A Bengals player is back in stripes

More than a few Bengals fans took issue with our recent suggestion that former Cincy running back Corey Dillon must be hoping to return to the team, given that he has been arrested twice in less than two weeks.  And, in all fairness, Bengals players had stayed out of trouble lately.

Until this morning.

WLWT-TV, an NBC affiliate, reports that Bengals receiver Maurice Purify was arrested early Tuesday for disorderly conduct.  The incident occurred at a local bar.  Authorities reportedly will release more details at a noon Tuesday.

And the Bengals can’t claim they didn’t have reason to believe that Purify might get in trouble.  He was charged with assault and resisting arrest while in college at Nebraska, and he was cited for DUI while on probation.

65 responses to “A Bengals player is back in stripes

  1. i love how Corey Dillon suddenly isn’t a former Patriot, interesting.

  2. I think I can here him making his way to the chopping block. The first Bengal to be in trouble in how long? In amost everything you put on here about the Bengals you mention them in jail. this is on understandable seeing how it just happen. the last person to be in any trouble was Maualuga that was recent but before that. how long had it been 2 years or more. get over it. at least he didnt rape a chick who was drunk out of her mind. twice. or go get high.

  3. Honestly, WTF.
    You would think that by now you wouldn’t have these !@#$’in problems.

  4. Let us know when he rapes a girl, throws a drink at a girl or breaks a towel dispenser.
    Disorderly conduct?

  5. He was also released on $80 bail. What does that tell you? We took offense because you didn’t refer to Plaxico as a former Steeler. But your Big Ben coverage has more than made up for it.

  6. WHO CARESSSSS…. He’s going to be cut in a month anyways… Florio, get better news than a 8th string receiver getting drunk and throwing a couple “F” bombs at the cops… Jeezal!

  7. I wonder if I put in my smoker and cook it low and slow if this CROW will be any better. DAMN!!

  8. If he was in black-and-“gold” the police wouldn’t have arrested him, they would have said “He’s an NFL athlete, he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that…” or they would have been on his payroll.
    Sometimes, the bengals jokes are justified.

  9. He will be cut. This guy has no chance of making the team with the squad they are putting together at WR.

  10. DUI means ‘driving under the influence’. that’s not drinkin, or a DWI.. this dude was on some drugs

  11. Ah, typical Ohio scum. Must have been parting with those “classy” OSU douche bags. The “Cincinnati Convicts” strike again. Guess you should have been all over Steeler fans, when your still the Kings of Crime.

  12. The Bungles just continue to prove to everyone just how pathetic an organization they are!

  13. Compare the Bengals over the last twelve months with any NFL team for incidents and they’ll compare favorably.
    How Corey Dillon (who last played for the Bengals in what year?) leads to a discussion of Bengals issues is moronic.
    As for Purify, he just got himself cut. The guy has been on the field for less than five snaps for them.

  14. @myspaceyourface, you mean no one will take their place at the top of the AFCN? That’s a pretty decent compliment coming from you, judging by the fairness and wit of your previous posts…..its good for you to go ahead and throw in the towel before the season starts, just get it out of the way you know?

  15. He must have been of crack that he bought from Dez Bryants Mom. Couldn’t he just break a towel dispenser? Then he would be a “real threat”to the public. “who dey” got left that hasn’t been arrested? No wonder Pacman wants to go there…….just like home.

  16. disorderly conduct – does that mean he raped someone at the bar? if so, will the bengals be trading him to the steelers so they can polish his technique?

  17. Florio, you’ve got to get some better one liners. Another Bengal “back in stripes”? How many times have you used that one? You’re like a broken record.
    Can’t wait until you come up with one-liners for the other teams with legal/behavior problems… oh wait, you only do that for the Bengals.
    Because when the Bengals have problems, it is a team issue and the whole organization deserves blame and ridicule, right?
    But when other teams (i.e. the Steelers) have problems, it’s an individual issue, an isolated incident and we do not blame/criticize/ridicule the organization, right? Just individuals like Harrison, Wilson, Holmes, and Roethlisberger. By all means, let’s not criticize the organization.
    And apparently there’s no statute of limitations, either. No matter what, each time a Bengal (or former Bengal) gets in trouble, there will be ridicule of the organization.
    I just heard a Bengal who was a back-up linebacker in 1971 just got a DUI. Headline news!
    Stay classy, PFT. Truly great journalism.

