FOX Sports president expresses concern regarding streaming of NFL games

Over the past few years, the NFL has made available via non-traditional formats live regular-season games.  DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is available on the Internet, and NBC’s Emmy-nominated (but possibly due to the live chat feature not Emmy-winning) Sunday Night Football Extra has provided viewers the ability to watch the prime-time game from four different camera angles over the past two seasons.  Also, NFL Network’s games have been available for multiple years via cellular device.

Not everyone thinks that’s a great idea.  FOX Sports president Ed Goren recently said that the practice could “narrow profits — both for the league and the networks,” according to (via SportsBusiness Daily).

“At some point, they’re going to kill the golden goose,” Goren
said.  Though he believes that  “multiplatform maneuvers by the NFL are ‘not an issue’
now,” he cautioned that, if the NFL and other sports leagues “continue to look
beyond the traditional set,” Fox “will be more reticent to pay billions
in rights fees to the three.”

Bottom line?  “Our ratings will go down, our ad
sales will go down and the leagues can find another sucker,” Goren said.

Though much of it may simply be posturing in advance of the next round of broadcast-rights negotiations, with all packages available as of 2014, it’s an issue that won’t be going away, especially as the manner in which fans consume video content continues to change, almost on a daily basis.

62 responses to “FOX Sports president expresses concern regarding streaming of NFL games

  1. I think what he meant to say was, “I don’t like my job. If you don’t fire me for this, I’m gonna have to find something to drag behind my car in the parking lot. Any Simpson’s Emmys laying around?”

  2. … so he would be one of the Golden Ganders looking to get it on with the goose?
    Apparently doesn’t like other guys filming his action.

  3. so instead of adapting and modifying the way they show the games, Fox will whine and moan and sue until they get their way? wonder if they will also cry like Glenn Beck. I dream of a time when we can all watch our favorite team every Sunday without having to pay extra.

  4. translation: if we can’t make money on it, IT STINKS!
    if the NFL can do streaming games as well as Major League Baseball does… they’ll have a sure fire hit on their hands and a huge cash stream going right to the league office. Ed Goren… i don’t think your opinion means squat.

  5. same thing happened to the magazine industry. It wont be as fair to the consumer as it is to the networks, but theyd be smart to control content syndication while they can, or theyll lose alot of $

  6. This exec should be seeking ways to get Fox in on the streaming instead of whining about it.
    Change is coming and while the fan will be the ultimate one that loses out, Fox and other networks will be on the short side as well.
    NFL Network….. How long do they need Fox, NBC, and other media for broadcasting of the games. Not long, especially if the networks try to slow down or change how the NFL broadcasts.
    I hope the NFL doesn’t do it, but we’re very likely to see the NFL adopt the MMA type of format, Pay per view only for games, and/or a dedicated network to see the games on.
    Boooooo I say, boo.

  7. “the leagues can find another sucker,” and then Fox will go back to being a second rate network, then who will be the sucker?

  8. I don’t get it, I still get all the commercials on the phone feeds, and directv pc feeds, why would they make less add revenue???

  9. Networks and content providers can either accept that distribution has moved beyond the traditional model, or they can continue to whine and stamp their feet. Embracing the former could mean continued profitability for the more visionary among them, but those types of folks who can’t see past next quarter are few and far between.

  10. Fox can blow it our their ass. Nobody wants to hear corporations with billions of dollars crying about money. Right now us consumers are forced to either switch to DirectTV to pay nearly $300 a year to watch Sunday Ticket, go to a bar full of idiots to watch DirectTV Sunday Ticket or be stuck watching whatever local team Fox/CBS are showing.
    Fox is making money hand over fist while the consumers are getting screwed. They need to stop crying or I will start streaming all the damn games just to piss them off.

  11. “DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is available on the Internet”
    I don’t believe this is fully accurate. I know it was available for a fee using Manhattan as a test market, but it’s not like it’s available everywhere for every game.

  12. “”Our ratings will go down, our ad sales will go down and the leagues can find another sucker,” Goren said. ”
    Wouldn’t that help fix the problem by getting rid of one of the outlets? Thanks for agreeing to help solve this issue for the other networks in the future! Also, get rid of the $*#%%$@ blackout rule already.

