Limas Sweed has surgery for torn Achilles tendon

NFL_sweed.jpgMaybe Limas Sweed shouldn’t have changed his number from 14 to 80, after all.

The Achilles tendon injury suffered by Steelers receiver Limas Sweed on Sunday was a torn Achilles tendon.  According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sweed underwent surgery on Monday to repair the tendon.

Though the injury occurred in May, it typically knocks an athlete out of action for an extended period of time.  The Steelers undoubtedly will place Sweed on the Physically Unable to Perform list to start the season, and they’ll ultimately have to decide whether to move him to the active roster or put him on injured reserve.  (He also could be released from injured reserve at some point.)

The second-round pick from the 2008 draft is signed through 2011.  It could be that he’ll never play for the team again — especially since the Steelers reportedly were close to trading him to the Buccaneers in March.

36 responses to “Limas Sweed has surgery for torn Achilles tendon

  1. First Round Draft BUST… Steelers are going to strugger all year… maybe this is building into a “Steelers/Rapelisberger” CURSE….
    Id love to see steelers go 50 years or so without a superbowl
    Life-Long Cleveland Browns Fan

  2. Oh well… would have had the most potential of all #6 receivers in the NFL

  3. “Sweed, the big kid, second round draft pick, remember? I think he’d be great for you guys. No, it’s LIMAS, with an “I”, not Lame Ass! Ah forget it……”.

  4. Tough luck there. What are the Steelers going to do to replace all of those dropped passes?
    But I know what you mean about switching numbers. I get injured too every time I wear 80.

  5. Florio – you are such an idiot ! Nothing like having you around to spread your gloom & doom to all who read any post on The 6x Super Bowl Champion Pittsburg Steelers! Limas will be back this yr, and have a productive season! If He listened to your garbag – he might as well retire. I’m sure Limas could do your job , hey now there’s a thought!!!

  6. how bout i was furious that the Eagles passed on Sweed for DeSean Jackson.. I figured he was the next Roly Williams, turns out i was right huh

  7. Sweed was a second round draft pick. Big Ben wanted a tall receiver, to replace Plax, and in doing so..drafted size over best player available. Anyway, Sanders and Brown….look impressive on their You tube highlights. Time will tell the real story.

  8. @GurpBadesha …
    At least that’s honest. More than I can say for most of the idiotic sanctimonious posts.
    Get well soon, Limas. It’s a setback, nothing more.

  9. Should have made that trade to the Bucs when you could Steelers, have fun paying him for being injured.

  10. well its tough to be a first round draft bust when u are picked in the second round, idiot cleveland fans

  11. @ GurpBadesha – He was taken in the 2nd round not the 1st. Also what does it mean to “strugger all year”?

  12. @ GurpBadesha
    Education is widely looked down upon in the state of Ohio. GurpBadesha is a perfect example.
    Not winning a SB in 50 years? Browns are just a few years away from that milestone.

  13. Sweed will not be back this season. This is a major injury for any position player but worse for a receiver. He won’t be able to plant his foot to make his cuts. He will go on the IR until the Steelers cut him. And based on this injury and his previous lack of production he will be lucky to have another team sign him next year for the league minimum.

  14. Not a Steeler fan, but hope the guy has a speedy recovery. (Unless his personal issues were bad IE crimes)

  15. Too bad they can’t trade him to the taint’s. They don’t have pain meds left. Does sean payton have a lemon in his mouth? Or is he trying to kiss someone on the sideline? Why does he always pucker? Must be a side effect or withdrawl.

  16. GurpBadesh – I hate to wake you from your nightmare – But the Clevland Clowns haven’t won a championship since 1964!!!! Wow that’s 46yrs!!! It must tear you up to witness the Success and Championships of The 6x Superbowl Champion Pittsburg Steelers!!! You can always Dream….

  17. Really bad break for Limas. It seemed he had a great attitude going into this season. He had all the tools and I was hoping he would finally achieve success this year. Hope he recovers.

