Allegheny County police confirm that Santonio Holmes wasn't removed from plane

Well, it was a good story when it first surfaced.  It would have been even better if it had been, you know, accurate.

Police in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has issued a statement confirming that Jets receiver Santonio Holmes was not removed from a flight at Pittsburgh International Airport on Thursday night.  Here’s the full text:  “As previously reported, Santanio Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010).  He was asked to remove his Ipod (at one point), in which he complied.  There’s no further information to report.”

The Jets previously acknowledged that Holmes failed to follow flight regulations.

So there you have it.  Something happened, but it didn’t result in Holmes being ejected as a “disruptive passenger.”  Still, this guy needs to be on his absolute best behavior, and people on their absolute best behavior don’t find themselves in these situations.

47 responses to “Allegheny County police confirm that Santonio Holmes wasn't removed from plane

  1. Terry Bradshaw is risen!!! Tim Tebow spit on his grave and *BAM* Lazarus 2.0
    Welp, back “news stories” about that guy who’s mom is a prostitute.
    And cue people commenting with cue’s like “cue jets haters”

  2. Still a TURD!!! The police should not have had to force him to comply with aircrew instructions. If an Air crew member says “turn it off”, YOU TURN IT OFF OR FACE POSSIBLY BEING ARRESTED OR AT LEAST THROWN OFF THE PLANE!!!! These are FAA RULES!!!! This is not rocket science.

  3. Situations….you mean….listening on your iPod minding your own business on a plane?
    what situations are you talking about Florio?
    hes a SB MVP
    how can he NOT avoid this?

  4. Seriously? “people on their absolute best behavior don’t find themselves in these situations.” Get off your high horse. He alledgedly complied with the direction to turn off his ipod. Maybe it’s not so much that he needs to be on his best behavior as it is you need to stop making something out of nothing here.
    If he was caught smoking marijuanna in front of a cop, driving at an insane speed, or curb-stomping babies, then I can see the need for you to chastise him. But since this was over an ipod being on, which he, again, turned off as directed, you need to cut the self-righteous crap.

  5. okay, thanks for the confirmation of a story your posted hours ago today. Whats the point of this ?

  6. i think if you post one more unaccurate story u should be on ur way out! hoow many is this now???no wonder the media gets such a bad rep…reporting on rumors shame shame

  7. ” It would have been even better if it had been, you know, accurate. ”
    Since when is that suddenly a prerequisite to get printed here?

  8. Give me a
    Sounds like we have a Mike Vick airport coverup going on here.

  9. ” So there you have it. Something happened, but it didn’t result in Holmes being ejected as a “disruptive passenger.” ”
    oh, so why not just imply he raped somebody then?
    you did it for Ben with even less evidence than this, and you kept it up for 6 f#*%ing weeks,

  10. you gotta get your stuff straight before you go spreading things that arent the ” Truffffffph”!!
    Way to confirm things

  11. There was no need to eject Holmes. He just lit up, stepped out of the emergency exit, and floated into Pittsburgh from somewhere just this side of the Ohio state line.

  12. The link you in the original story that you posted said this exact thing. Do you even read the stories you are linking to?

  13. Who the eff calls the police because someone doesn’t turn off their iPod? Is there really that little going on in that town? Seems very frivolous.

  14. Love the people defending him. Cause you know this happens to everyone right?
    Can’t remember last flight I was on where there wasn’t someone making a fuss and holding up the flight.

  15. WR Holmes is just another NFL prima donna. He violated FAA law but finally complied. He was being a butthead but, that is what these prima donnas do. They are catered to and spoiled rotten throughout their childhood. Then, if lucky enough, they are handed the keys to the kingdom while still a “man-child.” What do you expect? In his mind, you can’t tell him what to do.
    Yes, as an adult with some recent problems, he should have known better and acted on his best behavior. But, the whole situation boils down to his being a butthead. Hoefully, the NY Jets will straighten him out. If not, then he deserves the fans turning on him.

  16. Maybe he couldn’t turn off his Ipod cause he was finishing off his Blunt? That stuffs legal for guys like #10 the greatest pot smoking superbowl mvp ever!

