Reggie Nelson says he's done helping at cornerback

A lot of people expected Jaguars safety Reggie Nelson to be cut by now.

But the former first-round pick remains, and he rotated between the first and second team at free safety during the minicamp over the weekend.  Nelson was pressed into different roles last year, and struggled badly.

He says he won’t go back to a nickel corner or starting cornerback role again if asked.

“The way things happened last year, I don’t think I’d do it,”  Nelson told ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky.
“I will not do it. I tried that last year. It didn’t work. I don’t think
it was fair to me. I would not go back. You live and you learn.”

Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith doubted Nelson’s words, saying any player would do whatever he’s asked for the team.

Nelson isn’t guaranteed anything in 2010 and would be wise to adopt that approach.

32 responses to “Reggie Nelson says he's done helping at cornerback

  1. Well, if things are not ‘fair to him’ then he truly should just quit his multi-million dollar job and work at the Shop-n-Save.

  2. Even in North Gainesville, I don’t think Reggie is in any position to be saying what he is and is not going to do. I think he’s trying to expedite the cut process. Personally, I feel he’s been given more than enough chances because of the Gator factor.
    I can only imagine the headlines in a few months:
    “British Columbia Lions sign former NFLer Reggie Nelson. In exchange Jacksonville Jaguars get 50 pounds of salmon. BC Lions feel cheated.”

  3. I think it’s dumb on the teams part to ask a player to do something that they dont believe they can do. Why would you put a player in a position that they “know” they will fail. I dont think that is a weakness on Nelson’s part, I think it’s just being honest. Miami did the same thing with Jason Allen (which he wasnt good at either position), and he would have been better off learning and concentrating on one position instead of trying to learn how to play safety, nickel CB, and occasionally outside as a CB. Some players just dont have the mental capacity to learn different postions. So either cut, and dont draft those type of players, or put them in positions that you know they will succeed. Not only are you hurting their development, but you’re hurting your whole team.

  4. Making him play special teams wouldn’t be fair to him either. Why should he have to do that?
    Same with practices and training camp. “Live and learn, you know.”
    Maybe the Jaguars should just pay him to sit home and eat donuts, like some sort of Jamarcus Russell of the defense.

  5. hizzle1281 did you forget the F between K and C?? That’s only place he’ll end up is frying chicken…..

  6. Reggie Nelson isn’t qualified to be the teams waterboy. The Jags passing up Brandon Meriweather and taking Nelson was one of the dumbest draft moves I have ever seen. But to be fair, this is the same organization that drafted R Jay Soward, Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones. Not exactly bright lights down there in Jacksonville.

  7. Reggie, the good news is we won’t be needing you at corner. The bad news is we won’t be needing you.

  8. blackglass….Matt Jones contributed more than most of the receivers taken ahead of him. He is still only 26 or something.

  9. Annnnd more drivel from “fans” who most likely: 1)live in their moms basement. 2)Work the parking lots at their favorite team’s stadium. 3)couldnt get a girls phone number even with a fist full of hundreds. 4)has a FatHead of their fave player in his underwear over their bed 5)The guy who loses his girl 2 one or more football players 4 one night of ‘prime time ballin’ 6)has only one friend, and its usually someone twice as pathetic…
    Whats sad is its usually ‘grown men’ who get on here and do their best “blathering wife @ the beauty salon” impersonation… what total choads…

  10. blackglass- Nelson and Meriweather were part of different draft classes so you really have no basis for comparison there.

  11. Reggie, you are more than welcome in Cincy. Come on over and play safety for us and have an acutal shot of getting to the Superbowl.

  12. is he really that bad? i wouldn’t know because all of the Jaguars games were blacked out

  13. reggie is a dumb ass! Even though he is younger and only due like 750K this year, cut this idiot now! i think after hearing that, gene will cut him! Unless they make him play special teams and have someone ride the shit out of him all year, i would take that too.

  14. robert ethan says:
    May 3, 2010 10:59 AM
    blackglass….Matt Jones contributed more than most of the receivers taken ahead of him. He is still only 26 or something.
    Come on…Roddy White was there. How do you pass on Roddy White for a QB you’re going to try and convert to WR?
    There is a reason most of the seats are tarped in Jacksonville, and it’s stupid draft picks like this.

