Mel Kiper stands by his assessment of Jimmy Clausen

The ESPN draftnik showdown between Mel Kiper and Todd McShay regarding the fate of Jimmy Clausen ended with McShay scoring a slam-dunk victory.  McShay predicted that Clausen wouldn’t be a top-ten pick; eventually, Clausen wasn’t a top-40 selection.  (Rosenthal, by the way, predicted that Tim Tebow would be picked before Clausen.  Under the terms of our wager, I’m required to mention that once per week for the remainder of my natural life, plus 21 years.)

But Kiper is sticking to his guns.  “I had him as the fourth-best player,” Kiper said in a post-draft conference call.  “That’s my rating.  That’s my opinion, and I’ll stand by it.  We’ll see what happens three years from now.”

A lot can, and will, happen in three years.  With Clausen picked by a team coached by a duck who scheduled his millennium party for 2001, the former Notre Dame quarterback could get lost in the shuffle if/when the Panthers have a new coach who doesn’t share Kiper’s assessment.

And then Clausen will simply be just another Brady Quinn.

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  1. I am not sure why he didn’t end up in KC as an insurance option behind Cassel. I would imagine the offense Weis runs there will be the same or similar to the one he ran at ND.

  2. “With Clausen picked by a team coached by a duck who scheduled his millennium party for 2001, the former Notre Dame quarterback could get lost in the shuffle if/when the Panthers have a new coach who doesn’t share Kiper’s assessment.”
    What? Is that a sentence?

  3. Kiper had JaMarcus Russell as his fourth best player in 2007.
    That said, Kiper’s still 100 times smarter than McShay.

  4. Quinn didn’t have a chance. Clausen will have a great O-Line, two of the best backs in the league, and a great target in Steve Smith. Plus the opportunity to not start for a year. So we will see.

  5. Clausen is decent but dude had a record of 16-18 at nd. To cap it off, he lost to navy twice. So he may have played In a pro style offense but he isn’t a winner and that’s what’s important.

  6. The only question I have is what did Mel’s mother do for a living? Was she abusive? A heavy drinker? I would really like to know. Dave Wandstead please come home………..

  7. Mel Kiper needs a new hair style! Maybe a frohawk! I hope his prediction is better than his hair style!

  8. Kiper is so full of excrement…!
    He feels the same way about Clausen as Cam Cameron felt about Ted Ginn…!

  9. ugh, mel kiper looks like Dracula who had too much plastic surgery.
    Go hump Clausen if you love him so much Mel…..
    Mel what a terrible name…….

  10. Brady Quinn couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a softball. Plus he is a moron.
    Clausen’s issue is his small hands. You can tell with his long passes. I think Alex Smith has teeny weeny hands too.

  11. Humor? Why speculate negatively? He could get promoted by a new coach. In fact, three years is about right–we usually don’t know what we have until then. I don’t get the point of this.

  12. Kiper’s good as his craft. A lot of people slam him out of jealousy but half the teams in the league do worse in evaluating talent.
    Clausen will ultimately prove Kiper correct and cost a handful of people their jobs. Bradford will make a lot of people look like idiots, especially McShay.
    I just don’t understand what the fascination is with a QB who can’t do well against fast athletic defenses that run simple schemes (Texas and the Gators). There’s that Glass Joe thing too.

  13. That would be a shame if Clausen gets caught in the fray of coaching changes and new regime preference. Too skilled to not get a legit long term chance to succeed.

  14. not so fast,mcshay hasnt won anythung,kiper said he should be a top ten pick and that he was the fourth best player overall,maybe you can determine a winner in a few years after we see his play,but for now,i cant get the fact,that mcshat proped up snead so much and was in constant contact with his family,and convinced snead[albeit,not by himself] to come out early cause he was gonna be a first round pick,and dude wasnt even drafted,to this day i still havent heard anything from mcshay to convince me he has any credibility

  15. Jimmy is going to be a very good NFL QB. Kiper knows what he is talking about with this guy. Mcshay don’t know nothing I don’t even know Why espn has this bum on there sports shows. I don’t believe a thing mcshay says I was told that he told QB J.sneed that he would be a high pick in the draft and this kid wasn’t even drafted. This poor kid came out as a JR. Could have went back to school for another year and gotten got better

  16. Jimmy Clausen sucks! he is not even as good as brady quinn and thats if we say brady quinn is good.

  17. Blah Blah Blah… Clausen won’t be a shibacle… he’s in a perfect situation… all he has to do is hand the ball off to those two horses he has in the backfield and maybe throw one or two deep to Steve Smith…

  18. I am so glad that you have finally helped me understand what the rule against perpetuities is. If only my property law teacher had explained that it is used to place time limits on juvenile bets between dorks who spend way too much time obsessing over Professional football, I could have understood it perfectly (as I qualify as one of the protected class).

