Rough start for Joe McKnight

A player’s performance on the first morning of his first NFL minicamp probably isn’t a very good predictor of what kind of career he’s going to have. Which is good news for Jets rookie running back Joe McKnight.

According to tweets from various reporters on the scene, McKnight’s morning included missing a pair of catchable balls, dropping a pass while falling awkwardly and needing trainers to work on both calves because of cramps.

And, to top it all off, McKnight threw up on the field.

As we noted in today’s one-liners, McKnight has been encouraged to follow veteran running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene around “until they shoo you away.” By puking on the field, McKnight may have found a way to make Tomlinson and Greene shoo him away quickly.

56 responses to “Rough start for Joe McKnight

  1. After reading this account, I have no doubt that McKnight will one day make the Hall of Fame. Why is it that most HoF’ers always have similar stories?

  2. since when is Shonn Greene a veteran???
    I guess having a good playoff run in your rookie season makes you a veteran

  3. haha, that sounds hilarious. He’ll never hear the end of it.
    McKnight could have used another year in college.

  4. Move over Patriots, there’s a new team to hate.
    Talk about a non-story, holy crap.

  5. Maybe Rex Ryan bent over to pick up one of McKnight’s dropped balls and it sent his stomach over the edge.

  6. Sounds like McKnight might of been getting to know New York City a little to much last night, but who knows

  7. I’m the furthest thing from a Jets fan but seriously, who doesn’t puke, cramp or drop passes during your first day at camp?

  8. Knowing what I know about McKight, this isn’t a surprise. He’s got way too high an opinion of himself.

  9. Shonn Greene is a veteran? Since when did one season of play make you a veteran? Other than that, this story is hilarious.

  10. Joe McKnight is a turd and always will be a turd.
    He will be taking a pay cut to play for the Jets.

  11. They are going to miss Leon dearly. Surprised a team with SB aspirations would rather have a rookie in a key role. Unless they have deluded themselves that the grizzled LT can carry the load…

  12. No big deal. Didn’t McNabb throw up in the SuperBowl?
    Maybe he was feeling ill today?
    Dumb story.

  13. Who needs Leon Washington???
    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason
    Santonio Holmes, Joe McKnight
    41 years and counting !!!!!!!!!!

  14. ampats says:
    April 30, 2010 12:20 PM
    Who needs Leon Washington???
    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason
    Santonio Holmes, Joe McKnight
    41 years and counting !!!!!!!!!!
    It’s always the same unoriginal comments .

  15. Ive puked while practicing football. especially non stop sprints for 45 minutes in the So-Cal sun. That just means the guys trying hard

  16. Michael David Smith obviously never played football
    lets see if u can hang with the team during training camp

  17. it’s nerves but he’s probably nervouse b/c everyone will figure out he sucks. Jets should have kept Leon. Stupid Move.

  18. Another USC overrated player who will be average at bets in NFL! Go Jets 8-8!
    C= Chicagos
    U= Uselss
    B= Baseball
    S= Seaon

  19. That’s weird that McKnight wasn’t ready for his rookie camp; I mean, the guys been getting paid to play football for 3-4 years now, so it shouldn’t be a shock. The only difference is that his coach is MUCH much much fatter.
    [USC= undeserving, spoiled criminals}

  20. It’s okay- things can only get better when you start out like that.
    funi says: ‘Another USC overrated player who will be average at bets in NFL!’
    True- he’ll probably never be the accomplished assaulter that your qb is, Funi.

  21. Shon Greene- Played against two beat up teams in the playoffs and did well but before then he played in 14 games and rushed for 540 yards and had 3 fumbles lost on over a 100 carries.
    Sanchez – Is just horrible even for a rookie. He barely passed the ball his stats are a joke. He played with a better team than the Lions but looked wayyyy worse than the Lions rookie QB.

  22. This reminds me of the early reports on D.H. Bey – and during the season there were nine passes DHB didn’t drop.
    Also, because it seems relevent on this post:
    S-uper Bowls
    …of course that goes back to their glory days when they were second best.

  23. A “veteran” is a player who isn’t playing in his first season in the league (rookie season). Yes, Shonn Greene is a 1 year veteran to answer those questions.

  24. Hey Darkchild,
    Seems like my post has created a trend.(good ones)
    It may be old but very true !!!!!!!!!

  25. @SF Saints Fan –
    Since you’re a Saints fan, i’m assuming you’re still bitter he chose USC over LSU? Get over it.

  26. ampats, I understand that the patriots are not news worthy anymore, but seriously you need a life…you are always commenting on Jets posts and then you even have the time to come back 3 or 4 times throughout the day to the same post to see who has responded to your post…i bet you still live at home with your parents at the ripe age of 46…i mean look i know you will see this post that is why i am calling you out…but dont bother responding to mine because unlike you, i will not be back on this post to see your rebuttle..just post any response on the a subsequent jets article, loser

  27. Dumb rook probably tried to follow them on their bar crawl last night. It takes years of experience to be able to stay up all night and play the next day.

  28. njghost,
    You must be a product of the New Jersey school system since your use of grammar is similar to someone who is in 6th grade.
    You are calling me out, right another tough guy behind your keyboard.
    By the way, what exit do you live at in NJ, the cesspool of the East Coast?

  29. At least he didn’t get injured….
    Now, these kids aren’t signed yet for these rookie camps, any chance it could lower their offer when the veterans size you up and tell the GM “You wasted your draft pick…”?

  30. Oh and I forgot to say…
    “What makes shonn Greene a veteran running back?”
    Its more awesome when 12 people make the same comment.

  31. Man you guys are sissys on this site.
    Throwing up during practice is a everyday thing in the beggining. When your not in perfect shape and you push yourself that hard you puke plain and simple. It wasnt just Mcknight Dez Bryant was doubled over multiple times today about to throw up. I guarantee atleast 1 player from everytime threw up in practice today.

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