Kerry Collins thinks his contract shouldn't get him poopcanned

NFL_collins2.jpgAfter an unexpectedly good 2008 season, Kerry Collins signed a two-year, $14 million contract to remain in Tennessee as the starter.  After an unexpectedly bad 2009 season, Collins is due to earn a base salary of $5.5 million to serve as the backup to Vince Young.

Collins doesn’t believe that his high rate of pay will get him, to borrow Billy Devaney’s term, poopcanned.

“I got the indication, from what [coach] Jeff [Fisher] said, that they want me
here and the money is not a problem
,” Collins told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “So I am
looking forward to being here. I would like to be starting, but that is
kind of the way it is. . . .

“Every indication I have gotten from them is that I am going to be here
and I am going off of what Jeff has said publicly:  money is not a
problem.  I trust him and I am going to move forward from there.”

Collins is right, but not necessarily because of his own abilities.  The last time the Titans entered the season with Young as the starter, Young had a Week One meltdown.  So, basically, Fisher wants Collins on that bench.  He needs Collins on that bench.

29 responses to “Kerry Collins thinks his contract shouldn't get him poopcanned

  1. What’s this ” i wish i was starting ” jib jab?!
    Kerry should just be happy he’s got a job!
    Once the Titans are done with him, so goes his career….i dunno maybe not Oakland always picks up other peoples crap.

  2. Really? Poopcanned? That offends the intelligence way more than the word shit would offend the moral majority.

  3. Hi all. Kerry please put that bottle down… are you this Naive? is this what it has come to????

  4. I don’t believe it for a second.
    Bud Adams will flip the bird to 5.5 million.
    Well, that’s if the old man remembers that he’s paying Kerry 5.5 million. He might have forgotten.

  5. last time VY “had the job down pat”,like the story says,he had a mental meltdown and kerry came in and won like 13 straight games or something,so i dont think they should count their chickens here,just deal with the high price and wait for youngs performance to show through

  6. when i saw the poopcan title i knew Florio was on duty. dude did u write this one while on the can??

  7. Ummm I think that means Collins IS there because of his own abilities. If they were worried about VY having another Week 1 meltdown and thought they would have to actually play the backup, wouldn’t they want someone there who was good enough to play?
    If they were keeping Collins not for his abilities, what would it be for? Because they don’t pay him very much? Uh, this whole post is about the fact they are paying him kind of a lot. Because they don’t think he’ll ever play anyway? Uh, you kind of shot that one down with the jab at VY. Because he’s real good buddies with the owner? What’s with you dissing QBs tonight? Collins is probably the best QB2 in the league (top 5 at least). What an ass…
    I’m not even a Titans or dunkass Kerry Collins fan, but this post was dumb, Florio.

  8. Yes!! Poopcan is back!! That’s got me feeling mighty pouncey.
    That’s a call back that was long overdue.
    Well played, Florio!

  9. “After an unexpectedly bad 2009 season”
    Maybe to you but to me and probably alot of other people we expected him to have a season exactly like that.

  10. So earlier in the day i see someone call Florio, Gloryhole. I thought that was the funniest thing I had evern seen on PFT… then Florio uses the word poopcanned. Today was a good day.

  11. i dont see why they need this guy to be the backup. last year titans start the season 0-6 with him at qb. even jamarcus russell could probably squeeze 1 win out. maybe….

  12. Flint,
    YOU WANT ME ON THAT WALL, YOU NEED ME ON THAT WALL! You come down here with your faggetdy white uniforms… Jack’s line when him Tom Cruise and Demi Moore had breakfast at Git-Mo. Come on man!

  13. If Collins doesn’t agree to a significant paycut, he’ll be gone…That’s the reason the Titans recently re-signed Chris Simms and drafted another QB.

  14. Florio, the topics that you report on are relevant, but your assumptions are asinine.
    Collins should not be paid to sit on the bench while C Johnson rushes for 2000 yards while getting paid in peanuts.
    …That’s an appropriate assumption to report on.

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