  18. whodey5 says:
    May 4, 2010 9:54 AM
    Is he even still on the team???
    Funny thing is he probably had a better chance making the team than J. Simpson!

  19. Did they sign Pac Man Jones yet? ? ? ? He will fit in nicely to their stable. . . . They need someone to take Henry’s place.

  20. And the Bengals can’t claim they didn’t have reason to believe that Purify might get in trouble.
    Did I miss something? In all the boneheaded things the Bengals players have done and the idiotic deals the front office has made I never ONCE have heard Mike Brown or Marvin Lewis or anyone in the organization make an excuse or say they were fooled.
    Go ahead Florio keep making your stupid jokes at the Bengal’s expense but at least keep it somewhat accurate.
    What a stupid effin comment.

  21. whodey5 says:
    May 4, 2010 9:54 AM
    Is he even still on the team???
    He wasn’t going to be after training camp anyway. This ought to just speed up the process.

  22. i think i miss all the arrests the bengals used to get.. it sure made mornings at work more interesting when surfing the sports sights. we need to trade for big ben.. he can back up carson.

  23. Those of you who made comments that refer to Corey Dillon still being in the league are idiots… He wont get cut because he isnt even on a team! he wont make the team because HE ISNT ON ONE… And hasnt been since the 06 season! Do you guys really follow football or just troll on Florio’s website?
    And Florio, you’re an idiot too for just referring to him as a former Bengal.. His last team was the Patriots, and he was a Patriot for 3 years… He’s NOT a Bengals player!

  24. I still say that Jerry Jones’ kid must have taken Mean D’s lunch money and beat the crap out of him after school years ago. It’s the only explanation that fits why Mean D whines about everything Cowboys so much.

  25. After clicking the link and seeing that the arrest took place at 2am at Jefferson Hall in Newport, I can’t say that this is such a big deal. The bouncers at that place are ridiculous. It’s the most violent closing time I’ve ever seen at any bar in the country. They literally push people at the door at 2am, grabbing drinks out of their hands and are generally behaving like tools. Seems a little odd that it happened on a Tuesday, but still…this isn’t news. And it’s certainly not an indictment of the organization. But boy does a story like this pump up the hits (which equals more ads, which equals partnerships with NBC, yadda yadda yadda)…

  26. At least he didn’t get an underage girl wasted beyond belief so that he could rape her….

  27. Shame, I liked what Purify had to offer as a WR, big, good route runner on college, decent hands. pOtential never to be seen on this team now. Oh well, so they head into OTA’s with 9 rather than ten WR’s, I’m sure they’ll come away with a good set of 5 or 6. Too bad Maurice, hope your hard lesson is one taken to heart, whatever your consequences. okonkwo has it right too, give it a rest Mike, you’re like the horny dog that just can’t help humping the sofa cushions, or the autistic kid that just can’t help masturbating in public when he sees a girl, it’s auto response.
    “Bengals practice squad member arrested: Uuuhhgggghhhh! Da! Must blame the organization and continue to perpetuate the relatively inaccurate perception of them as thugs. Da! It will take the heat off my steelers and vikings! Uuuuggghhh! Maybe when McNabb chokes my skins out of playoff contention after I inexplicably pick them to win it all again I can pull this old joke out to save face. Da!”
    MotorCitySteel, I think you need a redo in freshman geography, although I agree with your assessment of OSU fans in general. Secondly, dude, you live in Detroit (as youur moniker indicates) so what room do you have to talk about trash and garbage. I think I can see a crack in your glass house from here, you should be more careful .

  28. Kaz says:
    May 4, 2010 10:01 AM
    He was also released on $80 bail. What does that tell you? We took offense because you didn’t refer to Plaxico as a former Steeler. But your Big Ben coverage has more than made up for it.
    $80? Isn’t that a little steep? That’s more than a month’s pay in Ohio I believe…

  29. @ myeaglescantswim
    DUI often is used for drunk driving.
    If you fly over ohio, does that make you FROM ohio? What if you drive through it? Did tOSU wipe their collective ass with your application? What state are you from? I bet there aren’t any convicts/scumbags from that state.
    I guess whatever keeps steeler fans from dwelling on the fact that their number 1 receiver now plays for the jets and their qb is a world class douche.

