Loss to Browns shaped Jaguars offseason

Don’t tell Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith that a Week 17 game between two teams with virtually no playoff hope is meaningless.

“The Cleveland game was a defining game for us,” Smith told Vic Ketchman of the Jaguars’ website.  “If the fans need an
indication of why some of the changes were made, they need to go back
and evaluate what happened in the Browns game. To me that was a defining

On that day, the Jaguars were pushed around up front by the Browns.  They lost 23-17.  The Browns only needed to throw the ball 11 times; they had 49 rushing attempts.

Two starters from the defensive line that day, Quentin Groves and John Henderson, are gone.  Jacksonville drafted four defensive linemen to replace them, including first-round pick Tyson Alualu. 

That day changed the Jaguars’ offseason strategy, and it may have kept Eric Mangini employed in Cleveland.  It’s another reminder that every game in the NFL matters.

45 responses to “Loss to Browns shaped Jaguars offseason

  1. Who is Tyson Alualu and did he interview with Ireland? Was his mother ever mentioned? Has Al Sharpton been notified?? I am sure Parcells has something to say about this………

  2. Are you going to give credit to Vic Ketchman for copying and pasting half of his article?

  3. Haha that one game made Jacksonville reach for a guy they coulda had later. I guess desperation does cause panic…

  4. …unless you’re the Indianapolis Colts.
    For them, every game after Week 14 is Curtis Painter time.

  5. Not to change the subject…….but I need a Brett Favre story…….Im starting to get the DTs…having withdrawals.

  6. What a horrible loss. That was a game that could have put the Jaguars into the playoffs. We had something to play for but after an abysmal showing there’s absolutely no wonder why we weren’t there representing the AFC South. To that end, the Jaguars front office made a decision that “out with the old and in with the new” was a necessary principal to employ this off-season. As a devout follower and fan of the Jaguars I believe they have the correct mindset in, they need to be bullies of the two lines, and they have to control the football. Waiting for Manning to retire just isn’t going to cut it. The Quarterback must go down and go down hard. Even if he’s the 1st ballot hall of famer. With that, the Jaguars’ expectation this year is that we make it into the playoffs. I see no reason why the fresh faces of our team won’t step up and show some of these older players how to play with energy and excitement and, with a goal a mind- the SuperBowl.

  7. A loss to the Browns shaped the Bills’ offseason as well.
    I believe the final score was 6-3.
    This game is a great candidate for the worst football game ever played…ever…in the history of the NFL, and maybe in the history of football.
    Anyone remember that game that ended in a 0-0 tie many moons ago?
    Well, this game was A LOT worse.

  8. “SirSuperSouthern says:
    April 29, 2010 1:30 PM
    Haha that one game made Jacksonville reach for a guy they coulda had later.”
    Some day people will realize that Mel Kiper’s “big board” does not represent the feelings of every NFL team.

  9. Browns fans saying the Steelers suck is the same as fat chicks saying they look hot in spandex.
    As for all 10 Jag’s fans that are left….Get bent because your team will be gone quicker then you can pack up your Trailer.

  10. “If the fans need an indication of why some of the changes were made, they need to go back and evaluate what happened in the Browns game. To me that was a defining game.”
    Is that how Jacksonville explains their atrocious draft this year?

  11. From that point on, Jacksonville never lost a game to the Cleveland Browns. Nor did they win a game against any other team in the league.

  12. It still smells like panic. If your run D was such an issue why reach for Tyson Alualu when Dan Williams, highest rated NT is still on the board?

  13. Hey ignorant Raider fan,
    You guys averaged less fans than Jacksonville did last year. Who is Raider fan to be calling out a team with fan issues who actually had a worse attendence problem than Jax?
    Why was Jax’s draft atrocious? Because none of you armchair QBs knew who the players were, or becaus eKiper or McGay didn’t know who they were?
    Give me a break, you people are clueless.

  14. Raiders fans mocking Jacksonville blackouts is like Kirstie Alley saying she looks hotter in spandex than Rosie O’Donnell.

  15. you know this is the second time that a loss to the Browns shaped our offseason. Last time was when Tim Couch beat us and less than a week later Weaver fired Tom Coughlin.