  19. Claussen was put in a good situation for his rookie year, think Tebow has the long term advantage.
    Long term in NFL is 2-4 years though.

  20. Has Mel Kiper ever been right? I mean outside the obvious stuff?
    Jimmy Clausen will last as long as he is not exposed as a starter. As long as he sits as a back up, no one will really ever know his true shortcomings and he can enjoy a good three to four year career as an unproven QB. Put his sorry ass on the field and you have Brady Quinn all over again.

  21. and IF he becomes another brady quinn (as if carolina was as bad as cleveland and as if carolina is a revolving door of coaches and as if carolina picked him in the first round and as if carolina’s franchise depended on him entirely) then certainly every douche is gonna have their ‘i told you so’ moment and every incompetent tool is gonna have some sh!t to say about him.
    how about saving these smug ‘i called it’ articles for some time later in the future? maybe after the kid’s taken a few snaps in a few nfl games?
    what a bunch of drivel

  22. Dammit, I was really hoping I’d be first in with the Rule Against Perpetuities reference…

  23. Why are the Panthers going to fire Fox after he leads the team to the Playoffs? Do I need to remind you guys that Jake Delhomme isn’t in Carolina turning the ball over 4 times a game? Any of you Summa Cum Laudes ever heard of DeAngelo Williams or Jonathon Stewart? This year, the Panthers offense is playing the role of Rapistberger in a public restroom! Getcha popcorn ready!

  24. First off the people comparing Clausen to Quinn NEED and i mean NEED to have their eyes checked. If Clausen is Quinn then Mark Sanchez is another Matt Leinart

  25. That said, Kiper’s still 100 times smarter than McShay.
    Negative. McShay has won me over…and anyone who wears a hairdo and glasses from the 80’s is a maroon.

  26. Mike Mayock said before the draft, and after the draft, that Jimmy Clausen was a top ten talent. Either Mayock or Gruden said that Clausen would have a better career than Bradford. I hate Kiper as much as the next guy, but he isn’t alone here.

  27. Agree with Cleveland
    Seriously, Kiper is a bigger hack than most of us. That lucky MF gets to do that shit for a living. Kiper is joke, he is a caricature of a man. Biggest talking head ever. This guy ranks as a mid tear, clow town Politician in my world.
    Kiper and me get to change jobs in 2011.

  28. i think clasuen will end up playing this year cuz matt more i think will falter half way cuz teams will be ready for him

  29. Kiper’s plan was always to play the “really old Elvis” some day. Kinda like Al Davis’ plan to watch the “really old JaMarcus” some day.

  30. Old Mel stood behind Joey Harrington and a few others I could mention as well. The Draft is like betting a Horse Race, you never know who will cross the finish line.

  31. the last time I checked, Clausen has all the “Ben Roethlisberger pieces” around him to be a SB QB. If he sits back and lets the team around him win for him and then has two SB MVP WRs (in other words BenRo did nothing special and they had to give it to someone) then hes set.
    The best 1-2 punch at running back in the league.
    A top 5 LT.
    A pretty solid defense with one of the best young MLBs in the league in Beason.
    Oh and that Steve Smith guy at WR, I hear hes alright, made Delhomme look good and Delhomme doesnt have a quarter of the potential or ability of Clausen even from day 1.
    Fox is one of the best coaches in the league and in a musical chair division such as the NFC South… its Carolinas turn to win it anyways. I see twelve wins with Clausen as the starter… Clausen only has to throw 33% of the time and 99% of that goes to Steve Smith who makes him look better then even Delhomme looked (at times).
    McShay is a whinny little girl, Clausen was top ten talent which is why Carolina had the best value pick of the draft and three years from now of the top 4 QBs Clausen landed on the best team and will look the best.

  32. Tre-nitty says…
    “Clausen is decent but dude had a record of 16-18 at nd. To cap it off, he lost to navy twice. So he may have played In a pro style offense but he isn’t a winner and that’s what’s important.”
    This is the most moronic thing I’ve ever read.
    Notre Dame didn’t go 16-18 because of Jimmy Clausen. The Golden Domers have yet to develop any kind of a defense or a running game, there is only so much a QB can do. Pin that on Fat Charlie for not having the ability to do either.
    Danny Wuerfel was a “winner”, hell of a QB he turned out to be!

