Jahvid Best knows that the Lions expect him to make an immediate impact

jahvid-best-detroit-lions-75af1c6985e910ae_medium.jpgOf all the positions on a football field, running back provides a rookie with the best opportunity to make an immediate impact.  By trading back into round one for Cal running back Jahvid Best, the Lions undoubtedly expect him to do just that.

And he knows it.

“I understand there’s a lot of potential I have to play, but I just have
to come in and do the best I can and help the team to win,” Best said Sunday, per Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com.  “Things
should go great.  There’s a running back by committee, so we can all get
it done.  I’ve just got to play my part.”

The other members of the committee are Maurice Morris and Kevin Smith, who continues to rehab a torn ACL.  But while the three-headed approach has become popular in Dallas and New Orleans and many other teams use a two-man rotation, a “hot hand” could get a guy more touches. 

“If you look around the league, some of the best running teams always
have a tandem,” Best said.  “It’s a hard job for one man.”

But, still, most running backs prefer to burn out than fade away — especially when they are young and healthy enough to not realize that they have a limited shelf life.

The challenge for the Lions will be to decide whether to spread out the carries, or whether to adopt a workhorse approach.  Some may think that, given their history, the Lions are destined to make the decision that ends up in hindsight being the wrong one.

We’re not yet prepared to make that conclusion.  Things seem to be changing in Detroit.  Then again, perhaps we’re being influenced by the fact that everyone is 0-0, and that everyone will carry that record over the next four-plus months.

20 responses to “Jahvid Best knows that the Lions expect him to make an immediate impact

  1. I think the Lions will be 8-8 or better this year. Call me crazy.
    They’ll probably be my Madden team.

  2. Look at Killer gettin’ props from Florio!
    Best has to stay healthy, and having had two concussions last year is going to make him very fragile. This is a risky, risky pick…..
    At least he’ll be able to get to the corner! We haven’t had a player capable of doing that since Brian Calhoun….Wait, we didn’t use him…..BUT he was capable of getting to the corner!

  3. As much as I am pulling for Jahvid, he is not the kind to carry the cowbell, so to speak. I do not think he is able to carry the ball 20 times a week in the NFL….just based on body structure. Everyone’s looking for the next Chris Johnson, but CJ is the exception, not the rule. If it’s not running back by committee in Detroit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Best sidelined by injuries. Hopefully not, but that’s just the way I see it.

  4. i don’t understand why people say the vikings ‘passed’ on this guy. Vikes already have Adrian Peterson. Vikings needed a big, blocking, 3rd down back. Best is not that at all. He is like a Reggie Bush type role player. Best would not have fit in the Vikings offense if Peterson is already there. and the Vikings have Percy Harvin, basically the same thing as Best, but a WR role.
    it would be like criticizing the packers for passing up on jimmy clausen.

  5. I think if you look back at recent history, inside linebackers have made the biggest rookie splashes.

  6. “Lions share” heh heh.
    Seriously, I expect Best to be the ‘mane’ man by game 6!

  7. I think Jahvid Best is going to kick ass, at least he would, on any team but the Lions (or Rams). I have not seen a better pro prospect among college RBs since Peterson (and no, i was not sweet on Bush). The most emotional point in this year’s draft was when Best was picked by the Lions. He was clearly devastated. He stayed on his phone, stared down at the table, didn’t stand up to hug his relatives and friends, tried his best to just look distracted, really looked devastated. He was thinking “my career is doomed already.” He was ruined. To work so hard and to receive a death sentence. Such a superior runner, being sent to Alcatraz.

  8. I look forward to his contribution. He’ll make an impact.
    He’s built like Walter Payton and Emitt Smith… actually EXACTLY like them… a little lighter than Emmitt. 5-10, 200; 5-9, 210
    Can he take the week in/out work in the NFL? Only if he realizes he’s NOT Adrian Peterson or Matt Forte. Elusivity must be his mantra.
    @ ALL CAPS…yes, the Vikings certainly have Adrian Peterson…but I’m not comfortable with what that actually means???? He’s help them earn the title ‘Best NFL Team to NEVER win a Super Bowl’. It’ll be sad when the Lions win one first.

  9. robert ethan,
    Nice job. I think you are right. Just as one example, the first middle LB picked last year, Lauranaitis, got serious consideration as rookie of the year, despite being a 2nd rnd pick, and playing for the Rams. The natural follow up is that teams that need to improve NOW should pick middle LBs early.

  10. wow lions fans a superbowl? how about a 4 win season? that would be your superbowl.best is a concussion machine the same guy who said that he wasnt sure if he was over them or did mel kiper not mention that when he said that you had the best draft.and besides that offenseive line is offenseive.he wont play more than 8 games this year.sure the lions got defenseive help.a defenseive end with what 6 sacks the past 2 seasons.

  11. @Drat: Good point. To this day people still don’t consider Barry Sanders to be anywhere near the top 100 RBs of all time..wait, what?
    Also I’m stoked to have him on the team. IF he continues to get concussed we’ll have lost big time on the gamble. IF he does not, I think we’ll have a very dynamic talent.

  12. Heh. the nfl “nordic” division as someone recently called it, is in for a big surprise. Besides a very hungry Stafford, we have caljon, natester, thumper smitty,
    and jukester best, two first-class tight ends, a solid blind side guard, a motivated rt, and a very good lt (yeah, JB is probowl bound). Chicago goes down after our first road game. Minny goes down to Nawleons. We decimate GB’s porous oline and stuff Minny’s run game. Shake up city!
    Oh and btw, we have extra guys named williams and brown who will dance all over your nordic graves!

  13. like i said before no offenseive line.no secondary at all.and you lost your middle linebacker.until you win poncho then talk.you guys always talk now and cry later

  14. @ Drat,
    This coming from the guy who proclaimed Martz to be the greatest coach in the NFL and the Bears would make the playoffs. You’re an idiot, quit talking.

  15. I don’t think he gets that his OL will blow and his QB is a young-upcoming star that still will throw INT’s

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