  18. SWEED Isnt At All What I Expected Out Of College Geez Maybe Its His Reps Or Maybe Hes The B Word You Kno…….BUST!

  19. I had foot surgery a year ago. In 3 months, I was able to use my foot fine and I’m a really fast healer. However, it didn’t feel “right” with any real confidence for a year. I seriously doubt either Sweed or Favre can recover and play at the top of their game.

  20. Buzzsaw – get your facts together before yapping about Limas Sweed’s future. According to …elite athletes may return to athletics as early as 3mos. after injury.

  21. @ trickbunny
    Curse of Rapenstein! LMAO hahaha
    yah yah, Cleveland hasn’t hasnt won in 46 years, but at least I can say I’m a loyal fan. You degenerates are all bandwagon bellyachers…

  22. @GurpBadesha
    Funny how losers only talk about bandwagoners. It’s the last line of defense for people who get slapped around in football talk. “well you must be a bandwagoner b/c your team is good.” most retarded argument I’ve ever heard. It’s not like the Steelers just got good like the Saints. They’ve been pretty great ever since the mid 90s and have had the highest win percentage since the NFL merger. You should know this being a supposed Browns fan.

  23. “Id love to see steelers go 50 years or so without a superbowl”
    Um, kinda like the Browns? Misery loves company.

  24. hasta la vista, Sweed baby
    You’ll always have a Steelers highlight for that Corey Ivy block

  25. Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens defenceman) lacerated his achilles tendon back on October 1st. He was back in the line-up on December 19th and played at a high level. That was two months ahead of schedule. Assuming Sweed even takes five months to recover, instead of three, he can still be back in time for much of the regular season.
    The loss here, if you will, is giving the kid the opportunity to prove he was worth a second round pick. He certainly has flashed his potential at times and I think there has been a little too much focus on the dropped passes. Yes, he’s dropped three sure passes in his career. Holmes dropped 11 last year alone and was among the league leaders in that category. Did that stop him from being a productive wide receiver? No.
    However, this is really about missing maybe the 4th or 5th best wide receiver on the team – and probably the 7th best receiver overall (if you include Miller, Moore and Mendenhall in the mix). It’s not a big loss one way or another.

  26. Don’t look for the Stoolers to be winning the Superbowl with Worthlessburger currently being suspended for 4-6 games for his FURBURGER antics, the Stoolers best young receiver “Santurdio” being traded to Jets for a box of cracker jacks, Sweed going down.
    The Stoolers will have to rely on Grandpa Randel El, and “the skid mark on underwear” Hines Ward to catch the ball.
    At QB the Stoolers will have to rely on (LOL) Byron Leftwich/Charlie batch “dynamic duo” at QB for at least 1/3 of season, Mendenhall can’t do it all himself and has been inconsistant, especially with that crappy OL. Batch/Leftwitch/Worthlessburger will spend a lot of time being thrown on their asses!!!
    Stooler Fans look forward to a 6-10 season at best!!!

  27. I hate to write people off as a bust (I held out on Mendenhall, and I think it was worth it), but, assuming they hold on to him through the injury, he would need to come back in a ridiculously huge way to warrant keeping him around. Furthermore, the Steelers have had a knack of developing solid receivers over the years. Thus, even though he adds another body onto the roster and would be a waste of a second round pick, he’s entirely replaceable.
    # GurpBadesha says: May 3, 2010 6:21 PM
    @ trickbunny
    Curse of Rapenstein! LMAO hahaha
    yah yah, Cleveland hasn’t hasnt won in 46 years, but at least I can say I’m a loyal fan. You degenerates are all bandwagon bellyachers…
    It’s usually best to avoid running your mouth when you’re obviously clueless with regard to what you’re commenting on. First of all, Cleveland’s lucky to even have a football team at this point, so you’re dumb ass should be grateful to be commenting. Second, what exactly do you mean by “bandwagon bellyachers?” I’ve not traveled the country looking for Steelers fans, but most of the ones I know have been so since the 1980’s or longer. Not our fault that we haven’t had to sit around watching disorganized, mediocre bullshit for the past 20+ years.
    And for the record, Sweed was drafted in the second round in 2008 (53rd overall) – Rashard Mendenhall went first that year. Get your shit straight before you go running your mouth, fool.

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