Another PFT high-water mark

Usually, March is our biggest month of the year, with the start of free agency sparking a dramatic and extended spike in traffic.  April usually remains strong, but there always has been a fairly large gap.

Not this year.

Fueled by the extended interest from the new three-day format (thank you, Roger), our April 2010 traffic exceeded March 2010.

We finished April with 49.57 million page views, up from 48.98 million in March.  And April had one fewer day.

Next up?  50 million.  Maybe in September.

So thanks again for your support and your visits.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?

12 responses to “Another PFT high-water mark

  1. I’m sure the Roethlisberger sexscape didn’t hurt you numbers any either. In fact I really doubt the 3 day draft alone would have propelled your numbers to that level 😉

  2. Wouldn’t you think that a month where they actually play football games would generate more traffic on a site devoted to football?

  3. Congrats guy, thats a significant accomplishment.. Thanks for giving me a much needed distraction from work,my employer thanks you for my drop in productivity..

  4. Great comment Brewster – Florio has promised a return of the comments ratings for 10 months now yet – nada on the comment ratings.
    What say you Mike Florio – grand pooh-bah of PFT – when will the Comment ratings return – inquiring minds want to know.
    Or was that a false campaign promise way back in July 2009 when the NBC hampsters took over your garage based operation?

  5. florio said
    So thanks again for your support and your visits. Y’all come back now, ya hear?
    sure, but next time clean out the outhouse and hide the still will ya Mike?
    oh, and I wouldnt have Mrs Florio out in the front yard making soap either, kinda dampends the mood ya know.
    and ixnay the fiddle and banjo music too

  6. Congrats Mike, Evan, Gregg, and Michael.
    As much as we poke fun of you all, I think most of us agree with love this site.
    Now, having said that:
    1. Please bring back comment ratings.
    2. Please auto-approve posts, deleting the accounts of abusers. No one wants to wait for their post to be approved.

  7. Props to your nerds for figuring out how to scale. Words of advise to them if you decide to put the rating system back: Roll your own; keep state in a dht; expose it as a restful service (better for load-balancing) using polling ajax to update the page content; and run the restful service standalone on isolated servers (you’ll be able to disable it and it won’t jack with your site like the out of the box stuff you were using before).

  8. just wait until big ben rapes ANOTHER woman! your hits will be off the charts with steeler apologists hailing from everywhere other than pittsburgh (where they hate his guts)!

  9. Blah blah blah blah Ego. Blah blah blah Swollen Head blah blah blah… Just shut your trap and get back to work.

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