  30. MotorCitySteel —
    Your team’s franchise face is a mole-ridden rapist. There’s nothing that you can say that justifies you talking noise on any other team right now, much less the division rival that pounded your boys twice last year. You may also want to learn the proper usage of your/you’re so that the rest of us can understand the garbage you’re typing. In summation, quit being a ‘gloid. Steelers 6-10 in 2010.

  31. As if the drafting of Briscoe and Shipley and the signing of Antonio Bryant wasn’t enough, Purify just sealed his fate with this one.
    Bengals have to get down to 80 players before training camp and they’re currently at like 83 or 84. This guy will be the first to be handed his walking papers.
    Purify gets charged with disorderly conduct, and the Bengals will release him because of it. Big Ben rapes 2 women and the Steelers just trade for Leftwich to keep his spot warm until his suspension is up.

  32. Purify has never been much more than a PS player who was given a couple of chances to play at the end of last season. He’s not our franchise QB or our star starting WR. He’s not the face of our organization. Outside of us staunch Bengal’s fans, does anyone even know who he is? Exactly. Nothing to see here, move along.

  33. florio do some research for once.
    feel free to post your witty comments about the other 13 teams with more arrests over the past 5 season.
    try being objective.
    just a closed mined bengals hater. it shows anytime you ‘cut and paste’ a bengals story. another author’s work with 1-2 paragraphs of your opinion tainting it.

  34. This guy had zero chance to even make it to training camp anyway. We added 2 former first rounders and drafted 2 good receivers.

  35. To all NFL players who come to Cincinnati for a game, do not go to Newport. You will get arrested. Not that what the Bengals players have done isn’t worthy of being arrested, but Newport has zero tolerance of anything fun, and they hate any celebrity from Cincinnati. Do not where anything affiliated with Cincinnati in Newport at all, or be any kind of professional athlete.
    This has been a public service announcement.

  36. @kraftykid:
    Are you joking me? There’s a number of teams whose players haven’t gotten in any trouble at all. The Bengals may not be leading the league in arrests or scandals in the past twelve months, but they are definitely in the top five…

  37. Wow, what a surprise. I also hear that Marvin Lewis is considering bringing in Pacman Jones. Oh you silly Bengals fans!

  38. What? Wait! He was arrested on the claim by a person without an investigation?
    Oh wait he isn’t white. And doesn’t have off duty police officers doing his dirty work. And isn’t a QB.

  39. Well CT, Marvin isn’t the dictator of the franchise (although we’d probably be better off if he was), so I assume you meant to write “The team is considering bringing in pacman…..” Well, stiller fan, we already did and he left without a contract….. in March. Little tardy there big guy, but I assume tardy’s par for the course for ya eh?

  40. So we justify breaking the law by saying” Oh didn’t smoke weed or rape someone” I’m assuming these bitter fans are trying to direct this horrible comments at the Steelers. Welp folks Ben was NEVER convicted or even charged with ANYTHING all you can do is assume based soley on the young girls statement. Does her statement alone make everything she said 100% true? I guess no one has ever lied to police about being sexually assaulted by a famous person.. THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I’m not saying Ben is a great guy or anything of that sort. I am saying that he was NOT charged or convicted of anything. & the other woman he ‘assualted” dropped her case….even after all the stuff went down in GA. So bitter Bungles fans we know all you think of is trying to be like us steeler fans & your team yearns to be able to be on the level of the Pittsburgh Steelers but it won’t happen. Just respect us as the ChampiYINZ we are over here in Sixburgh and let it be. Oh & Holmes was traded fyi so don’t mention him as a steeler anymore

  41. Shit, he’s here for a workout, again, great. Oh well, he still hasn’t been accused of raping anyone… twice, so we have that going for us. I actually don’t care if he gets a contract, we need some DB depth and he can provide it plus the experience. Still a tenuous situation if they do decide to sign him, he better practice walking on eggshells, and make a plan to avoid Northern Kentucky altogether.

