Dolphins' Dez Bryant spin comes too little, too late

When Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported last week that receiver Dez Bryant had been asked during a pre-draft interview whether his mother is a prostitute, the story generated little buzz.  Any team that had asked the question, however, knew at that point that Bryant was offended.  But no apology came.

Three days ago, Silver outed Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland as the person who posed the world’s-oldest-profession question.  Immediately, Ireland apologized.  Since then, however, the rest of us have received no official explanation from the team regarding the reason for asking the question, or the specific context in which it arose.

But why bother to issue a statement or hold a press conference when the media is chock full of people to whom the team’s version can be leaked, and who’ll be sufficiently grateful to get the scoop that they’ll present it as the Gospel truth without any meaningful follow-up questions?

Here’s the version that the Dolphins apparently are selling:  (1) Ireland asked Bryant what his father does; (2) Bryant openly admitted he’s a pimp; (3) Ireland then asked what mother does; (4) Bryant said that his mother works for his father; (5) Ireland then asked if his mother is a prostitute.

The story originated, by all appearances, on the Twitter feed of the Dan Le Batard Show, a staple of 790 The Ticket in Miami.  Frankly, the tweet reads like a joke.  Apparently, it’s not a joke.

Which, of course, makes it a joke.

Dan Levy of writes that he has “verified through our contacts that this is how the story went down, at least from the Dolphins standpoint.”  Also, a media source tells us that multiple ESPN employees privately have been pushing this version of the events, a bizarre development if true.  (Then again, ESPN is a “broadcast partner” of the league, and Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells is a twice-former — and possibly future — employee of the network.)

Let’s assume that, indeed, the Dolphins are putting out this story as to the team’s version of the events.  If so, it’s one of the most cowardly and ill-advised tactics we’ve ever seen.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports tells us that he tried, starting last Thursday, to gain access to Ireland so that he could ask whether Ireland asked the question in question to Bryant, and then get Ireland’s version of the events.  But the Dolphins did not give Silver access to Ireland at any point before the story ran on Tuesday.  If the version that the Dolphins are now privately disseminating is the truth, why didn’t they simply let Ireland explain the situation to Silver?

And why, if this version is true, would Ireland apologize on Tuesday?  If anything, Ireland should be pissed off that Bryant twisted an otherwise innocuous line of questioning into an inquisition in which Ireland blurted out the offensive question like a Tourette’s patient.

This latest development fails to pass through our B.S. filter.  Though the Dolphins are trying to make the situation better, they’re only making it worse.

We’ve got a feeling that, once Silver or someone else follows up with Bryant, it’ll get even worse.

UPDATE:  Jim Trotter of has also posted an item regarding the Dolphins’ version of the events, citing two unnamed members of the organization as his sources.  And Trotter buys it, hook, line, and sinker.  Hey, securing and maintaining access often comes with a price.

54 responses to “Dolphins' Dez Bryant spin comes too little, too late

  1. What? Your opinion doesnt make sense, if this is true this changes evrything. Even if you dont like it.

  2. Damn Florio, just let it go. You keep talking about how the story won’t go away. It won’t if you keep bringing this crap up!! Bryant will hear worse than this on the field!!

  3. How is this not a larger story: “My father is employed as a pimp.”
    What the what?

  4. If Dez was so smart…wouldn’t his response to the “is your dad a pimp question?” have been…”yes…but not for much longer.” ???

  5. Soon, these interviews are going to be taped, ala police interviews.
    Again, Ireland was WRONG and only apologized AFTER he was busted. If he felt he offended Dez, he should have apologized earlier…say, before he was publicly outed.

  6. So what’s wrong with a family run business? I thought Mom and Pop shops were the backbone or in this case back end of American business……

  7. Leave it to Florio to beat a dead horse into the ground. This is probably a prelude to the “PFTV’s Final Word on Dez Bryant Situation” and the Sporting New 10-Pack Dez Bryant fallout.

  8. This is now comical, Mr. Florio. No one is going to get suspended or fired. No one is going to get fined or lose draft picks. Ultimately, nothing is going to come of this situation. This is Access Hollywood reporting and it is of little consequence other than an opportunity for you to be salacious and generate page views.
    Having said, that it’s still pretty entertaining.

