Gibril Wilson could be a Bengal, too

As it turns out, Pacman Jones may not be the only new addition in Cincinnati today.

Per the same source that told us about Pacman becoming a Bengal, veteran safety Gibril Wilson could be signing with the team, too.

We’re in the process of tracking down.  Others presumably are, too.  (If they already weren’t, they are now.)

Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  A source with knowledge of the situation tell us than an agreement with Wilson has not yet been reached.  However, the source estimates the chances of Wilson signing with the team as greater than 50 percent.

16 responses to “Gibril Wilson could be a Bengal, too

  1. I hope it isn’t for too much money… he raped his last two teams and gave them nothing for the money they paid.

  2. More breaking news, Mike Brown meeting with the North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue in hopes he can win an immediate pardon for convicted killer Rae Carruth!

  3. I actually like the idea of bringing in Wilson. We don’t need a true starter at safety and Wilson would be nothing more than a rotational player. And, knowing Mike Brown, Wilson won’t be paid that high.

  4. Wow, no joke? Looks like June through August is going to be COMPETITIVE for the DB’s and WR’s! No issues here, just make the right freaking personell decisions guys, that means no trying to convert Roderick Muckleroy into a running back Mikey!

  5. When the Dolphins play them this year I bet I know what BM will be doing, say 3 touchdowns against Wilson. Bill

  6. Worth a shot to sign Wilson on the cheap. Unlike the Fins, who mistook him for Ed Reed and threw a large sack with the $ on it. At what point was he worth over 5 mil a year? It was those two picks he had that one year with the raiders? Nice. Regardless, he’s going to be the 4th safety on the bengals. That works.
    On the pacman front, there is no way he makes the bengals. That is strickly MB taking a flyer

  7. Rapistberger has gotta be thanking Mike Brown for signing Pacman… and I said it on the last post, but Pacman and Ghee are going to be replacing Hall and/or Joseph. Mikey won’t be paying them both. That said, if Jones keeps his nose clean, (literally)
    the bengals could have the best trio of corners in the NFL. Yes, that includes the Jets. If you disagree, you haven’t watched a Bengals game lately.

  8. Wilson couldn’t cover me if I was sitting on my couch. And I’m old and fat.

  9. The Rainman…I mean pacman if signed (for the league minimum)probably wont make it out of training camp.

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