  13. What he meant to say is…Yes, if the NFL doesn’t stop all the different revenue streams available to them, we might just stop having Bart Simpson skateboard across the bottom of a screen during a break in the action,, and the NFL should realize their popularity is based on our lame ass Fox promos….

  14. This is just the first step. If they can get rid of those damn T.V. guys pirating their content, they can build the stadiums 5 times larger, fill them up at $200 a pop, and charge binocular rental on top of it all. Not to mention the $10 hotdogs and the $30 parking.

  15. “DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is available on the Internet..”
    Is it available everywhere or just Manhattan?
    I thought it was only available in Manhattan last year. If it is available everywhere then Direct TV will make out like bandits this year. With the new WEB enabled TV’s out there it will open a whole new set of potential customers for the Sunday Ticket.

  16. Or you could invest in New Media and move revenue streams to come in that way.

  17. NFL needs to allow other satellite providers the ability to use Sunday Ticket. Also EA needs to not have exclusive rights to the NFL….they suck.
    Off topic but very relevant.

  18. a president of fox sports should be smart enought to get money from every possible outlet, pc,phone, etc. If not he won’t be the president of Fox much longer.

  19. If I had to guess, I’d say they get considerably more money from ads during their pre-game, halftime, and actual gametime than any of their other programming. So yeah go ahead and get rid of the NFL, I’m sure Glee/Kitchen Nightmares/24 will more than make up for the ad $$ lost. Simpsons, Family Guy, and the NFL are the only things that make that channel worth a shi*.

  20. Talk about old school media. “We want to to deliver content the way that we want, consumers be damned.”

  21. FOX Sports president Ed Goren recently said that the practice could “narrow profits — both for the league and the networks…”
    “At some point, they’re going to kill the golden goose,” Goren said.
    Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  22. This is just a nudge to the NFL that broadcasters like Fox would prefer the NFL guarantee them some sort of exclusivity. In other words, this is just a warning that exclusivity is going to be on the bargaining table.
    However the fundamental concern that multiple delivery channels will decrease monetization is nonsense. With the inevitable loss of net neutrality producers of content will be able to pull money from channels with much more control over billing (eg. ISPs and telcos) than they currently have, with better ad metrics, and a greater variety of possible service levels. Goren is simply saying Fox would want a piece of that pie. There’s no way streaming is going away. This is a non-starter.

  23. Who is this guy, Howard Cosell? Wake up and smell the 21st century. MLB.TV sells season passes for like what, $130? You’re telling me that football fans would not gladly pay $130–or more–for streaming high definition feeds with multiple angles, of every single game? With the option of watching 2-4 games at the same time? Even if there are still commercial breaks?
    Believe it or not, Goren, but the Golden Goose is notthe opportunity to listen to Troy Aikman’s “insightful” commentary in between appearances of that weird robotic football player.

  24. Um….they put ads in the streaming versions, too.
    What’s he complaining about, losing ad revenue? lol

  25. Hey Goren,
    Stop giving the ENTIRE country Cowboys games and other various “NFC East Showdowns,” and we might be less likely to consider alternate sources for our games.

  26. Ohhh, boo hoo hoo. This is breaking my heart. Maybe Glenn Beck can do a program where he has Goren on and they both can cry on camera about it.

  27. Screw him. If he doesn’t like it drop the NFL from your network, otherwise shut it.

  28. Coincidence that the NFL is the only sport in the US that you can’t “legally” watch games every week.
    Of course there’s going to be illegal streaming…give the fans a package to buy and you won’t be losing money idiots. Works for the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

  29. I didn’t hear him bitching about MLB.TV which is doing fantastically on devices like the iPad, Android phones, iPhone, Boxee, PS3 and the ilk.

  30. He’s just pissed because the NFL is getting a jumpstart on using the Internet for major broadcasts. This is *THE* method of the future and Goren and FOX are pissed that their contract DOES NOT CONTAIN THE ENTIRE PIE… most of the pie, but not all of it.
    Also, for those of you who have not watched Sunday Night Football on your LCD monitors in high def, check it out! The many camera angles REALLY do kick ass. You can even plug your laptop into your high def TV and it gets even better.