  9. You guys and Yahoo! Silver! Away! are the sole beneficiaries of this puffery, don’t get all righteous on us. Dozy Bryant has become a joke and his mother won’t be able to look people in the eye.
    Known PAID INFORMANT David Wells is the “source” of the malicious gossip. He has a history of selling out friends and confidantes for money. Some friggin “lifestyle coach”. Dozy lost about 20 draft positions and 20 million dollars by dragging toxic trash like Wells around with him to interviews.
    Michael Silver is too pathetic to waste breath on.

  10. I agree that the explanation came too late but that does not mean it’s not true. I know you see a conspiracy everywhere you look, but it’s not “cowardly and ill-advised” if it’s a true version of events. Everyone has been quick to vilify Ireland without knowing the context of the question. Frankly, this explanation makes more sense than simply blurting out the question out of nowhere. As for why they didn’t raise this earlier, maybe they were hoping it would blow over and they wouldn’t have to embarrass the kid by publicizing the fact his father is a pimp.
    Until Dez Bryant denies that this is how the question came about, I see no reason not to believe it.

  11. Why is this information to late? I don’t think so. I love the new twist, it’s beautiful entertainment.
    Also, why is it so unbelievable. Please, don’t discount it until Dez says something, then don’t believe him. He didn’t bring it up until he was drafted by the Cowboys. If he had been drafted by the Dolphins, we probably wouldn’t know about it. So, it clearly didn’t bother him.
    Why did Ireland apologize? Maybe because the PC Police pounded on him and he was told to by His boss or Dictator Goodell.

  12. Will this story never go away? Who cares what they asked him? boo hoo they asked something mean about his mother. I’m sure that nobody throughout his life has ever ripped on him mom bofore given her situation. It would only be a story if Mike Tice asked her, since he is into prostitutes and sex boats.

  13. Enough already.
    The Dolphins can’t win here. If the Dolphins were to say in a press conference that Dez Bryant offered that his dad was a pimp they would be accused of a number of things including divulging what was said in a private interview and also of purposefully making Dez Bryant look bad.
    What would you say if some guy in an interview said his dad was a pimp. I wouldn’t have a clue as to what to say to that without insulting the guy.

  14. No offense Florio… but your “B.S. filter” regarding tasteless Prostitution questions might be a little clogged seeing as how much pimping you do for NBC, Sprint, and everyone else.
    don’t forget the punchline from that joke… “well, now we know what you are miss… now we’re just haggling over the price.”

  15. Florio….you are becoming more and more like those tools from ESPN…… only reason why this “story” is a “story”, is because of “reporters” like you…..

  16. You can keep flogging the skin off that horse Mike but it’s still dead. Let it go. Move on before your readers do.

  17. JEEEEZ FLORIO, you should write scripts for soap operas ! You are getting worse than the “Silver Slack” !! It’s not like Ireland had Poor Dez escorted to a small bathroom at the facility. I think Ricky wearing a wedding dress ,and posing for a photographer, was FAR more shocking. Let-it-DIE, your making yourself look silly !!!!!

  18. ” Since then, however, the rest of us have received no official explanation from the team regarding the reason for asking the question, or the specific context in which it arose.”
    We don’t deserve or are entitled to an explanation, its none of our business. Bryant deserves and is entitled to an explanation. The more this story continues the more he and his family is humiliated. Please stop with this story. Let Bryant handle this thing the way he wants to, on his own terms, in private.

  19. I’m a Dolphins fan although this does sound like a reasonable sequence of events. The word “prostitute” probably never should have come out of Ireland’s mouth though. He could have said “what does your mother do then?” If he had any common sense he wouldn’t have said is your mother a whore?

  20. Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports..No one gives a shit what Mike Silver has to say. This is now a dead story, if it ever was a story in the first place.

  21. unnamed sorces??? sources are always unnamed, you dumbass!!! Silver´s source was also unnamed. be a man and and accept Ireland was not wrong.

  22. Florio, are you the same guy who squeezes every last drop of toothpaste out of the container?
    It’s nauseating how you and your fellow compatriots are sucking the marrow out of this bone…. and this is coming from a person who loves your site. This isn’t journalism, this is the proverbial stirring of the pot.
    Tell me, are your ALEXA ratings that bad?