  16. If Alualu is as good as Gene Smith believes, this will have been a great draft.
    According to Kiper, if the Jags had drafted Jimmy Clausen, it would have been a great pick. They would have gotten a good “final” grade. Well, 32 teams in the NFL judged Clausen to be middle second round talent. So 32 teams think Kiper made a major “reach” to rate Clausen so high.
    I guess Kiper gets an ‘F’ for that.

  17. Here come the Florio conspiracy theories about how the Jags intentionally let the Browns run all over them so they would have an excuse to draft D-linemen and not draft Tebow.
    Because if they had won the game and played stiff D they wouldnt have needed D-linemen and they would have felt pressure to take Tebow…right Florio??
    Florio, you STINK!
    And Rosenthal, once again, you STINK for working with Florio!

  18. “HellsGrimTyrant says:
    April 29, 2010 1:54 PM
    It still smells like panic. If your run D was such an issue why reach for Tyson Alualu when Dan Williams, highest rated NT is still on the board?”
    Considering Williams went in the mid-20s, that would have been a reach. And if you knew anything about the Jaguars, you would know they have Terrance Knighton who was clearly the best rookie DT in the league last year. And he plays the same position as Dan Williams.

  19. What’s funny is I think the brass in Jacksonville and Buffalo have some type of obsession with beating the Browns. No matter how bad the Cleveland teams are they tend to always find a way to beat the Jaguars and Bills. Can’t explain the deal with the Bills but wasn’t “instant replay gate” some years back a Jacksonville win over Cleveland via ref stoppage? I don’t know why people take the Browns so lightly. Last time the Colts plaid them, Payton Manning scored 0 points on their defense and they did beat the bajesus out of the defending Super Bowl champion Giants in 08 and Steelers in 09. They are the best crappy team in the NFL.

  20. I will never forget that play where we had Harrison in the backfield on one end of the field and then we missed him and he ran all the way to the other side of the field for like 40 yards. Well, at least the rookies had a promising game. Derek Cox had an interception. Zach Miller (the QB converted to a TE) had 8 receptions and 2 TDs. Mike Thomas had 7 catches. Terrance Knighton had 5 tackles including 2 tackles getting Harrison in the backfield.
    I hope that the 2010 Jaguar rookies are just as successful as the previous ones.

  21. The Browns don’t “always find a way to beat the Jaguars”. The Jaguars beat them the first six times the teams faced each other. And this past season was the first time the Jaguars have ever lost in Cleveland.

  22. # raider4life says: April 29, 2010 1:29 PM
    Except when you play the Buc’s!
    January 26, 2003????

  23. J-Lamont..Yes around here that infamous game is know as “Bottlegate”, a game in Cleveland where Ref Terry McAulay overturned a Browns’ first-down catch late in the game against the Jaguars after quarterback Tim Couch spiked the ball on the next play.
    Of course we know per Carmen Policy that those bottles don’t carry much of a “wallop”.
    There were better throws from the stands than on the field that day !

  24. Shouldn’t the Jags be more worried about losses to teams like the Colts, Titans and Texans? Teams that win build for their own division, not for 5-11 teams in other ones.
    The Jags went 3-3 in the AFC South last year, with two of those losses to Indy. Being on defense, Tyson Alualu might help stop Peyton Manning, but Smith shouldn’t be saying that he was drafted at #10 because of Cleveland.
    Is he trying to get fired or just playing dumb?

  25. I don’t actually mind this “story” as much as the past atrocious Jags stories. Except for the fact that I read it about 3 hours ago on Jaguars.com. Talk about a copy and paste job, copying the work of a real reporter like Vic Ketchman.
    Seriously if anybody wants to learn more about football, do yourself a favor and read “Ask Vic”. It’s on Jaguars.com every weekday. I definitely recommend it, even for non Jags fans.

  26. Jacksonville’s atrocious draft is well attested to by the D- given them by one of the highest-ranked fantasy sites, which commented that:
    Summary: I would have bet my left marble that Tyson Alualu wouldn’t be a 1st round pick…glad nobody took me up on that. Jacksonville’s war room drafted from the short bus. There isn’t a player on this list that will last long.

  27. SirSuperSouthern says: Haha that one game made Jacksonville reach for a guy they coulda had later. I guess desperation does cause panic…
    Go back to posting your childhood man crush posts about you and Drew Brees being best friends when you were 5. Your Jag hatred isn’t wanted here.

