Walter Jones gets his due

W. Jones.jpgThe career of one of the most understated great players in NFL history will come to a close this week when Seahawks tackle Walter Jones’ retirement is announced.

Jones is expected to speak with reporters Friday, but it’s not his style to make a big deal out of leaving the game.  So others will make it a big deal, as they should:

Dave Boling, Tacoma  News Tribune: “He changed the nature of this franchise, influenced the people around him, and may have forever altered the way people will judge others who attempt to play the position he mastered.”

Seahawks lineman Robbie Tobeck: “He’s more of a competitor than people realize. . . . He’s also one of toughest human beings I’ve ever been around . . . the man laughs at pain.”

Bertrand Berry, via Mike Sando of ESPN: “When you say Walter Jones, I think of the best tackle I have played against in my career.”  (Over Jonathan Ogden, Orlando Pace.)

Offensive line coach Howard Mudd: “He had this phenomenal athleticism. Walt is the kind of guy who does things so easily, it almost looks like he’s playing at 75 or 80 percent.”

Steve Kelley, Seattle Times: “Without words, without noise, without a whisper of hyperbole, he made us all feel fortunate to be along for the ride.”

Perhaps the strongest words about Jones were said by Mike Holmgren a while ago.  He said Jones was the best offensive player he ever coached — better than Joe Montana and Brett Favre.

That says it all.   

UPDATE: Jones officially retired Thursday afternoon.

47 responses to “Walter Jones gets his due

  1. Seahawks fans everywhere are grateful for Walter Jones. We are very happy to have drafted Mr. Okung, but truly, nobody will ever replace Walter Jones. He is the greatest LT to ever play the game.

  2. Brett Favre is not a great offensive player.
    He just had longevity and the sorry packers to support him (mainly because for 12 years the franchise worshipped him) and they had no other choices (they were cheap)
    Favre is an absolute game killer in key situations – but he lasted a long ass time.

  3. Big Walt is in a class of his own!!
    No doubt, the best Offensive Tackle ever!! And will be a first ballot Hall of Famer!!

  4. Sad day. Growing up as a fan of one of the lessor storied franchises in the league, we Had Steve Largent and Walter Jones.
    The first paycheck I ever got was used on season tickets… that was Jone’s rookie year. Within two years I’d transfix my binoculars on him during offensive plays and watch the show. He owned whoever was unfortunate enough to line up across him. When Hutch came I seldom watched anything but the left side of the line. The two of them made 300 pound men look like soaking wet children.
    Thanks for the memories, big fella. You will be missed mightily.

  5. Ground Breaking stuff gregg….Go post another raider blog….you need to get your hit count for today

  6. I’m a Rams fan, and, in my opinion, Orlando Pace couldn’t carry Walter Jones’ lunch. Jones is simply the best left tackle I’ve seen play the game. Okung has some monstrous shoes to fill.

  7. Did Fat Mike Hologram say that about Jones while he coached in Seattle by any chance? Just asking.

  8. We are gonna miss Big Walt. We also know who will be raising the 12th man flag at the first home game.
    Qwest field will be rocking for him.

  9. Walter flew under the radar at FSU as well. He may have been a JUCO guy that came out after his JR year? I think so.

  10. End of an ERA. Thanks for everything Walt. You will surely be missed not only by Hawk fans, team mates and the orginization, but true NFL fans.
    I’m sure opposing defenders are doing back flips. Not the usual ones when they are running from him but in celebration.

  11. And now the seahawks get worse on the line. They have good RB’s with Forsett, White, Jones is ok, but he should be the number 3 back now.

  12. Sad Day for the Seahawks and there fans. Big Walt was the corner stone of the great teams while the Big Show was running the show.

  13. Superbowl – you’re a buffoon. The Packers made Favre the first-ever $100Million QB (over 10 yrs.) … how does that make them cheap?

  14. Holmgren was coaching the Hawk’s when he made that comment. But let’s not forget, this is the same guy that would constantly call out Alexander during his tenor here.
    FTR the most impressive thing about his statement isn’t that he coached Montana or Farve, it’s that he coached Jerry Rice. Period.

  15. Holmgren was coaching the Hawk’s when he made that comment. But let’s not forget, this is the same guy that would constantly call out Alexander during his tenor here.
    FTR the most impressive thing about his statement isn’t that he coached Montana or Farve, it’s that he coached Jerry Rice. Period.

  16. Superbowl is absolutely right.
    Favre’s not so great–it’s just his longevity that’s remarkable.
    And if I were eating cereal bowls full of Vicodin for breakfast every day, I could play in the NFL for a couple decades, too.
    Hell, Favre should probably have a Vicodin sponsorship–wear a big patch on his jersey like the NASCAR drivers do.
    “Vicodin-the Vitamin for Narcissistic Diva Hick Attenion Wh0res.”
    Why stop there? The Williams sisters could get a Starcaps sponsorhip, too.
    Jared Allen –> Budweiser
    Chilly –> Rogaine
    Harvin –> Doritos, Twinkies, etc.
    I don’t know if I’m ready to grant Big Walt superlative status, but I’d definitely put him over Pace.