  23. DG0122,
    Exactly. It’s funny how this has play out in the court of Florio and somehow Dez Bryant of all people speaks nothing but the gospel. LOL.
    Florio, you must’ve made a god awful lawyer. Is that why you’re focusing on sports?

  24. Is the off-season that slow that we have to beat this to death. Does this warrant a post, sure, why not. Get it out in the open, but give it a rest already.
    I never thought that I’d say this, but I’d rather hear about whether Favre is retiring or not. lol

  25. Big fat hairy deal. The question isn’t all that out of line when his mom was already a known crackhead and dealer while his father’s a pimp. Also, Ireland isn’t the one who made this public, Dez Bryant did. If he was so embarrassed and offended by the question, then why would he blurt it out to the world? This kid has Grade A bust written all over him.

  26. I don’t recall Le Batard being at the Dolphins tit. He’s been a thorn in various front offices sides for years and years. So I don’t think he’d be the type to ‘help them out’.

  27. STFU!!! BTW, thanks to you, I will forever think of Dez Bryant’s mother as a prostitute. That’s 100% ProfootballTalk right there.

  28. hnirobert says:
    April 30, 2010 12:20 PM
    As a Dolphins fan this is much more embarrassing than going 1-15 three years ago.
    No, It’s not.

  29. You obviously don’t like this story because it makes you look like a complete idi0t.
    You were played by a guy with an IQ under 40.

  30. You post shit all the time Florio with “unamed” sources now you have a problem with it? How rich…

  31. This latest development fails to pass through our B.S. filter.
    Terry Bradshaw told me your B.S. filter sucks donkey balls.

  32. How come nobody will answer the question … Was she a prostitute? She had 3 kids by the time she was 18, prostitute or not, its a background you have to look into.

  33. Enough with this story already. Every GM asks absurd questions, it’s been going on forever. Bryant actually makes himself look like a punk for crying about it in public. Which leads me to believe that Bryant’s reaction to the question was one of the factors in the Dolphins signing Brandon Marshall. Therefore, Ireland’s decision to ask the question did have merit.

  34. His Dad is a PIMP??? For real? Does his Mom really work for his Dad? Ummm, I take back everything I said negative about the Dolphins if this is the actual conversation that took place. His Dad is a PIMP??? WHAT??

  35. Mike Florio said: “Jim Trotter of has also posted an item regarding the Dolphins’ version of the events, citing two unnamed members of the organization as his sources. And Trotter buys it, hook, line, and sinker. Hey, securing and maintaining access often comes with a price.”
    So now Jim Trotter is going to be spoon feed (before any other writers) Dolphins information trickled down from Parcells, Ireland and Sparano for writing this up?
    You are even dumber than I thought…

  36. Well if his Dad is a Pimp, and his Moms a hoe, why are the Dolphins taking heat for asking him? Shouldn’t his parents be the ones embarrassed for puting their son in that situation? If it wasn’t true, I’de rather them ask me so I can clear it up than whisper behind my back to the rest of the league and/or media about my mom.
    The media needs to be interviewing his parents and telling them how lame they are for that lifestyle and forcing their son to answer to it. I wonder if they were at his draft party. I’m going to have to rewatch them name him as the Cowboys pick to look for a Pimp and Hoe in the background.

  37. IF this is true……Wow @ Dez BRyant…
    He needs to shut up and start performing on the field……..
    WTF would you openly admit your father is a pimp? Then say your moms work for him?????
    Stooooopid……But Florio is still going to be the lawyer he is….whateva man

  38. The bottom line remains:
    It was a question that should never have been asked in the first place. Period.
    Now let it go already.

  39. Who gives a shit? Seriously, put it to bed.
    And that Silver guy is a tool, avoid his writing at all costs.

  40. why does any of this matter? this is the 14th story on this site about this now.
    about asking if someone’s mom was a hooker. this many stories.
    Stallworth’s DUI that killed a guy had less press, even from you guys. was that not as bad?

  41. who cares? Oh no dez bryants poor little feelings are hurt. your dads a pimp your mom’s a drug dealer/addict. And I’m guessing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. can’t wait till this guy is a felon. he could run the family business and pimp out mom….

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