Niners think Ginn can help them as a receiver

sp-49ers01_PH_gi_0501579222.jpgWhen the San Francisco 49ers sent a three-day-old loaf of sourdough bread to Miami for receiver Ted Ginn, most thought the Niners were getting a return specialist.  The Niners think they’re also getting help at receiver.

“More and more every day, as you have coaches coming back, they are
saying, ‘This guy has a lot more to him than just a return guy.  He’s
going to help our team as a receiver
,'” coach Mike Singletary
recently said, according to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The more he gets acclimated, the better he gets at being a receiver, the
less we are going to want him doing some of those [other] things.  I
think it’s important to remember he is a receiver.”

It’s been easy to forget that Ginn is a receiver, since he hasn’t nearly done as much receiving as most envisioned when he joined the league as the ninth overall pick in the draft.  Maybe in his fourth NFL season he’ll finally change.  Though we wouldn’t bet on it, we also wouldn’t necessarily bet against it, either.

Until a pass bounces off his helmet.  By then, however, it’d probably be too late to get in on that action.

40 responses to “Niners think Ginn can help them as a receiver

  1. Three-day-old loaf of sourdough bread? Miami may have gotten the better of that deal. In Miami, Ginn at least had something resembling a quarterback. Can’t say the same in SF.

  2. Yeah he’ll help you guys at receiver just like he helped the Dolphins at receiver? This comming from a guy that yanked his pants down in front of 53 men in the locker room to motivate them. WAKE UP!

  3. He can show the other receivers his ‘catch and go outabounds’ trick
    its a beauty!
    Or the famous ‘catch bobble no catch trick’
    or the always fun ‘cant catch a easy clutch td’ trick!!!

  4. great route runner gets open , only problem is he cant catch. he just like darrius hayward bay. So in conlclution if they hang on to him the old man will give them a first round draft pick for him next season.

  5. “Niners think Ginn can help them as a receiver”
    If they wanted a receiver, they should have traded for Santonio Holmes. Ginn is strictly a novelty item.

  6. Nice to see he is not wearing that punter’s facemask anymore. Maybe he will actually take on contact this season.

  7. Hahaha… If the Niners think he can help them as a receiver, they are more delusional tha

  8. Hahahaha… If they think he can help them at receiver, they are more delusional than I thought they were!! I would have serious issues with the coaches who are making these comments. For three years he has run terrible routes, dropped every 3rd pass they threw him, avoided any kind of contact like the plague, and once in a great while might make a real nice play. You CAN NOT play receiver in the NFL if you are scared of your own shadow. he may be a real nice guy but he will drive the team and fans insane with his drops and out of bounds sprints…

  9. @Vet735
    You really know a lot about football. (sarcasm). One QB has 12 TD’s, 14 int’s, 60.8 Comp. %, and a rating of 75.2 in 14 games. The other QB had 18 TD’s, 12 int’s, 60.5 % and a rating of 81 in 11 games. Guess who had which? Chad Henne is the first one and Alex Smith is the second one. Better numbers in less games. Check your facts.
    @Raiderrob 21
    When are you going to get banned from the message boards? You must love the Niners because you are always on our stuff. Get off our jock. Here are the facts. The Niners spent a 5th round pick on a speedy receiver who cant catch. The Raiders spent the #7 overall pick in the draft on a speedy receiver who cant catch. Which is a better deal?

  10. I think Ginn will surprise people this year. He stunk it up in Miami, mostly when we absolutely needed a catch. I think it was the pressure of being the #9 overall pick, and it distracted him as the ball came in.
    In SF, he should have that pressure removed, and only have to live up to the 5th round pick he was traded for. I’ll bet without that pressure, and a true #1 receiver on the outside, he will flourish in SF. Plus, that’s usually what happens when the Fins get rid of a player, they take off somewhere else.

  11. I wish ginn the best, I really do.
    The kid just plays scared, and that probably won’t change.

  12. Of course he looks good as a WR right now. Nobody is hitting.
    His biggest problem isn’t his hands, it’s his fear of contact. Get Tony Robbins to hypnotize him like he did Jack Black in Shallow Hal and you might have a good WR. Until then he’ll drop the ball every time he thinks he hears footsteps.

