Max Jean-Gilles had lap-band surgery

Philadelphia Eagles guard Max Jean-Gilles had lap-band surgery in an attempt to keep his weight under control.

Eagles coach Andy Reid told reporters about the procedure and said Jean-Gilles was held out of practice at the minicamp that opened today.

The surgery, also known as adjustable gastric band surgery, is a treatment for obesity in which an inflatable silicone device is placed around the top portion of the stomach via laparoscopic surgery.

Jets coach Rex Ryan had the surgery and dropped 40 pounds in three weeks. Jean-Gilles is listed at 358 pounds but has been rumored to weigh 400.

24 responses to “Max Jean-Gilles had lap-band surgery

  1. Hey Florio, where are your bigoted comments on this one?
    How will max be able to play effectivly in an o-line if he isn’t willing to work as hard as the other guys on the team?
    If he “gets into shape” will the guy behind him be upset at his “advantage?”

  2. Doesn’t work like neck band surgery. I knew a guy who had that and lost about a hundred pounds in 3 weeks. After a few months he was nothing but bones.

  3. He was in shape…….a large, round, oval shape.
    and Rex Ryan is really fat too.
    [fat fat fat fat FAT]

  4. Really stupid…..I’ve had lap band also. You CANNOT eat regular food….you need to take vitamins/supplements just to maintain your basic health.
    I guarantee he will lose a lot of strength from this….what were his doctors thinking?
    Not to mention… can’t really turn it off…unless you have another surgery to have it taken out. This is for treating a disease….NOT to get in shape to play football.

  5. A professional athlete gets lap-band surgery? This is utterly ridiculous. I can’t even believe a team would let a player do this.

  6. am I the only one who applauds MJG?
    1. there’s always life after football and if you’re 400lbs while playing a sport then how much would he gain when he stops? This WILL save his life after football.
    2. He’s thinking outside of the box. Not only will it control his weight but it will force him to eat more properly. Remember, this is 100% adjustable and he could adjust the band at any time.
    3. If he could get back on the field for mini camp with success then we’ll be seeing more and more of these surgeries in the NFL.
    The 34 NT that is so coveted in the NFL has really twisted the minds of football fans. We’ve grown to think that a 350lb DT/OL is the norm and what is expected from a professional. Unless they’re 7’5, 350+ lbs hinders their play. They get gassed easily and they lose muscle mass for…well, just mass. That’s why when people exorcise they lose weight, it is what the body naturally does. So instead of criticizing these players, we applaud them. Instead of calling them fat, they’re now “power pigs” or a “big body”.
    Point is, when the body gets tired, the mind gets weak and they’re now more open to injury and laziness. I understand that when we see people like Walter Jones weighing in at 320 and see how great he is, it’s just natural to see how great he might be at 350 but everyone needs to find their best weight for the position they play. The year that Marcus McNeill injured his neck 2 years ago he came in fat and WAAAAY out of shape, yet was only about 10 pounds heavier than what he played the very next year, which he played great. We’ll be seeing smaller, more athletic OL weed out the “power pigs” over the next few years.

  7. I gotta agree with dogzz109, this cannot be a healthy thing for an athlete! Guys have died in camps because they didn’t want a drink of water for heaven sake, let alone a freakin porkchop!

  8. this can’t be good for a professional athlete (I do realize NFL O linemen are massive, but still)

  9. This guy is getting paid hundreds of thousands of $’s a year to more or less just stay in shape. There are some days I wish I could be a huge 400lb behemoth playing in the most popular sport gettin that kinda dough

  10. i did not know he is hovering near 400 lbs….good god! How did the Eagles not draft an OL ??
    He’s either going to collapse from exaustion or have a heart attack on the field…..he needs to be starved for a few weeks and the fat will just melt off

  11. SSLE…
    They’re not paying him for life after football. They are paying him to be a huge bowling ball and knock other people down.
    But aside from one day with George Hegamin, Andy Reid has never been about discipline.

  12. Have to say, this makes me uneasy.
    I remember when Randall Cunningham had Dazz Band surgery. And look how that turned out!

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