  42. YOU (media) guys crack me up. The way you give “negative” attention to these guys who screw up is more than half the problem. Let me see. If I were a player, would I rather – go to a bar, drink and drive. Or – go do something positive for the community. What gives me more attention? Hmmmm…

  43. Florio/ PFT,
    What do we need to do (as Bengals fans) to get your crack staff to post a blog about the arrest records of all NFL teams over the past 10 years, 5 years, whatever your choice, up to the current year. Rank the teams on arrests, convictions, severity, etc. (You could also include the Big Ben situation, NFL conduct suspensions, reactions from the teams, cut, traded, etc.)
    It would be a novel article in the dog days of summer while we await official training camp to start. In the end, we (Bengals fans) will either have to shut up and eat that we are a bunch of criminals, or we can happily post a link to the article when some jerk-off runs his mouth about “another Bengals back in stripes”.
    I cannot say for sure whether or not the Bengals would rank at the top/bottom, but we damn sure want the truth out on the table for everyone to see.
    You hear that Jacksonville? Your time flying under the criminal radar might soon be short lived.

  44. for the guys claiming nobody in pittsburgh ever gets arrested and charged:
    10/18/2009 Jeff Reed
    10/18/2009 Matt Spaeth
    2/14/2009 Jeff Reed
    10/23/2008 Santonio Holmes
    3/19/2008 Cedrick Wilson
    3/8/2008 James Harrison
    11/29/2007 Chester Pitts
    10/4/2007 Najeh Davenport
    5/10/2007 Richard Seigler
    3/4/2007 Deshea Townsend
    8/6/2006 Barrett Brooks
    6/19/2006 Santonio Holmes
    5/27/2006 Santonio Holmes
    2/18/2006 Trai Essex
    theres 14 over the past 4 years. real bunch of choir boys in the ‘burgh. nothing funny or witty to say florio? how about the bandwagon steeler fans that troll your bengal put down threads.
    14. count em.

  45. Holy Shit JOe Six Pack, you might be the wittiest person EVER on these comment boards! BMW, reast assured that I have no desire to be like you in anyway, inlcuding your proud butchering of the english language, your blind loyalty to a total douch, your insecurities that drive you all to point out ad nauseum the championships the team won in the past, your ability to ignore reality (like getting manhandled in two games last year that were both billed by your players as definite wins, or that Santonio H got in trouble as a STEELER, get over it, like Dillon with the Bengals, he’s a steeler dude, like it or not), the impressive way you troll Bengals posts to make asinine points, etc etc…

  46. What?!! A Bengals player getting in trouble? Next you’ll tell me the hillbillies have stopped sleeping with their sisters in West Virginia.
    What has the world come to????

  47. @CurseofBoJackson
    I’m sorry I wasn’t aware my use of the english language had to be proper on a comment in this forum. I will make sure my thesaurus, dictionary & little book of grammar are with me going forward.
    More importantly why is it wrong for me to bring up the past i.e. reffering to Pittsburgh as Sixburgh but its ok for you to mention meanlingless victories the Bengals had last season? Did those wins propel them to a playoff run? Were the Bengals a factor after the first round of the playoffs? This doesn’t have to be a personal attack of me vs you. We can civilally debate my Steelers vs. your Bengals any day of the week though sir.
    To the guy who mentioned those 14 arrests check your facts about how many of those players were released/waive/traded 11 were mentioned 7 are no longer with the team. Charges were dropped vs Harrison, & Reed.
    Lets face it players get into trouble domestic violence, public drunkness disorderly conduct ect. The difference is the Bengals WELCOME IT! The Steelers organization does not it happens actions are taken & all parties move on.

  48. voiceofbs:
    check your facts. how many of the players in cincy stayed after their arrest? less than pitts. oops.
    as for your lets face it comment, pure opinion on your part. stick to the facts. you’ll seem more knowledgeable if you do.
    as for reed, how many times did he get arrested for drunk driving? how many times did holmes get arrested? and as for harrison i guess its ok to beat your girlfriend in a state that allows the state to drop the charges if she drops them. in ohio the state prosecutes, even if the victim drops the charges. guess harrison was just which state he beat his girl in.

  49. @ BMW The Voice Of Reason
    The Steelers organization only cuts/waives players who are expendable. I believe it was Cedric Wilson who got busted and was released days later (what was he, 3rd, 4th, 5th string WR?) but not too long after that, their star MVP, Harrison, gets arrested and nothing happens. Let’s face it, everyone wants to act like “their” team is the classy one. Both will take a risk on a player if it’s worth the money … bottom line. Steelers fans, don’t even try to say it’s any different. The Bengals had their time of embarrassing criminal behavior on their team FOUR YEARS AGO. It’s ridiculous that they still have that rep. The Steelers easily have them beat nowadays. Get used to your thug team.

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