Garrard says Weaver "wants me to raise my game"

The mantra out of Jacksonville this offseason has been that when it came to deciding whether or not to draft Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, owner Wayne Weaver was letting his football people make the football decisions.

But when it comes to the Jaguars’ incumbent quarterback, David Garrard, Weaver is getting involved more directly.

He wants me to raise my game and everybody else’s game to a higher level,” Garrard said of Weaver’s challenge to him. “We all want to be great and we have to do more to be great. You can’t just do what the coaches ask of you.”

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio threw Garrard under the bus in an interview with Jim Rome in February, and Garrard said he took his coach’s comments as a challenge to play harder.

“I knew what he was doing,” Garrard said. “It didn’t make me hate him or dislike him. I did understand what he was saying. He was putting a challenge out there and that’s okay, I’m a man. You challenge me and I’m going to step up and do what I can to meet that challenge.”

Weaver and Del Rio have both made it clear that if Garrard doesn’t meet that challenge in 2010, it will be his last season as the Jaguars’ quarterback.

13 responses to “Garrard says Weaver "wants me to raise my game"

  1. thank God for passing on teblow and for this being the last season for garrard in teal!!! War a new QB next year, preferably Locker, Luck, or Ponder baby!!!!

  2. It would be interesting to see what type of player Vince Young could be if he had that attitude

  3. they built the o-line last yr, they built the d-line this yr
    next yr will see a new QB come in
    I like what the Jags are doing

  4. What are they talking about ?!? Garrard was a Pro Bowler last year !! -sarcasm-
    Garrard has def gotta get it together, with MJD having the run game set behind him there is no reason he cant get some big plays done this year.
    But i will say this, Mike Sims Walker needs to shine for Garrard to look good.

  5. I know right onesweetworld, plus people still forget Garrard made the pro bowl

  6. When Del Rio says it, he is throwing someone under the bus.
    If Parcells does it, he is just being Parcells.

  7. You know, JaMarcus Russell will be out there soon as a free agent/7th round trade (yeah, right).
    Maybe being closer to home (born in Alabama) will get him back on the right track.
    I just don’t know if he ever WAS on that track to begin with. Maybe just a change in scenery and coaching staff will be the thing to expose his great talents.
    Or expose (and prove) that he’s one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

  8. I hope Garrard can step up his game and take the Jaguars to the playoffs, then have him battle the rookie QB instead of just handing it to the guy. Garrard would hopefully take a paycut in that situation and be the #2 for the rest of his career.

  9. David Garrard was a 4th round pick out of East Carolina. He has been an average NFL QB, except for that one great season he had in 2007, which should be considered an aberration. I’m sure the Jags would like him to “raise his game”, but it’s not realistic to expect Garrard to be any more than the average player he has shown himself to be.

  10. I don’t get why people dislike Garrard. Statistically, he’s not bad. I also remember him totally smoking the Steelers defense in the playoffs on a scramble.
    He could definitely improve by not fumbling as much, and has taken a lot of sacks, but I’m not sure what kind of shape the Jags’ line is in.
    He has a lot of upside and a good attitude, yet people want to run him out of town. I would’ve preferred him over Delhomme.

  11. Garrard is not the problem. NO QB can play well with what the Jaguars call an offensive line.

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