Source close to Bryant says Dolphins' leak is "bullsh-t"

Hopefully, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant eventually will respond on the record to the multiple reports, from unnamed Dolphins sources, that G.M. Jeff Ireland asked Bryant if his mother is a prostitute during a pre-draft interview only after Bryant volunteered that his father is a pimp, and that his mother works for him. 

For now, a source close to Bryant has offered up the player’s reply.  (Hey, if off-the-record responses are good enough for the Dolphins, they should be good enough for the player.)

That’s bullshit,” the source told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “It didn’t go down like [the Dolphins are implying it did].  There’s nothing to say.  If a guy calls and apologizes, what else is there to add on?  Enough said.  [The apology] confirmed [Bryant’s version].  The apology was accepted, and now it’s time to move on.”

So there you have it.  Bryant’s camp disputes the story that way too many people are accepting as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

42 responses to “Source close to Bryant says Dolphins' leak is "bullsh-t"

  1. *bangs head on table*
    Let. It. Go.
    Damn bro. Only two people left in the world that care about this story is you and Silver.

  2. No word from the Tuna. He’s letting Ireland twist.
    Well, it was probably in the job description.

  3. Agreed, he said/ she said.
    Time to move on, I’m sure we will have another Brett Favre story in the next few hours.

  4. I once got sex from Dez’s mom for a cheesburger. She used to be the prom queen but became the prom fiend.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Man!!!! Dez Bryant needs not punch Jeff Ireland, but Silver and Florio. Poor guy, will never be left alone with momma jokes.

  6. A few posts ago citing unnamed sources made Trotter a sell-out to teh Dolphins, is Silver now a sell-out to the Bryant camp?
    “If a guy calls and apologizes, what else is there to add on?”
    Maybe he thought he could have asked the question differently, like asking what she did for his father rather than asking if she’s a prostitue or maybe he was just sorry the kid was offended. The apology proves nothing.
    “Enough said. [The apology] confirmed [Bryant’s version]. ”
    Bryant’s version was only that he was asked whether his mother was a prostitue, which nobody is denying.

  7. Florio – Shut the h#ll up already. Dez’s camp says move on. Ireland apologized. Move on. You are seriously making an a$$ of yourself. Nobody cares about this except you.

  8. Florio, get your Sh** together, you’ve completely lost it. This is even more over the top than PFTs coverage of Favre’s will he/won’t he season of 2009.
    You do not have to write 40 blog entries on the same subject in 48 hours.

  9. Can you please get back to reporting football stories now? This isn’t exactly “public interest”.

  10. MMM??? An unnamed source real close to Bryant told Silver this version? Only an idiot would believe this…ooops! sorry man!

  11. The “source” is the same one that pushed More! Silver! to write the original article. The Known Thief and Embezzler with a history as a Paid Informant, David Wells. Dozy Bryant’s ubiquitous ‘lifestyle coach”.

  12. Florio, will you let this go? Haven’t you read? Favre needs surgery!! Come on man, we need more info.

  13. Bryant camp? you mean his mom? She’ll be paying the bills soon enough when bryant is kicked out the league

  14. Enough already… haven’t you and everybody else beaten this Fing horse to death 100 times over!! Even Bryant’s source said their was an apology, it was accepted, move the hell on already!!

  15. Personally, I think both sides are full of it, and personally, I’m somewhat tired of this story. I can understand why Dez may be insulted, but I can also understand an organization shelling out that much money wanting to know everything it possibly can.

  16. “…Bryant volunteered that his father is a pimp, and that his mother works for him.”
    This stuff can only happen in Jerry’s World. I can’t wait until training camp so this stuff can be put to rest already.

  17. You douche, you completely ignored the part where your unnamed source, like 95% of your commenters, said IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON.

  18. What a minute! There’s lying in football? I agree with previous post, Parcells needs to be held accountable. Everyone knows that Ireland is basically his sock puppet.
    Here’s a column idea for you Florio – could Stephen Ross use this incident to dump Parcells ‘with cause’ and avoid paying out the balance of his contract?

  19. Yahoo! calls himself “RealMikeSilver” on his Twit Account.
    He must have opened that up about 10 years ago.

  20. notice *Bryant’s* camp said “it’s time to move on.”
    wish PFT would get that memo đŸ™„
    funny to see florio get more offended by this than Dez or his mother.

  21. Everyone in the media is scumbags.
    Florio your acting like your upset for this kid when really your night. Obviously he just wants the story to go away but no you bring up every hour on the hour. If you really thought it was that bad you would stop talking about it.
    Everyone would have forgot about this question weeks ago if wasnt for people like Silver and you. So stop being so self righteous you are just as bad as Ireland and the Dolphins maybe even worse because he atleast admitted he was wrong and hes not profiting off it like you.
    I mean come on Ireland asked if he was mom was a prostitute once. You have mentioned Bryants mom being a prostitute over 20 times in the last week. Even though you weren’t calling her one you might as well have been because thats all that is in peoples minds. Dez Bryants mom and prostitute.
    “There’s nothing to say. If a guy calls and apologizes, what else is there to add on? Enough said. [The apology] confirmed [Bryant’s version]. The apology was accepted, and now it’s time to move on.”
    Its time to move on. Respect the kids wishes or stop acting like your better then everyone.

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