Jets say Santonio failed to follow flight regulations

It’s still not completely clear what happened with New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes at the Pittsburgh International Airport on Thursday night, but the team has confirmed that he failed to follow flight regulations.

The Associated Press reports that Jets spokesman Bruce Speight said Friday that the team was told Holmes was flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Pittsburgh on Thursday night and that a report was filed with the Allegheny County Police Department after Holmes’ flight landed.

However, contrary to a report on Friday morning that Holmes was removed from a plane at Pittsburgh International Airport for being a “disruptive passenger,” KDKA in Pittsburgh is reporting that Allegheny County police are now saying Holmes was never removed.

The latest report says that after Holmes got off the plane, police officers reminded him of the importance of complying with flight regulations, but he was not charged.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said the disruption was created when Holmes refused to turn off his iPod when instructed to by the flight crew, and Ryan says he’ll tell Holmes to start complying with such requests.

Holmes was reportedly flying to Las Vegas this afternoon.

65 responses to “Jets say Santonio failed to follow flight regulations

  1. you just know sexy rexy is slapping his fat forehead somewhere. too bad, goodyear, you sold your soul to the devil!

  2. “What? Speak up I can’t hear you….What?….Don’t want no peanuts or juice…What?…….Geez, lady, speak up…hey I just want to chill and listen to my tunes…..WHAT?…”.

  3. What a pompus d-bag ! A jet that can’t be on a jet….HA!
    Good luck with that one-

  4. I hope you’re joking about the Vegas thing…I can’t click the link at work.

  5. I was originally upset when he was traded. Now, I think it was very smart move. He is an immature idiot.

  6. I’m a huge Buckeye fan, alumni, and admitted homer, but Silky has really been acting like douchebag recently.

  7. Good man, Santonio…get out to Vegas for the Mosley – Mayweather fight.
    First smart thing you’ve done all offseason!

  8. hes entitled to be an ass. hes a jet.
    juss cuz he wont ta lissen ta hiz biggie smallz muzik dont mean he gotz to lissen to da flight tendant homes.
    turn dem beatz down kid, so’s we aw dont end up in dat hudson, yo.

  9. The coach need to tell his “star” WR to comply with flight crew request? You got to be kidding me, how long has this prima-donna been coodled?

  10. Santonio is, in the lingo of Eunice, Louisiana, a “goat.” Any idiot knows to turn your crap off when they tell you, even though they may be acting like asses when doing so.

  11. # Wrongo says: April 30, 2010 3:33 PM
    Somewhere, Mike Tomlin releases a long sigh of relief.

  12. Come on up to New York Santonio! Bring your bad attitude and team wrecking skills to the Jets!
    Should be fun to watch the meltdown!

  13. Tomlin let out a sigh of relief , all of Jet nation let out a sigh of relief if this is what really happend,and not gtting removed from the plane..

  14. how is this important? i blow off the flight attendants on a regular basis when they ask me to do this – who gives a crap?

  15. Probably tried to smoke in the bathroom or something. Could have been worse, he could have been trying to light his shoe.

  16. There’s a difference between stupid and ignorant. Luckily, Santonio is both so we don’t have to split hairs here.

  17. not a good way to start! but this second report is at least better than being escorted off the plane.

  18. I heard he was trying to make a bong out of the drop-down oxygen mask at his seat. Just strap it on and breathe deep, let the chronic take you to Fantasy Island- the place where Jet fans obviously reside if they think their team will make the playoffs this year. One year wonder.

  19. He was, is and will always be “Santurdio”.
    Like I remember Bill Parcells saying about guys like him, it’s always something. When there is some nonsense going on, he’s always in the middle of it. It’s not a coincidence.

  20. ‘Nobody turns off Santonio’s Rascal Flatts mix. NOBODY!!!!!!’
    -Santonio Holmes

  21. So lets see if I got this straight.
    Not only was Santonio Holmes NOT charged with any crime, he was NOT removed from the plane as was initially reported, and he even complied with the request to remove his headphones (eventually).
    So what exactly is the issue here? Oh wait, that’s right, there isn’t one. Carry on making fools out of yourselves.

  22. Even little kids know they have to shut off their PSPs Gameboys whatever they got……
    He’s just another NFL player that thinks he’s above the rules and everyone else-P.O.S.

  23. I wonder what his score was on the NFL’s IQ test? If he’s this ignorant, he probably had to take the test several times to even get a blip on the scoring machine.

  24. Wow, people love to hate. How is this a big deal? People do this ALL THE TIME. If he wasn’t Santonio Holmes…no, actually….if he didn’t have the offseason he had, this never would have never made the news, and probably would have never even happened. The flight attendant probably just wanted to make an example out of him.
    When I first read the story I thought he would have had to refused to turn it off to have an incident report filed, but this is just stupid. This probably happens at least once every flight and nothing ever happens. If it was that big of a deal you wouldn’t be allowed to bring them on the plane in the first place.

  25. where do you think he learned that he was above the law? in pittsburgh, home of the all-you-can-rape special with no consequences!

  26. Yo, for the shizzle on the dizzle….can’t you sees I’m bouncing my bumps to 2-pac bitch…..THIS IS HOW YOU BE GREAT. By the ways you got a fine ass, I needs to get your digits bitch, and while you’re at it, tell the pilot go smoke a fat one.
    Want a bet that was the dialogue as they were landing.
    Rex, go eat some more Pizza, you’re still a fat ass even with that bull shit surgery that all you fat fux get.
    He’s your gangsta now. You, Tannenbaum and Woody can tell us what a great trade that was.

  27. tick, tick, tick goes the Jets locker room…You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (in my best Obi Wan voice)

  28. This Moron has enough $$$ to fly on somebodies CJ4, why is going ECON? Man up BITCH! Fly with class to Vegas and make the hoes gulp over the Rockies on the way back!!!

  29. J-E-T-S
    Fat slob of a coach and two P.O.S. wide outs.
    Go ANYONE else in that divison!

  30. Wait! He was never actually charged and my guess is that the flight attendant was lying through her teeth. I heard she even had on a DTF sticker! This story has no credibility because he was a Superbowl MVP for the most pristine, holiest franchise in NFL history.
    The above completely absolves Holmes from being a douchebag.

  31. “reportedly flying to Las Vegas”…(red flag anyone?) uhmmm ok – probaly not going to see Elton John play or Cirque de Soliel either,,,can we expect a sequel to this story?

  32. Good for Holmes. I can’t stand turning off my iPod either. I understand the annoyance
    Now, I turn it off but I get that someone revolted

  33. My sources are also reporting that Holmes didn’t adjust his seat to its proper upright position before take off. The guy is human scum!

  34. I heard he also threw himself on the floor and started banging his hands and feet screaming “you’re not the boss of me!!”


  36. Lets see….Plaxico or Hines??? hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Lets see…..santurdio or Hines,hmmmmmmmmm, Looks like the Steelers know what they are doing, doesn’t it??Maybe now people will get the picture, he’s a scumbag!!

  37. “Holmes was reportedly flying to Las Vegas this afternoon.”
    Next stop Las Vegas!
    A rather unusual offseason workout program.

  38. Jets can’t tolerate such bad character from a 5th round pick! We have high standards and blah blah.

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