Pacman says he's pretty much "partied out"

The Lions haven’t ruled out bringing in Pacman Jones, but they aren’t being aggressive about their interest either.  Jones touched base with Lions coach Jim Schwartz this week.

“I texted him and just told him that I’m still available, I like what
they did in the draft,” Jones told the Detroit Free Press.
“It was just a simple text message. And he was like, ‘Thanks. Keep your
head up and keep the faith.’ We left it at that.”

Jones says he’s ready to take a minimum-salary, incentive-laden deal and wants to join a team as soon as possible.  He also says he won’t fall into the same traps that got him in trouble early in his career.

“You ain’t got to worry about no phone calls at 3, 4 in the morning. I’m
here to play football,” Jones said.  “Partying was what I liked to do back then. I’m pretty much partied out

The question is whether he’s played out too. We don’t buy the various reports of “interest” in Pacman because he’s obviously ready to sign and no one will meet with him. 

Jones may have to forget about those incentives and take any minimum salary deal he’s offered.

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  1. “I’m pretty much partied out now.”
    Translates too I’ve spent all my money, my posse has left me since I can’t support them, and I’ll do anything no to have to take a job that involves asking the customer if they would like some fries with that whopper.
    Hopefully the Lions won’t sink to bringing this turd back into the league.

  2. He is out of money and realized that he pissed away his carrer. Such a responsible turnaround. Throw away everything to realize that you are just a looser.

  3. Pacman was good, I am unsure about now. I think Dallas should of not dropped him. Dallas should of kept him and let him start out fresh from the start of the seson, since he never got to do that with the team. I think that would of worked out for him and the team.

  4. Yeah. Lots of people would take an NFL minimum salary contract of minimum wage at McDonalds.

  5. “Partied out” as in he can no longer financially afford to party like he used to?

  6. Yeah right. He has no money to party with but if the Lions are stupid enough to get this fool, he’ll party like its 1999 again and go through the same ol BS. Goodell needs to tell this bum to move on.

  7. ummm, yeah…rrriiight…got it…mmmhmmm…
    all scripped out too – stay unemployed a little longer & he can only make it dribble – the scrippers will hate him…

  8. “You ain’t got to worry about no phone calls…”
    perhaps he could seek employment as a “butcher”

  9. Come on Browns, take a chance and sign him but give him a zero-tolerance discipline waiver in his contract.

  10. He probably figured that there would always be a team that would take him in, no matter what. How’s that reality thing working out for you, Pacman?

  11. Know how you feel, Pac. I had to put the groceries back on the shelves yesterday because my debit card was All Partied Out.

  12. The delay in posting comments on this website is unfortunate – It causes different people to post the exact same thing 50 times.
    Very often there are 25 comments posted at once, and when you try to read them they are all similar.

  13. Pathetic. If NFL can be counted on to do one thing, it is to sign ANYONE who might help them win a game. That includes felons, people involved in murders, sex offenders,… you name it. If you can help them, they will sign you, public fallout be damned.
    The fact that Pacman hasn’t been signed yet (much less had his tired kicked) by a team is very very telling. Teams would rather take a flyer on unproven rookies than take a chance on Pacman. He’s proven himself to be too much of a PITA for even the Raiders to sign him.
    Stick a fork in him, he’s done. And he has no one to blame but himself.

  14. @funi says:
    April 29, 2010 11:00 AM
    The phone calls will come at 1-2:00am or 4-5:00am! Once a punk always a punk!
    Sort of like Bennie eh?

  15. This guy went to college!!!
    “You ain’t got to worry about no phone calls at 3, 4 in the morning. I’m here to play football,” Jones said. “Partying was what I liked to do back then. I’m pretty much partied out now.”
    I think college is over-rated.

  16. blacks will say anything when they’re broke. he’s a liar and a scumbag and doesn’t deserve a 5th chance

  17. The Lions will give him a try IF they don’t think they have a solid punt returner on the team.
    They’re going to work their rookies this weekend to get a better feel for it.
    If they have a good feeling about one of the rookies returning punts, they won’t bother with him. However if they feel like they need help in that area, they’ll roll the dice on him.

  18. I hear ya pacman. My early 20s are one big blur. Now I can barely muster up enough energy to go out to celebrate my birthday.

  19. maybe the reality of screwing up the best years of his career and life have sunkin in far enuff to get some production outta him, I think he’ll be cheap and have something to prove. I think a base salary with incentives is not outrageous as long as the large print reads “SCREW UP AND YOUR GONE !”

