Daniel Snyder has a rough week

For the most part, the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder have had a good offseason.  But the past few days aren’t among the best that Snyder has experienced since the 2009 football season ended.

For starters, Snyder is losing his entire equity investment in Six Flags amusement part as part of the troubled company’s emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Snyder also will leave the company’s board of directors.  (Former ESPN exec Mark Shapiro, installed as CEO of Six Flags by Snyder, will remain in that position.)

More recently, senior V.P. of public relations Karl Swanson is leaving the Redskins.  He joined the team when Snyder bought it 11 years ago, and Swanson has worked with Snyder since 1996.  Though the Washington Post speculates that the departure of the man who served as Snyder’s primary media mouthpiece arises from the culture change at Redskins Park, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports via Twitter that Swanson “does need the family time he now is taking,” due to an 88-year-old mother-in-law who is in declining health and a 12-year-old daughter who “is being shuttled among friends.”  (And that’s the primary problem with the widespread habit of folks being forced out of a job claiming that they are going to “pursue other interests” or “spend more time with their families.”  The use of those excuses as cover for a termination or forced resignation creates suspicion even when they are the real reasons for a given move.)

We’ve heard from Swanson from time to time over the years, and even when he disagreed with one of our reports or opinions regarding the team, he was always polite, respectful, and accessible.  We wish him and his family well.

31 responses to “Daniel Snyder has a rough week

  1. Screw that little Umpa Lumpa! I don’t feel sorry for his ass one bit. Six Flags sucks, I don’t know Karl Swanson (and I don’t care) where he goes. Until that midget stops screwing Redskins Fans, he can suck it!
    WOW, apparently I have some serious pent up issues with this guy. Who knew………

  2. Dan Snyder has had a rough week? Skins fans have had a rough decade-plus!

  3. Let the bashing begin………….. Maybe we should have a contest for the best Zing.

  4. Amusement parks have priced themselves out of the market, I think.
    Instead of shooting for volume they seem to be trying to bleed every single customer dry and it’s got to be hurting them.
    This is purely anecdotal but I went to a park owned by Paramount last summer in mid-July. Beautiful day. Nice weather. There were some people there but I hardly had to wait in lines on most rides. In JULY.
    I think all amusement parks are hurting right now. It’s just not a good financial investment for the normal family’s entertainment dollar. You’re talking $50 or $60 for something that should be around half that. It’s ridiculous.

  5. When something bad happens to Dan Snyder another angel gets its wings.

  6. What is so bad about that week? Seriously, you hire and fire people all the time. . . NO BIG DEAL THERE. . . . His company has been facing financial difficulties for some time, no real news there. . . .

  7. Wow another little punk losing his daddy’s money! Now alll we need is the team to suck again and everything will still be right in the world.

  8. Not to mention he didn’t make headlines for signing or trading for a big name.

  9. when mcnabb goes down with a season ender, it will make it a perfect offseason.

  10. Im sure he will take a ride on his segway, fire a couple security guards, raise ticket prices, and sue a grandmother.
    That should help him snap right out of it.

  11. Wow another little punk losing his daddy’s money! Now alll we need is the team to suck again and everything will still be right in the world.

    While i agree Snyder is a tool and gets all the bad luck he deserves.. he actually built his “empire” himself.. not from his parents money. His parents were actually just middle class people.

  12. Damn shame.
    Mavs lose, now two billionaires pissed in one week.
    Good week, actually.

  13. NFL owners used to get along for the good of the league back when the Redskins used to be a family business.
    Dan Snyder’s hostile takeover of the Redskins changed the NFL for the worse.
    Now the gouging of customers and giving the union whatever they want is coming to the end.
    Treating customers like crap is not a good long term business strategy.
    Firing everybody all the time and changing coaches like underwear is inefficient and is also a poor long term business plan.
    Learn how to treat people, Danny.

