JaMarcus Russell: "I'm in shape and here to compete"

It’s been widely reported over the last week that JaMarcus Russell is out of shape, and that the Raiders are preparing to dump him. Russell himself says neither of those things is true.

I’m in shape and here to compete,” Russell said at the Raiders’ minicamp Friday, per Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune.

Shortly after the Raiders acquired quarterback Jason Campbell from the Redskins, Campbell said he had been told he’s the starter. But if that’s true, that message hasn’t been conveyed to Russell.

“They haven’t told me a thing,” Russell said. “We’re out here to compete together. . . . My thing is to keep coming out to work until they tell me not to. I’m going to keep coming out to compete for the job and work my tail off.”

That’s exactly what Raiders coach Tom Cable says Russell has been doing.

“He’s handling all that’s going on very well,” Cable said. “The kid’s working his tail off.”

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  1. What he meant to say is “I’m in the shape of an elephant and here to compete for the hot dog eating contest”.

  2. too little too late Jamarcus.. maybe if you had that attitude a couple of years ago, you might still be the starting quarterback..

  3. And what a large tail it is that he’s working off. Probably running to McDee’s for Big Mac’s

  4. bet the kid wishes al davis wasnt such a fricken moron and he got drafted late in the first round.

  5. “I’m in shape and I’m here to compete,” Russell said between Big Mac bites. Sipping on his Big Gulp the quarterback continues, “they haven’t told me a thing. We’re out here to compete together, for the last of the fries.”

  6. JaLazy did the same thing before the draft. Look good, then quit after getting paid.

  7. To quote Chris Rock: “You’re supposed to, you dumb Mothaf**ker!!!”

  8. Jamarcus means he’s in shape for that match against Kobuyashi(the hot dog eatin champ).

  9. Tubby Russell – the first NFL rookie to spend his entire signing bonus on fast food.
    Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just buy a local Oakland Micky D’s franchise?

  10. This is completely insane, and more than anything else shows how ineptly run the Raiders franchise is. No other team would have allowed this guy to come to mini camp. If he gets hurt, it is a financial disaster for the team.
    I admit, I was wrong about this- I really thought even the Raiders would be able to figure this out. I’m sorry Raider fans, but facts are facts- no one in your organization knows what the hell they are doing, period.

  11. reality police, first of all Al has forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know. Are u in the Hall of Fame?? Have u built a franchise that’s one of the most historic in leauge history??
    Secondly, this is a business and like any other business when u got a LOT of money invested in something its hard to just “scrap” it, even if it isn’t working at the moment

  12. a fincial disater for the team….reality police , get to reality, and quit living in the fictional world of bspn…get real. The raiders paid him his 3 million no matter what. July 1st he gets more money. What would be is a fincial disater if you cut him now. They have already invested 40 million, with no roi…….
    gotta love all the idots in the media like Kawakami etc….who siad they personally put j-russ on a scale and he weighed 300lbs+ …what a crock…he looke good at harbor bay yesterday, and is right around 265-270 which is perfect for him.

  13. Who cares???? You are the Oakland Raiders, you don’t have a chance anyway. I’d rather be a Detroit Lions Fan, at least they have a shot at getting better, you’re stuck with Al!

  14. Financial disater???????? Is it your money?????? That’s right…the team you root for is crying poor while secretly stuffing money under there pillow. There’s plenty of things you may want to critcize Al Davis for but being cheap or crying poor arent them. If Al was running things in the Labor fight i’m sure a deal would already be done.

  15. Jefatus comes in with the same attitude every year…he just never backs up his words with work…Campbell will be starter

  16. @Oakfan23…it’s your type of “forward thinking” that has led the Raiders to where they are…you should appy to work for them…you’d fit right in!!

  17. Interesting that neither Mike nor Gregg came on to do this report. After coming on and claiming that JaMarcus has been 300 lbs and not working all offseason.

  18. Oakfan23 says:
    May 1, 2010 10:34 AM
    reality police, first of all Al has forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know.
    Yes he has. He has also forgotten how to run an NFL football team, how to evaluate talent, where he put his car keys, the names of all his children, how to get to the office from his house, and why he’s wearing that diaper.

  19. good by you fat low life piece of crap take your 40 mil you got for doing nothing and open a doughnut shop or two

  20. Since when does Grimace play for the Raiders? Ronald McDonald is gonna be pissed!

  21. This was the same thing that was said about him last season at this time. Except there was no “competition.” This year there still is no competition- CAMPBELL is 5 times the qb that JRuss is.
    However, it appears that the Raiders want to restructure to let him sit for the next 4-5 yrs and learn how to be professional as a backup.
    By the way, look up Rich Gannon’s numbers. He came into the league in 1987. He didnt have any decent numbers in the NFL until 1999! Some guys are late bloomers. Perhaps JRuss is one of those kind of guys.

  22. PatricktheDookie:
    That picture shows nothing other than JRuss is bigger than Campbell. JRuss has never been a slim guy.

