Even the Raiders don't know what the Raiders will do

There are a few theories as to what’s going on in Oakland. 

(1) The Raiders and JaMarcus Russell are playing a high stakes game of chicken.

(2) The Raiders want to get Russell to take a pay cut.

(3) No one really has any idea what’s going on, including Raiders employees, with the exception of Al Davis.

This sensible third option was presented by Nancy Gay of AOL Fanhouse, with the help of two Raiders team sources.  “Things change by the minute here,” one Raiders source said.

“Don’t know anymore,” another one told her, when asked about Russell’s status.

If people inside the building don’t know jack, we can’t really know, either.  But Gay wisely points out how hard it would be for Davis to dump his top pick by reprinting a section of Davis’ infamous letter to Lane Kiffin two years ago:

“I do realize that you did not want us to draft JaMarcus Russell,” Davis wrote.  “He is a
great player.  Get over it and coach this team on the field, that is
what you were hired to do.  We can win with this team!”

50 responses to “Even the Raiders don't know what the Raiders will do

  1. Uh, Nancy is about as reliable as a weather forecast. Talk about a “know-nothing”. Don’t hitch your wagon to anything that broad says.

  2. ” No one really has any idea what’s going on except Al Davis.”
    You’re assuming Davis has a firm grasp of his own day-to-day activities?

  3. I think Al misquoted himself. LMAO when I read this. What a great way to start the day.

  4. Nancy Gay’s “sources” have proven to be very laughable over the years when it comes to Raider news. I still remember her saying that the Raiders would waive Warren Sapp the minute Lane Kiffin was hired because Sapp had a falling out with Monte Kiffin. Guess what? Sapp wasnt waived. She’s better served covering the 9ers.
    And as for her logic regarding Davis’ prior rants claiming JaMarcus being a great player actually hurting Davis’ cause to get rid of Russell without paying him – I disagree. I’d go the other way. Davis really did try and give JaMArcus EVERY opportunity. Staff members, coaches, front office personnel, players, and fans all wanted him to cut the string, but Davis insisted to stick with Russell. If Davis is cutting the cord, you know he’s just not putting forth ANY effort at all. Because Davis would otherwise not want to cut this guy and look like a fool.

  5. I truly feel sorry for Raider fans. Al Davis a once great figure in the NFL has aged into a crazy old man who must still think it’s 1983

  6. Amazing it’s taken you this long to figure out there is only 1 person in that organization that knows what’s going on with it’s players and it’s Al Davis, yet the media still seems to think they know what is going to happen.

  7. This story would be 10 times more compelling if it came from Nancy Aol of Gay Fanhouse.

  8. I think it’s safe to assume Al Davis doesn’t know what Al Davis is gonna do.

  9. Al Davis once said: “Things are more like they are today than they have ever been before”. I think he’s saying it again. . . .

  10. He is, he isn’t, he is, he isn’t, he is he isn’t, he is he isn’t……………………duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Al Davis is an incoherent, senile old bastard that has no clue what is going on with his own team or even his own bodily functions. I’m sure the guy shits himself in his ugly silver (now brown) jumpsuits on a regular basis.

  12. At least Mike Brown has good ol’ Al to protect him from being the worst NFL owner.

  13. why is this so hard to figure out for you folks…..if he doesnt show he does not get paid…..if he shows up they offer him a reduced salary…if he accepts it he stays….if not hes gone…..its really that simple

  14. If the Faiders are smart, they’ll cut Russell so he can become another welfare millionaire. If Russell is smart, he’ll take a pay cut so he’s still making millions, ALA Alex Smith. Neither are smart, so logic dictates something else super dumb will happen.

  15. Wow! Another “article” written by another drop out of the National Enquirer school of journalism. Did it ever occur to any of you morons that these raider “sources” are probably Gay’s mailman and her hairdresser? Secondly, if Gay ever did speak to anyone inside the organization why would she assume they would tell her anything? It’s none of her damn business what the Raiders will do with any employee of theirs. Get over it. No one, especially Al, owes any of you ‘tards any explanations of their plans. Once a personnel move is made it’ll be posted on the Raiders website.

