Pete Carroll brings back a former player, from his NFL days

Former USC coach Pete Carroll has been rounding up plenty of his former Trojans (with the notable exception of Taylor Mays).  On Friday, Carroll reunited with a guy who played for Carroll during his time as an NFL coach.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that the Seahawks have re-signed safety Lawyer Milloy, who spent 2009 with the team and 1997 through 1999 with Carroll’s New England Patriots.

“He’s one of the toughest guys I ever coached anywhere,” Carroll said Friday.  “And he brings that.”

“My decision was made a lot easier when I saw what happened in the
offseason, the type of guys they brought in and all that,” Milloy said.  “I think it’s
going to be a very competitive team, and I like the competitive
atmosphere that they’re creating.”

Milloy is right.  With Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner retiring, the 49ers treading water, and the Rams continuing to try to fight their way out of a paper bag, the Seahawks are in position to resume their dominance of one of the weakest divisions in football.

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  1. Now to be fair to the Rams, the paper bag isn’t wet. It’s going to take some time to get out of that one. I mean it’s not like oyu can go from missing the playoffs to the playoffs in one year. I mean if other teams had done that then…oh wait.

  2. San Diego has dominated one of the weakest divisions in football. For much of Seattle’s run, they were simply the least weak.

  3. I’m not sure how much Lawyer has left in the tank but I loved having him as a Patriot and he was one of the coolest futhamuckas I’ve ever hung out with. He’s a real solid guy

  4. Milloy still plays football? I thought he was out of the league after New England tossed him for Rodney Harrison

  5. Lawyer Milloy? Baha..bahahahaha…bahahaha. Yeah, Florio, this puts them in position to resume dominance. The clown is 37. Should be a big help against Larry Fitzgerald…

  6. Why not grab Max Lane and Chris Canty (the DB, not the DE) also, Pete? You not as “jacked and pumped” for them?

  7. 49ers are treading water?
    Help me out there Whorio…
    Seahawks blow. I can’t wait to see them go 2-14 and that stupid grinning ***** who’s their head coach gets fired…

  8. Pete Carroll is quirky. At the end of this season, he will be crowned NFC West Champs and take home Coach of Year honors or he will finish last in the division behind the Rams and everyone will be calling for him to be fired. This guy is living on the edge with his quirky style of coaching. I’m very interested to see how he finishes this year.

  9. When I read the name Lawyer Milloy I’m thinking “They’re bringing him in as a position coach, right?”

  10. Maybe Carroll is trying at least instill some traits like character, heart, and toughness in this team. I moved to the Seattle area 6 years ago and the team has always appeared to be soft and in need of some heart–THAT went a long way in their Super Bowl loss. Hopefully they DO start to show some character, and I could actually like my local team.

  11. “He’s one of the toughest guys I ever coached anywhere”…. ok but does tough make u fast? the man is fat and slow, he’s gonna be the toughest weakness on that defense.

  12. Good pickup by Carroll, Milloy isn’t what he used to be but he offers leadership and toughness to the locker room and can help Carroll spred his message. He was also one of my all-time favorite Patriots.
    It will be interesting to see if Carroll can get it all right the 2nd time around.

  13. Seattle in position to dominate the division? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe its just me but does anyone else think Pete Carrol’s moves have not been that significant? People seem to be forgetting this guy sucks as an nfl coach. I do not consider Patron White, 1 legged leon, and charlie whitehurst to be significant upgrades and i certainly do not think this makes them the frontrunners for the division.
    1. Cardinals 2. 49ers 3. Seahawks 4. Rams
    Caroll done by season 4, heads back to college

  14. I really thought he was joining the coaching staff when I read Milloy’s name being mentioned in the beginning.

  15. With Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner retiring, the 49ers treading water, and the Rams continuing to try to fight their way out of a paper bag, the Seahawks are in position to resume their dominance of one of the weakest divisions in football.
    Are you kidding??
    What’s the color of your sky Florio??
    We got a Pete Carroll fan over here, and i thought you had taste.

  16. Not sure why everyone is acting like he’s being retained to be a starter. He wasn’t a starter last season, either. Seattle’s looking at possibly playing two rookies at safety – Earl Thomas at free safety and Kam Chancellor at strong safety. Even with the coaching those guys will get, they’re going to need a veteran presence that will help mentor them. Milloy can provide that for a reasonable price.

  17. Hey dumbasses! He was brought in as a backup and veteran mentor for the two young safeties the Seahawks just drafted, nothing more.

  18. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that all the Seahawk bashers out there are fans of teams that never went to the playoffs 5 years in a row , with 4 of them being division championships and a Superbowl one year .
    As far as Milloy goes , he’s been brought in to mentor young DB’s that have been drafted , including Earl Thomas – whom every team in the league that didn’t draft Eric Berry wishes they had .
    All this jealousy of the Seahawks is a refreshing change , I’m enjoying it . So keep on bashing Carroll and the Hawks , morons . See ya in the playoffs !

  19. hey florio….. dominance??? cards and niners to battle…the chickens are not a threat….what? jack tatum not available?

  20. The better question is whether Carroll can turn around Mike Williams who has been an absolute bust so far
    Guy has talent and a All-Pro body but has the workout ethic of Jamarcus Russell

  21. san francisco 49ers superbowl record is 5-0! yea, that should do for now….it has been 15 years since you have been relevant and it will be 15yrs before you are again….Just sit back and enjoy being in your usual position….3rd in the division and a top 10 draft pick.

  22. # kagriff24 says: May 1, 2010 11:18 AM
    the team sucks so bad, he’d take steve largent if he could
    Who wouldn’t take a HOF wide receiver if they could? You don’t make sense.

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