Rex Ryan hints that Rob Ryan wanted Kyle Wilson in Cleveland

When the Browns were on the clock with the seventh pick in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Browns reportedly were debating whether the selection should be used on cornerback Joe Haden or cornerback Kyle Wilson.

The Browns opted for Haden.  Wilson slid 22 more spots, landing with the Jets at the 29th position.

On Saturday, Jets coach Rex Ryan talked about Wilson.  And Rex possibly put his twin brother, Rob, in a tough spot by strongly hinting that the Browns defensive coordinator wanted Wilson, not Haden.
“There is somebody that I really know well for a long time that basically said that he was their guy and they picked a lot earlier than us,” Rex Ryan said.  “You can probably figure it out.  That’s who he wanted and then after practice, I’m like ‘Yep.  I guarantee you were right because this guy is the real deal.'”

So good luck, Rob Ryan, as you attempt to make the appropriate bond with Joe Haden, the guy you didn’t want.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s agents now have some ammunition to lobby for a much bigger contract, given that Rex Ryan apparently regards Kyle Wilson as having talent reflecting a draft position much higher than his slot.

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  1. I doubt if the 29th pick in the draft will ever have enuf ammo to force something out of his employer

  2. Florio, based on a string of recent posts I am beginning to believe that agents love you more and more and teams despise you and wish NFL Network got to you before NBC.

  3. the eagles should have taken kyle wilson but with accountant howie roseman quiting his job at h&r block to become GM for the birds they are assured of staying in great cap shape but will still continue to be super bowless as the money will always rule in philly. good luck to wilsons agent trying to get more money because some one was wanting him ealier means nothing,the pickls are slotted and paid that way,he slipped and so will his signing bonus.I would have loved to have seen the eagles get wilson and keep those 2 picks because they are a team on the decline and had many holes to fill,if you don’t think so look at a tape of those last 2 dalles games as they were totally dominated and with dallas taking dez bryant look for that gap to widen but the eagles will defiantly be in better shape cap wise b/c that is what is most important to banner and lurie the 2 pawn brokers calling the shots here in philly

  4. Wow what earth-shattering news..this was only reported on the NFL network BEFORE the pick was even made except the PTF story is mostly bogus..the team was split on which D.B. to take but the decision was fairly easy since Wilson only plays against inferior competition in the lame conference that Boise State is in…typical New York arrogance here thinking you are smarter than everyone else….I can’t wait for your two gangster receivers to get arrested again not to mention the Q.B you think is the next Namath..not gonna happen with Sanchez cause he is smart as a noodle…

  5. wow,does this guy ever shut up,i dont remember him having such a nonstop blabber mouth when he was down in baltimore,now the dude wont shut up,he does realize that no matter how much talk is done,it only matters what happens on the field

  6. Rex Ryan is on the slippery slope from confident, to bold, to outspoken, to foolish, to cartoon.

  7. What is wrong with the Ryan’s? Everything you think doesnt always need to be said . Does it?

  8. 29th pick of the 7th round? Rex’s knife twisting with his brother won’t result in any change to the slotted salary.

  9. Rex Ryan’s stupid act lands him in ish more than greener pastures…just sayin

  10. “Meanwhile, Wilson’s agents now have some ammunition to lobby for a much bigger contract, given that Rex Ryan apparently regards Kyle Wilson as having talent reflecting a draft position much higher than his slot.”
    Um Rex never even specifically mentioned his brother. He IMPLIED that his brother, a defensive coordinator, wanted to take Wilson. Do you honestly think that the agent can use that for leverage? Wilson was the 4th CB taken. He is going to get about the same amount as McCourty.

  11. Yeah, because when Haden is practicing, Ryan is going to turn his back and not talk to him I’m sure.
    It was already known some wanted Wilson and some wanted Haden and only time will tell who is better. If we’d picked Wilson I wouldn’t have been upset and I wasn’t upset with the Haden pick. Both look like good NFL corners for years to come. No big deal at this point.

  12. I like Rex even though I am a Dolphins fan, but he really should shut up because he does not when to stop and just put his brother under the bus with a new GM……

  13. It would be superbowl-less if you are could spell…..This is obviously just Rex being a loser and trying to screw with his brothers work. Besides I’d trust Holmgren’s judgment over either of the Ryan brothers’ any day. Haden must have had a better workout and obviously performed damn well in a bigger “better” conference, if you will.

  14. With all the great players the Jets have and all the great coaching, it will be amazing if they lose one game this season. I mean, if you listen to Rex, this is quite possibly the best team this league has ever seen.

  15. If the dude was capable of shutting his mouth he wouldn’t have needed lap-band surgery.

  16. clemenza, way to go with the 7 line sentance.
    Pick # 7 was where the Browns draft started to unravel. They could have dropped down ten spots and probably still had their pick of either player, worst case Wilson, he probably has more upside.
    Even if they didn’t get full value, the $ saved alone would have made it worth it. They continued the poor top half of their draft by reaching on the next to players.
    Count me in as one of the Browns fan whose faith in Heckert/Holmgren is now officially shaken.

