Eagles minicamp one-liners

Coach Andy Reid tiptoed when talking about the first post-McNabb practice:  “I don’t know about a ‘new life,’ but I think the guys, they’ve got good
energy.  There’s a lot of energy right
now, not that there wasn’t before.  But there’s a lot of energy.”

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that, privately, the team is happy McNabb is gone.

FB Leonard Weaver, who spoke out against a trade, apparently has changed his mind; “People [are] so used to seeing No. 5.  That’s a good friend of mine.  I’m not dissing [McNabb] at all.  But
right now it’s No. 4.”

McNabb’s old locker has been issued, perhaps fittingly, to rookie QB Mike Kafka.

With C Jamaal Jackson still rehabbing a torn ACL, newcomer A.Q. Shipley could be in line to take his job.

For now, though, Nick Cole has the job, and Mike McGlynn wants it.

LB Stewart Bradley was back on the practice field, nearly nine months after tearing his ACL during a training camp scrimmage.

OL Shawn Murphy, who was claimed on waivers from the Bucs recently, failed a physical and won’t be part of the team.

8 responses to “Eagles minicamp one-liners

  1. Meanwhile… down in Washington, DC… Donovan McNabb is complaining of sharp, knife-like pains in his back.

  2. What will the Eagirls excuse be this year when they do their annual choke job? They can’t use the McNaab excuse due to the fact that the Redskins will no doubt find that out for themselves. I can’t wait to see how they implode this season. You can go ahead and mark down two loses to Washington and two to Dallas and possibly a split with the Giants and that’s just in the division

  3. We had 11 years with McNabb. Lets give THIS team at least 1 year before we put them out to pasture.

  4. agreed, igglesfan. people give us so much crap for “running donovan out of town” when in reality we gave the man 11 years. tell me how many other cities have had the same starting qb for 11 years, regarless of the issues he’s had? and yet at the same time, people say we’re crazy for giving howard his contract. either we’re stupid or we’re stupid. the rest of the country can kiss my balls, because we’re happy.
    and you’re a hick.

  5. I really don’t see the Eagles skipping a step with Kolb at the helm. Everyone keeps saying that we will be bottom dwellers because of this. We addressed all of our last season woes and made our team better in the places that it needed to be better. The Redskins did the same thing. What about the Cowyboys and Giants? Not so much. Everyone is asking what they did in the offseason to help their team and the answer is nothing! Giants and Cowboys will be at the bottom of Div this year.

  6. I think the Eagles have a hard schedule and expecting more than 8 wins might be tough with a very tough schedule and so much roster turnover, and a QB in his first full year. That said, 2011 I expect playoffs at minimum.

  7. and just like that vox is back.
    theres not many positions on the team that got worse…we have every reason to be optimistic. so do the cowboys. so do the redskins. even the raiders with campbell and the lions with all their high picks. truth is, you cant start being an asshole until the season starts, because right now were all 0-0.
    btw good job on drafting the son of a streetwalker.

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