  13. Raiderrob21, no you idiot.. this is coming from a hall of fame player you douche! YOU WAKE UP. you have a woman beater as your coach and the train doesn’t stop there, he also beats his staff. Wait until we show you what a real NFL team is this coming season.

  14. What was his position at Ohio State. Miami made a mistake trying to make a WR out of him and they tried to salvage him but it was a no go. If I were SF, I would use him as a return specialist or decoy for the primary receiver.

  15. Lions fan here, so my opinion is definitely not biased.
    Supposedly he showed up to camp and has been working his tail off. Sometimes players just need a change of scenery to get things going. Even Miami fans can concede that the guy has talent, he just didn’t use it.
    He dropped passes. He was afraid to go over the middle. He didn’t push for first downs…
    Maybe under Coach Singletery he can become a solid football player. If he puts forth 100% and he listens to that coach of his, I don’t have any doubt that he can succeed. I’ve seen too many players leave the Lions, then become good football players to doubt Ginn.

  16. Lots of hate for San Fran on this site…
    San Fran will not only take the NFC West next year, but they’ll also win their first playoff game!
    Alex Smith will throw for 25 td’s

  17. the same people doubting it are the same people that counted vernon davis as a bust before last season.

  18. Ginn is a Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron mistake via the Miami Dolphins. He has elite speed but does not have great acceleration. It takes Ted a while to get going fast. In other words he does not have receiver speed. He will not catch the ball over the middle because he’s afraid of being hit. Moreover Ted can not catch the ball. The ball seems to find Ginn’s shoulder pads, helmet and when the ball hits Ted’s hands, it starts to bounce. The guy is a bust as the # 9 overall pick in the draft. Ted is strictly a kick return guy. On kick returns Ted has time to work up some of speed.

  19. He can show the other receivers his ‘catch and go outabounds’ trick
    its a beauty!
    Or the famous ‘catch bobble no catch trick’
    or the always fun ‘cant catch a easy clutch td’ trick!!!
    Couldn’t have said it any better.
    I’m no expert. I have never played a down in high school or college, but it blows me away that these “experts” can’t see what I’ve been watching for the past few years. There has to be as many drops and misses on film as he has catches

  20. Vet735 says:
    May 2, 2010 11:45 PM
    Three-day-old loaf of sourdough bread? Miami may have gotten the better of that deal. In Miami, Ginn at least had something resembling a quarterback. Can’t say the same in SF.
    Uhhh lets see… in the 11 games Alex Smith played in last year he threw more touchdowns then the Miami Dolphins threw in 16 games. Every Dolphin QB who threw a TD had more INTs than TDs so who are these dolphin QBs that resemble a Quarterback?

  21. TYGR, you’re kinda dumb aren’t you? Not only was there no call for an Al joke there, there was absolutely no call for a retarded Al joke!

  22. Ginn was so overrated coming out of the draft. He was just fast. That is it. The truth is, the Dolphins pulled an Al Davis on this pick. Even the fans knew better and booed the pick at the time. Terrible pick.
    Brent Mushberger would be hailing Ginn as all-that every time OSU was on TV.
    Watch his tapes. If he is a first-round caliber talent at wideout, then explain why, I’d love to hear it.
    Guy could work out at return man and fill in here and there at wideout. That is about it.

  23. Ted “Hands of Stone” Ginn will be fun to watch, but also frustrating in his feeble attempts catch the ball and run out of bounds or lie down during the play.
    I hope he gets his act together but it’s hard to change the stripes on a zebra. Singletary will be pulling his hair out and probably bench Ginn by the third game–that’s my prediction.

  24. Some serious hate on this website. First off, Alex Smith had better results than Henne so that Moron can just suck it. Second off, we spent a fifth round pick … 90% of fifth rounders don’t make it out of camp so who cares, we are taking a shot on a first round talent!
    And no, we did not want Santonio Holmes, he may be the better proven receiver, but he is also the more proven dirt bag.
    I find it really funny the Raiders have one draft that they are not rated as the worst in the league and suddenly they are super bowl bound.
    Niners Forever … first to five, and perfect in the bowl baby!!!