  20. If he does sign perhaps he could use that money for some English lessons.
    Seriously – these colleges that some of these athletes went to should be ashamed at their education level. How do you go through 3-4 years of higher education and not know how to speak?

  21. “pretty much partied out now” well pac-man i ask why stop now? and even more importantly why should anyone believe you?btw is your mother a prostitute?

  22. from 2007:
    Jones took out a full ad in The Tennessean, promising “he’ll win back trust” of his teammates and fans.” ” I will do everything in my power to regain your trust and respect.” Jones also wrote in the letter, his plans to re-enroll and finish his degree at West Virginia University.
    at least Adam will have that college degree to fall back on as he enters the job market…

  23. Reminds me of Lucy and Charlie Brown.
    “Really, Charlie Brown! I won’t yank the ball away when you try to kick it THIS time!”
    (Cue the accusations of racism!)

  24. All he’d have to do is shave his head and get footage of a workout to the media, and someone would pick him up. i.e. Cowboys, Jets, etc

  25. Pacman Jones has given the real Pacman a bad name. Where are one of those Red, Pink, Blue, or Orange Ghosts when you need one. Pacman is getting a little slow and worn down, so it would be a great time to have a Ghost chase him down … GAME OVER!
    No more ‘extra lives’ for Pacman, just end his association with the NFL for good.

  26. Does Pacman meet the requirement for the veteran’s contract being guaranteed for the season if they are on the roster on week 1? If so, teams may be waiting until after that to sign him. Wouldn’t hurt to bring him in and kick the tires.

  27. Is he actually broke, with confirmation… or is this site full of people makign statements they have no support for?

  28. Are lil wayne and Pacman really two different people?
    This guy does seem motivated to stay on the straight and narrow for a year to get another big contract. Once that happens back to the scrip club to make it rain.

  29. johnny696 says:
    April 29, 2010 12:48 PM
    I am surprised that he knows how to text.
    that was stupid
    in 2010 everyone knows how to text

  30. Everyone leaving these hating ass comments about pacman jones are most likely lame ass people who never had any fun in life. He might be broke by NFL player standards, but I’ll bet he has more money than the “Git’r done” people commenting on him. You don’t need money to party. I understand him when he says he’s all partied out. There was a point and time in my life (when I didn’t have alot of money) I was smoking weed, drinking liquor, and getting pussy from different girls everyday. BUT, you get tired of it, just as pacman says. I quit my partying lifestyle for the sake of my boxing career, and I KNOW Pacman will do the same for his football career.

  31. Of course he has more money that the “Git’ r done” folks. He probably saves a ton of cash by just stealing whatever he needs to live day to day rather than paying for things like people in the real world. His only expenses are to “make it rain”, and pay for people that he’s left paralyzed…

  32. I’m sure at the ripe old age of 26, he’s genuinely tired of partying. It’s not much more likely that he’s run of cash after making it rain for the last 5 yrs. Typical is all I can say. I feel bad for the innocent people he’ll shoot to steal from after he is completely broke.

  33. Of course he’s partied out…hard to party when you can’t even afford bottle service anymore. Hopefully making it rain was more fun than investing the money and having it last for your non football playing days…which have come rather quickly eh ?

  34. # sdffa11 says: April 29, 2010 11:55 AM
    blacks will say anything when they’re broke. he’s a liar and a scumbag and doesn’t deserve a 5th chance
    Eww! You kiss your b@stards with that mouth?

  35. If he didn’t change after all the crap that happened before the Cowboys, he won’t change now
    He is getting older but is still a HUGE upgrade for the Lions
    Sign and possible give the Lions 1-2 more wins

  36. The reason I love this site is that it reminds me of a smoke-filled mens club where you can say pretty much anything you want without having to apologize to anybody.
    Of course, the anonymity of the place means that some of you will inevitably go beyond the bounds of good taste and fairness. I pretty much agree with just about everything said here about this absolute scumbag, but I know too many honest, decent, hard-working black people to let the pointless racial comments pass without comment.
    For those of you have lived a more sheltered life than me, I have met more than a few white folks who would say anything when they are broke , too, and who have wasted money and opportunity all their lives.
    I love the hard-bitten, uncensored, and mostly funny comments I find here, Too bad some of you have to expose your inner racist though.
    Pacman deserves just about anything said about him, but it simply isn’t neccessary to ascribed his behavior to all black people…………

  37. Well said shehateme.
    I think Pacman is just expressing his inner self. He knows how to annunciate properly. He is just showing his true colors (no pun intended). He’s a punk who talks like a ghetto punk.

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