  33. Real hard to say what’s going to happen this year. Yeah he goes to a team with a good O Line a terrific running game and Steve Smith who is 30 but he’s Steve Smith. On the other hand they don’t have a defense. And what little defense they had just left town. I don’t think we’ll see a Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco run, both those teams had good defenses, even the Falcons managed to put together a good one in Ryan’s first season. Sanchez stank during the regular season but a phenomenal NY Jets defense bailed him out and got him into the playoffs where he put together a good run. Have a feeling Clausen, provided he beats out Matt Moore, struggles but plays well enough that even if Fox gets replaced the incoming coach likes what he sees.

  34. I’d like to see a list of all the busts Mel had on his top 10 boards since he has been doing this.

  35. “Negative. McShay has won me over”
    Did he win you over with how he thought Mark Sanchez would be a 2nd rounder in his 1st mock draft??

  36. We already know that Mel Kiper thinks he doesn’t ever have to apologize for ANYTHING. When Todd McShay told Mel that they should apologize for criticizing McDaniels choice of Tebow in the first round IF Tebow turns out to be very good, Kiper said he will never apologize – it was still the wrong pick at that time. So naturally he will insist to his dying day that he was right about Clausen.

  37. Hey LuvThatDirtyWatah. Did you really call someone a maroon while meaning to call them a moron? I think that could make you an actual moron, no? Just kidding, but really, if you are going stoop to calling people names… Oh well, even a maroon should get this point.

  38. Mel McShay, Todd Kiper
    These married hoe’s need one another to be anything…
    They need each other to validate themselves…if they did not each other as love bunnies it would be like Laurel without Hardy…Tyson without Robin Williams….Lucy without Ricky….LT without a pipe…a pitcher without a catcher…
    Seriously, when I watch a draft do I have to see Darth Maul/Dracula aka the human hawkface telling me who is the best player on the board.
    So, Clausen got punched after dinner…he did not hit back…then he has the limo ride to announce (all planned by hid “daddy’s” agents’ PR man) Can the kid not get a break.
    What did a pro style offense do in college? The college game is speed around the end and a running attaxk..Not crossing routes! So, Weis did not workout at ND…
    The truth is Clausen knows the full Panther verbiage contained in their playbook…Weis wrote it! In Carolina he will have the NFL’s top rated line for gaining tandem rushing yards and a top 5 line overall…Then he has 2 all pro type running backs and Steve Smith (Golden Tate V10.0 !!!!) plus a whole host of wide receivers just drafted!
    one year or less behind Moore and he will start or be traded…that would mean Moore is a the big thing! Either way it is a win-win for Carolina and Clausen…Plus he will cash out $5. million. Not a bad day’s work (but that is only $3.45 after Obama is done with it LOL)

  39. Who was drafted first is now a matter of record.
    Who’s the better player remains to be seen. Kiper is taking the right tack on this, because draft order means nothing other than $$$.
    I still remember Kiper railing on a team for being stupid, when they passed on the chance to draft their frachise quarterback, by not selecting Heath Shuler.

  40. Kiper sucks. Never played a down of football, doesnt know the first thing about film study and his opinions are ALWAYS wrong……if anyone kept a true scorecard on these guys, they would be out of a job in a year. ESPN sucks anyway

  41. If/When Carolina dumps Fox, I wonder what the assessment would teh assessment be if they hired Gruden.

  42. Whatever, Kiper is an idiot. He and BSPN deserve each other. They both suck. Only an idiot puts stock into anythnig he or that network says. This guy sat on BSPN the other night and gave the Raiders a failing grade for their draft. I guess his feelings got hurt when he completely bombed on his draft predictions, of not only the Raiders, but the entire NFL.

  43. “Clausen is decent but dude had a record of 16-18 at nd. To cap it off, he lost to navy twice. So he may have played In a pro style offense but he isn’t a winner and that’s what’s important.”
    This guy must be a moron. How do you expect him to win games alone he had no defense a Notre Dame. He hasnt even thrown a professional pass why dont we just see how it pans out before you judge so quickly.

  44. “This guy has John Elway-like skill”
    mel kiper, april 2007, on jamarcus russell

  45. McShay is an idiot. He has “0” respect from ALL NFL teams. They consider him a laughing stock who doesn’t take his job seriously. He doesn’t go to the limits Kiper does when evaluating players. At least Kiper scouts players like a real NFL Scout would. Yes it’s true guys it has been menioned. I used to dilike Kipers Opinions as much as Florios but have come to realize he’s not to far off. McShay on the other hand throws darts and hopes to get lucky.

  46. chapnasty,gruden and other morons who didnt know what they were talking about, the Chiefs NEVER had any intention of burning a high pick on Clausen. talking heads on tv, do your fricking homework, steve young had it right

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