  16. I very surprised you guys haven’t learned your lesson on this one yet! I (we Raider fans) have told you for years DONT BELIEVE OUR LOCAL MEDIA!!
    The RAIDERS dont tell anyone ANYTHING!!! Not BSPN, NOT YOU GUYS!!! If something gets “leaked” its usually on purpose to throw you morons in the wrong direction. Its a smart move because there are millions on the line, and why show your hand to the media? makes no sense. If you want inside scoop from the Bay Area Media write 49er and SF Giant articles. They are dying to talk about those teams to the Media. The RAIDERS have a HATE HATE relationship with ALL BAY AREA MEDIA. THERE ARE NO SOURCES!!! There you guy guys, Ive told you AGAIN!

  17. But Gay wisely points out how hard it would be for Davis to dump his top pick by reprinting a section of Davis’ infamous letter to Lane Kiffin two years ago
    Most adults can learn to admit that they were wrong, and move on. Happens all the time, and it isn’t like Davis will fire himself for having been an idiot.

  18. So what your saying is that the media has no clue what the Raiders do because they don’t leak it around the office. It has taken this long for you to start to figure that out.

  19. It’s not that difficult to figure out. Davis doesn’t want to look like a moron by cutting him b/c he said he was going to be great. His ego is preventing him from pulling the trigger.

  20. I think everybody would be better served if you all just quit speculating… err, reporting on the situation.
    Now you’re telling me that an organization is having a difficult time making a multi-million dollar decision. Wow, that’s hard to imagine. Much easier said than done.

  21. I don’t usually defend the front office much as I know its in a disarray, but Nancy Gay’s sources are probably locals at a bar.

  22. “I do realize that you did not want us to draft JaMarcus Russell,” Davis wrote. “He is a great player. Get over it and coach this team on the field, that is what you were hired to do. We can win with this team!”
    Al Davis only has to wave his hand and say “I never said, or wrote, that” and VOILLA! You’ve been Jedi Mind Tricked.
    I’m convinced of a couple things….
    1. Chuck Norris isn’t really Chuck Norris. It’s Al Davis incognito
    2. Al Davis is on his last push to win a Super Bowl and because he’s Al Davis/Chuck Norris, he’s going to do it. And as his final “f*ck you” to the NFL, he will vapor lock and die moments after accepting the trophy.
    3. The next year, the Oakland Raiders will be run by Chuck Norris, who’s suddenly developed an affinity for wearing sweatsuits 24/7. But is it REALLY Chuck Norris?
    Gnaw on that one, Raider Nation, while I get more coffee.

  23. If people inside the building don’t know jack, we can’t really know, either.
    THIS is the most accurate sentence ever written on this site concerning the Raiders!!!

  24. Reading the comments here and thinking, how can Raider fan continue to stick with Al and trash the reporter? What has Al done in the last decade that would make you think he is 1 or 2 players away from a Superbowl?

  25. how about the media is bored to death, and seems to
    1) try to take wild guesses and report them as factual on how much J-Russels weighs
    2) That BSPN puts up enpough crap, that enough other idoits will post them on their site as if they were factual
    3) (The sensible option) That the raiders don’t tell haters especially bspn, nancy gay, mike lombardi, who all have “unamed sorces” or anybody else in the media what they do, because they are all full of crap. If Gregg Pappa, or Jerry McDonald did not report it, dont believe it. That simple.

  26. I have NEVER wanted someone to fail in life as much as I want Jabba the Hut to loose everything that has been given to him! Broke and living in the gutter is the only happy ending to the Russel story. Please!!! Cut his asses. There is no way a team will take a chance on him. In his mind he reached the finish line before the race even started. I don’t think he ever intended to work at being a QB. The top 5 picks in the draft is ruining already bad teams because of the money they earn they’re set for life! There’s no reason to work hard and put the time in to be successful.
    PLEASE! TOM CABLE turn this thing around, you have a good start already, just keep it going.

  27. He’s a bum cut him Who cares what happens with him he is a bigger bust than Mr. Leaf

  28. @charliewade
    i guess you are one of the journalist who writes for the highly qualified school of journalism aka the “bleacher report”. I guess you are the go to guy when the raiders “leak” stuff to the media, which the do all the time……lmao dip sh#t

  29. “nobody knows whats going on except for al davis” does that guy even know what year it is?