  25. his nickname in Miami was alligator arms, thats the way he looked “TRYING” to catch the ball, if you have fear as a WR you will always have fear. He always looked great in the mini camps as I saw first hand a dozen or so times, when no one is hitting. but once live hitting starts he looks to get down to the turf or sidelines fast. thats where you will see that speed. as far as a kick returner, same thing, Yes he did pop a few out of pure fear. lmfao. but he was takien off punt returns by two coaching staffs cause he muffed to many of them, always had his eyes on the man running at him instead of the ball do to his FEAR. dudes a wuss and that wont change with the sceanery. good luck 49ers with him. bet he’s cut after next season. then he can sign with the Raiders who love that kind of speed and no production.

  26. No one ever said Ted Ginn didn’t have talent. He just has no heart, no work ethic, no drive and no desire. He could be as good as he wanted to be. It just never came out in Miami. Some guys need a change of scenery sometimes, to reach down and pull it out.

  27. Ted Ginn is soft. At any sign of contact he either runs out of bounds or falls straight to the ground in the fetal position(Like Peyton Manning when he’s about to get sacked).
    He has speed but lacks quickness and acceleration, but once he gets his stride, no one is going to catch him. His hands are below average and he plays with no heart.

  28. Alex Smith has been in the league for 4 or 5 years now, Henne is a better QB… last year Ginn dropped alot of passes, he was afraid to get tackled and would dive to the ground before they would tackle him. If he would have caught those balls he dropped Henne would have had a better season. The worst memeory i have a of Ginn is at the monday nighter against the Colts when he dropped the game winning TD pass on the last play of the game. Went right thru his hands cause is alligator armed it, didnt reach.
    The crazy thing about this is the luck the dolphins have with players going to other teams and doing good with there new team. I still cry about Wes Welker…lol

  29. when the balls in the air Ted-
    drop it like it hot-
    when the balls in your hands Ted-
    drop it like its hot-
    when the niners need a catch Ted-
    drop it like its hot-

  30. He hasn’t done as much as “most envisioned”? Most didn’t envision any success at all. He was routinely blasted as a reach. And as it turns out, he proved to be. If i remember right, he was drafted by that Cameron guy, who seems to have a life lurking around as an assistant coach. Don’t give him the keys to the car.

  31. I’m sorry to say but you phin fans are just pissed off that you guys spent a top 10 1st round on this guy and didn’t do anything for you. I think Sing can get this guy going just how he did with Davis, even if he has to take his pants down to do so. You can’t beat good coaching on a talented player who has not met expectations…. before sing started coaching the niners, Davis was considered a bust, even by niner fans, now he’s considered one or the best if not the best tight end in football.

  32. “The crazy thing about this is the luck the dolphins have with players going to other teams and doing good with there new team. I still cry about Wes Welker…lol ”
    And thats why I laugh at moronic dolphin fans and i continue to feel sick whenever i’m around them. i try to bring common sense to the fan base and actually football knowledge but it’s impossible with most. Hell, Welker? for 2 years I said the guy can’t be covered. Everyone want’s him “gone” I say watch, hes going to light everything up with the Patriots and what happened? Brady dumped off every play while welker opened up the field for everything else.

  33. If Singletary can turn him into a legit receiver, then I nominate him for greatest coach in ALL sports EVER!

  34. OK try to think – he is fast. send him deep and somebody has to cover him, that one less person on Crabtree. Who you are going to want to double up on – OK thats on less person on VD and it stretchs the Defense – which opens the middle for Gore. its changes the dynamic for the niners, gives them something they have lacked for years – outside speed. does not matter if he can catch you still have to cover him. great pick up – GO NINERS

  35. “cyco420 says:
    May 3, 2010 7:39 AM
    TYGR, you’re kinda dumb aren’t you? Not only was there no call for an Al joke there, there was absolutely no call for a retarded Al joke!”
    Cyco420 , you appear to be logic challenged. How is TYGR “dumb” just because he made a joke about Al Davis? Well?

  36. All you niner fans think alex smith is better than henne now, but wait until you have Ginn out there dropping all of his passes and not fighting for the ball. Then we’ll see what smith’s stats look like.

  37. The 49’ers may have gotten a good deal if they can work on Ginn’s hands which can be worked on even on the NFL level.
    He is a quick, smart guy that has talent

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