  31. Making NFL network games available online only hurts the NFL.
    NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t broadcast local games, and FOX/CBS commercials still get broadcast on the Sunday Ticket feeds, so not sure what is being lost here, especially since this gives fans the chance to see games they normally wouldn’t see in their local area.
    I don’t see the NFL expanding online viewing, however it WOULD be nice if they could encourage the networks to make their broadcasts available via the web on their OWN websites, especially pre-season games that aren’t shown nationally. They could still force the audience to sit through the commercials, PLUS give us a chance to see the games they currently don’t make available.

  32. good, I hope fox does not renew, I never did like their announcers or pre & post games shows.

  33. I’m pretty sure the NFL doesn’t need Ed Goran to tell them how to run their business.

  34. Borg30 hit the nail on the head. Fox is terrible, their announcers suck, their HD feed is awful. I was watching a Lions game a few years back and one of the announcers called ARTOSE PINNER, Artoose Pinstose. At this point I’d be perfectly content having VS. instead of FOX carrying NFL games.

  35. all i kno is i don’t wanna pay some satelitte provide to watch an NFL game

  36. It is a wonderful opportunity for those of us outside the USA to watch the game and become fans. Streaming is wonderful!
    Central Europe needs it to continue.

  37. Sometime in the future the 4 networks will have a look that resembles community access TV in comparsion to the variety of media that will carry a never better NFL product. Seems like the networks are in fear because they haven’t done enough to diversify their offerings. The league wants a global audience and the cable and satellite media can deliver that, tailored to the viewer’s exact tastes, favorite teams and when they want to watch the game everywhere in the world. The NFL will be as ubiquitous as McDonalds and I don’t see the popularity of that product being diluted in the least. And, a global audience will pay to view, and watch commercials, too, along with purchasing the merchandise of favorite teams. People will buy merch that they relate to on more levels than whether a team wins on the field. They will buy on the basis of color, style, number, player and logos because it is cool or attractive. At some point the networks won’t have enough money to buy into the NFL anymore. That’s why they are crying.

  38. The horse buggy people did not like the steam train.
    The steam train people did not like the airlines.
    This guy is trying to close pandoras box, like the music industry people did. Good luck.

  39. @robert ethan – you are missing the point. Filled stadiums are just the window dressing. It adds atmosphere and excitement to the viewing of the game on screen. Revenue from stadium ticket sales is miniscule in comparison to the audience the NFL is aggressively courting. The target audience is Europe, Asia, South America, Africa. In every continent of the world where there are satellite dishes and computers or other viewing devices and people with money to buy NFL licensed products. The NFL is a legal monopoly that is, or will soon be more powerful than GM, IBM, Microsoft, and Coke all rolled into one. Can you think of any other reason why the NFL and it’s personnel seem to be particularly immune to the laws that govern the rest of society?

  40. goebbels the deformed claiming to be superior human nazi propagandist said “repeat a lie over and over again it becomes the truth”!
    so on these internet webcasts that viewers see DON’T they also see the EXACT SAME commercials that the companies are paying the nfl for?
    and goren is claiming it lessens revenues when it fact it increases views of those commercials which would then result in higher sales making these advertising spots even more valuable!
    big business hollywood, big business period does not like vthe new technology. they both should shut up because it wont be long and theyll have everything taken from them by the fed up peasents.

  41. For those commenting/questioning Sunday Ticket’s availability over the internet:
    If you signed up for the SuperFan package (which gets you the HD versions of the lineup) you also got internet streaming as part of the deal.

  42. LatinCowboy says:
    I don’t get it, I still get all the commercials on the phone feeds, and directv pc feeds, why would they make less add revenue???

    As i said ” goren like goebbels thinks, “repeat a lie over and over again, it will become the truth”!

  43. imagine if the NFL said forget it the major broadcasters.
    we have our own cable network
    we can charge for internet subscriptions because people want our content live and reliable.
    we get all the money and you can go cheney yourself

  44. I think the post should clarify that you can get streaming NFL if:
    1. You’re already a DirecTV subscriber or
    2. You live in Manhattan or are overseas
    Not to say these are not options but I think the post implied that if you had a computer and net access, you could stream games. That’s obviously not the case.