  17. Yeah Rex’s trash talking only got the Jets to the AFC Championship. You guys are a bunch of morons. Stupid haters…

  18. Must be a slow news day….getting bored of posting countless stories about the Jeff Ireland incident?

  19. More talk from the team that talks alot of talk BUT has done NOTHING in 41 years!
    First try winning the AFC East something the Jests have failed to do more than a couple of times.
    This one is for you Darkchild and all the redheaded stepchildren fans of the NY/NJ area team.
    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason
    Yes, I post the same statement on most of my posts regarding the 2nd tier team from the metro NY?NJ area BUT unfortunately it is TRUE!!!
    Jests fans talk the talk but NEVER walk the walk.
    Not to worry, you will always have Joe Willie Namath who actually could BACK HIS TALK UP!!
    And to my Jests poster Njghost, a product of the NJ School system based on his outstanding grammar posts which exit do you live on in that CESSPOOL called New Jersey, the most disgusting state on the East Coast!
    Bring it on, at least the Pats can back it up. Feel free to come to Foxboro if you want to see what a Lombardi trophy looks like.
    Save the comments you loser Matt Walsh we threw your videographer from the end zone in Gillette and didn’t whine to the league.
    Everyone in the NFL is very scared of Matt Sanchez and his 60 QB rating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Wilson was a late 2, early 3rd round pick before Senior Bowl week. As ‘they’ like to say, go to the tape. He was inconsistent all year.
    I still think Pat Robinson will be the best of the bunch if he learns to use his talent instead of skating with it.

  21. Jets will win six regular season games against starters this year instead of seven last year.

  22. ttommytom,
    Um actually he WAS consistant all year. The only reason he wasn’t considered a first round pick was because of the level of competition he faced. Get your facts straight bro.

  23. Xenu_D_Alien says:
    May 1, 2010 6:43 PM
    If the dude was capable of shutting his mouth he wouldn’t have needed lap-band surgery.
    ZING! Good one.

  24. i love Rex Ryan and im not a jets fan! sports are also entertainment which the No Fun League and king Nazi aka David Stern has forgotten about

  25. @ lanche:
    After Berry was drafted the Browns tried to get out of the #7 spot. Problem is nobody wanted/needed to trade up. Can’t slide back if nobody wants to slide up. So Holmgren/Heckertt drafted the best available DB.
    ps…… you really think Holgren/Heckertt give a shit if you have “faith” in them or not?


  27. all you choads act like rex ryan holds special press conferences to say whatever is on his mind. the simple fact is that most of what he says are during weekly pressers where he is just joking around most of the time. for whatever reason the press just runs with whatever he says in jest.
    the guy just likes to have fun. get over it you dbags.

  28. ampats…..dude, get a life
    you’re a sad, angry little man. I don’t live in NJ but at least is not assaushits. If the united states needed an enema, boston is where the tube would go. Every douchebag you see on jersey shore has more class in their roided up shaved eyebrow than your whole state has white trash dudes named sully.

  29. ttommytom says:
    Wilson was a late 2, early 3rd round pick before Senior Bowl week. As ‘they’ like to say, go to the tape. He was inconsistent all year.
    What tape are you watching? He might have dropped some because of his size or competition level, but he’s a player. Wilson’s biggest problem will be adjusting to the coaching change. He’s going from class to crass in that regard.

  30. I believe the Browns made the right choice, and this will not help Wilson in contract negotiations

  31. I didn’t know this was a minute by minute New York Jets news site, I was actually looking for news on other teams but apparently anything Rex Ryan does or the Jets in particular do is the biggest thing in the NFL
    whether it’s picking up bitter hasbeen runningbacks, cornerbacks who have too many children and can’t tackle, or wide receivers who sleep with headphones on…… it’s all about the jets….
    For once im rooting for the Patriots and Dolphins
    I dont like the Jets, is that newsworthy too?

  32. they should have put the lap band around his neck to shut him up, stuffing donuts in that trap and he still talks non stop…………

  33. I hope all you Big Mouths come back when we start smoking teams this season. Enjoy your run am pats cause… it’s over…

  34. @JAJ
    No, I’m quite sure they don’t give a rat’s ass what I think, sorta like everyone outside of hard core Cleveland fans don’t give a shit about the Browns organization since 1999.
    What I really want to see is the first team that has the balls to intentionally pass on it’s pick slot to save itself money when the contracts for unproven rookies are absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t have a player on your board you want to pick in that slot, pass a couple times and get the player you want for less money.

  35. Mike Tannenbaum has admitted he didn’t want to draft Shonn Greene last year. He had to be convinced by the scouts. If Haden plays well for the Browns I’m sure Rob Ryan will be Glad they drafted him. Rex should probably keep that stuff to himself but ultimately it won’t matter if Haden is good.

  36. I agree w/ you. I would’ve liked to see them trade out of #7 as well. They couldn’t. But they still filled a need w/a great player. I was more concerned w/their 2nd rnd pick. Never heard of TJ Ward.

  37. The jets will be 8-8 at best this year. They’ll get spanked by baltimore the first week end on Monday night.

  38. Hey, Leave my fat, big mouthed coach alone. He has half a stomach and only eats 3500 calories a day now.
    I would still take this loud mouth over Mangidiot anyday. The Browns can have him.

  39. ampats u r mentally ill cuz u kno sanchez’s madden rating totally determines how he plays on the field. We are talking about real life, where the Jets r actually better than the Patriots… NOT MADDEN.. keep up the good work big guy

  40. BRUTUS9448 says:
    May 2, 2010 9:43 AM
    The jets will be 8-8 at best this year. They’ll get spanked by baltimore the first week end on Monday night.
    Good thing Monday night is on the weekend and all…..

  41. I can’t wait for the JETS to start layiong down the law. Shut you haters up once and for all. All of these quotes are from Rex Ryan’s weekly pressers. it isnt like he’s just spewing this shit to the media. Anything to hate on someone who’s bringing life to the league.

  42. I wish he’d get a rubberband for his big fat yap!
    Rex, show me the Rings???? For somebody who hasn’t won a damn thing, you sure talk alot!
    At least Mangini kinda knew what he was doing?

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