  23. Reality Police, obviously you’ve never been to Oakland. Otherwise you would know what kind of die-hard fans (morons) you’re dealing with. This is the place where you get stabbed for wearing anything but Raider material. Rapes take place in the restrooms for Chr*st’s sake! Other than Jack London Square, that sh*thole city makes places like Detroit, Flint, E. St. Louis, Cleveland, Youngstown and Pittsburg look like paradise. Hell, even the A’s have been trying to move out for decades!
    Remember how many times Big Al got the “city fathers” to give him truck loads of money to come back? These morons took money from the Board of Education to give to Big Al…that should explain “Raider Nation” to all!!!

  24. I have never posted on this site and usually refrain from negativity with regards to MY beloved RAIDERS. Having to live in donkey country, I have learned to somewhat suppress my excitement. I LOVE COACH CABLE!!!!!! How many years have we gone through coaches that lacked a backbone or the mental capacity to properly and influentially communicate with Mr. Al the needs of the team. When The BIG “C” allegedly broke Hanson’s glass jaw Big Al realized he had found the ol’ school, down and get dirty, take no crap kind of coach. The only reason that Campbell was brought in was to finally challenge J-mac. As a “TRUE” fan I stand behind all players of the team , including J-MAC! He has a fire under his buttocks and he will prove the media and all his critics wrong. Cable has all the ingredients for a coach of the year honors, and J- MAC comeback player of the year. J-MAC has spent the entire off season working on his accuracy and the first day of mini camp is proof of that. I am rooting for the Underdog in this case J-MAC………But on the other hand I have been rooting for the Raiders for a long time……………. ……….GO RAIDERS!>>> >>>>

  25. Does anyone have info on Les Miles’ claim that J Russ may have one more year of eligibility at LSU? I think the Raiders should work out a deal with LSU and trade him back to LSU for a future #1 pick.

  26. I remember years of waiting and hoping for Joey Harrington to work out ads QB for the Lions. Didn’t quite happen. And he was smart.
    It doesn’t matter at all how much talent Russell has. Harrington had talent too. It’s called being smart enough to grasp playing football. This doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Russell.

  27. I have read Raiders beat writers that were at mini-camp yesterday saying he does look to be in shape. It was also said that he had a good day yesterday.
    But whoever said “too little too late” is right on target. Unless JR can miraculously put it together this offseason and then play well on the field, he will never be revered by fans. Me included.

  28. He says that he’s going to work his tail off till they tell him not to? He must have also thought he didn’t have to do a damn thing till they told him to as well. What a lazy loser.

  29. Hey, I have no faith in his future, but at least he’s speaking up and saying the right things.
    We’ll see what happens when Oakland tells him to take a pay cut though.

  30. Looks like Hue Jackson has made contact with JaMarcus. He was the best QB on the field yesterday.

  31. I looked at a number of pictures yesterday, many of them with JaMarcus next to Campbell, he really does look to be in better shape than I’ve seen him in the past. 265,270 is not out of shape for him, he’s a big kid. Lets hope for his sake he’s figured it out. Jim Plunket was a damn good quarterback and I wouldn’t confuse him with Mr. Universe.

  32. Plunkett also sucked and got his brains beat out his first few years in New England.

  33. it’ s true, all the “reporters” like Kawakami who said Russell was nearly 300 lbs are discredited. They are silent, since they’ve been discredited. Go put on your niners gear.
    Meanwhile, Raiders fans saying JMR is okay at 265-270 is the same kind of enabling behavior that allows him to come off like he’s a superstar. The guy is too dumb to be a quality NFL QB, but smart enough to figure out how to max out his paycheck. Guaranteed Russell’s named the starter right before the season starts so he can collect his extra $6M…then he stops working and fails miserably. At least this time, Campbell’s in reserve to quickly take his place when the Raiders start to fall apart.
    I’d rather cut Russell now, even though he may show signs of improvement. It’s just temporary. His work ethic and smarts are questionable, and those things don’t tend to improve.

  34. first of all Al has forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know.
    I don’t know about that, but I definitely agree that Al Davis has forgot ONE WHOLE HELLUVA LOT about football.
    In fact, I even agree with you more tyhan that. I’d go so far as to say that Al Davis has FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT FOOTBALL THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING…

  35. Al Davis as General Manager and Chief Architect has 6 winning seasons in the last 20 years!!!!!!!
    29-83 over the last 7 years.
    Yet all the criticism is focused on a 2 year QB?????

  36. Russell also looked great in minicamp, OTAs and training camp last season; throwing great balls and looking like a starting NFL caliber QB… then the regular season began.
    Please Al, just cut bait.

  37. @Dr. Kenneth Noisewater
    To quote Chris Rock: “You’re supposed to, you dumb Mothaf**ker!!!”
    I about $hit myself when I read this. One of my favortie lines every! Thank you.

  38. He’s in A shape and he will compete… for the first to be cut this off-season.

  39. We have heard this before….and we can see how his weight is by looking at him
    He isn’t thinner, he isn’t working that hard with the team, and he has zero leadership

  40. Badly thrown balls, missing receivers.
    Overthrown balls, resulting in interceptions.
    Yep, JR is right where he left off.

  41. Al already invested $36M in this guy. why not give him a chance with a “real coach” like hue Jackson and see if the limited investment in Jason Campbell pays off in either
    A) Igniting Jamarcus to realize his potential; or
    B) Jason Campbell becomes a starter for “backup money”
    Either way you win and Al is the only owner that ever coached. He realizes it takes coaching and time.

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