tim
fits in with that.”

59 responses to “Tebow's football smarts won over Josh McDaniels

  1. why are we still writing about this clown.. so they’re gay lovers.. we get it. get over it.

  2. It sounds as if Peter King is trying to help his old New England buddy (McDaniels) out. This is a joke. If a lot of teams in the league draft Tebow in round 1, the media wouldve torn into them, but certain teams with friends in the media dont get touched.
    McDaniels should be fired if his team loses more than it wins over the next two years.

  3. Well of course Tebow would know McDaniel’s scheme. Bill Belichick travels to Florida every offseason w/ urban meyer and they talk offense and bill incorporates it into the Patriots scheme. I assume McDaniels was a part of this as well when he was with the Pats.

  4. “I would die to have 53 guys here who love it as much as I do.”
    If he died… he wouldn’t get to use the 53 guys who love it as much as him. Gregg, let me know if my logic is wrong.

  5. Joshy McD drafted what he hadn’t had since his first imaginery friend in grade school. Someone who will talk to him. We all know Tom Brady wouldn’t.

  6. I think Tebow is going to be a lot better then people think.
    Florida – all he did was win.
    I look for Josh to adjust some things to fit Tebow’s style as well.

  7. Tim Tebow, the first virgin to become a member of the mile high club… He really is the second coming, or in his new team’s case, the last!

  8. I imagine it was a similar argument that made Brian Billick select Kyle Boller 19th overall;
    “I’m telling you; he threw that football 65 yards sitting on one knee! That’s the type of QB I want on my team”
    – But Brian, if his knee is down, then he is down?!
    -“65 yards I tell you!”

  9. While I like how much Josh loves the game his failure at the moment is to understand that not everyone needs to be like him. Just because you have 53 guys that love the game passionately doesnt mean you will field the best team on sunday. He needs to learn this is a game, a sport, and talent at this level matters just as much as heart.
    A guy can be stupid and immature but if he has all the talent in the world then with the correct MOTIVATION he will easily out play a smart passionate guy with average or below average talent. This isn’t is rocket science, it’s football and physical talent matters just as much here as intellect matters in solving the worlds problems.
    Josh has a vision but hes young and hasn’t experienced his dreams becoming failures enough to realize this.

  10. Tebows first year in the pros will be much like his first year in college. he will ahve goal line packages and short yardage packages while he moves to full time QB. he will not be the Offensive Rookie of the year but he will lead off sportscenter several times. I say he will have 64 rushing attempts and 24 passing attemts with 6 TDs this year.

  11. Tebow’s a neanderthal meathead that can’t even adequately respond to questions from reports.
    He simply speaks in clips in phrases stating “i’ll work hard” or “do what I’m told.” I appreciate the Tebow story and modesty and commitment in general, but this is professional football; and
    is a system QB (Ware, Klingler, Alex Smith, Chris Leak, etc..); moreover
    no urban Meyer QB has succeeded in the NFL; and
    his Senior Bowl and Alabama performance showed me everything..
    Latly, the game he got knocked out in by Kentucky, will be repeated weekly if he starts in the NFL.. These defensive players are killers..

  12. “I love this game so much,” McDaniels said. “I would die to have 53 guys here who love it as much as I do./pompous ass
    To quote Midnight Oil ….
    End – your dreamworld is just about to end
    Fall – your dreamworld is just about to fall
    Your dreamworld will fall

  13. @Greenantz..
    I say he will have 64 rushing attempts and 24 passing attemts with 6 TDs this year.
    Then he will not survive. By the way, those are some random numbers, why not 60/20?

  14. there was a LOT of JUICE in that room
    I bet some got on his pants.
    maybe he was DTF – just maybe?

  15. Who do you think the Broncos coach will be in 2011?
    Whoever it is will have to find a QB that can play.

  16. Lets bow our heads……Look, it takes more then just knowing and understanding terminololgy…We all get that…. The most important dynamic is a physical skill set, and that he does not have.
    Great guy, he loves god, he loves Mcdaniels, he loves people, he loves trees, he loves to hug trees, but can he throw the deep in at 18 yards in a window? 95% of the GM’s said no. So as long as they all love each other…….

  17. so what if he can remeber the vocabulary. I doubt that helps him throwing the football. Tebow has bust written all over him. Mcdoosh will have one year maybe 2 left in denver. I can see them winning 4 games next year at most.

  18. Thankfully McDaniel’s didn’t mention anything about “juice and ball” about his mtg with Tebow.

  19. When you hold comments for review and you read
    Edgy6 says: April 28, 2010 10:47 AM
    I would probably read the Peter King article…if it were linked correctly. and that would have been almost an hour ago, or when you held the comment from Section731
    when he said: April 28, 2010 10:49 AM
    Fix your link to the King story
    If I wanted to re-read the Tebow/Wonderlic gossip, I would stop knowing me. Selling your soul to NBC was supposed to give you MORE resources, not no resources.
    I like this site, I frequent it often, but sometimes I just don’t think anyone is paying attention.

  20. Sounds like Tebow will make a great coach. Too bad about the whole throwing the football thing.

  21. Football smarts or having 20 # 1 picks surrounding you? That’s great that Tebow can use terminology, but can he actually read a defensive coverage? Can he recognize a blitz? Can he do these things without reverting to his slow-catapult delivery? If Tebow went to Syracuse instead of Florida we wouldn’t be talking about Tebow the way we do. We’d be wondering who the bigger project is – Tebow or LeFevour.