  30. It’s always been this way with every situation no matter how big or small. That’s why the media just throws crap at the wall and hopes it sticks. Until the Raiders announce something, don’t believe what you read. Sadly 90% of the public buy into anything the media prints about the Raiders, and refuse to believe otherwise when they find out they were duped.
    With the Russell situation, you can bet other than Al Davis, only cable and his coaches truly know what’s going on.
    Sadly for me, this is one time I wish the media would get it right. They’re batting .000 this off season so far.

  31. This is a mystery? It’s clear that the Raiders have given an ultimatum to Russell that either he takes a pay cut, a SERIOUS paycut, or they will move on without him. What takes time is that Russell’s agent has to first try to negotiate with the Raiders and simultaneously guage interest in his client around the NFL. I doubt the second part takes that long, but who knows? No one knows how this will end, but it’s up to Russell to decide, not Davis. That’s why no one knows. Why do you feel the need to constantly rip on Davis? It’s a tired act…

  32. Patsfan1776 says: April 29, 2010 11:28 AM
    Reading the comments here and thinking, how can Raider fan continue to stick with Al and trash the reporter? What has Al done in the last decade that would make you think he is 1 or 2 players away from a Superbowl?
    Are you serious? Ever heard of team loyalty. It’s not a loyalty to Al, it’s a loyalty to the Raiders and the Raider Nation. We’re not a bunch of fair weather fans like most of the Patsie fans are. Maybe you should ask some of the real Pats fans from yesteryear about dedication and commitment to your favorite team. Remember, there was a time your favorite team was laughing stock just as well. The best members of your teams fan base were the ones who stuck with them through thick and thin, instead of only caring about the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox. I have family up there. I remember when nobody gave a rats ass about the Pats in that area. Now you guys act like your some sort of super fans. Give me a break.
    Also, if you can’t figure out why Raiders fans bag on reporters, especially Nancy “My sources are the janitor and head landscaper” Gay, then you are a complete and total moron. It’s not rocket science. Why would a fan of any team support a bunch of liars and false rumor mongers over their favorite team?

  33. Al Davis knew what he was going to do with Russell the minute he traded for Cambpell.
    Simply put, there are variables in play that have to play themselves out and those are the determining factors in the decision. Anyone capable of complex thoughts can understand this.
    And Nancy Gay shouldn’t be writting about the Raiders. She’s clueless.

  34. Actually the Raiders know exactly what they will do. When are you going to learn the Raiders don’t give 2 about what the media think? You think that because you belong to a group of morons (that never can seem to get stuff right anyway) that you’re entitled to know everything going on in every organization? Seriously grow a brain.

  35. Tip to Florio. Nancy Gay is a Raider hater and a hack. She is one of many people who don’t belong in journalism, if that’s what today’s reporting is called. There are no real journalists anymore. You know. The ones who really investigate a story and confirm that it’s true before reporting it. Today’s so-called journalist just repeats the same report that somone else released. No matter if it is accurate or not. In fact, they don’t even care if it is accurate. Today’s so-called news reporting is really just entertainment now. It doesn’t matter if the report is true or false.

  36. Tom Cable after the trade for Campbell stated, “I expect JaMarcus to be in minicamp.”
    Seems like the Raiders knew what they were going to do then. Look at that, I just became a better journalist than you and everyone else at BSPN and NFL Net.

  37. How can someone not shake their head when they hear that the Raiders aren’t jumping at the chance of saving millions with Russell?
    JR will never amount to anything other than a 3rd string QB
    He has zero off-field work-out ethics, he has zero football IQ, and has zero chance of future success

  38. It’s very simple. If Russell shows up to OTA’s weighing more than 290lbs, make him an offensive tackle or guard. Let him line up and take some hits from the D line for an afternoon. That will change his attitude.

  39. Nancy Gay is lazy, but someone should give that little twerp Kiffin his due. Before Davis went on his rant, Kiffen reportedly said-referring to Russell-“I can’t win with that.” He was correct.

  40. ootoo nailed it. This isn’t Al is senile. Al has lost it. This is Al Davis being Al Davis, He is obviously fed up with Russell. But Al doesn’t work like most. This is about Al Davis trying to get some of his money back. I will bet ootoo’s assessment is 10% on the money. The organization can’t get he or his agent to talk to them about restructuring or anything esle apparently, so this is the next play.

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