  17. The Real Shuxion says: April 30, 2010 8:48 PM
    They must have realized he was listening to Yakkity Sax
    Thats funny right there!

  18. Florio loves to dump on players he doesn’t like. PFT was very quick to post a very sarcastic comment about what a loser Holmes was for getting thrown off a flight. NOW they post the truth without posting a ‘I’m so sorry’ mea culpa. Like Mel Kiper, Florio never apologizes for inaccurate information. He just repeats whatever garbage he hears.

  19. If it would have been an accurate that would have been the story.
    Way to keep raising that bar you ambulance chaser.

  20. Florio making a snide remark about accuracy in reporting is humorous beyond belief.
    WPXI and KDKA reported the same details passed along to them by police officials. Maybe Allegheny County police should have gotten their story straight before sending along bad info to the public.
    People who haven’t worked in real news and have made a lucrative living based solely on half-baked rumors have no right to criticize.

  21. I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who was on the plane that he didn’t have his seat and tray in the upright position.
    Bad ass!!!

  22. Man, half of the time I come to this site my Internet Explorer says it needs to close.
    You running Phishing programs Florio?

  23. # Mean D says: April 30, 2010 9:05 PM
    One craphole of a human.
    That is a sentence fragment. And a gross one, at that.

  24. i like how you had to get that last dig in even after it was found out that this story actually was nothing more than a “story.” your Jets hatred is a beautiful thing. i hope deeply that Rex Ryan takes a shit on your lawn.
    maybe it’s part of the equation that these types of incidents only get reported (and thusly carried to hyperbolic proportions by blogs) when “people who aren’t always on their best behavior” are involved…

  25. @Jungle Juice – I thought it was me , half the time I get the same message from internet explorer.

  26. For all of you complaining about the inclusion of rumors on this site, please keep one minor detail in mind before such complaining, the name of the site’s location is NEWS & RUMORS!!!!!!

  27. # FreeAgentPro says: April 30, 2010 10:23 PM
    Florio loves to dump on players he doesn’t like. PFT was very quick to post a very sarcastic comment about what a loser Holmes was for getting thrown off a flight. NOW they post the truth without posting a ‘I’m so sorry’ mea culpa. Like Mel Kiper, Florio never apologizes for inaccurate information. He just repeats whatever garbage he hears.
    And that will be Florio’s downfall, it’s just a matter of time.

  28. Wow your pathetic you couldnt even admit that you were wrong.
    First you try to pass the blame by saying it would of been even better if it was reported accurate.
    Then you go and still try to make it seem like he was in the wrong and is a terrible person.
    Get over it he’s not a Steeler anymore. You seem very bitter. You covered for this guy so much in Pittsburgh that your feeling guilty or something because now your trying to make him look like a bad guy when he did nothing wrong. In fact he complied.
    Making this guy look like a scum bag will not cover up what Ben did. Yes the Steelers traded Holmes for his off the field issues. We all know that was a farce. They only did it to try to trick people into believing that they care about the kind of players on there team. To cover up how they did nothing to Ben and still have him as there starting qb. Were not dumb we all see what there doing.
    The Dolphins so called cover up and lie about what Bryant said might offend you but the Steelers farce and cover up of there handling Ben offends me alot more.

  29. I think NFL players should be kept in a glass case when they’re not playing or practicing, thus avoiding ‘THESE SITUATIONS’ where they are asked to turn their ipod off or other such heinous crimes.
    check your facts first? Then don’t try to make out that there is a broader point with one of your now customary ‘still…’ caveats at the bottom of the retraction.

  30. Florio may be intentionally making mistakes to fit in with the ESPN reporters he repeatedly points out as making mistakes.
    Or maybe he is just confusing us all so when Florio, Jr., is asked by Jeff Ireland what his daddy did, Florio can honestly say: “He was the original Art Vandelay.”

  31. He was asked to do something, and he did it.,
    And racists like Florio still think there’s a story here?

  32. i’ve flown a lot and never seen a person classified as failing to meeta flight procedure when they immediately complied with a flight attendants request. There’s something to the story we are not hearing.

  33. What kind of ASSHOLE doesn’t comply with a flight crew’s simple request in the middle of a flight? Think about it for a second. You don’t have to break the law to be a flaming ASSHOLE, and Holmes continues to fit the description.