  22. the NFL playground is littered with plenty of young QB’s who were outstanding once upon time in a college land far, far, far away…

  23. mcdushbag is way over his head, denver is on the way down! i love watching this team, LOSE! tebo bad pick.

  24. Why is Peter King still talking about that antiquated draft trade chart? Peter, this is 2010… teams don’t use that chart anymore, boss!

  25. Seems to me Chiefs2010 your a bit worried about Tebow. If he’s so horrible and a non factor then why waste your time and energy trying to convince everyone he sucks. Or maybe your just trying to convince yourself?
    Basically your pretty much just a tool spouting nothing but tripe to fit your argument.
    I’ll take one of your points. Just because no other QB has succeeded does NOT mean someone can’t break that cycle.
    Secondly EVERY player has had a bad game from time to time, yet many are still very successful. I love how ONE game is enough for you to draw a conclusion. I wonder if that’s what the Chiefs approach has been as well?
    You come in here and act like some football genius and judge of talent and then clearly prove yourself false with lame comments like that.
    Tebow’s body of work is MORE than ONE game.
    And lastly your personal attacks on the man just show irrational and unintelligent hatred.

  26. A genuis that scored 21 on his wonderlic? PFT’s infatuation with Peter King is almost as slobbery as McDaniels and Tebows infatuation with eachother. Please give the Nation a break on all three of these press whores.

  27. Yeah, of course his smarts won over josh mcDaniels, since the real talent left and his ego couldnt have him co-exist with proven stars…..
    this pick better go right, because the Raiders and Chiefs took one step closer – no 6-0 out the gate this year for Den…

  28. Interesting that if someone’s thoughts about a player matched those of Dungy, Gruden, Herm, Carroll, et al. then they would be considered of sound football mind. But, if that someone is McDaniels then he’s an idiot??? Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes (and skid marks) to me. Doubt Tebow (and yes, McDaniels) at your own peril.
    The one thing that I see often here that tells me that most of you know nothing of the Broncos is the claim (wish?) that there will be a new head coach in Denver in 2011. Seriously, if you say or think that then you know NOTHING. Even the most extreme of the in-house haters know that.

  29. BroncFanOr
    I’m entitled to my opinion.
    Tebow’s media hype. If he looked like Legarrette Blount (who will be a better pro) he wouldn’t have been drafted..

  30. @Seeryer The wonderlic has nothing to do with football knowledge.
    For the record Marino and McNabb scored lower than Tebow would you say they are poor QB’s?
    Seriously people stop being myopic sheep that follow only what others have to say and think for yourself.

  31. The Broncos will regret falling for Tebow’s good-guy reputation. Fire Josh McDaniels now for drafting team chaplain in 1st round! The ealier comment about McDaniels being happy to have a player than can tolerate him and will do what he orders is accurate.

  32. McDaniel really has something going there in Denver. Bringing in Thomas, Tebow, Beadle, Decker, in the space of a couple days. I’m impressed. Tebow is the real deal, and so is Bay-Bay Thomas. Eric Decker is no slouch, either. Those three will be among the top 10 players out of this draft in the not too distant future.

  33. Is Timmy two-timing on Urban or did he just buy a loveseat with 3 cushions at his new home in Denver? Am I the only one who watched Florida games for the last 4 years? I’ve seen better arms on slot machines.

  34. I hear when the Broncos come out onto the field this year the rest of the team will strap Tebow to a cross, stand it up and carry it onto the field.

  35. Never siad you weren’t. My point is you clearly have something personal against Tebow and your air of expertise is nothing but a bunch of bull.

  36. First off, how’s LeGarrett Blount going to be a better pro then Tebow when he’s buried on the bench, if he were smarter, he would’ve gone to a team who needs backs (Titans/49ers both have great backs). Tim Tebow is a project, Blount won’t be good unless Chris Johnson is traded.

  37. everytime i read about tebow it reminds me of my favorite bible story….when christ was dying up on the cross, in a tired and weak voice he called out for the apostle peter. when peter heard he said, yes my lord, what is it? anything to help you! jesus replied….”i think i can see your house from here!”

  38. chiefs2010 what about his alabama performance the previous year anyone can have a bad game. Obviously only one team had to like him be glad it wasn’t your chiefs. Or we’d be reading an obit about a chiefs fans that blew his brains out over the chiefs drafting tim tebow.

  39. Tuffguy I gotta say if you watched Florida games for 4 years and think Tebow has a poor arm you must be blind. I could see questioning his accuracy at times but his arm strength is NOT in question. Maybe you should see if they make braille T.V.s.

  40. swervinmervin says:
    It sounds as if Peter King is trying to help his old New England buddy (McDaniels) out. This is a joke. If a lot of teams in the league draft Tebow in round 1, the media wouldve torn into them, but certain teams with friends in the media dont get touched.
    McDaniels should be fired if his team loses more than it wins over the next two years.
    Regardless of your conspiracy theories, this was already the sentiment of many people BEFORE he drafted Tebow.

  41. “We heard a very funny Jim Rome take the other day”
    Stopped reading this article right then and there. If anybody thinks Rome is in any way funny, sport-smart or in any way entertaining, I’m of liberty to distrust anything they say thereafter

  42. Many QB’s come into the NFL with smarts
    Means nothing if you can’t throw, can’t run an NFL system, and are not changing your motion THE WEEK BEFORE THE DRAFT

  43. Tebow also impressed Oakland with his football intelligence, but they didn’t draft him even though their franchise QB is a fat, lazy tub of goo with no heart. Just saying….

  44. Football smarts? Oh yes. Tebow’s going to rock holding that clipboard. McDaniel should just go ahead and make him offensive coordinator right now.

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