John Fox has the Panthers budget on his mind

J. Fox.jpgPanthers coach John Fox isn’t one to reveal too much to the media, so his reasoning to the recent trade of safety Chris Harris for linebacker Jamar Williams was telling.

We’ve got a budget,” Fox said. “And that had something
to do with it.”

That’s been obvious in Carolina all offseason.  The Panthers have been slashing payroll, saying goodbye to Jake Delhomme, Julius Peppers, Brad Hoover, Damione Lewis, Maake Kemoeatu, Na’il Diggs, and Keydrick Vincent.

Every team has a budget, but the Panthers appear to be preparing for a possible lockout more than most.  And it’s probably not an easy step for Fox, who usually relies on veterans. 

According to Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette, only 17 players on Carolina’s 86-man roster are 26 years old or older.

Fox actually sounds enthused over the roster and perhaps motivated to show he can win with a no-name group.  We’re not sure the fans will be quite as excited.

19 responses to “John Fox has the Panthers budget on his mind

  1. What gives, this story doesn’t mention Dez, Ireland, Ben or Sean Payton? WTF?

  2. Yes, but don’t think the Panthers are going to be doormats. The upgraded special teams, will have a more efficient QB and WR combination, the offensive line is solid and they have 2 RBs better than most anybody else in the league. On Defense, Everrette Brown is bigger and the other ends are solid. They drafted Norwood and Hardy to help with pressure on the QB, they now have 2 safeties that are ball-hawking speedsters, and the CB situation is the same. LBs– Dan Connor, Thomas Davis, and Jon Beason–not bad. DT is a question mark, but they are high on Tyer, Leonard, and the others are rotational. Maybe they will add a DT later, but for now, they look good.
    I see the team as improved. Some of the best moves we have made.

  3. A no-name group? Really?
    DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart?
    Steve Smith? Jordan Gross? Jeff Otah? Ryan Kalil?
    Thomas Davis? JON BEASON?! Chris Gamble? Richard Marshall?
    Yeah I guess I’ve never heard of any of those guys before either…

  4. Poor Hugh & Catamount & screaming sheep: their team is rebuilding with a coach who shouldn’t even be there. They be in “Moore” pain than Sean Payton in search of his Vicodin fix. Happy month of May to you three.

  5. With the exception of Peppers the rest of those guys are older/under performing. They realized they probably wouldnt be able to compete in the NFC South so it looks like they are preparing for a few years down the road. Maybe its for the lockout as well but I actually think they made all the right moves. Their draft was subpar but they have money to sign players when the time is right and find out what players they want to keep for their future.
    Btw I feel sad for Steve Smith. I bet he is traded at the end of this year after they barely win a few games. At least I hope he is.

  6. I’m equally excited. I know if Fox wants a job next year, he better get to the playoffs and win a game. The Panthers seem to win every other year so that’s why I bought season tickets this year.

  7. I think the Panthers will be fine. Every move we have made was done in an effort to improve the team. We cut a lot of dead weight. Our defense should be smaller, but a lot quicker. Our quarterback play should be less eractic and we added some nice young targets for Moore (BTW, LaFell is getting rave reviews thus far in OTAs).
    I think at very worst this team goes 8-8.

  8. John should’ve traded Peppers. Never should’ve paid Delhomey 20 Mil. and this is when he was leading the league in ints…If my the math is correct, that’s 36 Mil. right there. Ouch! To add insult to injury, they got nothing for Peppers! No draft picks, not even a bag of balls???
    That front office needs to wake up and smell the coffee, or they be enjoying it in LA….

  9. Rosenthal:
    I have an idea for a “story” that meshes with the Panthers budget issue.
    What happens if there is a lockout next year regarding players whose contracts expire after this season? Does the NFL have some sort of procedure where teams can hold onto the rights of their locked out players who are not under contract? Or do players who are not signed by the start of free agency in early 2011 become true free agents even though there is a lockout? I think a lot of this would be determined by when the league year starts, when a lockout would occur and how the league wants to deal with free agent lockouts. Maybe if there is a lockout, the league will extend the pre-free agency period to include allowing teams to retain exclusive rights to all players who are locked out, yet not under contract?
    I think the chances of a lockout are pretty high, especially if the economy stays in the toilet.

  10. Dear SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK,
    Anybody who goes by that handle is not FOR anything, only against. That makes you a negative idiot.
    Try supporting your team instead of making moronic claims about teams you know little about. December will be a long month for you and the rest of the Falcons–I assume that is the team you embarrass.

  11. It is an interesting high wire act for John Fox. If the Panthers have a great year, he will be able to leverage that into a nice long term deal from someone. Given that Panther ownership didn’t extend him, he has no reason to give them a hometown discount. I think they will ultimately regret not locking Fox into a long term deal when they could.

  12. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    May 3, 2010 9:42 AM
    Poor Hugh & Catamount & screaming sheep: their team is rebuilding with a coach who shouldn’t even be there. They be in “Moore” pain than Sean Payton in search of his Vicodin fix. Happy month of May to you three.
    Hate to tell you but we will end up in the playoffs and ahead of you in the NFC south this year. They’re not rebuilding, rebuilding is a drastic change – what they’ve done to their roster isn’t.
    The guys that have been released/not brought back are guys that should of expected to go. You can’t keep old QB because of loyalties of other players. Ma’ake was vastly over paid for what he did, Diggs was just a temporary replacement until they got a young guy that could fill that OLB slot, and etc. Peppers was the only big loss because unlike the other guys he kind of produced when he wanted and we didn’t get anything for a player of that calibur.
    I gurantee we have more drafted players on our starting/full roster than your Falcons before and after this draft. You should worry more about your o-line and your defense than the panthers..

  13. they have a solid o-line … Fox may not be there next season but he sure will leave a great offensive line for the next coaching staff

  14. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    May 3, 2010 9:42 AM
    Poor Hugh & Catamount & screaming sheep: their team is rebuilding with a coach who shouldn’t even be there. They be in “Moore” pain than Sean Payton in search of his Vicodin fix. Happy month of May to you three.
    Settle down Buckwheat. Your ignorance is showing.

  15. Panthers need another DT, like Hollis Thomas last year. To take up some space and stop the run.
    Also, there is no cb depth.
    Armanti Edwards should add some excitement to this stagnant passing game

  16. Are they not still on the hook for around $10 million to Delhomme even though the Browns gave him $7 million for this year? I recall the contract was unusual and Carolina didn’t save much of anything by releasing him. If thats true that probably makes Delhomme the highest paid QB in 2010. Yikes!

  17. Think I heard the same kind of stupid chirping out of him last year, and we see where his Falcons ended up.
    That said, I’m not as optimistic as some of the others on our team this year. The offense should be solid if someone steps up as the #2 receiver, I think it will be Kenny Moore. But the defense gave up some key pieces without a solid plan to replace them. No depth anywhere will hurt just like last year.

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