  14. I can compare the 4skins to six flags…they both have gone belly up. LMFAO. Poor little Weasel midget boy…..

  15. Here is another one you can decide not to post Florio. Obviously your love for Snyder is shining as the sun is bright. Your making noise and making dude sound worse by reporting that the v.p. of public relations is leaving? Who cares! He is the v.p, of public relations and will find a job quicker then 95% of americans who are in soup lines right now. Oh no, Mr. Swanson will go from banking 250 grand a year to joining us peasents in struggling to pay our bills on a 45,000 a year job.
    Why arent you jumping all over Joe Vitt and Sean Payton stealing Vicodin? Now thats news! White collar thiefes! I forgot, thats “america’s team” now and you dont want ot bash them. You can also bank that the head coach is a liar in saying he did nothing wrong. Or dont you have any Big Ben or Rooney Rule violations?
    Snyder has obviously done a terrible job running the skins (from a “wins” standpoint) but he does give back to the community and is one of the most generous owners in the league when it comes to charities and helping the unfortunate. He came from an everyday american blue collar family and earned everything he has. He makes more money then any other owner in the league and is probably the most hated. He has a long way to go before he wins back the fans but he is def headed in the right direction. He hired two very credible leaders who are bringing back tradition, direction and a winning attitude. The Dan is no longer making football decisions and thats all we can ask as fans. This was yesterdays news anyway.
    Let the Haters hate and that includes you Florio!

  16. Wow, what a tough week! Good thing he still has hundreds of millions of dollar bills to use as tissues

  17. He had a bad week? Try explaining that to the sea turtle in the gulf who just crapped out a quart of 30 weight.

  18. “Shuttled among friends”
    A bit envasive, no?
    All these “insiders” need to take time off for personal reasons, namely being unlikable hacks.

  19. Saying you are spending more time with the family is a way of saving face. Regardless of whether it is your fault or just a change in circumstances, a job loss is a humiliating, debiliatating situation that always feels like failure. Saying that you are spending more time with family allows you to look like a good family man, when your immediate concern becomes how to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. It just sounds nicer to tell your friends that it was your decision to leave, not that you got fired. In this guy’s case, he has tuitiion for expensive private schools, a whooper McMansion mortgage, a wife who buys too many “things.” They have feasted too long on an inflated NFL salary. Now he gets to expereince what the rest of the country is going through, downsizing lifestyle, selling your stuff, cutting up your credit cards, paying too much for food and fuel, and in general having too much month left at the end of the money.

  20. Dapollock says:
    He had a bad week? Try explaining that to the sea turtle in the gulf who just crapped out a quart of 30 weight.
    True there man, puts things into perspective…

  21. Well, let’s elect Dan Snyder to Congress. There, he can freely spend the hard-earned dollars of the entire US population, rather than just fleecing the Washington DC area segment.

  22. Ahhhhh…..the sports world every now and then makes things right…….Tiger misses the cut…..Al Davis cant find his keys……..Jim Nantz is still a pinhead…..and little Danny Snyder gets knocked on his gold encrusted ass.
    Thank you Sports Gods.

  23. “He had a bad week? Try explaining that to the sea turtle in the gulf who just crapped out a quart of 30 weight.”
    So what you’re trying to say here is that, while Crush is crapping Pennzoil, Snyder is pissing excellence?
    (Funny stuff – got a laugh out of me this AM).

  24. It gets worse–that old bald guy that dances in those stupid Six Flags commercials is your new head cheerleader.
    Fail to the Skins!

  25. As for Six Flags failing, Napoleon Snyder deserves what he’s getting. Maybe people are sick of paying Disney World prices for shitty little Six Flags. $15 for NON-prefered parking (i.e. a 1/4 mile from the front gate), $6 for a Coke, $4 for a bottle of water, several rides that *never* seem to be in operation *any* time you go, staff that’s dumber than a box of rocks, etc. It adds up, Danny Boy.
    Case in point: A few years ago, non-prefered parking was $5. If Snyder had raised it to $7, that would have been a LOT of additional income, but no- the pipsqueak decided it needed to be raised 300% to $15!! WTF is that? It’s nothing but pure, disgusting GREED.
    He deserves to have people abandon his parks. What a joke.

  26. “For the most part, the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder have had a good offseason.” The Redskins always are the superbowl winners of the offseason. However, once the regular season begins they miss the playoffs.

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