  28. SportsDevil:
    You’re reading a little too much into what Smith said. Yes, the Browns game was a deciding game, but I’m pretty sure he sees at as the straw that broke the proverbial back. All one had to do was watch a few of their losses last year to see that the defensive line was a major problem. The issue became really apparent in three of the final four games, and was strikingly horrible against the Browns, who at the time had a terrible rushing offense.
    They are concerned with those other teams, but the two games against the Colts were actually well-played, despite the losses. They know they have to compete in their division…every GM and coach knows that. The key is knowing what you have to fix. And their defense needed fixing, and it’s been a multi-draft process.
    Note to raider4life: check your own attendance figures. Then we can compare quarterbacks, okay?

  29. This is the entire coaching staff nail in the coffin, they will be gone next year this is pathetic the JAGS suck and they have ran out of excuses. There were more issues with this team before they played that game with the Brownies.

  30. SportsDevil,
    Your reading comprehension skills are obviously lacking. I think the point of the article was that the defense was absolutely manhandled up front and we were beaten up by a team that was as deficient as Cleveland in the passing game, I mean let’s face it, all they had last year was Cribbs. When we lost to teams like NE, Arizona, and Indy, they all have excellent passing games. The West Coast swing- Seattle caught a team that got down early and quit and we had several opps to beat SF, but could not punch it in, that is all Garrard there. Cleveland, I think, showed Gene Smith what he probably did not want to believe, and that is that the old Jags nasty defense up front was just that… old. We lost our punch. So, we went young and quick and picked up a couple of vets who know how to make things happen. I haven’t heard too much criticism about our pick up of Morrison or Kampman, have you?
    Instead of criticizing our “horrible” draft, let’s see how the season plays out. You can say what you want about Alualu being a reach, but tell me any weaknesses you’ve heard about him. I haven’t heard too many aside from the reach comments. If you’re a college superstar destined for NFL superstardom, there’s really nowhere to go but down, right?
    The point was not to say, we must beat Cleveland.
    By the way, the Cleveland game. Do you recall all of those empty seats? I do, and I recall them during the Pittsburgh Thursday nighter too.
    Loyal fans my ass.

  31. raider4life says:
    As for all 10 Jag’s fans that are left….Get bent because your team will be gone quicker then you can pack up your Trailer.
    Either you’re clueless, dumb or both. By the way, My home is 3800 sq ft 5 bed 2 1/2 bath with a pool. Not bad for a trailer huh. How about you?
    The Jags need major help even if they beat the Browns to make the playoffs. I was rooting against my team. The first time ever I’ve rooted against them. I wanted Del Rio gone. I wanted his a$$ fired as sone as that plane hit Jax. They laid an egg at the end of the season and I was and still am tired of Del Rio “we gotta stay the course” speeches. We at least he’s done if he can’t coach’em up this year.

  32. this site has the least knowledgable football fans I have ever seen….how can you call a draft horrible before any of the players get on the field….STFU and let these players get on the field and show what they have…I am pretty sure everyone was singing the same tune last year when Gene drafted Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox

  33. That’s right! That’s right!
    The Browns are pushing teams around up front, uh huh…
    Oh the good ol’ days.

  34. After that game they said to themselves, “Look I know we stink, but we just got pounded by the Browns, yes the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Could it get any worse? We need to make some serious changes, anyone who loses to the Browns should be looking at themselves”. I’m positive it went something like that.

  35. To anyone that has called out the Cleveland fans and compared them to Jacksonville:
    A) None of Cleveland’s games were blacked out. Some did get close to not being aired but eventually the tickets sold.
    B) Go to Cleveland in the winter and let me know how you feel about doing ANYTHING outside.
    Back to the original point though. Smith shouldn’t be admitting that stuff to the public. If he has so much faith in Tyson Alualu, then he shouldn’t be talking about which loss inspired him to make that move and let the player’s performance do all the talking for him.

  36. dafish, joe.attaboy and jj jones
    And while I’m at it Gene Smith. The Browns were a good rushing team last year. Number 8 in the league. In the second half of the season they racked up 1290 on the ground. They rolled Pittsburgh for 170 just three weeks prior.
    Smith panicked after that loss.

  37. HGT,
    Our defense sucked, bottom line. The Cleveland game was the final straw. I forgot about the RB who came out of nowhere, sorry about that.
    Love your pick up of Haden by the way. You guys haven’t had a good secondary in a while.

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