Report: Cowboys not yet interested in Darren Sharper

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that free-agent safety Darren Sharper would be visiting the Jaguars, and that the Cowboys were lurking as potential suitors as well. begs to differ on the latter point.

In the wake of Schefter’s report, “multiple team sources” told ESPN’s North Texas operation that the Cowboys currently aren’t interested in Sharper.

Of course, the report regarding the Cowboys’ lack of interest appears beneath a video in which Schefter strongly indicates that the Cowboys are interested — proving once again that, from an editorial standpoint, ESPN needs to do a better job of harmonizing the oft-conflicting reports from the various soldiers in its army of NFL reporters and analysts.

That’s not gratuitous criticism.  At the end of the day, we’re all serving the audience.  And ESPN’s audience eventually is going to figure out that, at times, they’re not getting clear, cohesive, and consistent insight — and they eventually are going to look elsewhere for their information.

So, actually, maybe we shouldn’t be pointing this stuff out.

20 responses to “Report: Cowboys not yet interested in Darren Sharper

  1. Hope this report is wrong…the one that states Cowboys are not interested. Not the report that says they are.
    ESPN is ridonkulous. Reporting both sides of the coin doesn’t mean you got the story right whether it lands heads or tails.

  2. ESPN talking heads are terrible. Chris “Scoop” Mortenson has a batting average below the Mendoza line for years now. He has zero credibility when he breaks a story.

  3. Seriously Florio posts like this are the only things that make me want to stop coming to PFT. Quit your moaning about ESPN. They have a lot of employees and they’re bound to disagree on an issue every once in a while. Get over it.

  4. Clear, cohesive, and consistent insight? A lack of that doesn’t seem to drive traffic away from your site. The jabbering monkeys at ESPN probably aren’t too concerned, either.

  5. ‘That’s not gratuitous criticism. At the end of the day, we’re all serving the audience. And ESPN’s audience eventually is going to figure out that, at times, they’re not getting clear, cohesive, and consistent insight — and they eventually are going to look elsewhere for their information.’
    like your unbiased and consistant site, right Florio? See your flip-flop on the Teblow stance to experience your “consistency”
    effin hypocrite

  6. I think I trust arguably the best and most reliable source in the biz (schefter) over (is that even a website?)

  7. ESPN often contradicts itself. Their modus operandi is if you get enough people saying enough different things-somebody’s gonna be right. Then they’ll say “We told you so.” They’re a joke.

  8. Call me crazy, but I prefer having a variety of insight over consistent insight. I honestly don’t think anyone cares if ESPN provides an array of reporting, even if it is conflicting. People consume perspectives, hence the popularity of talk radio and political personalities.
    Nonetheless, I doubt Sharper will be signed by Dallas, Miami, or whoever else until the bidding war for Otogwe is over.

  9. sharper is coming off knee surgery, turning 35 and wants his last payday……..not sure if Jerry is going to buck his recent trend and accommodate, but would love to have him.

  10. Florio…Another classic example of how you need to put others down in order for you to feel good about yourself and the job you do simply surfing the web and summing up what others are reporting. Surely, if ESPN had a mere 3 reporters, sitting in a circle, jerk, maybe there would be more concensus. Unfortunately for them, they are the KINGS of the sports world, and based on their balance sheet, will be for decades, nay, centuries to come. So quit your Napoleonic Complex, and work on your grammer and spelling for Christ’s sake.

  11. That’s why i started reading you R-Tards. Florio, you should watch South Park’s New Episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken”. **amusing.

  12. Sharper is trying to make it seem like teams are interested in him
    Neither the Jags or Cowboys will offer him
    He needs to sign with the Saints as they are probably the only team to offer him

  13. I really dont think you get the point Florio.
    Espn isnt trying to force 1 solid opinion down our throats. If they were they wouldnt need so many different analysts. The point is to have different opinions. Thats why they ask everyone there opinions on tv and thats why they Stick McShay and Kiper on tv at the same time. It makes for better tv.
    I dont know why thats so hard to understand.

  14. While you and NBC might want storm troopers stepping to the drum of the Fuhrer, other media believe different opinions contribute to a more informed audience.
    Do you use positive or negative enforcement to whip your “analysts” into goose stepping?

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