  45. With as many displaced NFL as there are around the country who have to find other means to watch their team, myself included, having every game available to stream live would EXPLODE. The money would be through the roof, and Fox would have to go somewhere else to get paid. I’d jump on such a deal immediately.

  46. 39.95 to subscribe to your teams’ games; 99.95 per division; and 159.99 to view both, plus applicable fees and taxes… to stream games live via NFL.Com…
    Do it.

  47. “good, I hope fox does not renew, I never did like their announcers or pre & post games shows.”
    Throw in their stupid dancing robot, too.

  48. The lack of forward thinking would be shocking if it weren’t Fox.
    Fox is stuck in the past in more ways than one and is in most realms considered a joke. Albeit currently a very powerful joke.

  49. I’m happy to see that so many other people HATE that dancing robot thing as much as I do.

  50. If only I could get NFL Network on my TV, alas I am tied to a Cable Company that doesn’t carry it! So I resort to the internet!

  51. “I dream of a time when we can all watch our favorite team every Sunday without having to pay extra”
    Of course you do, but like everything else in life that people want for free, it ain’t gonna happen. Where’s the money coming from to pay for that?
    Fox has a reasonable point. If they pay $X billion for the broadcast rights, free streaming makes it impossible for them to recoup that cost. If streaming makes NFL broadcasts less lucrative to FOX, they’ll bid less next time around.
    In the end, it may not affect the consumer if the NFL can support streaming via ads to offset the reduced TV revenue. For local games, that is. If you want out-of-market, you’ll pay. Heck, I’d be happy to – I live in an area surrounded by trees and can’t get DirecTV.

  52. Narrow minded content providers never cease to amaze me.
    I watch streaming NFL games, but not through any “legal” means. Even though it is infringing on the NFL’s copyrights, I am still getting the adds that keep the networks pockets lined with cash. It’s no different than me watching the game on my TV legally , other than the channel is across the country and not my local affiliate. I don’t understand what is so wrong with this, as I don’t like half the games they force on my local market. I refuse to pay out of my ass for Sunday Ticket and don’t feel like going to the bar every single Sunday of the season. I don’t see or understand the harm in this, or how it would cost the NFL or the networks to lose money. The adds are still there. The locally televised game is still on my TV, while the illegal stream is on my PC.
    The NFL should offer free online streaming of all games. They could charge for add space on the streaming pages to offset the cost and the networks are still getting their add revenue, because the adds are still going to be seen during broadcast.

  53. Go cry a river fox, Your station is only good at reporting political sensationalism anyways. Guess what, even if the NFL stopped streaming games, there are PLENTY of ways on the net to watch them streamed live. Good luck stopping them, Hollywood hasnt been able to yet…..
    Fox “will be more reticent to pay billions in rights fees to the three.” Who cares about you fox? The NFL has its own channel, and as fans, Nobody cares what channel its on, so long as its on. Your competitors will smell and opportunity and pounce on it. While you can go back and put on repeat episodes of Bill O’Reilly’s playhouse

  54. As a Ravens fan, I rarely watch Fox due to little interest in NFC games, plus I canopt stand Fox graphics, most announcer, and that idiotic dancing robot aimed at pre-teens.
    I would like to see the out-of-town NFL games sold on a pay-per-view basis (internet, cable, whatever means), with the home team left on free broadcast TV. I would pay to watch division rivals Steelers-Bengals, but instead I am fed Bills-Chargers on CBS or Seahawks-Redskins on Fox, neither game holding any interest to me.

  55. Yea, good luck trying to stop the internet from streaming the games
    You can either stream the games on your site and make money/ratings off it
    Don’t do it and have piracy run rampant as people WILL get it online without your permission

  56. “At some point, they’re going to kill the golden goose,” Goren said. Though he believes that “multiplatform maneuvers by the NFL are ‘not an issue’ now,” he cautioned that, if the NFL and other sports leagues “continue to look beyond the traditional set,” Fox “will be more reticent to pay billions in rights fees to the three.”
    Bottom line? “Our ratings will go down, our ad sales will go down and the leagues can find another sucker,” Goren said.
    Steroid rage? What an a-hole. Next time, have your lawyers close the tech loopholes before you pay your billions. Sour grapes, sour attitude. Goddell can punish you, too.

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