  17. Even Ogden had his bad days (the Freeney game back in ’04), but I never saw Walter Jones play one bad game till these last two old, injury plagued seasons. He was the reason Shaun Alexander put up great stats from 2002-2005. He was the reason the Seahawks were the model franchise in the NFC for a five year period.
    Holmgren’s comment is stunning, because he coached Rice and Montana, but why not. Walter was perfect. Plus, the guy could run block too. I remember in the 2005 Title Game when Jones, on a running play, drove a Panther player like 30 yards downfield. It was like the scene in Blind Side where Oher drive blocks the other guy out of the stadium, but only in real life and the opposition was an NFL player.
    Great career, great man, and we will all look forward to seeing you in Canton in 2015.

  18. LOL @MONSTER… Demarcus Ware has never had 3 sacks in a game against anyone. You must be from Texas with that math

  19. One of the true “giants” ever in the NFL.
    Never heard anything but positives about him both as a player and a person.

  20. eh, he’s a left tackle though..
    I realize how important they are, but the Seahawks didn’t do much without Shaun Alexander and when Hasselback wasn’t healthy.
    Let’s be honest, their good for protection and run blocking, but they’re not game changers.

  21. MONSTER,
    That Dallas game was the final game Big Walt ever played in. He was basically playing on one leg and was still out there trying to give his all for the team.
    Shortly after that game is when he went on IR and had the microfacture sugery.
    Big Walt at his best could handle Ware with ease.

  22. Thanks for everything Walt . A Seattle icon – literally a living legend , both on the field and in the community . No one else could ever possibly fill your shoes .
    … at left tackle , there’s Walter Jones . And then there’s everyone else .

  23. Yeah Ware had 3 sacks against Jones one game.
    Ask Ware how subsequent games against Jones went. That was probably the only bad game he had in his entire career because he went season long stretches without allowing a single sack.
    Thanks for everything Walt!! I will be booking my ticket to Canton five years from now.

  24. Kevin C says:
    April 29, 2010 1:39 PM
    “LOL @MONSTER… Demarcus Ware has never had 3 sacks in a game against anyone. You must be from Texas with that math.”
    You’re wrong. DeMarcus Ware had 3 sacks against the Seahawks on Thanksgiving Day, 2008. This is no knock on Walter Jones, who should be a HOF-er, but he was certainly not the same player the last couple of years with his injuries. Anyone denying Ware’s greatness simply doesn’t know jack about football.

  25. Best wishes to a great player and a class human being. He won’t make a big deal out of his retirement, but others wil do so out of respect for him.
    Favre has already made a big deal out of his retirement – SEVERAL TIMES. When he finally retires, we’ll all just heave a sigh of relief.
    And when you do BERT, stay the hell out of Green Bay. Just go back and check your swamp for oil slicks.

  26. madsqgrdn says:
    April 29, 2010 12:11 PM
    wow you would actually think he did something to benefit society.
    You are totally stunned. Your comment makes you seem like an idiot. Walter had a foundation that did more for the community than maybe any other Seahawk.
    Maybe stick to posts that you actually know anything about (if those exist)

  27. i can see it now, walter raises the 12th man flag in week 1, then comes a coin toss a kickoff and another 200 yard day for frank gore

  28. Mike Holmgren is just being policically correct when he said Jones was the best offensive player he’s ever coached…do ya think he really would have said, “Jones was great, but Montana was better” on Jones’ big day? Nope.
    BTW, to all you Favre nut lickers:
    Super Bowl Wins: Seattle….0
    Eat it, haters. On any other given day, Montana would get the nod.

  29. @crabman82
    Hahahaha, I hate that 12th man flag, what a stupid gimmick..
    Seattle’s for coffee drinkers and leftovers from the grunge era.

  30. Yeah Ware did a number on a INJURED Walter but couldnt do a thing against him when he was healthy.
    Loved the fact that a olineman was talked about as the best player in football, yes they said this about Walter Jones a few years ago, and no it wasnt Mike Holmgren saying it lol.

  31. @Chiefs2010
    You either seriously underestimate how important an offensive tackle is, but my guess is that you’re just a troll, seeing your distaste for Seattle. By the way, when was the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game?
    Mike Holmgren said that Jones was the best offensive player he ever coached two years ago, around the time he left the Seahawks. Though he did soften the statement saying that he meant Jones was in the same caliber of player as Favre, Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice (after some of those players talked to him).
    All that aside, Jones was a master of his position, and way understated for what he did (obvious by some of the comments here). Only 9 holding penalties called against him and only 23 sacks allowed in 180 games. Master of what he did, and will be missed!

  32. walter jones was the best offensive player i ever coached
    reggie (white) was the best defensive

  33. i agree with walter being one of the best tackles the last 20 years, but what about orlando pace? picked 5 spots ahead of him, has a super bowl ring and more all pro choices than walter, which is a better stat than pro bowls as it is not a popularity contest like the pro bowl

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