Felix Jones heads to minicamp as Cowboys' starter

A month after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that running back Marion Barber could lose his starting job, that’s exactly what has happened.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN tweeted that, as of this weekend’s minicamp, Felix Jones is the Cowboys’ No. 1 running back.

In 2008 Barber signed a seven-year, $45 million contract, with $16 million guaranteed, while Jones signed a five-year, $10.25 million rookie deal. In the two years since then, Barber has averaged 4.0 yards a carry as the Cowboys’ starter, while Jones has averaged 6.5 yards a carry as the Cowboys’ change-of-pace back.

It’s not realistic to expect Jones to average more than six yards a carry if he becomes the Cowboys’ workhorse. But the Cowboys want to see what he can do when he’s getting more than five or ten carries a game.

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  1. If they make him the starter he won’t last more than half the season. For playing only two years he’s had an injury riddled career already. So Barber better be ready to come back in as starter as at least he’s a bit more durable.

  2. “But the Cowboys want to see what he can do when he’s getting more than five or ten carries a game.”
    Answer- Get hurt quicker

  3. Schism………
    how long til Barber wants out and demands to be traded? Does he fall to 3rd string now, behind Choice? Or do they cut him to remove the “situation.”
    They probably can’t get much for him – a run down former starting back…..similar situation as Shaun Alexander, well except he was never that good. Maybe they can get a 6th round pick for him?

  4. Who does this kinda crap in April?
    Jerry jones is the biggest attention whore this side of douchocinco.

  5. “It’s not realistic to expect Jones to average more than six yards a carry if he becomes the Cowboys’ workhorse. But the Cowboys want to see what he can do when he’s getting more than five or ten carries a game.”
    i’ll tell you what he can do….get hurt AGAIN.

  6. Not a bad promotion for a guy that can’t stay healthy for more than 10 carries in a game…
    Barber and Choice shouldn’t worry too much about losing meaningful carries.

  7. I’m a Giants fan, so I really dont care one way or the other, I HATE both these guys but, its a sad day when a guy who averages 4.0 yards per carry loses his job…This move doesnt seem necessary. It would make more sense if the headline read “Bradshaw heads to mini camp as the starter”

  8. sonvar,
    You can make the same statement about virtually EVERY starting back in the league. Jones is no more ‘injury prone’ than half a dozen or more other starters.
    Take a look at Adrian Petersen, Rashard Mendenhall, Darren Mcfadden, an on and on. They all get injured, which is why most NFL teams now platoon their RBs.
    You comment is in the ‘knee jerk, ignorant” class.

  9. I’m a diehard Eagles fan. I hate the cowboys with a passion. Actually, I respect the fans who are from Texas, but the front-running fans who are from Philly, NY, or other places are punks.
    Anyway, I truly believe that if Felix stays healthy, the cowboys will have the best offense in the NFL.
    It hurts me to admit that, but any objective fan has to concede this fact.
    I just hope Romo and Wade somehow screw it up…

  10. Umm, duh!
    Why is this being breathlessly reported as if it is some monumentally important development?
    OMFG, a potentially game breaking, superstar back is going to start for a team over a good RB!! Stop the presses. The world is ending.
    It would be more newsworthy if Jones DIDN’T start over Barber, given last season’s performance, especially at the end of the year. Take a poll of DCs around the league and see which one they fear the most. It won’t be Barber.
    Barber is a good back, he has no game breaking potential. Every team knows the most Barber is going to get is about 15-20 yds. With the same hole Jones is gone to the house.

  11. has he finished more than 6 games in a season,at least if barber gets hurt he is out there begging and pleading to play hurt,i think this is a bad move,but thats not a new thing for the cowboys,first they cut flozell,then they draft dez bryant[when they clearly have bigger needs],now they put in a “mr. glass” rb,the line up will probably be hanged quite a bit throughout the season anywys

  12. It doesn’t really matter who is named the starter when you have a three-headed monster, two of which are injury prone and one which will be ineffective.

  13. sux but cowboys are good.. paper champs again.
    if now games were played it be DALLAS & JETS in the SB. .
    good thing games aren’t decided on paper

  14. The Boys have 3 good RBs that can share the load. Just because Jones was named a starter doesn’t mean that he’ll be the workhorse. They don’t run the ball enough for Jones to be a workhorse anyways. They will depend on Romo’s arm all yr.

  15. The reason Felix has been so effective is because he’s fresh when he goes in after Barber has worn people down with his bruising style. This will never work, either Felix gets hurt or all of a sudden Barber is going to be the better back.

  16. “But the Cowboys want to see what he can do when he’s getting more than five or ten carries a game.”
    Its called getting injured.
    Sovar is correct. Jones is a 15 carry guy max.

  17. both of them keep fighting injuries all the time … just make Choice the starter & have these two spell him regularly

  18. Yeah 6.5 yards a carry sound great when your not the featured back, but lets see what is injury prone ass does when he’s the one teams prepare for, that 6.5 becomes 3.5 or less.

  19. wow…thats kinda surprising considering his injury history…id still make Barber the starter even tho he had a down yr last yr but alot of it was injuries

  20. They have a 3 headed monster at RB: Jones, Barber and Choice, the best RB TRIO in the league bar none.
    Barber and Choice will get their carries, Jones will never be an all down back like E. Smith was. This just means he will get the most carries of the three, and he will still excel +5 YPC, especially with Dez Bryant added to the WR corps. Before, everyone doubled Austin because nobody was affraid of Roy Williams.
    Look out folks, this offense could be top 5 next year, if not #1.

  21. Why do these teams routinely give long term big money deals to RB’s?
    RB’s are a dime-a-dozen, and they almost always fall off the face off the productive earth soon after these big contracts are handed out.

  22. SCHISM in Big D….. it’s starting to unravel. Malcontented players tired of the b.s. are speaking up……..just a matter of time

  23. Th Moment Felix is trucked by a blitzing linebacker he’ll (Barber) will be startin again, there are more things to being the starting runningback than just being able to run fast, Sounds like my Cowboys are listening to the fans again they better stop b4 we miss chance to play in our stadium in Feb.

  24. @ ipeefreely
    Look out folks, this offense could be top 5 next year, if not #1.
    avergae wide receivers and good running backs YES, but to get a top 5 offense you need a QB.. Tony Romo is a choke job… Dallas should try for the #1 pick next years draft, that Ryan Mallet kid is gonna be something special, and hes from ……….

  25. Felix is pulling a hammy as we speak. He won’t even make it through the offseason as the number 1 back.

  26. You guys better pray that Felix gets hurt again, because of he doesn’t you are in trouble. Anybody that says Barber is going to throw a fit because of this move doesn’t know Barber. First, even if he is upset he won’t tell the media because he doesn’t tell the media anything. That’s just not his style. Second, I’m sure he knows he’s better in a complementary role, since the last time he made the pro bowl was as a #2 back. They are going to make one of the best 1-2 punches in the entire league.
    And if one of them does get hurt, we can always have a fresh legged Choice step right in and not miss a beat.

  27. Felix Jones, Marion Barber and Tashard Choice will not be at this weekend’s minicamp due to the fact that it is a minicamp for rookies and players that were on the practice squad last year.
    Great work as usual espn and floriotalk. Why let actual facts get in the way of your great Cowboys hating story?

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