  15. @ blackglass:
    All the bad draft picks you mentioned were picked by the guy that got fired & now works for the Lions. Our new GM’s 1st draft was last year & it was the best in the league.

  16. This right here? This is why you draft a high character, nonstop motor, will-play-any-position player like Tyson Alualu.

  17. Oh, come on, E.F. Cuttin! I don’t qualify for any of your categories. None whatsoever. A fistfull of hundreds? You must be aiming for the uninfected sexy girls.

  18. “Come on…Roddy White was there. How do you pass on Roddy White for a QB you’re going to try and convert to WR? ”
    Roddy White still took years to become what he is now and, if not for Michael Vick getting suspended, may never have developed into the gamebreaker he’s become.

  19. whodey5 says:
    May 3, 2010 11:25 AM
    Reggie, you are more than welcome in Cincy. Come on over and play safety for us and have an acutal shot of getting to the Superbowl.
    please stop I just spit my drink all over the monitor. The only way Cincy is going to a Super Bowl is if they are hired to work the concession stands during the game.

  20. WarrenMoonGOAT,
    for starters, real class having a wife beater as your name on this site. Nice touch.
    second, as 7 games were blacked out, that leaves 9 regular season games that were not.
    One time of multiple blackouts in 16 years and we’re the laughing stock. Do some research and see the LA Rams, LA Raiders, Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, TB Buccaneers, and other clubs historic blackout numbers.

  21. WarrenMoonGOAT
    hahahahahahahaha at least we have a team sucka. and you guys can all say that the jags r leaving for your shit town, but they aren’t! lol. u idiots really believe this and say what u know nothing about. is there a small possibility? yes. but i have heard this talk for years and nothing to come of it. you guys had 2 teams and couldn’t support them so talk of a team moving back to LA is ridiculous.
    sorry to all of u haters that want the jags to leave town but it will never happen!! hahahah

  22. our team blows. really? That’s the kind of hard hitting analysis I’ve come to expect from you.
    I can say Warren Moon blows because he never went to a Super Bowl, but I would not be totally accurate. Grey Cups do not count.
    With all the talent he had in Houston, how those teams never went to the Super Bowl, I’ll never know.
    Also, since we “suck so bad” if you guys get the Jags, which won’t happen by the way, you still won’t get a chance to watch them, unless you pony up for a ticket. Even if they were good, you guys are notorious for being the most fickle fanbase in the country when it comes to pro sports. How the hell else do you lose 2 NFL teams and 1 AFL team?
    AND, you guys are not the primary or secondary market for Jacksonville, so feasibly you COULD watch all of their games provided you have the Sunday Ticket or went to your local watering hole. Our games were not blacked out in LA.
    So in a nutshell, you’ve proven your opinion on this topic to be 100% bullshit and irrelevant. I guess you were trying an attempt at a pile on to a lame ass joke. If so, I’ll give you an A for effort.

  23. @Bronco_Rob
    Actually, both Nelson and Meriweather were drafted in the 2007 NFL draft. Nelson went 21st overall while Meriweather went 24th.

  24. Nelson has been a cheap-shot bust for many years now
    Not surprising his attitude is making him out to be even more of a bust

  25. It seems to be lost on him that it’s not his call unless he doesn’t mind losing his job over it. I’ve got to wonder, though, why they would want him to play corner if he’s not any good at it?

  26. Reggie won’t get cut this year I don’t think. He is a solid athlete but doesn’t understand the game and because of that posseses zero football instincts. He is too athletic and too cheap, quite frankly, not to keep around for depth in the secondary. But his main role will be as a special teams player. Injuries to the current Jag safeties are so frequent that you have to keep him around. I don’t think he will play corner anymore. The Jags have four solid corners in Cox, Mathis, Brackenridge and Carey. I think the coaching staff realized after they started Nelson at corner againt TEN last year that they should have started Brackenridge instead. Donald Carey will be the starting nickle IMO. Reggie will be a special teamer and fill in when guys are out. What a great Gator. I wonder if Nelson and Harvey were productive they might have considered taking a flyer on Tebow but since those two guys set back the franchise a year or two, you couldn’t afford to go the Gator route again, even if he is St Timothy of Duval.

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