  34. You’re wrong to not obey the instructions of the flight crew. You should comply with all regulations……..BUT.
    The rules regarding headphones and music devices are a crock. On team charter flights, players use their Ipods and computers during takeoff and landing all the time. Nobody cares, nobody asks them to turn them off, and the planes still get where they’re going.
    What is the purpose of this regulation? Do Ipods only affect the navigation system of commercial flights or something?

  35. @Jungle Juice
    Who uses internet explorer anymore? Did you just upgrade from netscape?

  36. What an ass you are..WOW..
    an Ipod?? Are you fkn serious?? O MY LOCK THE MAN UP(sarcastic) holy hell.. I cant believe this is even a story….. The people who still believe he did something wrong need their fkn heads examined as well.. freakin weirdos!

  37. Some fans writing on here have such low expectations for the behavior of football players. The same behavior on a plane from you would get you locked up. How about raising your standards for NFL players, huh? Everywhere you look, people defend NFL players and executives for abysmal, boorish behavior. How does the NFL get so many Kool Aid drinkers? Holmes was, is a turd. Yet, people defend him, saying, “Oh, he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s racism, blah, blah.” What makes some of you such staunch defenders of Santonio Holmes? Does he send you a check? When I hear a report like this, I assume it was much worse than reported, not that an athlete was being unfairly singled out. There were people on that flight who witnessed the incident. He disrupted service on the flight, as reported. Raise your expectations, people.

  38. sorry Santonio for cursing at you I listened to Florio and should have known better, sorry for all those names man I feel really bad, but let this be a lesson learned not to listen to your I-POD anymore.

  39. I have been on numerous flights when people choose to ignore the “rules” [not a law folks – FAA RULES]…
    Some do it because they are a$$holes
    Others because they are neurotic and forgetful and whatever.
    Others because they think the rules are stupid and silly – here is a news flash folks – YOUR CELL PHONE DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE AIRCRAFT’S NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM – might have in some long ago age – but not today…
    On a flight just this week where the stewardess [I refuse to call them flight attendants] announced every 30 seconds that all electronic devices need to be in the off position – all the way through the landing…
    Florio and others are so desperate for clicks that they will make this sort of molehill into a mountain – or try to.
    The really sad thing is they do damage to guys like Jeff Ireland in the process – waiting to get the full story and then reporting it the right way is not what the blogosphere is about. Nobody will think badly of the jerk from Yahoo Sports [well not nobody – I certainly think he is an idiot] for not trying to get the full Dez Bryant story – but many will only remember the initial reaction of the press and some of the racists like Mr. Wilbon who want to exploit this kind of crap..

  40. Someone will calculate next year what all this of this and what is yet to come from Santonio will cost him in his next contract, which should have been really big. Instead, it’ll be up in smoke.
    And for those complaining about accuracy this the Pro Football Talk not Pro Football Fact site.
    Florio’s laughing all the way to the bank.
    Yeah, you’re the people reading the tabloids in the Super Market check out line……..don’t lie.

  41. This is nothing but sour grapes and typical N.Y. envy. Here you got a few under paid steeler fan/cops that probably think Ben Rapidhumper was mistreated. So, they want to look like a couple of doom prophets by lieing about the whole thing in the first place,in an effort to say”see N.Y. we told you so”…You dont think N.Y. has had to deal with bad attitudes in the past?….HA!…we invented it!…..See ya on the playing feild.

  42. “As previously reported, [Santonio] Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010),” a media release from the police department read. “He was asked to remove his Ipod (at one point), in which he complied. There’s no further information to report.” Another non-story blown out of proportion. Some media and “media” outlets don’t have the patience to gather facts, so they make them up.
    Some of you guys that judged quickly and didn’t wait for the facts, look like asses.

  43. so the guy is a knucklehead. why care so much. can he catch footballs? (he’ll do something worse soon enough, we should wait til then)

  44. Nice job, PFT. Printing false information and making the mouth-breathing window-licking Jets bashers children reading your site rip apart a man who did nothing wrong.
    At least there was an apology and retraction…..
    oh wait…..

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